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Next Post claims that fashion designer and character actress Phoebe Price is posing with a toy gun. Uh, I don’t think so. Does Ms. Price have a concealed carry permit for that Smith & Wesson 642 (lovely piece)? Is that the best place to be pointing a gun? Should you be letting the world know you’re carrying? I’d bet dollars to donuts that it’s no on all counts. But bonus point for keeping her finger off the trigger.

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  1. Why would you think she needs a concealed carry permit? It's not concealed.
    Agree with you on all other points.

  2. The article discusses how the actress is carrying and poses questions about her practices. But TTAG’s editor shows only a picture of a revolver. Not a picture of the open-carry incident. Sloppy. How are we supposed to comment – or pile-on if appropriate – without a picture of the conduct in question?

    Perhaps she is on private property in which case the question of a permit would be impertinent to anyone except the owner of the property. None of our affair.

    Where is she pointing the gun? No mention in the narrative. No photo. If she is an actress it’s reasonable to wonder if she is on-stage during a rehearsal or performance. If so, perhaps it’s appropriate that she be pointing the gun where she is pointing it. Perhaps it’s unloaded and checked. Perhaps it has all chambers filled with snap-caps. Perhaps it has been disabled by a gunsmith. In this context it would be appropriate for her to have her finger on the trigger. None of this is considered in the narrative.

  3. Hey Robert Farago, no one cares. Take this sensationalist yellow journalism click bait down and quit your day job. Sincerely, everyone.

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