Adams Arms TOMS shoes magazines
courtesy Adams Arms
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An announcement from Adams Arms following TOMS pledge of $5 million to promote universal background checks.

Adams Arms’ #MagsForToms BuyBack Movement

Last week, Toms shoes founder, Blake Mycoskie, publicly stated that Toms would donate $5 million to various anti-gun organizations under the guise of “universal background checks to end gun violence.” The reality of the situation is that the concept of a “universal background check” does nothing to stop criminals from getting ahold of firearms, as it only affects the law abiding.

To combat this and take a stand for all Pro-Second Amendment citizens, Adams Arms launched a campaign to send a message that gun owners will not sit by idle and allow the continued degradation of the Rights of the American People. Jens Krogh, the VP of Sales and Marketing for Adams Arms, said the company believes in more freedom for Americans… not less.

adams arms toms shoes magazines
courtesy Adams Arms

The original buyback campaign was to send a free 30rd magazine to anyone (10rd magazines to those in restricted states) who sent a pair of new or used Toms shoes (postmarked) before January 1st, 2019 and burn the Toms via Instagram live, but Adams Arms had a slight change of plans.

“Originally we were going to burn the shoes, but decided that’s no way to treat something that could be used again by homeless veterans,” VP of Sales & Marketing, Jens Krogh, said.

“But then we thought to ourselves… we should at least make the shoes less hippie. So we’re going to alter them with a pro Second Amendment message and THEN donate them to several worthy causes for veterans and impoverished people living in oppressive countries where they do not have the freedoms we cherish.”

Amend2 Magazines, a high-quality magazine and accessory company based in Idaho, loved the idea so much that they partnered with Adams Arms to support the cause and donated the first batch of #MagsForToms. For every pair of Toms Shoes sent in, one Amend2 30-round (or 10-round) magazine will be sent to your door!

Here’s how it works. Send Adams Arms your shoes at:

Adams Arms
Mags for TOMS
1551 Gunn Highway
Odessa FL 33556

You must include a note with your shipping address and email address. It must be legal to ship a 30 round mag to your state, or if you live in a restricted state, Adams Arms will send you a 10 round magazine.

Before you send them… post a picture with #shoeburn #magsfortoms and #shallnotbeinfringed to spread the word.

It’s worth pointing out that the organizations in line to get money from Toms are Black & Brown Gun Violence Prevention Consortium, Everytown for Gun Safety, Faith in Action, Giffords, Livefree, March for Our Lives and Moms Demand Action.

For further information about Adams Arms, please visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information about Amend2 Magazines, please visit or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Wish I had some hippie shoes…could I just help some homeless vets?!? Honestly never heard of Toms before TTAG featured them. I thought it was mediocre candy…

    • I had never heard of them either before TTAG’s post and once I saw them I knew why I had not heard of them.

      Who the heck would wear those things? Not only are they ugly, they don’t look comfortable or anything positive. They honestly look like a high school kid made them for a class project. They’re pure garbage.

      • Shipping alone for the shoes is about the same to buy a quality PMAG off the shelf.

        But I get the idea. Just not the economics. Plus I just cannot swallow a bunch of homeless Vets walking around in winter slush in Tom’s canvas shoes.

        Do it right or go home.

  2. Do what? Post marked before 1st. Jan. 2019? So I buy a pair of shoes from Tom, he takes some of that money to fight guns( new version of gunfighter, huh) then I get a free mag and a Vet has to wear anti American shoes. Oh hell most of us do anyway, Made in China. Better idea, burn Times, er no just joking, ha ha ha, An other idea , perhaps a staged race riot that spills over to Toms, use the same tactics the ” good people/sarc) ” use.

    • If I already had a pair of toms, I’d trade the for a free 30rd mag. But I don’t, cause I’m not *insert derogatory phrase of your choice here*. Maybe I’ll steal a pair or two from my wife. With all the shoes she has, she’ll never notice they’re missing, lol.

        • I never knew ‘possums wore shoes, I thought they just scurried around on all fours.

          …Until they get *splitch’ed* by a truck tire at ‘oh-dark-thirty’… 😉

      • check the thrift stores
        especially the ones that are near colleges

        a lot of college kids don’t want to move all their crap back home, when they can’t instantly get jobs, so they donate it

  3. Why would I spend money on an ugly pair of shoes I never heard of, and incidentally have some of my money sent to anti 2A organizations? Are you sure you are not a spy for Tums or whatever they are called. I’d rather send the price of the shoes to a shoeless veteran, cut the middle men, TOM and the Antis, and let the vet buy a decent pair of shoes while I get my standard capacity (30 round) magazine.

