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Next Post is reporting that “The Nashville Metro Police Department has confirmed that at least seven victims were shot in an active shooter situation at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee. Police say one woman was found shot dead in the parking lot and six other people were found shot inside.”

The gunman was reported as one of the wounded, but it’s not yet who shot him/her. No information is known yet about the shooter or any motivation for the attack.

Update from

The gunman has been identified as a 26-year-old man. Police have not yet released his name.

The gunman shot and killed a woman in the parking lot of the church.

He then went inside the church and began firing “indiscriminately.”

A church usher confronted the shooter and was pistol-whipped, followed by a “significant struggle” in which the shooter shot himself in the left side of his chest.

After the struggle, the usher ran to his car and got his gun. He then went back inside and made sure the gunman didn’t do anything else before police arrived.

The gunman has been taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where he remains under police guard.

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  1. “Mass casualties?” “Active shooter?”

    One dead is a murder, not a “mass casualty.” The others are attempted murders. A “mass casualty” event is the night club in Florida thing.

    My range has “active shooters” there every day. They are not attacking others.

    I hope we don’t ever use the gun grabber’s phrases ourselves….

    • These days a “mass shooting” is four dead so it kind of makes sense that 4+ casualties is a “mass casualty event”.

      One wonders if that term applies to large car accidents or other incidents that injure four or more, like a scaffolding collapse or something.

    • When I’ve heard the term “casualty” used, it has meant injured – dead, not just dead..

      Or am I still under a flashback from that ‘bad acid’ I dropped in the early eighties?

      • It’s not just the “yellow brick road” acid from days past “casualties” can refer to injuries not just actual deaths.

    • The term “active shooter” is completely idiotic. In 99.99999% of cases, by the time the press gets wind of the story, the shooter is no longer active, and in most cases, he’s room temperature. Putting “active shooter” in a headline about anything other than a breaking story where the shitbag is still running around shooting people is an abuse of the English language.

      It does amuse me that so many gun people will absolutely lose their shit when someone says “clip” instead of “magazine” or ignorantly puts a decimal point in front of “9mm”, but are perfectly content to use nonsense gun-grabber terms like “active shooter” and “gun violence”.

    • Why even use the term “active shooter”? I don’t think there are too many victims of “Inactive shooters”. If you are shooting, you are active (unless, of course, if you have just been killed. Then I suppose you can twitch like those frog legs we experimented with back in high school. But then you’d have to be called a “Galvanic Response Shooter”.

      • “Why even use the term “active shooter”?”

        I think it is a lazy way of saying an indiscriminate attacker. The far better term that is fairly common is a spree killer.

        • “spree killer” used to be the term.

          you are correct, “active shooter” means there is an ….ACTIVE SHOOTER. As soon as the shooter is no longer active, the term “active shooter” becomes incorrect.

    • A mass casualty incident (often shortened to MCI and sometimes called a multiple-casualty incident or multiple-casualty situation) is any incident in which emergency medical services resources, such as personnel and equipment, are overwhelmed by the number and severity of casualties.

      Casualty – a person killed or injured in a war or accident or a person or thing badly affected by an event or situation.

      speaking professionally (EMS) an MCI could be as simple as an MVA with a one unit response and multiple injuries. Most ambulances only have 2 EMTs on board these days and they can only treat one patient at a time. 1 Dead, multiple GSW injuries, and an unknown # of bystanders in psychological shock qualifies as an MCI

      • Yep – I’ve had to explain to some people that a single-car accident with three occupants is a “mass casualty incident” around here – because our buses leave the barn with 1 Medic, 1 EMT on board. You get to the scene, you might have three injured people, two of whom are red tags – and you’ve got one bus, one medic.

        There you are – MCI with one car.

  2. Shouldn’t this be headlined “Gunman Helps Bring Christians Closer To their God”?

    He (safe assumption) helped one already get there with other’s on the way.

    Was this god’s will?

    • God does not protect people from the consequences of their own choices, or the choices of others. It has something to do with that free will thing.

      • Maybe the shooting was in god’s plan from the beginning of eternity. Maybe the shooter was used by god to end this woman’s life, this was what he had planned for her all along? Was it her free will to go to church today or was it her plan?

