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Crime scene (courtesy borderland

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In the early hours of Sunday, May 1, a taxi driver traveling on the beltway in Acuna saw a woman’s body laying in a pool of blood alongside the Beltway.  He immediately called the police and when they arrived they found the body of Nidia Karina Maldonato Salazar. The police reported that she was 24 years old, but various media sources list her age anwhere from 22 to 24. Local reliable sources in Acuna have told BB that she was only 19 . . .

She was dressed in  black shorts, pink blouse and black shoes, and had an apparent head wound that appeared to have have been caused by a heavy blow to the head by a blunt instrument. Because of the pool of blood under and around the head had not dried the police suspected that death had come to the lifeless body very recently.

After cordoning off the scene and collecting the evidence, the body was taken to the Medical Examiners’ office for autopsy and then turned over to the family for burial.

Family members told police that Nidia had no problems with anyone and they knew of no reason why someone would take her life in this manner.  The police said in a press conference that they had begun an investigation, starting with trying to determine her activities in the last hours of her life.

The fact of a dead body found on the street in Mexico is not usually occasion for a big news story.  But when you start looking at the number of women who have been murdered in Acuna in the near past, perhaps it should be a big story.

Borderland Beat reported in December in a story, Femicides Sow Fear in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, about two women, in separate incidents whose dead bodies were found along the roadside and the people of Acuna were concerned about there being a serial killer on the loose. The police said the killings were unrelated and there was no serial killer on the loose.

Since the first of this year the authorities have recorded three femicides and Nidia Karina’s death makes the fourth reported by the police. But those same local sources in Acuna question the accuracy of the police report.

The Director of a NGO with it’s office in Acuna told BB that she knew of at least 10 women murdered in the city so far this year. One of her sources has close ties to the Mayor’s office and considers that source 100 percent reliable.

Though social media has not picked up on this in a big way, one comment on FB said “They are going to be like the dead girls in Juarez after awhile.”

As regular readers of BB are aware news of violence and cartel activities is extremely difficult to obtain in areas where there is a heavy presence of cartels. This area of Coahuila is controlled by a cartel and is one of the worst in trying to get news of violence even in cases like the murdered women there is no evidence of their involvement in drugs or association with cartels.

Alejandro Hope posted in his newsletter yesterday some possible answers why that may be the case. I highly recommend you read his entire newsletter here, but here an excerpt may apply to this situation

As argued here at Silver or Lead a few days ago, some 2000 people were murdered in Mexico in March. That’s broadly equivalent to ten times the number of victims in the Paris terrorist attacks last November. And yet, no seems to care in this country. With a few exceptions violence has simply dropped off the radar of most media outlets.

The government has tried to regulate coverage of the issue by reducing the absolute amount of information on crime stories.

A large portion of the crime beat is absolutely local in nature. National media outlets (or foreign ones, for that matter) will most likely not interest themselves in local dynamics. And that makes sense: the national press corps should cover national events. But that comes at the cost of not covering some big stories that unfold in the local space.

Case in point: Colima. Homicides in that state have increased by 388% over the past year and its murder rate is now the highest in the country. And yet, from the vantage point of Mexico City, we have absolutely no clue of what is going on.”

The sheer number of women murdered in Acuna, the pattern of leaving the bodies beside the road, some of them similarly partially covered by a blanket should be enough to cause authorities to broaden their investigation to include whether all or some were committed by one perpetrator.

We all know that the governments continued denial that there was a serial killer in Juarez resulted in the death of hundreds of women.

Outside of the people in Acuna it seems that “absolutely” no one has a clue what is going on in Acuna.   Borderland Beat will continue to shine a light on all the femecides taking place in Acuna and hopefully some of MSM will pick up on it and the publicity will force the police and other government agencies to take a serious look and investigate the possibility of serial killer is on the loose in Acuna.

In some Mexican states, femicides are 15 times higher than the global average. An impunity rate of more than 95 percent in femicide cases fuels violence against women.

