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By Dr. LateBloomer

As has become the norm, I got an email recently from the American Academy of Pediatrics making a “statement” about the California synagogue shooting. That letter, from the AAP President​ Kyle E. Yasuda, can be found here.

My first reaction was, “Why does a group of pediatricians feel the need to make a ‘statement’ about such an event? Did anybody ask them what their opinion was? Or are they just desperate to stick their noses where they don’t belong?…Again. Would they have bothered to make a ‘statement’ about a stabbing?”

What followed were several paragraphs of self-righteous effluence, patting themselves on the back for their “advocacy” which they use to “enlighten those in positions of power” and “lift up those who cannot speak for themselves.”

The letter also talks about “our collective work to counter religious and racial discrimination”. Uhh, that’s “our work”? Really? I thought my work was—you know—the practice of medicine. I don’t know about you, but I never got any training during my residency on how to run a social justice campaign. Talk about mission creep!

Then there is the last paragraph . . .

“Speaking out is not enough; we must also act. There are common-sense gun safety [sic] policies that can help make communities safer from gun violence—we must support and urge Congress to pass such policies. Gun violence prevention has been a longstanding priority at the highest levels of the Academy. We will keep urging action from our elected leaders until we see real progress.”

Really? Must we? I thought California — where the shooting took place — already had some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. But that didn’t stop the bad guy from trying to shoot up a synagogue, did it?

There is no mention in the statement of the recent bit of research printed in—drum roll please—our own journal, Pediatrics. This found that parental disengagement played a large role in boys and adolescents becoming involved with gangs and carrying guns.

That is some actually useful research into “gun violence”, folks! Did Dr. Yasuda bother to read our own journal? It probably doesn’t matter, because bad parenting being a contributing cause of “gun violence” doesn’t fit the approved narrative.

Did the AAP issue an additional “statement” about all those unarmed Venezuelan protestors being run over by military vehicles because they didn’t have any guns with which to defend themselves from their own government? Surely those are people who should be “lifted up” too, don’t you think? But no. Crickets.

These people are so intoxicated by their own saccharine self-righteousness that they are blinded to reality and even to the results of their own published research.

When ideology and emotion trumps science and fact, there is a major problem—especially with an organization which is supposed to follow “evidence-based” principles. Am I close enough to retirement that I can tell them to pound sand yet?


Dr. LateBloomer’ is the pen name of a female general pediatrician (MD, MPH, FAAP) who enjoys competitive shooting sports, including IDPA, USPSA and 3-Gun. Evil semi-automatic firearms are her favorites. 

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  1. Why would a man want to be a pediatrician; unless he secretly was a pedophile?? 🤔

    • Wow. That may not have been the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on social media, but it is easily in the top ten.

    • I dunno, maybe to earn a really good living while attending to sick or injured children. Really going out on a limb here I know.

    • “Why would a man want to be a pediatrician; unless he secretly was a pedophile?? 🤔”

      As a parent of a young man who had a recent Acquired Brain Injury (ischemic strokes due to previously unknown vascular occlusions to his brain’s major arteries), followed by a post surgical Traumatic Brain Injury (hemorrhagic conversion with significant midline shift), I’m absolutely stunned and appalled reading your comment and the ignorance you display regarding Pediatricians and those medical professionals who choose to work in the pediatric community. Your comments do not belong here at TTAG and represent responsible gun owners poorly. The pediatric specialists that we have come to know are among the most knowledgeable and compassionate individuals we have encountered, (our son’s case has required close to 40 pediatric specialists across 9 domains with “only” 3 MD, PhD’s). Many of them are gun owners and true protectors of children in the broadest sense.

      The commentary by Dr. Latebloomer, who happens to be a female Pediatrician and competitive shooter, was pointing out the hypocrisy and political bent of an organization to offer restrictions in an area (rights) that they should have no position.

      I would hope you would become more knowledgeable regarding such a person or group before making such insulting comments in the future.

      • SteveO,

        Your comment makes no sense. Either you have a problem with reading comprehension or you have a problem writing coherent statements. Which is it?

        And please enlighten us: which specific observations and conclusions of Dr. Latebloomer are incorrect?

        • uncommon_sense,
          Your comment makes no sense. Either you have a problem with reading comprehension or you have a problem writing coherent statements. Which is it?

          And please enlighten us: which specific observations and conclusions of SteveO are incorrect?

        • OK, I hope this offers you clarity and no offense by your requests:

          “Either you have a problem with reading comprehension or you have a problem writing coherent statements. Which is it?”

