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Seventeen people died in the Parkland, Florida school massacre a little over one year ago. In the aftermath of colossal screw-ups by school administrators and shameful members of Broward County law enforcement, you would think that Broward County officials would work to ensure that Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school would serve as a beacon of safety and security. Not so much as recent videos show.

Andrew Pollack lost his daughter Meadow in the horrific attack by a known threat to the school. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to hold those responsible accountable.  A couple of days ago, he posted a video of a violent fight in one of the school’s courtyards. The response by school officials, as you will see in the video, proved far less than vigorous.

According to Local10, police arrested four students in the melee.

Four students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were arrested Tuesday after a fight broke out on the campus, authorities said.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office said the students were treated for minor injuries.

Security at the Parkland high school has been heightened since 17 people were killed in a mass shooting on Feb. 14, 2018. However, parents and students have continued to urge the district to improve its security and discipline policies, saying more needs to be done.

Here’s another view of the scrum.

Instead of worrying about the safety of over three thousand decent students trying to get an education without worrying about getting attacked by violent punks, school officials in the past would worry about the four arrestees becoming part of an alleged ‘school-to-prison pipeline’. Ignoring the fact that some people can’t comply with society’s basic laws and belong in the criminal justice system is dangerous.

As risk consultant Dr. William Aprill says, these violent criminal actors come from a world where they have nothing but the “prestige of violence.” They will risk everything for nothing. Violent performances lead to more prestige. Even if they lose a confrontation, they gain prestige because they didn’t back down. Even if they beat down an otherwise helpless person, it adds to their prestige among peers.

Just another reason good people should “Think hard. Train hard. Be dangerous.”  Because nobody has your interests at heart more than you do.

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    • There were so many chances to stop this killer before he ever fired his first shot that were not taken. The deputy, gutless, could have saved lives by going in. But that was after the first shots and first victims. It never should have gotten that far.

      A corrupt system failed those victims. The shameless coward of broward was simply the cherry on top of that shit sundae.

      • In the progressive scheme, dead students are neither a feature nor a bug. They’re just grease for the gears of the power machine.

      • The timeline provided in the report on the shooting shows that five – count ’em FIVE people saw the shooter with his gun between the time he stepped foot on campus and the time he opened fire. ONLY ONE tried to raise the alarm – that was a high school student. Three of the other four were staff who were not trained to confront but were trained to call in a code red. They didn’t, they went the other way. The fifth one was the deputy sheriff, and he hid. It wasn’t just the the deputy sheriff who failed those students.

    • No, not all because of him. That’s reductive and, more importantly, too easy and simple. There is plenty of blame to go around.

    • LEO’s are not required nor compelled by law to protect anyone, period. When people really understand this and accept it as fact instead of the current “ to protect and serve” ruse, then and only then will our social experiment move forward.

      • No they are not. Warren vs. DC proved that. Without going to to super detail courts basically said that police had absolutely no legal requirement to help any citizen and their only job is to protect the public at large. Since the public duty at large is not a consistent legally defined term that is completely up for interpretation. It is usually held to mean something like this: if an individual(s) contact the government for a service and are of specific need for that service over everyone else, the individual(s) were told in advance though legal avenue that the service is provided, and the individual(s) is justifiably trusting the government to due said service.

        Let me simplify everything for everyone.

        To get government/police service citizens had to of been legally told by the government/police that duty shall be given, but the government/police said in court that they have no duty to provide help to people.

        In even simpler words. The government said it doesn’t have to help people because the government never said it would help people and the government then agreed with itself that it is not a problem and doesn’t help people.

        Anyone else think this sounds a little corrupt?

  1. Decent single pick in that second video. Way to keep your head while getting the ol’ ground & pound.

    Seriously though, is anyone surprised? Did anyone actually think they’d fix things? And even if they did does anyone think that would stop all fights?

  2. One thing I learned at High School was that there were particularly sick individuals who would gain pleasure from other people’s pain. And anyone “different” would get a beat down. Often daily. With odds like 30+ to 1, you learned to keep your head down.

    Looks like nothing has changed 30+ years later and half a world away.

