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The Advocate is the news organization of record for the LGBT community. Reflecting longstanding reader support for civilian disarmament, Erin Fitzgerald [above] minces no words in her editorial lambasting the pro-gun group known as the Pink Pistols. The writer calls their call to arms “misguided, misinformed, and utterly irresponsible.” Apparently, “there is a vast body of evidence that disproves these pro-gun talking points and suggests that gun ownership would have disproportionately negative outcomes for LGBT people.”

Note: “suggests.” Not “proves.” Indeed the “vast body of evidence” disproving the benefits of armed self-defense for the LGBT community is generated entirely by organizations that love them some civilian disarmament (e.g. Mother Jones). Provided by Ms. Fitzgerald without links. Capped by an asinine anecdote: “An armed vigilante [at the Gabby Giffords shooting] admitted to almost shooting a bystander who helped tackle a shooter.”

Forty-nine people were shot and killed at The Pulse nightclub. Are we really supposed to eschew armed self-defense in case a good guy accidentally pops another good guy while trying to stop mass murder? Like, I dunno, armed police? Not to put too fine a point on it, would a Jew in a boxcar headed for Auschwitz have the same concerns?

In cases where LGBT people have been able to fight off an attacker, they are often denied the benefit of self-defense laws. In 2011, CeCe McDonald, a black transgender woman, was assaulted by a bar patron who sliced her face open with a glass. Several people became involved in a scuffle, and McDonald fatally stabbed an attacker with pair of scissors in self-defense. She accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to 41 months in prison, and served 19 months incarcerated with men. The same year McDonald was attacked, Ky Peterson, a black transgender man from Georgia, was sentenced to 20 years for killing a man who was raping him, despite the state’s permissive self-defense laws.

Ms. Fitzgerald is saying that LGBT Americans shouldn’t have guns because they shouldn’t fight back because they’ll be jailed for doing so. How messed-up is that? It certainly flies in the face of the NRA’s core message to people of all colors, creeds, religions and sexual identities or orientations. Specifically, their Refuse To Be A Victim® program. Oh yes, the NRA . . .

NRA officials have spent the last 20 years engaging in virulent anti-LGBT rhetoric, calling us “twisted” and “perverted,” and praising Zimbabwe’s dictator Robert Mugabe for saying that people like me and those who were killed in Orlando “don’t deserve civil rights.” In response to the tragedy in Florida that explicitly targeted LGBT Latinos, the NRA released a statement that did not mention the LGBT community even once . . .

Make no mistake: The newest iteration of the pro-gun agenda has nothing to do with protecting LGBT lives and everything to do with blindly and irresponsibly selling guns to an untapped market. Telling LGBT people to carry guns so they don’t get “bashed” — as the Pink Pistols group has done recently — is like telling a woman to stop wearing short skirts to avoid rape. It’s out of touch and deflects blame from those who should truly be held accountable.

The NRA has come a long way baby. The fact that they’ve hired an openly gay commentator tells you all you need to know about that. Which highlights the fact that Ms. Fitzgerald’s NRA bashing is misguided, misinformed and utterly irresponsible. She’s demonizing the most powerful group working to ensure LGBT gun rights, which the LGBT community can and should use to protect itself from predation.

As for Ms. Fitzgerald’s “short skirt” coupe de grace, nonsense. Pink Pistols’ message advocating armed self-defense is like telling a woman who’s wearing a short skirt she has the right to wear anything she wants, and the right to protect herself against anyone who would attack her for her choice. What’s wrong with that?

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  1. 49 dead. 3 hour wait time for swat. But being able to fight back is wrong.

    Stupid should be a flogging in the town square offense.

    • Hoplophobe.

      Someone needs to take her to the range
      And give her some stats on why it’s OK to protect yourself.

        • I can’t imagine where LGBTs get the idea that gun owners (or the NRA) don’t consider them people.
          Oh wait…it’s from people like you.

      • Nope, it is simply about the agenda they want to push and this just gives them a reason to push an anti-gun agenda.

        For example, in the case of Ky Peterson that they use as an example, they characterize it in their site as

        ” Ky fought back against his attacker and accidentally caused a lethal wound to the attacker.”

        No, it was not an accident and Ky accepted a plea deal for 15 of a potential 20 sentence. Could have gone to court. The evidence showed different so Ky took the deal. If Ky was not Trans, the Advocate would not be saying anything.

        agenda > facts to some people.

        • In addition to that, in the other case that the article cites, McDonald took the plea deal because the prosecutor had evidence proving that He/She/It was the instigator in the fight. So, there was no legitimate self defense in that case.

          When you have to lie about your argument to prove your point, maybe you should take another look at what side your on.

        • Not to mention the fact that after Ky killed the man, he put him in his trunk, then dumped the body and tried to hide it. Doesn’t sound very self defense like to me.

  2. “It’s out of touch and deflects blame from those who should truly be held accountable.”