          Not the first time I’ve been accused of either, but I’m pretty sure I read & understood the article, as well as the 1st posted comment by N64456, and responded appropriately to the source. If I am in the wrong, I’ll provide apology(ies) to help right the discussion.

          “And please enlighten us: which specific observations and conclusions of Dr. Latebloomer are incorrect?”

          I am in full agreement with Dr. Latebloomer and appreciated her position in this article, and pretty much all of her past articles/ contributions. The issue that I had was N64456’s comment (which I took as being directed to Dr. Latebloomer, a female pediatrician) suggesting “secretly was a pedophile??”; or was N64456 referring to Kyle E. Yasuda (who I would gather is a male pediatrician)?

          In any case, it was pretty bold and cavalier to bring up something so foreign and unrelated to the article as “Why would a man want to be a pediatrician; unless he secretly was a pedophile?? 🤔”.

          As I stated earlier, the pediatric Dr’s and specialists that we have had the opportunity to interact with during our son’s treatment and continuing recovery, many being male, represent the opposite end of the spectrum from what I would suspect would be pedophilic tendencies. The mere suggestion by N64456 of male pediatrician(s) – and by extension, male pediatric specialists and those in the pediatric medical field, and paraphrasing “being a secret pedophile”, was insulting to read.

        • SteveO,

          My sincere apologies. I thought you directed your comment and ire at Dr. LateBloomer which made no sense at all. Now I see that you directed your comment at commenter N64456 which totally makes sense — and was warranted I might add. I need more sleep.

          Your reading comprehension and writing is fine. Again, I apologize for missing the actual person to whom you directed your comment.

          And thank you for clarifying your comment. I tip my hat to you sir. I would buy you the beverage of your choice if we were in the same watering hole.

        • enuf,

          I do not have any problems with reading comprehension nor writing coherent comments.

          I will confess to my total failure to follow the discussion hierarchy — failing to realize that SteveO was replying to commenter N64456 instead of Dr. LateBloomer.

        • N64456 Aircraft Registration

          Aircraft Summary
          Summary1975 CESSNA 172M
          Fixed wing single engine
          (4 seats / 1 engine)
          OwnerANDERSON JOHN A
          ANCHORAGE , AK, US

      • Someone doth protest too much, I think. Not that he’s a pedo, but rather an awkward, antigun troll dropping a turd in the comments section punch bowl of an op-ed he disagrees with.

    • Why would someone come up with such a question, unless HE was a pedophile?

      • Actually, I call every leftist a pedophile; especially on social media… The overwhelming majority of Pediatricians are leftists… Leftists are the ones pushing the sexual limits every day in this country; Every day they are adding another letter to the pervert alphabet soup mix… Pedophilia will be next, mark my words… If any of you pedo apologists need a tissue, I suggest Amazon; Jeff Bezos is gonna need the money after his ugly ass (soon to be ex) wife takes 1/2 his shit…

        • Fascinating.

          Are you familiar with Breitbart contributing editor Milo Yiannopoulos? Of course, Breitbart was forced to let him go after Milo spoke about all that man boy love thing.

          Let me assure you the right wing has their share of pedophiles, and your focus on pedophilia is rather interesting. Think a lot about pedophilia, do you?

        • Miner49

          As someone who has had a sibling molested by a pedophile; I have an intense hatred of the scumbags who molest children, and would love nothing better than to see them all neutered and incarcerated(at best); and executed (at worse).

          I see you like defending pedophiles… That says all I need to know about you…

    • WARNING LABEL : This person is obviously an Internet troll. No real ideas, just stirring the pot.

  2. AAP is staying in its lane. What better way to distract attention away from the hundreds of thousands of Americans killed every year by their doctors?

    Sleight of hand is a tried and true technique for confusing the rubes. And while the great unwashed are hopping from foot to foot, we die because of bad doctors, bad medicine and often because medical professionals are too arrogant and too lazy to bother washing their hands.

    • *dark chuckle* good point, Ralph. Any legit pediatrcians’ org would be desperately shrieking about obesity above all else.

  3. Well, isn’t that precious. Fatal mistakes made by doctors (including pediatricians), far exceed all violent recorded deaths every year. Doctors are taught to treat, not to cure. There is no money to be made curing patients, treating the symptoms, on the other hand will make you rich.-30-

  4. These dumb SOBs need to prove they are “scientists” and study the neighborhoods where most gun crime takes place. Then they might see the connection between drugs and guns “violence” I mean gang violence. A couple of years ago 25% of gun crime took place in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. let’s see, I can remember the last time any of those 4 cities had a Republican mayor.

    • These “doctors” remind me of what a teacher said one day in class, responding to a rowdy student- ” empty cans make the most noise “. Couldn’t argue that.