        So which is it, god’s plan or free will? I hope you can realize there is a massive contradiction between the two. You can have either free will or god’s plan, you can’t have both. That’s not the way rational thought works.

        • Just because God might know what choice you will make doesn’t mean you don’t have free will.

          For instance I KNOW that you will make foolish statements that will make you look like an ass.
          That doesn’t mean you don’t have free will.

    • Do you really think that Christians have never had to deal with the reality of evil? Do you really think that we have no answers?

      The error in your thinking is that God’s will is always active. There are things, good things, that are God’s active will. Things that actively He causes. Then there are things, like this, that he permits. Many of these things are the result of His allowing us to have free will. We are not robots that God controls. We are free moral agents responsible for our actions.

      The murderer is responsible for what he did. The If there is a law against carrying in church, then those who passed that law bear responsibility as well. It is not reasonable to demand that God stop others from doing wrong, but not want Him to exercise the same level of control in our lives. Instead of blaming God, we can and should look in the mirror and ask the person we see what we could have done.

  3. Right down the street from me. Per Nashville police a permit holder was able to get his gun from his vehicle and confront the shooter who apparently shot himself. One dead 6 in hospitals with two reported as critical. Most victims were described as ” elderly”. Wonder if mainstream media will report that a permit holder was involved with this….

    • As per usual, the TTAG readership is on the ball more than the media.

      Obviously early reports are prone to error but good work nonetheless!

    • Thumbs up for one of the good guys!

      If anything is mentioned it will be that the carrier might have made the situation worse & that they made it so the shooter couldn’t face justice.

      • The young man who retrieved his handgun from his car confronted the attacker, wrestled for the attacker’s gun, and the young man got pistol-whipped something fierce for his effort.

        That young man had a pair of big brass ones. He took on a roid-rage body builder who probably outweighed him by 60 lbs, with empty hands, and he wrestled for the gun. After the perp shot himself, then the young man picks himself up off the floor, runs out, gets his gun, and holds the perp at gun point.

        That young man has nothing for which he need apologize.

    • Jeez, that’s actually about half a mile from my first house out of college 25 years ago on Hopeful Church Rd. It was a nice little area when we left Tennessee 20 years ago. I heard it went a bit rough.

    • “Per Nashville police a permit holder was able to get his gun from his vehicle and confront the shooter who apparently shot himself.”


  4. The early reports say the good guy with a gun got pistol-whipped.

    Only way that makes sense to me is he got in a standoff with the shooter and tried talking him down. Got close to have him hand over the pistol and the shooter smacked him then shot himself (apparently not immediately fatal).

    If this is how it played out, kind of a dumb move. Maybe he knew the shooter and didn’t want to hurt him. But at least (assuming this is how it played out) he was able to stop the shooter from shooting more.

  5. Another incident that proves my point.

    This does not even happen in Europe.Canada, Japan, Singapore on Australia on a daily basis.

    Just another day of living under a country divided by hatred caused by anti-freedom “gun rights” nutbars like you who live under the deluded fantasy that arming every man, woman and child will make us safe.

    • Jeff Cooper put it best: You are prepared to defend yourself when the person who attacks you is in more danger from you than you are from him.

    • You’re absolutely right, this doesn’t happen in Europe… unless you count the Bataclan theater or the attack on the 2015 Thalys train, or the 2014 Jewish deli… and we certainly wouldn’t want to count the various bombings (including England just a few weeks ago) or vehicular attacks like Spain this summer or Nice, France, nor Germany last November. No one named Anders Breivik ever went on a shooting spree in Norway and no one named Derrick Bird went on a shooting spree in England. Europe is so much more civilized than us and if only we could be like them where CC cameras are placed everywhere and the subjects have no right to privacy and where France is still operating under a state of emergency two years after the Paris attacks.

      • Oh, and we cannot forget that no one set a bomb off at a Ariana Grande concert outside of Manchester last year and no one shot up the Charle Hebdo office a few years ago. No one shot up a Muslim cultural center in Canada last year nor did anyone shoot up a deli in Australia a few years ago.

        How many mass stabbing have not occurred in China over the last ten years?

        The rest of the world is so much more peaceful then the United States.

        If only we could be like our European cousins where they have perfected murder with bombs and cars instead of the uncivilized firearm.

