This photo taken from video provided by WEAR-TV shows emergency responders near the Naval Air Base Station in Pensacola, Fla., Friday, Dec. 6, 2019. The US Navy is confirming that an active shooter and three others are dead after gunfire at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola. Area hospital representatives tell The Associated Press that at least 11 people were hospitalized. The base remains locked down amid a huge law enforcement response.  (WEAR-TV via AP)
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UPDATE: Officials have identified the shooter as a Saudi Arabian aviation student. The shooting is being investigated as a possible terrorist incident.


Earlier this week it was a shooting at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard in Hawaii. Now four are dead at Naval Air Station Pensacola following an active shooter situation. Here’s the report from the Associated Press.

A shooter opened fire in a classroom building at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola on Friday morning in an attack that left four people dead, including the assailant, and multiple people wounded. The shooting — the second at a U.S. Navy base this week — prompted a massive law enforcement response and a lockdown at the base.

Eleven people were shot all together, including two sheriff’s deputies who were the first to respond, one of whom killed the shooter, Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said. One of the deputies was shot in the arm and the other in the knee, and both were expected to recover, he said.

Morgan would not say if the shooter belonged to the military and said he did not want to speculate on whether the shooting was terrorism-related.

The base remained closed until further notice and those still on base would remain there until it was safe to evacuate, said commanding officer Capt. Timothy Kinsella Jr.

NAS Pensacola employs more than 16,000 military and 7,400 civilian personnel, according to its website. One of the Navy’s most historic and storied bases, it sprawls along the waterfront southwest of downtown Pensacola and dominates the economy of the surrounding area.

It’s home to the Blue Angels flight demonstration team, and includes the National Naval Aviation Museum, a popular regional tourist attraction.

Escambia County Commissioner Jeff Bergosh, who works at the Naval Air Station as a civilian contractor, told the Pensacola News Journal he was in line to go through the gate Friday morning when it was shut down due to the active shooter report.

The shooting is the second at a U.S. naval base this week. A sailor whose submarine was docked at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, opened fire on three civilian employees Wednesday, killing two before taking his own life.

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    • Yep.

      Dare to audit the fed, market crashes.
      Dare to de-list silencers from the NFA, shootings conveniently happen.
      Dare to make a gold backed currency and leave the dollar, get assassinated.
      Dare to legalize cannabis, get cut off from SWIFT banking. (Argentina)
      Dare to leave the dollar, your airliners start falling out of the sky.

      Interesting how every weapon and accessory the leftists and feds have wanted to ban since their creation were at that music concert in Vegas, its like the guns were the star of the show and not the shooter or the other shooters.

      Coincidence are rare in the surveillance age and post modern warfare, someone usually gains from an event.

    • I forgot. It’s a “gun free zone”. Except the base commander does have armed guards. Strange how no one tried to shoot him????

      • The base commander doesn’t walk around with armed guards but depending on where he is, there are likely a few armed officers and Staff NCO pulling duty. Some might be going in and out of the building for work related things.

        I can only comment on MCBH, but TMK the base commander chilled in a nice building with a manicured lawn just passed the theater and duty square. You can tell which buildings have “important” people in them because all the important people have super fine lawns, keep off the grass signs, and pressure washed buildings that aren’t red with volcanic dirt. There are likely plenty of armed officers and staff crawling the area, but they aren’t the commander’s personal guards.

        Its been several years since I left but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are policy changes to allow all SNCOs and company level & higher officers carry issued pistols. If I were in charge, that is exactly what I would do since its a great compromise between letting every drunk teenager carry a weapon and turning the base into a GFZ. E6 and O3+ have been proven responsible and have too much to lose by doing something stupid. “operational risk management” as its called.

        Of course, my highers were lax and just stuffed their pistol & ammo in their day bag and kept that trash in the company office, rather than carry it around. Complacency kills.

        • If fellow senior officer staff all have weapons. Then that’s even better than an armed guard who might be 5 or 6 doors way when you need him. The bottom line is that most likely the 0-6 level and above all have guns around them.

          Since this was a pilot school the instructor officer rank was probably 0-4 or less. No guns for you Major sir!