      • Agreed, I thought that was what I said. But, since I don’t own any TAMs and hate to see barefooted vets who need shoes, I don’t see why I should need to buy TOMs that I don’t own so that I can send a pair of TEMs so that they could have TUMs shoes to wear. And, assuming they wanted shoes, I would hope that would prefer to wear something better than THEMs. (or whatever The Only worn by Millennial canvas crappy quality things are called). I could choose not to care, but I do.
        P.S., did someone mention a free 30rnd mag?

        • YES, FREE 30 Rd mag! for new OR USED pair of TOMS (?) “shoes”.
          Will the mag fit my .45 Hi-POINT???

  4. Bruh, people that shoot black rifles and people that own Toms are not the same people. If you find one of these unicorn catch it so we can study it.

      • I have no idea whether my wife owns any of the brand in question, but if she caught me raiding her shoe closet, I would likely meet the business end of her .357.

        Not gonna risk it.

    • On average I would say you are correct, but I am an exception and have both Toms and an exceptional firearm collection. However, I recognize I am the exception rather than the rule. I like to think that I am a good mix of both a hunter/marksman and city dweller. I grew up in rural Idaho but also attended a private university and now I have a Wall St job. I know the difference between a Monet and Manet paintings and I am adept at shooting out to 1000 yards.

      Which brings me to my main point, this promotion is perfect for people like me. It gives me the chance to demonstrate in a meaningful way to friends and colleagues that I am displeased with this movement attempting to remove our constitution given freedoms. This is exactly the type of exhibition which is likely to get the attention of pro gun control believers. So please don’t mock it, even if you don’t understand it.

      Lastly I would encourage everyone to become more of an intellectual when it comes to your discussions with those who oppose our view regarding the 2nd amendment. Logic and a sense of liberty is the only thing that will persuade others. Not hate or disdain. On average, the people who oppose gun rights view us as rural back wood hicks. Please try to dissuade them of this idea by doing your research and having well crafted arguments for preserving the 2nd amendment.

  5. I wear Cocs because I’m a hardcore California philosophy major, and also former army infantry (in-fan-tree). Tom ain’t got nothing on my Gen 2 adjustable back straps or lightweight and silent design.

  6. Let’s get some 2A shoes out on the streets!
    Please send in the good ones since they will go to the veterans.
    Burn your bad ones.

    • Burning is bad for the environment.
      I say, shoot them full of holes and blow them up with Tannerite.
      Then post the video on social media.

  7. wtf is “tom’s shoes”? the picture of shoes on the article looks like old chinese peasant slippers, like the ones bruce lee wore in his 70s movies.

    people actually pay money for that garbage?

  8. if tom’s – or any other libtard activist group – REALLY cared about “gun violence” they would push for things that might actually work: 1 – tougher sentencing for violent crimes; 2 – medical research to find a cure (or cures) for addiction to reduce the demand for illegal narcotics; 3 – social policies that REWARD families staying together and DISINCENTIVIZE out-of-wedlock births. 4- better medical intervention for suicidal people.

    (most gun violence in America is due to suicides, but even in gunless south korea the suicide rate is higher thsn the US suicide rate and murder rate combined, so gun control probably won’t reduce the suicide rate)


    I discouraged the purchase of these in my household a while back. My sister in law bought into their crap for a while though, I might be able to lift some off of her.

    Regardless, their marketing scheme is a self righteous crock of manure, and it produces a smug consumer base who possess a false sense of charitability. Don’t know if a blame them for taking advantage of the rampant idiocy and gullibility of our nations “youth”, but I will hold them accountable for detrimental and borderline deceptive practices.

  10. according to the most recent research on UBCs by Johns Hopkins School for Public Health and Gavin Wintemute at UC Davis, TOMS is anti-science.

  11. Never heard of them. Looked it up, based in Playa Del Rey, Kommiefornistan. No Wonder.
    “Shoes have been given to children in 70 countries worldwide, including the United States, Argentina, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Swaziland, Guatemala, Haiti and South Africa. Toms are sold at more than 500 stores nationwide and internationally, including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Whole Foods Market, which include shoes made from recycled materials”
    Another reason I never heard of them, stores I don’t shop because there aren’t any around where I live except for Whole Foods. Never been there. The closest of the other 2 are over 150 miles away.
    Sold in a Grocery Store?

  12. Until Tom’s jumped on the anti-gun bandwagon, I kind of admired them. You actually buy 2 pair of shoes, but one pair gets sent to the shoeless – great marketing plan. Maybe an ammo manufacturer or a cheap handgun manufacturer could start a program for battered wives to get a gun into their hands for protection(brilliant idea, even if I say so myself).

    I wouldn’t support Tom’s at all after this gun grabbing rhetoric – I will still wear my Earth Shoes/Birkenstock because they are so comfortable. Of course at the range or out in a cow pasture, I would wear a safer shoe…..


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