    There you have it. The importance of being able to asign blame, outweighs not being a victim in the first place.

    I’ve known a few Pink Pistols – they are not going to be convinced.

    • Yeah, kinda like how the entire left wing deflected blame from the guy who did the killing, and piled it onto republicans and the NRA who had less than nothing to do with it.
      How do you fight institutional stupidity?

        • Well, there are those that would pay to be flogged, those that would pay to watch, and those that would pay to do the flogging. We could turn this into a profitable enterprise. There’s enough derp out there we might bail out obamacare.

        • “As they say let the spankings begin!”

          And then, the oral COMMENT PRO-ACTIVELY DELETED!


          I can’t find the Castle Anthrax on Google maps…

  3. Erin Fitzgerald is a fool of she really believes “just lie back until it’s over” will keep her self-selected community safe and secure. I couldn’t care less if she wants to fit a noose ’round her own neck, but her advocacy of passivity will just allow the monsters out there to pile the resulting bodies deeper.
    At least it gives her something to cower behind.

  4. There are two types of gay people in the world — those who are armed, and those who are stupid. We have just been entertained by the stupid.

  5. Projection of delf doubt, she may not be able to stand up for herself but thats hardly a reason to push for everyone to become a victim.

  6. Mincing… LOL. I take a neutral tone RF. If you wanna’ be a sheep-be a sheep. I support Pink Pistols and anyone else who wants to defend their LIFE. But I ain’t beggin’ ’em…

  7. “In response to the tragedy in Florida that explicitly targeted LGBT Latinos, the NRA released a statement that did not mention the LGBT community even once.”

    So they get mad when you mention them, and they get mad when you don’t?

    • Surely I can’t be the only one who has thought that maybe… just maybe that club was doing their weekly “Noche de Español” and many of the attendees weren’t homo at all. Spanish speakers are a sizable customer base in all parts of Florida… a larger customer base than gays, I say. Just a thought that I haven’t seen anyone else even consider yet.

  8. I think we’ve heard this song before:

    “Just get on the trains. The Germans are only resettling us to the East. Don’t fight back, you’ll only provoke them!”

  9. Ugh. Erin Fitzgerald. Another unmanned drone launching an assault on Americans’ freedom, and spinning it as being for their own good. Good grief, lady.

    The militant homosexual mafia is riding high right now. They’ve successfully manipulated the people’s emotions and the levers of government to secure special rights for themselves and impose their agenda on others.

    (Victim Mentality + Perpetual Revolution)^Government = Result! Why mess with the formula now by encouraging self-reliance and self-defense? That would only make obsolete the grievance group cottage industry of which Madam Fitzgerald and friends are a part and from which they profit handsomely.

    • A person can be fired for being gay, be evicted for being gay, denied insurance for being gay, in some states denied a concealed carry permit for being gay… just where are these “special rights”?

      • Excuse me while I guffaw.


        LGBT is a protected class in 22 states.

        Straight is not a protected class anywhere.

      • Special rights like seeking out various wedding-related vendors, concocting phony controversies and getting the government to exact restitution. Special rights like imposing their agenda and fringe lifestyle on children too young to understand via mandatory lesson plans in schools. Special rights like being able to barge or sashay into any ol’ restroom they feel like, regardless whose rights and privacy they trample.  Special rights like extra and unequal protection of the law under hate crimes legislation. Special rights like getting health care coverage for a dangerous and sickly lifestyle. Insurance companies can deny coverage to or demand higher premiums from extreme sports fanatics, but not homosexuals.

        Special rights like being able, with official institutional backing, being able to silence opposing views on campus under the auspices of hate speech codes. Special rights like getting conversion therapy outlawed, thereby depriving lost and confused people an way out of a destructive lifestyle. Special rights like barring federal funding into research searching for the gay gene (because they know couples will pre-screenand abort such babies).

        Special rights like scholarships for which only homosexuals are eligible.  Special rights like marriage recognition that applies to homosexuals, but not to closely related adults or unions of multiple adults.  If you don’t think the next crowd of sexual crazies, like NAMBLA, are licking their lips and hoping this insanity continues unabated, then think again.

        The fact is, nothing that these people have nominally gained was actually, in practical terms, denied them before.  They were free to marry. They’ve had ceremonies for generations.  They were free to enter into legal agreements granting each other all the powers if marriage they claimed they wanted.

        What they couldn’t do, and this is what it’s always been about, is be regarded as normal.  Yup, I said it.

        This is about a tiny subculture suffering from a birth defect and/or psychological condition who hate themselves for it. Don’t believe me? Ask a gay:  as proof they were “born that way”, they’ll always make the point that NOBODY if given the choice would have chosen to be gay.

        They want acceptance from society that they don’t even grant themselves.  Failing that, they want payback from society.  This experiment will fail and generations hence will just shake their heads at our collective foolishness.