    • A follower of Mohammed in our military commits murders again…… How many times does this have to happen before we stop allowing it!?!?

      • The Pearl Harbor shooter wasn’t a Muslim. There has been other military men doing mass shootings that also were not Muslim.

        Sounds like this guy was not an American citizen. He was being trained by Trump’s military because he is a Saudi.

        Trump made an agreement with Saudi Arabia to give them access to weapon, equipment, intelligence and training. He is training and arming Americans’ enemies.

        • America has been training Saudi (and prior to that, Iranian pilots) since those countries started buying billions of dollars worth of US planes.
          So Trump has been President since the 1960’s? Don’t we have term limits to prevent that? Oh, I forgot. Trump is Hitler and started world War 2. I know because I heard msnbc was there when he bombed Pearl Harbor.

        • @Philthegardner

          Trump made a larger agreement with Saudi Arabia. He decided to do that. He went there to shake hands with them. He made a big deal about it. That was Trump now. None of that was the fault of previous presidents.

          Are you going to completely deny that he did that? Are you then going to say all the positives were Trump’s fault and all the negatives are someone else’s fault? Isn’t Trump the commander and chief?

          Remember when Saudi Arabia assassinated a journalist then lied to Trump’s face when it was obvious? Now one of their military attacked America.

          I could go on and on about Saudi Arabia killing Americans, same with Turkey. They even killed American troops, the U.S. government covered it up because they are supposed to be allies.

        • Come on, you KNOW how it goes.

          Lose your car keys? Trump. Bad day at work? Trump. Coffee got cold too fast? Trump. Pants a little too tight at the waist? Trump. Unable to ‘satisfy’ your good lady wife? Yes, it’s still Trump.

          There have been Trumps at the centre of things throughout history. At the Crucifixion, there was a Trump kicking Jesus’ dog. A Trump brought the Black Death to Europe. A Trump was in the crow’s nest of the Titanic. There was a Trump at the meeting of Hitler’s general staff who recommended invading Russia. Julius and Ethel Trump gave our nuclear secrets to the Soviets.

          And so on.

  1. I find it weird that the first responders were sheriff’s officers when it’s a military base. I would think they’d have MP’s.

    • There is a joint assistance agreement and there were SP’s, City Police, State Troopers and Sheriff Deputies engaging. Deputies got the first shot…

      • Kinda interesting that our own military(!) needs to collaborate with a civilian department for its own security. Every once in a while, I hear/read some anti-gunner say “if you want to play with guns, join the military”. Nowadays many bases don’t even allow their own to carry.

        Sounds like the saying should be “if you want to play with guns, join your local Sheriff Dept.”

        • “Join your local sheriffs dept.” sounds more American to me….

          Having said that, I can promise you the general military doesn’t have as good of gear as our local law enforcement does. They are closer to special ops level around here.

    • It’s not unheard of my base where I work LE has proprietary jurisdiction county LE is typically the charging authority when someone does something stupid on base we just detain while county sheriff’s issues the arrest and transports the suspect to county jail. Ifs it’s a UCMJ issue that individuals leadership is the charging authority but they still go to county jail via the sheriff’s.

  2. Media blows up a shooting, a day later there’s a copycat shooting. Are we being irresponsible with the way we promote shootings? No, it’s the guns that are wrong.

    • Maybe you are right, we should censor the news information we think people should not know.

      That way citizens won’t know there’s a problem and the conspiracy will be able to continue.

      • Miner49er,

        Maybe … we should censor the news information we think people should not know ban firearm ownership/carry for people we think should not be armed.

        That way citizens won’t know there’s a problem and the conspiracy be able to defend themselves and murder of the masses will be able to continue.

        I am always stunned at how gun-grabbers will tell us that we must not ever infringe on the First Amendment, no matter how many lives it costs, and then insist that we infringe on the Second Amendment allegedly to save lives.

      • No need to censor the news. It would be enough not to push only stories that help the anti gun propaganda. Simply not to blow out some problems we have out of proportion, while completely ignoring other problems.
        For example, there were 188 people shot in Chicago last month, 28 of them killed and 35 homicides altogether. How many of them did you hear about on national news? In the same month thousands of Americans died as a result of medical errors. Crickets…

  3. With a lack of morals there is no value of human life. This is the society that results from the liberal socialist taking God from society. Blame climate change, blame guns but don’t blame a Godless society.