    • Nobody cares about making YOU safe. I care about making ME safe, and a gun goes a long way towards that goal. You can go play in traffic for all I care. In fact, please do so and add some badly needed chlorine to the gene pool.

    • Shouldn’t you be in a Men’s Restroom somewhere “taking a knee”?

    • This does not even happen in Europe.

      Yeah but European “gun free” places are the home of gulags, genocides, and holocausts.
      Neither of the three have happened in the USA unless we want to talk about what happened to an unarmed black population in the 1800’s

    • LMAO. Another alt left psycho trying to stir things up. If you think Europe is so safe wtf are you doing living in that trailer park and dumpster diving between posts? You socialists are so full of hatred and negativity. Thank God you don’t own guns.

    • You know what DOES happen in essentially gunless Japan?

      The suicide rate is about TWICE the American murder rate and suicide rate COMBINED.

  6. I’m with Liberty Mama: leave the Lame Stream Media terms like “active shooter” and ” gun violence” to them.

  7. From Fox News: Authorities said one woman was killed and seven others were wounded after a 26-year-old African-American man wearing a ski mask opened fire at a Tennessee church Sunday.

  8. I’m inclined to believe that some of those churchgoers will be armed next Sunday. Maybe the minister, too. A day late and all that, but better than nothing. What do Tennessee’s gun laws say about carrying in church?

    • From what I’ve read, ccw permit holders are permitted in places of worship unless the building is posted. Which might explain the usher’s gun being in the car. Or some people just think it ain’t gonna happen here, not today. Or some don’t want to spook their fellow congregants if there’s a whole lot of huggin’ goin’ on. Would not surprise me if the shooter was already know to the congregation. I tell the members of our church safety team that a disruptive or violent person can likely be someone we already know and we need to be prepared to meet force with force against a member or acquaintance.

    • News says he was confronted by an usher after the perp entered the Church after murdering a woman headed to her car. The perp pistol whipped the usher and managed to shoot himself, but not fatally. The usher then went to his car and retrieved his own weapon and stood over the perp until the police arrived.

    • That’s probably why the only other guns were locked away in the parking lot. Church carry is legal in TN unless it is part of school. But “no guns” signs also have force of law.

  9. “Nashville authorities have identified the gunman they say opened fire at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee Sunday as 25-year-old Emanuel Kidega Samson.”

    • Was this a domestic case, i.e., was the dead woman his ex (girl friend/spouse) and this guy blamed the church for their parting ways?

  10. THIS is WHY we are armed at my church…I don’t know the details(working today) but it is a shattering rebuttal to the earlier post about a so-called Evangelical saying we can’t trust you. The alleged shooter has an African name and the Church of Christ is more than likely a black church FWIW…

    • It’ll get buried… As usual… Doesn’t fit the MSM’s narrative… WaPo blames Dylan Roof for the CHarleston shootings; but will blame the gun instead on this one… Typical…

  11. An usher confronted the shooter while inside the church and was violently pistol whipped, Aaron said. During the confrontation with the usher, the gunman shot himself in the left chest, Aaron said. The gunman is in non-critical condition and is under guard at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, he said.

    After the struggle, the usher exited the sanctuary, got a gun from his vehicle and guarded the shooter until police arrived, Aaron said.

    Approximately 50 people were inside the church at the time of the shooting, officials say. All victims, including the shooter, have been taken to the area hospitals.

    Just one complaint about the reporting:
    Would you people please quit calling murderers “victims”??? If you want to lump the murderer in with the victims, just call them “wounded” or “injured”.

    It sounds like the idiot used the slide/barrel for a handle and tried to use his gun as a blunt instrument, but hit the trigger and/or hammer in the process. When the grip is pointing at the victim, the muzzle is pointing at you, Fool.

  12. At any time since entering the country, was this man ever contacted by the FBI/DHS on terrorism grounds? Interesting how many of these cases involve this often unreported or casually mentioned nugget of information. WARNING – attach aluminum foil to top of head

    • I took a Sudanese on his first hunting trip. Although I claim no religion and only go to church for weddings and funerals, Peter is a Christian. One reason his family left the Sudan.

    • Not sure what that has to do with the Sudanese shooter, unless you think he felt left out of the neighborly love and that was his excuse for the rampage.