  3. High school is always the wild west. Need drugs? Sex? Weapons? Partners for a heist? All this and more can be had easy-peasey at your local public high school. Been that way since at least the 60’s. Just about every immoral, dangerous, criminal and essentially stupid thing I’ve ever done was either done or learned how to do in high school and that was pre-Internet.

    Wherever did anyone get the idea that high school was a safe place to send their kid?

    • It did not get this way for no reason when I was in Jr high and High it was not bad until total integration happened and that’s we started having guards I know because I got tired it all and quit and did the trade school thing and ended up doing auto mechanic , wiring houses and AC work and it kept out of that garbage at public school and after my kids got to old for the little school close to the house that did not have but about 3 to 4 hundred students in it they went private school

    • Correct, Sir.

      If my wife and I would have had children, they would have been in one of the several top-notch private schools in our area, cost be damned.

  4. I live 5 mins away from that school. It’s a garbage school in an affluent community that thought it was immune to real evil.

  5. I’m wondering why anyone thought anything would be different. It’s high school. Duh!

  6. Looks like a prison fight except it went on longer and the guards didn’t tax the offenders.

    If I lived in that district I would move the fuck out whether the house sold or not.

  7. Home schooled my kids until high school. Then private Christian school until they graduated.

  8. Same trash polluting the school and the same trash running it, can’t help but have a trashy outcome.

  9. a less appealing kids will be kids perhaps. doesn’t look much different than what i remember. hardly wild.
    and it demonstrates nothing in regards to student safety, especially in regards to weak security allowing a mass event.

  10. Dr. Aprill was spot on. No reason to do well in school or be a productive member of society when visiting violence upon others will get you all the uhspect you want

  11. I’ll say it if no one else will?

    if the guards or whatever they are that intervened had been white?
    this would have been all over the news on who 2 WHITE aggressive employees of the district BEAT up, No NEARLY KILLED 2 or 4 black innocent students…

    that is what is wrong with schools now…in my day..whack to the head and done! by the teacher and the parents okayed it!

    now the the parents SUE if you even glance at Treyvon hard and you are white or even black

    Tell me I am wrong while I sip my morning tea!

    • YTF didn’t those ‘resource officers’ have billy clubs? Don’t tackle them, beat the snot out of them!

  12. This HS was like this way before the mass shooting and will be like this way after. When I was in HS, we had 3 different gangs attending with daily fights, girl fights were at least once every 2 weeks. Aside from academics, I learned about situational awareness before I knew what it was!

  13. TBH even having someone from the school put hands on a student to physically stop a fight qualifies as a high level of response nowadays.

  14. police arrested four students in the melee.

    … you know, once the fighting had stopped and it was safe for them to come out of hiding.

  15. My LR shooting mentor was a large HS AD and he taught drafting. When he retired in 2000, he said the number 1 priority was to get the students fed (lunch) and off the property at the end of the day. Education was not a concern. Security at that time was not a concern. The feds said you had to feed them and the state said the school had to be open for attendance XXX # of days a year. That was it.

  16. My company volunteers at one of the large high schools for their construction science program, and I was a guest speaker there last week. First time I’ve been in a high school, well, since I’ve been in high school! Out of the six class periods of the day, you could probably just make one class out of the ones that actually gave a crap about learning. It was daycare for the rest of them. Of course I couldn’t carry, but I never felt unsafe. Those kids might challenge their 5’1″, 25 year-old female teacher, but not a 6’1″, 300lb man wearing work boots!

  17. MSD is really the Broward County Zoo.

    Vicious bullies run the place, like most large mega-high schools in this country.
    The quality of education for most student is abysmal. Teachers and administrators are to blame.

    • No, parents are to blame, there were no “school shootings” when I was in HS(75-79), the decay of parenting has occurred over decades and there is no end in sight…

  18. Out of sight, out of mind…if liberals and gun control facists really cared, they would still be there cleaning that hole up…only when it’s convenient do the liberal gun control facists care, otherwise there is no time for it…

  19. I noticed in the one video that one participant was sitting on top of someone and throwing rapid haymaker punches, about 30 of them, without any end in sight. I personally consider that attempted murder. That person should spend the next 10 years in prison.

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