    • The majority of people killed on this planet were killed by religious wars with both sides claiming God was on their side and both sides shitting all over their beliefs. Yeah go ahead and tell us how sanctimonious right wing fanatic religious people really are. I have felt more secure in a room full of Atheists. At least they do not kill people that are of a different religion because they themselves have none. If you want to follow the teachings of any religion and their various bibles and beliefs in order to do so and not blaspheme you must first become an Atheist, only then will you succeed in becoming a moral person and not a hypocrite.

        • Lol your ignorance is astounding. The atheist communists in the last century murdered more than all religious wars combined, nitwit!

      • It would be difficult to consider WWI and WWII religious wars. Also, the Nazi’s weren’t killing Jews because of their religious beliefs, but their ethnic identity, the same as they did with the Roma. The same for the “Great Leap Forward” in China or the Soviet Union’s transformation from Czarist Russia to Stalin’s USSR. These alone make up hundreds of millions of people killed in modern times, and not in “religious wars.”
        Atheists, like believers in a god/gods, have no problem with mass murder of those not like themselves. And it turns out, they’re pretty good at it, too.

        • I read that Hitler had Jewish family and he hired Jewish people to work in his military and police. He wanted the Jews to leave Germany so they could setup Israel. He offered them a chance to leave the country before he started his physical aggression on them and even allowed some Jews’ freedom to be bought. The Jews that didn’t leave were the ones to be put in camps and executed.

          Germany and Russia had the largest Jewish populations. They were said to be greatly influential politically and were actually the ones that started communism.

          Even Stalin wanted to make a Jewish land. Both Hitler and Stalin wanted a homeland for the Jews. It exists now, while Germany and Russia are shadows of what they once were, Israel has major political influence throughout the world regardless of their small size. Now Jews are welcomed back after successfully setting up Israel.

        • You heard wrong. The only Jew that Hitler had any feelings towards was his mother’s physician. He was the last “free Jew” Berlin. He was under house arrest.

        • tdiinva – You’re an idiot! The biggest supporter and financier of Hitler was Amschel Rothschild – A JEW!!!! It was Rothschild who wanted the Jews to leave Germany/Europe to form Israel (supported by England) and Lord Rothschild was part of the Balfour Declaration of 1912 that established the “jewish homeland”! By the way, Rothschild created the “star of David” which was actually the “star of Remphan”, the same false god that GOD (Yahweh) condemned the jews for worshiping.

        • Chief Censor – The jews were NOT executed. You’re just another ignorant fool who believes in the lies established by the elitists! True – the jews dies by the thousands while the internment camps, but it was because of the rampant spread of typhoid due to the poor camp conditions. The jews, as well as ALL enemies of the state (Nazi Germany) that were interred, were the slave labor force Hitler used to produce machinery and weapons for the war.

        • @Rattlerjake. What kind a moron would think that the Jews weren’t being systematically eliminated? Have you ever met someone with numbers tattooed on their forearm? It’s a experience one doesn’t forget. So stop believing the bull$hit and watch a few videos of the camps. General Eisenhower had it all filmed because he knew there would be morons who would doubt it. Educate yourself.

      • As JW pointed out that was BS. Even the 30 Years War ended up being just another war about the balance of power. At the end the Pope was allied with the Protestant powers against France. It is safe to say the more Athiest the country the higher the murder rate by government.

      • Maybe you should state the DETAILED facts – ALL o those that were pat of the religious wars were religions of false gods – Islam/muslimes, catholicism/fake Christianity, judaism/zionism, atheism, and lets not forget the ancient Asian wars! NONE of them were true Christians.

      • Well, the Saudi King called the president to personally apologize.

        The same way he did about 19 years ago, come to think of it.


    • Funny thing is, the Christ Church, and El Paso shootings were committed by people who were radicalized by leftist global warming theorists into believing their target groups were responsible for breading and therefore increasing global warming. I’m concerned we will see more of this as the radicalized young people have been convinced the world is ending and we will all die in X number of years.

