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There’s a lot to be said for the ease of a slim 9mm like the Springfield XDS and a good blade. The Arizona Department of Transportation’s Marc packs this simple, effective, loadout when he’s not working.

Everything a prepared concealed carrier needs and nothing he doesn’t. As he says, “simple and useful.” Amen to that.

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  1. Handgun, reload, blade, (or two) light, communication. Everything else is icing. Good to go.

    • “A homemade fidget spinner?”

      I’ve built several. A finger-roller from a sealed ball-bearing, and 2 from ball-bearing bike derailleur pulleys.

      Kinda calming when traffic gets aggravating…

  2. Tactical phone light I guess….ha.

    I wish he would have shown his holster. Unless he pocket carries with a nekkid gun.

  3. I know Springfield’s are supposed to be fine guns, but I’ve had 2 and both were piece’s of crap ! I’ll never own anything SA makes again. My Glock’s are dependable and go “bang” every time I pull the trigger !

  4. Where does he keep his CCW permit? Or the cash he needs to bail himself out if he gets arrested because he doesn’t have it with him? Not to mention a credit card or house key? And I, personally, would not be comfortable with Mexican carry with that knife edge exposed, not to mention the pistol. Or maybe he just puts the blade point-up in his pocket and is very careful how he reaches in to draw it out?

  5. I was wondering what those nuts were for? Hahah
    I can see as a motorcyclist way to keep tail gaters away!

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