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  1. This is the future of America unless immigration is controlled and reversed. Tell your reps at that we need immigration control.

      • Illegal immigration is a huge problem in Mexico. Ironically, it closely mirrors the exact challenges we face here.

    • This concerns me very much, this society is created by the people in it, and they are migrating here unchecked by our government – who could stop it if they wanted to.

      We must conclude they want these people coming in, and everyone knows why that would be. Not that I am saying they are being bribed or anything, but you know, they could be.

      So they want this to happen, and no one seems to be stopping them.

      Mexican level state corruption coming to your town. Be prepared to bribe the local cop who pulls you over for a missing taillight. Meth labs next door. Drive bys and gang killings leaving headless bodies in the street. This is what these people are bringing here.

      • “Be prepared to bribe the local cop who pulls you over for a missing taillight.”

        Make it a point to carry a few hundred in cash on you at all times and simply ask the officer if you can pay the fine directly to him…


    • Last i checked there were more mexicans leaving the us to return to mexico than were immigrating here. The politicians know we need mexican labor to prop up our economy. They are trying to keep them here, not send them home.

  2. If the serial killer ends being connected with the cartels in some way, he may keep on killing for a long time…

    • “So there are cartels in Mexico? Who knew?”

      Most everyone, Bro.

      The problem, ‘Bro’, is the, er, ‘immunity to prosecution’ the cartels enjoy making a predator like that particularly lethal to the young women there.

      Got it, ‘Bro’?

  3. Sounds like someone aspiring to join one of the cartels and they are proving themselves to the cartel members.

    You would have to admit that Mexico is almost an ideal place for a serial killer. Between the cartels, police, and the military, who would know who is killing who. Even more so when all three groups collude in killing citizens.

  4. Serial Killers are a strange phenomenon. Sometimes it is a group of people behind the murders, but only one person is named as the actor.

    In Honolulu, Hi., there is this guy named Robert Smith at 4011 B Kaimuki ave. and his “roommate” named Lewis Kendall. They live on a property owned by ex-senator Clayton Hee and his wife, Lynne Waters, the “boss” of all the local appointed judges.

    Robert would bring homeless guys up to this property with the promise of work and a way back on their feet. He would after a while, try to get them intoxicated on their drug of choice and try some sort of toilet related homosexual activities.

    The local “neighborhood watch” had cheap cameras, floodlights and other other types of surveillance focused on this property. This was encouraged and protected by Honolulu police and the “Federal Police” – guys with shirts that said “Federal Police”, no idea on who they were.

    Imagine renting a place and having a bunch of Klan gangbangers with cameras and floodlights focused on your property.

    The other renters on this property and the homeless guys were followed around by the local “Neighborhood Watch” on the premise that they were somehow criminals no matter what because they were being surveilled.

    Eventually, Robert, Lewis and a few local “gangsta” tough guys decided they were going to murder a few of the homeless guys and a “poor person” on the property. The “Neighborhood watch” was watching the whole thing and trying to come across as some mysterious demigod like group because the police were protecting them, making death threats verbally from the comfort of their properties.

    There was a failed rape with a homo running from Robert’s house, and a failed rape and murder of some of the tenants, all protected by HPD and the “Federal Police”. A bunch of people in the local “neighborhood watch” were involved, along with Sen. Clayton Hee, but if anyone was to look into this, it would look like it was just Robert Smith and Lewis Kendall.

  5. Sounds like the perfect cover for the crazy. Then again who cares? We got our own issues such as Chicago.

  6. I’m thinking there could be two other options:

    1) These women are the ones who didn’t “pass” the recruitment exam for becoming prostitutes for the cartels. AKA they said, “NO!” when approached for the job.

    2) Sharia.

  7. A serial killer, who may also be part of a cartel -could keep killing for a very long time. 2000 homicides in March is an outrageous number. No one is safe, especially women and girls. This is horrible and I hope the government regains control.

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