    • It appears he was a Saudi national fighting for his God and people. He was a true believer and follower of his religion. He was willing to be martyred in a gun battle inside a military training facility after shooting about a dozen Americans. He believed he would make it to heaven/paradise for his struggle against the non believers. He probably shouted God is great as he shot the American government with his handgun!

    • Why Thank you Police Union Steward! I hope the Union Dues are rolling in to help the leftist politicians suppress the 2nd Amendment rights, and all other Constitutional RIGHTS of lawful U.S. Citizens…We ALL know that U.S. Citizens have way too many rights! We can’t have any of those pesky things in the way of “doing the job!” Wouldn’t want ANYONE hurt during a “RED FLAG Law ” execution order…

    • Well, the murder happened in a gun free zone, so the victims kind of had to wait for the heroes in blue to come and save the day. Hooray for the police! Only eleven people shot!

      • Who shot those eleven people? Are we going to assume it was the Muslim because he is a Muslim? Or do we have to wait for all the facts to come out like the UPS story from the other day?

    • Arm Citizens, and ban Gun Free Zones. We will reduce our reliance on LE, and increase freedom for everyone while lowering taxes.

      • Trump made an agreement with Saudi Arabia to train their fighters. All the Trump fans were excited. Now they have at least 11 American harmed by 1 Saudi being trained by Trump’s military.

        I wonder how much more deadly Saudi Arabia’s terrorist attacks on Americans are going to be after all the training and weapons they are getting? It’s like history repeats itself to America over and over. At least this time they didn’t kill thousands. Now the U.S. can blame another country and invade.

  4. At last, here’s our middle eastern perpetrator:

    “A member of the Saudi military training at US Naval Air Station in Pensacola is the suspected shooter in today’s incident, according to five US defense officials and another person familiar with the investigation.

    The investigators are looking into whether it was terror-related, but it is early in the probe.

    CNN has reached out to the Saudi embassy in the US and has not heard back.”

    For a moment, the narrative was in question. It was the Saudis involved, those wonderful people who brought you the World Trade Center disaster, we’ll all be able to get on board with more expeditionary military forces involved around the world.

    The military industrial complex celebrate this Christmas holiday. Peace on earth!

    • Try to take what I’m going to say seriously because I think it’s an important discussion and even a rare spot both liberals and conservatives agree on.

      Judging by your posts, as a lefty, you’re anti our relationship with Saudi Arabia. That relationship is at the core of America’s Middle East foreign policy over the past 50 years and every single president both democrat and republican has fostered it. It’s also something that’s pretty wildly unpopular with both the conservative and liberal base. It might be unknown to you but there was a fair amount of conservative hate leveled at Trump for the deal he struck with them.

      Now, I ask you, why do you liberals now absolutely lose your shit, when after 20 years of war, we finally begin getting out of this shitshow? The saudis are very vested in the Syrian civil war and its outcome, and keeping an ever present American force there would be a huge boon for them. Wouldn’t it benefit us all to leave? We’re not going to solve or stop anything there. In your blind hatred of Trump are you willing to compromise your own left wing values when he does something you would normally agree with?

      • Donald Trump continues the relationship with the House of Saud, and does everything he can to support their repressive regime.

        “The State Department said on Thursday that it had approved the sale of an estimated $670 million in anti-tank missiles to Saudi Arabia, just hours after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met with Pentagon leaders to discuss the Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen.

        The proposed package includes up to 6,700 missiles made by Raytheon, as well as spare parts for American-made tanks and helicopters that Saudi Arabia already owns.”

        Our support for the Saudi royal family is a big part of the fundamentalist Islamic opposition to the United States. We have achieved oil independent from the Middle East, why do we persist in keeping billions of dollars of assets and thousands of boots on the ground, that does nothing but create resentment on the part of the population.

        And now we see Donald Trump’s foreign policy proved to be nothing but behind the scenes back door profit at the expense of America’s integrity on the world stage.