  13. The ushers (if not half the adult congregation) at my church are armed.

    It should have been a defensive gun use.

  14. Churches in my are are leaders in organizing for security. We have been assisted by regional feds and the local sheriff in developing detailed plans. They insist that we form congregational teams. They insist that we understand that too many guns (too much and too disorganized an armed response) is a bad as no guns at all (yes, they encourage an armed team with specific members having specific tasks). They insist on congregational training on things like evacuating the premises in case we have an armed intruder. They insist on proactive security measures such as ushers on their feet, doors actively monitored, parking areas monitored, and etc. They insist that our buildings be used by local first responders for training purposes so that they will know our buildings.The feds have been the most helpful of all.

    • Donimator,

      I am glad to hear that your region has a very constructive approach. My local region sucks. I am apparently the lone voice in my church and region advocating for armed church members.

      Please note that I disagree with the stance,
      “… too many guns (… and … disorganized an armed response) is a[s] bad as no guns at all …”.

      Allow me to explain:

      A “small” church where several dozen people are on site will have but a few armed members. A few armed defenders will not increase the casualty count versus zero armed defenders.

      As churches have more and more people on site, the site itself will be spread out and there will almost never be more than a few armed defenders wherever a violent attacker suddenly appears. Once that attacker starts his/her attack, those few armed defenders in close proximity should be immediately engaging the attacker. At that point the attacker is no longer executing victims and will almost certainly be incapacitated within 10 seconds (whether pinned down or wounded/killed). More importantly, that 10 seconds enables almost everyone to either get down low or clear the immediate area which reduces their risk of serious injury to near zero. Even if dozens of armed defenders then flood into the location where the attacker is located, most/all bystanders are out of the way and the situation will be immediately obvious by simple visual inspection. (Either the attacker is physically incapacitated and no one is shooting, the attacker surrendered and armed defenders are holding him/her at gunpoint and no one is shooting, or the attacker is still engaged in a firefight with armed defenders.) Again, that does not lead to more casualties versus everyone being unarmed.

      The only possible scenario I can imagine where a lot of disorganized armed defenders might cause more casualties (versus no one being armed) is at a mega church with 1,000+ people in attendance, where an attacker suddenly attacks in the middle of those in attendance, and where dozens of armed defenders indiscriminately start shooting toward the attacker in the middle of the crowd. And even that scenario is next to impossible since the crowd of people in contact with the attacker should immediately put their hands on the attacker and smash him/her to the floor before those dozens of armed defenders even have a chance to start shooting indiscriminately.

  15. This was an all white church and the murderer was a radicalized black refugee from Sudan with a social media history of posting anti-white statements. He was clearly a by-product of obama’s racist and divisive presidency.

    • “He was clearly a by-product of obama’s racist and divisive presidency.”

      As much as Michael Brown anyway.
      I doubt this chap can even remember the Sudan, but I’m sure he knows the racial tensions stirred up by the likes of Louis Farrakhan and Barack Obama.

  16. Media and police still baffled as to motive of BLACK MUSLIM SUDANESE IMMIGRANT shooter. Politicians warn against rush to judgement, and say no Sudanese flags will be banned. Experts claim that confronting active shooters with concealed carry guns can only increase the danger. Katie Couric unavailable for comment.

    This latest Muslim terror attack will be quickly memoryholed, since the narrative doesnt fit the medias multicultural diversity suicide campaign.

    • even when an attacker shouts “allahu akbar”, the libtards will say “we aren’t sure of his motivations….”

    • This latest Muslim terror attack will be quickly memoryholed, since the narrative doesnt fit the medias multicultural diversity suicide campaign.

      I am going to use that often and shamelessly!

  17. This is why I always have a gun anywhere I am legally permitted to concealed carry. Some people don’t understand why I am always armed, even for a quick trip to the grocery store or mowing the lawn.

    I don’t hang out with criminals and drug dealers, but ya just never know when some nutbag is going to take out his frustrations with the world on innocent bystanders.

    In case of a deranged attacker, I’d rather a LCP II in my back pocket plus my natural weapons, than just my natural weapons.

    • “In case of a deranged attacker, I’d rather a LCP II in my back pocket a large .44 Magnum revolver in a shoulder holster plus my natural weapons, than just my natural weapons.”

      There, fixed that for you!

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