  5. It’s pretty clear that AAP President​ Kyle E. Yasuda has an over inflated sense of himself now the he’s “woke”. Let me define “woke” for those who aren’t sure of the meaning. “Woke” means that you have become so “politically correct” that you no longer respond to logic, reason, common sense or facts in any form if it doesn’t fit into your screw up view of the world and how it really works.

      • Ironic yes, and poor grammar as well. One can be “awake” or “awakened”, but “woke” is past tense. What is it about English that makes everyone think they can make up their own words/rules? Why is the word “awesome” so overused now? Drives me friggin’ crazy. You kids get off my lawn!

  6. Focus on the human element. That is where the root cause of all bad behaviors is to be found. Not in objects but in people, their mental health, their twisted thinking and their evil deeds.

    Prohibition of a “thing”, a machine or a substance has never worked to solve any problem. Did not work on alcohol, it is not working on illegal drugs. The imaginary source of evil assigned to firearms is no different from those other two. The abuse and misuse of booze, drugs, guns or spitballs is a matter of human action ONLY.

    • Mere things lack al volition – and never underestimate human ingenuity, especially where addictive behavior is involved. And I am certainly addicted to Liberty.

  7. Man I’m dealing with snooping doctor’s. Just got Medicare. I know nothing…when my son was a little kid a pediatrician wanted to put him on DAILY prescription allergy medicine(Claratin). We said NO. He barely sneezed after that. The azzwhole just wanted to get paid. Stay in your lane indeed😩😡😏

  8. “Why does a group of pediatricians feel the need to make a ‘statement’ about such an event?”

    Oh, I don’t know, maybe because Progressives almost universally:
    (1) Consider themselves superior to everyone.
    (2) Consider us all to be helpless toddlers in adult bodies.
    (3) Figure that they know what is best for us.
    (4) Therefore tell us how things must be.

  9. Dr. Yasuda and AAP are obviously being paid to take this stand.

    Wonder Who..?

  10. @ uncommon sense. Totally agree. My 2 cents; what about the disarmed Brits being stabbed in muslime mayor khans’ London? Stupid people doing stupid things. Wait for it to move here, especially in disarmed states like commiefornia and new york. Oh wait, ms13 uses macheties AND guns. BTW the 13 in ms13 means to kill you in 13 seconds or less.

  11. The same doctors who are pushing gun control are pushing court ordered hormone transgendering for little kids.

    • True; here we see the vast pedophile conspiracy in action, and its tentacles are nearly everywhere, especially in the schools, child protective services, juvenile court system and what else?

      Oh yeah- the legislatures. I’m sure I forgot something but my brain burns just thinking about it.

  12. Has anyone ever thought that maybe, just maybe, the problem is not guns or gun laws but rather the judicial and penal system. For example, look at the Jussie Smollet case. He’s clearly guilty of filing false police reports and the DA had enough to convict him but, suddenly, all charges are dropped. Gangbangers shoot up neighborhoods, maim and kill innocent people, and when caught they get a slap on the wrist sentence. Plus, they get their sentences reduced for every day of good behavior so they serve only half of what the stupid courts sentence them to. Prison means nothing anymore with no death sentence and the “country club” atmosphere. We need to bring back public hangings where you’re found guilty and then hanged the next day. Put some “teeth” back into a capital conviction. Cruel and unusual punishment? Yup, and if you don’t want to see a hanging stay the hell away. Put the fear of God back in these criminals and just maybe all this crime will eventually stop.

    • Twenty cent 9mm projectile to base of brain-stem is quite effective.

      My personal belief is a murder/perpetrator should be eliminated in the same manner as their victim(s).

      A skilled garroter can prolong the agony for quite a while. Rape and sodomy resulting in death could be avenged by mechanical means, similar treatment(s) for stabbing and beating.

      Make the guilty PAY for their transgressions. “Cruel & unusual” punishment should be the sentence for “cruel & unusual” crimes.

  13. “Pediatricians” are for newage hovering snowflake soccer moms. Tell her to shut up and take the kid to real Dr and stop pampering the kid with “you’re so special” BS. A standard GP works just fine for the crumb crunchers.

  14. You’d be surprised how many pediatricians consider the AAP to be a bunch of overbearing idiots who never leave their nice quiet padded rooms to see what the world really looks like.

    Much like the AMA, they claim to represent doctors but mostly represent themselves.