        In Syria, the Kurds were our best defense against ISIS, and now we’ve hung them out to dry, just like we did the Hmong in Vietnam.
        Apparently, because Putin and Erdogan wanted us out of Syria.

        Vladimir Putin is now our secretary of state, setting foreign policy for the United States of America.

        • Sorry, but ALL these folks in that location are “Anti-Christian ,Theologically driven, Tribal Barbarians!” The Crusades have NEVER ended for these folks in that region…And my guess, is the only way to quell such brutish behavior is by turning some of the desert regions into “Radioactive Glass!”

        • “Theologically driven, Tribal Barbarians!” The Crusades have NEVER ended for these folks”

          Excellent description of evangelical Christians, very insightful!

          As an example, look at the fundamentalist Christian support for the nation of Israel, which has killed thousands of Palestinians and stolen their land. It is very reminiscent of God’s Commandments to the Hebrews to take the land of Canaan and slay the inhabitants.

        • A theologically driven society sure is capable of some interesting acts, as the Nazis said ‘God is with us!’.

          “Numbers 31:17-18 King James Version (KJV)

          17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

          18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.”

          ‘Keep the women children alive for yourselves‘, now there’s a commandment Jeffrey Epstein can get behind!

        • “We have achieved oil independent from the Middle East, why do we persist in keeping billions of dollars of assets and thousands of boots on the ground, that does nothing but create resentment on the part of the population.”

          The same reason we invest in patrolling the straits of Hormuz and Malacca. Econ 101 and International Relations 101.

        • Ok, now let’s discuss this. Part of what you say I agree with. We’re energy independent now and don’t need the Middle East anymore, it’s time to get out. Trump unfortunately continues the 50 year program of going all in for the Saudis.

          Here’s where we differ. It’s most certainly NOT Putin influenced. Trumps sudden turn to the saudis is solidly in line with the establishment republican and Democrat vestiges of power. Putin and Erdogan might think they’ve won some kindve big prize in Syria but I assure you they haven’t. Syria’s problems will become their problems. It will be a drain on blood and treasure and both will walk away having gained nothing but ruining their reputations of strong men, when they, like America and Britain before them, failed to achieve success. These wannabe New Imperial Russia and Ottoman Empires can have it and all the problems that come with it. The Turks and Russ will probably end up fighting each other for the spoils just like they always have.

        • We are not energy independent. The much ballyhooed “net exporter” story buried the fact that it was natural gas that made us a net energy exporter. We important anywhere between 6-10 mbbls/day of oil.

        • After FDR stole the gold belonging to the American citizenry in the 1930s, he created an agreement in 1945 that the Saudis would trade oil for the US dollar. With the US defaulting on the Bretton Woods agreement through the 1960s, Nixon completely closed the gold window in 1970 with Kissinger brokering a deal with the Saudis that they would strong-arm the rest of OPEC in doing the same (petro dollar) in exchange for OPEC oil. All the US had to do is give Saudi Arabia certain protections and leeway. This also allowed the US to formally end the gold backing of the US dollar, a huge boon for Kissinger’s fellow brethren at the Rothschild/Warburg owned “American” Federal Reserve.

      • It is possible but not likely to be influenced by Iran.
        There are some Shia Saudis but not many and very few of them are in the military and I seriously doubt the government would let one fly a fighter.

        The shooter was most likely a Suni Muslim from an influential family. You have to have high contacts to become a fighter pilot in KSA.

    • Hey we still do not know what the well connected Saudi family who lived at 4224 Escondito Circle knew when they hurriedly left the U.S. shortly before 911.

    • Obviously, Boeing and McDonald Douglas need to train the Saudi pilots and WSOs on the aircraft and weapons systems we’re selling them.

      Even if it compromises the safety and operational security of America’s Armed Forces, the military industrial complex needs the profits in order to finance their lobbying on Capitol Hill.

      1 million to this senator, 1 million to that representative, pretty soon you’re talking real money.

    • It’s like when there is a school shooting the U.S. government makes it harder to stop school shootings and easier for school shooters to do school shootings.

    • It will be interesting to see exactly how the Saudi national was able to acquire a firearm, and utilize it on the base.

      I’m guessing diplomatic pouch from the embassy.