        Now, that you refused even to contemplate, let alone concede up front, these issues, and instead went with a kneejerk “what special rights?”, reveals that you’ve done zero serious thinking about the subject. So feel free to rail away at me and have the last word or ten thousand words. It’ll just be blather and I’m not interested in it from you, so I won’t respond. Ready……..go!

    • It is a common trait for each victim group to believe that they are in the top of the victim stack. Publicly Big Gay tells their members that they are sitting in the #1 slot but they know that is occupied by Muslims. That’s why you don’t see Big Gay trying to get a Muslim bakery to bake them a wedding cake.

  10. The only logical and reasonable thing to do when someone attacks you is to fight back with overwhelming force to stop the threat to your life. You would think a group that has been subject to violent attacks without provocation for decades would understand this; obviously not.

  11. The ONE thing that points to her ineptitude and inability to focus on an issue with common sense and clarity is the simple fact she cannot see what we all can see , that she makes no sense .
    Whew , illogical irrationalism .

  12. It continually amazes me. Two people standing in the same room, looking out the same window, seeing a completely, diametrically opposed view.

    One view that recognizes the right of everyone to defend their lives from unprovoked violence with the appropriate tools; and another view that despises individual lives and freedoms and would use the violence of the state to incarcerate or kill anyone that chooses to be a mature responsible free adult.

    This will not end well, for anyone.

  13. For the “Inclusiveness” camp to be so exclusive and ostracizing of diversity seems to be a bit of a conundrum no? Sorry to burst your bubble lady, but who do you think it serves to disarm gay people and prevent them from defending themselves?

  14. So this gay activist community believes that gays being unarmed and defenseless is good for gays then?

    Jesus H Christ. Goebbels clapped.

  15. LGBQT Progun meme #shootback is a great effort that is popping up all over the San Francisco area. The LGBT Anti-gun people must be getting mad!

  16. She’s so secure in her position that comments were turned off.

    This gay man will continue to be armed.

    • I have found the homosexual socialist progressive types are terrible at defending the positions they hold.
      They normally just call people names instead of talking.
      Having more gay gun owners is just ok. Having more Homosexuals who support liberty is better.
      Stay armed. Stay observant.

  17. “praising Zimbabwe’s dictator Robert Mugabe for saying that people like me and those who were killed in Orlando “don’t deserve civil rights.””

    He is terrible for saying they don’t deserve civil rights, so please stop telling us that we deserve the civil right to self protection. yeah…

  18. She is probably projecting. Lesbians have the highest rate of partner abuse of any group.

    • “The National Violence Against Women survey found that 21.5 percent of men and 35.4 percent of women living with a same-sex partner experienced intimate-partner physical violence in their lifetimes, compared with 7.1 percent and 20.4 percent for men and women, respectively, with a history of only opposite-sex cohabitation. Transgender respondents had an incidence of 34.6 percent over a lifetime according to a Massachusetts survey.”

      — Quoted from The Advocate

  19. If you’re going to wait for your government to protect you and help you like the 49 people they let bleed out on the floor while law enforcement sat on their ass for 3 hours, you will not survive. You’re naive if you think they’re putting your life ahead of theirs. There’s a reason jihadis target gun free zones and other soft targets. Whether she realizes it or not, we are in the middle of an asymmetric war, and rather than dealing with it, she’s building a false reality so she can feel safe. Know this: Nobody is coming to save you and your survival is your responsibility.

  20. The only homosexual leader who supported the second amendment was Harvey Milk. The fascist homosexuals might find more allies if they supported lower taxes and less government intrusion into people’s lives. But then they wouldn’t be fascist.
    The Advocate staff are just fascist who have gay sex.

  21. “”NRA officials have spent the last 20 years engaging in virulent anti-LGBT rhetoric, calling us “twisted” and “perverted,” and praising Zimbabwe’s dictator Robert Mugabe for saying that people like me and those who were killed in Orlando “don’t deserve civil rights.””

    Seriously source us one actual quote about this excrement that is spewing out of your mouth.

    “In cases where LGBT people have been able to fight off an attacker, they are often denied the benefit of self-defense laws.”

    Oh please you cherry picked 2 cases with no discussion of the particulars of the cases. Besides you don’t actually give a crap about LGBT individuals you just want more martyrs to push your cause.

  22. Whether it is an AR 15, AK 47, shotgun or handgun, this is a firearm of choice. Each individual has a choice of what firearm to use for home protection. If you really think that law enforcement personnel are duty bound to protect you as a private citizen, you are sadly mistaken. There is case law from the United States Supreme Court that backs that statement up. If you want to wait for the police when you dial 911, that is your god given right, but do not expect us folks to wait if we are able to defend our home. Erin Fitzgerald is just another anti-gun individual who believes that it’s the government job to protect you. You can talk to her till you are blue in the face, you will not change her mind concerning gun control.


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