    But then again, reading some of the comments above I’d consider some of the commentators here to be overbearing idiots who should not be allowed to leave their padded rooms… so what do I know 🙂

    I will say that there is about a zero percent chance that any of the left leaning pediatricians or AAP members read the comments in this blog. As such, mass-insulting the gun owning, 2a pediatricians who do read this site seems counterproductive to me. Your not going to make me less of a 2A supporter, but it sure as heck makes me wonder who I’m aligning with. Their biggest weapon is us, if we keep dividing ourselves we end up snatching defeat from victory. You do you, but when you drive people away by being an a-hole don’t expect them to be around when you call for help.

    Cue Pg2 saying something about me being paid to give kids autism in 3…2…1…

    • Based on your logic, the “average Democrat” does not support open borders, gay tyranny, Antifa in the streets, gun confiscation, confiscatory taxes, forced transgendering, muslim worship, etc etc….

      Yet, the “average Democrat” votes for Democrats and their Communist agenda.

      Square that circle, Mr Underbearing. Fact is, the new breed of doctors are overwhelmingly leftist.

    • Little Joe, much of what you say is true. The anger and hate and intolerance expressed on this forum just fuels the anti-gunners and validates their claims that POTG are angry and dangerous.

      Very little of this serves to protect our rights and in fact, many of these comments cause reasonable POTG to indeed wonder who they are aligned with.

      Certainly all these brave warriors hiding behind their keyboard with their insults and slander are not a good representative of the positive, reasonable gun owners I know.

      • Yeth, we must play nice with the rabid Democommies who want to throw us all into gulags for diversity training.

        We must be genteel and polite with the leftist doctors groups who wish to transgender the kids, ban the guns and force vaccinations.

        Because they will respect our civility while they crush us into dust.

        • Glock, If you represent all gun owners I would assume all gun owners are unintelligent. Luckily, I don’t paint everyone with the same brush. But you do you.

          I have to Assume we just have an inordinate amount of trolls these days, which means we are winning and have become a target, If these are not trolls I’d become really depressed and I’d rather be happy.

          For the record, I’m a pediatrician, mostly conservative, haven’t “transgendered”anyone (when did that become a verb?) but support people doing what they want if it doesn’t affect or harm others. The majority of pediatricians I know in the West are conservative, the ones I know in CA, NY and TX are liberal, but like in any group there are a mix, and painting everyone with one brush is a good way to guarantee they will pull together and form rank against you.

          And for another record I know plenty of Democrats who are people of the gun, and some of them are one issue voters, so while they support many Democrat ideals they end up not voting democrat if the person is anti gun. And these days, a vote not for a major party is automatically a vote for the other major party. There’s your square circled.

        • Liljoe calls me a stupid troll, in his genteel polite nowhere intolerant manner of not painting people with one brush, then went on to explain he is some mish mash FUDD who likes certain types of guns, and, he knows some people who have some opinions!

          “Doctors” like you are why I eat my veggies and stay out of doctors offices.

          Now be honest Dr Fudd, have you prescribed tranny drugs to kids? Bet you have.

        • Me feeding the troll.

          No I have not prescribe “tranny drugs”… not sure what they are though, how much do you pay to take them and have you noticed any side effects?

          Me calling you an idiot is not painting everyone with a brush, it is very specific to you. You sir, are a troll and an imbecile. You saying all pediatricians are leftists is painting a wide swath with a brush….and kinda being trollish.

          I like all guns, although I’m not much of a revolver guy…. in what way did I say anything that would make you think that? Assuming you think. That’s the first time I’ve been called a FUDD, kinda makes me realize you know not what you speak of, maybe time to up your tranny medicine.

          Me not feeding the troll….


        • I find it strange that this poster continues to focus on the subject of transgenders. It seems he thinks a lot about transgender folks, I’d say his obsession with transgenders is indicative of a certain state of mind but I wouldn’t want to speculate on the exact nature of his thoughts.

          It has been suggested that the most homophobic folks are actually overcompensating for their internal confusion about their sexual identity. Worry not, I won’t judge you over your sexual appetites, whatever floats your boat is fine with me as long as it doesn’t involve children, only consenting adults.

  15. Federal law protects baby girls from Pediatricians, but not newborn boys.
    Circumcision is an unconscionable cognitive blind-spot, more grim than pedophilia.
    Jesus & the Unabomber

    • Well, Eric!

      I never thought I would see the mention of ritual genital mutilation on this forum, but here it is. And, I couldn’t agree more. Circumcision is just like the clitorectomies performed on little girls performed by the fundamentalist members of their religion.

      Ritual genital mutilation is wrong, whether performed by a mullah or a rabbi.

        • OB’s do circs too… just saying.

          I actually am very much not a fan of circumcisions from the medical perspective. I can’t speak for religion since I’m not religious. But you have a valid point, if something is barbaric for girls, why is it ok for boys?

          And now back to guns….

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