        • Thank you for the information, I look forward to hearing the details from you. How exactly did the shooter obtain his weapon and introduce it into the controlled classroom?

      • It doesn’t matter in the least. Where is a will there is a way. If he sprayed the class with gasoline and set it on fire, would you care which gas station sold him the gas and how did he managed to bring matches in? Stop concentrating on the tool. The gun didn’t hurt anyone. The person behind it did.

  5. Just heard that the shooter was a Saudi Arabian who was a flight student at a nearby facility. Authorities are TRYING to determine if this was a terrorist incident. Probably only training to take off and not land the airplane. Interesting to note that this information is taking a long time to get out. How does a guy like this even get a weapon?

    • KRB, a “guy like this” gets a weapon because gun control doesn’t work. Here’s a better question for you to ask: Why couldn’t anybody shoot back right there, right then?

      • Now, this guy gets it. Anyone can get a firearm if he really wants to and if he doesn’t care about the law. But why are we, law abiding citizens, so often rendered defenseless by the law?

  6. I recommend that everyone read:
    SUPERPOWER by Ian Brenner.

    The US has protected Saudi Arabia since World War 2 because our allies against the Soviet Union desperately needed the oil and we needed it too.
    Now the Soviet Union is no more and the US is energy independent again. We don’t need our NATO allies and we don’t need the Saudi oil.

    I’m okay with selling the Saudis weapons and trading their pilots, but we shouldn’t be tolerating Saudi terrorism. The Saudis should atone for this attack by executing the shooter’s family.

    • Hum, more killing to stop the killing, there’s an idea.

      But wouldn’t the killing of the family just irritate other family members and friends, and perpetuate the cycle of violence in retribution?

      Unless creating more terrorists was your goal, and then I’d say killing the family was an excellent tactic.

    • @James. When the Russians capture a terrorist, they don’t immediately execute him. They torture him to make him tell them what village he’s from and his family info. Then they kill all the living family members, sometimes they wipe out the whole village. Innocent people die needlessly until we all learn to accept each others differences.

    • I thought we are past the guilt by association rules. Are you willing to die if some member of your family commits a crime to atone a foreign country?

  7. Here we go again. not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims. Why can’t they just leave everyone the fu@k alone if they don’t like how they or who they pray to. Do they really believe they can do this forever without us getting so sick of it we turn Mecca into a glass factory?

    • Well, if we quit screwing around with their countries and stealing their resources, maybe they would leave us alone.

      Ever since we assassinated to democratically elected president of Iraq in 1953, the citizens of Iraq have quite rightly hated the government of the United States of America as the great Satan.

      Our support for the repressive royal family in Saudi Arabia is another point of contention, as is our support for Israel as it kills the Palestinians and takes their land.

      America is the country with thousands of armed Christian soldiers occupying the Muslim countries, not the other way around.

      • Yeah, cause you know, American “boots on the ground” are why everyone in Afghanistan buried their radios, Michael Jackson tapes and TV’s when the Taliban took over.

      • I guess you missed the news. The repressive Saudi Government is now repressing religious extremists and have allied themselves with Israel. In fact, with the 3xception of Syria and Iraq most of the Arab World is now aligned with Israel against Iran. You need to keep up.

        And the 1953 Coup was against non Arab Iran and run by MI6. You really are out of touch.

        • Yep, you’re right, I’m not sure why spellcheck put in Iraq rather than Iran.

          But that does not change the fact of the assassination of a democratically elected president of Iran, orchestrated by the CIA.
          The Iranian president was planning on nationalizing the oil industry, a move opposed by big oil including what is now Exxon mobile and BP petroleum.

          And to characterize the situation in the Middle East as Israel and the other Arab countries against Iran is simplistic at best.

          Again, America, and many of the Western powers including UK and France, have been pillaging the Middle East for 100 years.

          Just because corrupt authoritarian dictator’s like the king in Saudi Arabia or Assad in Syria are on board with the military industrial complex doesn’t mean they are good actors.

          Does anybody hear remember the time in the 50s when the Marines hit the beach in Lebanon?
          Those folks have a long memory.

        • Just consider, we had a revolution to kick the king out of America and set up a democratically elected government, motivated in part by the business monopoly granted by the crown to the East India tea company.

          But, we were all too happy to assassinate the democratically elected president of Iran, when it serves the interest of the big multi national oil companies, your tax dollars installing the Shah of Iran back on the throne.

          “ The 1953 Iranian coup d’état, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup d’état (Persian: کودتای ۲۸ مرداد‎), was the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in favour of strengthening the monarchical rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi on 19 August 1953,[5] orchestrated by the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project[6] or “Operation Ajax”) and the United Kingdom (under the name “Operation Boot”).[7][8][9][10] It was the first covert action of the United States to overthrow a foreign government during peacetime.”

          That’s also why we were financing the French in the Vietnam war in the 50s, paying almost 80% of the cost of their war against the Viet Minh.
          It was all about the Michelin rubber plantations and Royal Dutch Shell oil concessions.

          Read retired Marine Corps general Smedley Butler’s excellent book, war is a racket, it may be very enlightening.

        • It was or hesitated by MI6 not the CIA as is commonly believed.

          So did you deliberately not respond to the fact that most of the Arab world has kicked the Palestinian Arabs to the curb?

        • Miner, by ‘nationalizing the oil industry’ you mean stealing it from the companies that invested huge amounts of money in it, right?

        • Another butler fan. Or the same one under a different name? butler is that honest and honorable dude that derved a lifetime in the belly of the beast. Following all orders. Until he secured a lifetime of pay and benefits. And then he turned on the system he served so faithfully.

          Did he resign his commission when he was a captain? Major? He had that option. He could have quit and expressed his outrage at the system. But he waited until he secured his future and only after he retired with full benefits did he speak out.

          Quoting butler calls your judgement into question.

    • ” Why can’t they just leave everyone the fu@k alone if they don’t like how they or who they pray to. Do they really believe they can do this forever without us getting so sick of it we turn Mecca into a glass factory?”

      Because Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad aṭ-Ṭūsīy al-Ghazali is, to this day, one of the most influential philosophers in Islam and his philosophy is that everything that isn’t Islam has to be kept away from believers lest in turn them against Allah. Philosophy (other than his), math, science, culture… everything must be kept separate from Islam lest it lead to doubt. Since that cannot be done in the modern world the fight never ends.

      Read his Deliverer from Error (sometimes translated as “Rescuer from Error”) and you’ll see why. Well, if you can get past the hubris and self-serving bullshit.

      And yes, the true believers do believe we won’t destroy Mecca because it’s protected by Allah. Unless you’re talking about 12ers, in which case they don’t care if Mecca is destroyed because everything is part of Allah’s plan to bring about the 13th Imam and the World Caliphate and this can only be done by starting WWIII. If the destruction of Mecca or any other Muslim Holy site is part of “Allah’s Plan” in that regard then, well, His Will Be Done.

  8. IMO and suggested by a guy I listen to on radio

    Every terrorist or even close terrorist
    after they get killed or executed, should be embalmed with pigs blood and cheep hooch–sex/nudi mags sewn into the body-the whole body sewn into a 500ilb pig and then buried DEEP on a random IN USE pig farm

    All done to make sure their arrival in Muslim paradise never happens!
    In his opinion and mine we all start doing that…most terrorists will not do the deed because they WILL not get a NICE martyrs burial and all the trappings of being a hero once the body is desecrated like this

    they want to make it about religion? then lets dance evil!

  9. How does a Fking middle eastern avn student get get a weapon? WTF I had a weapons card to turn in to get my weapon from the armory. How would he even have one? Is the current crop of active military this Fking stupid these days?

    • They did lower the standards to get enough people in for Iraq and Afghanistan. They even let in gangsters and Mexicans. As long as they followed orders and did their years that was good enough. They want to lower the standards even more so women can fight.

  10. I think it was General Black Jack Pershing who stood seven muslims against a wall firing squad took care -them. Burial team wrapped their corpses in pig skin, threw pig entrails in the graves, throwed dirt in their faces, do not rest in peace, go directly to hell. I believe that was during a resurrection in the Philippines. Back when men were men and had balls.


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