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Everyday Carrier is his handle and he lives in Montana.  And he likes to fish – and carry a nice set of EDC gear in a load-out entitled “Summertime IWB Carry.”  Brought to us by Everyday Carry.

So E.C. carries an M&P .40 S&W pistol in an IWB rig I don’t recognize.  The link takes you to a no-name $50 link that’s supposedly made in the USA.

With a spare mag, light (little Streamlight Microstream), and blade (Spyderco Paramilitary 2), he’s got the bases covered.  And given how he says he’s a suspicious fisherman, he might just be retired.  Or he might still be working.

Which reminds me of a classic story from one of my best friends who is now an FBI Special Agent retired.  Early in his career, old timers told him about agents who got in trouble back in the 50s and early 60s would get detailed to some FBI office in Montana.

Ol’ J. Edgar considered that the worst form of punishment as he was a big city guy.  However the agents, when they got there, soon found and enjoyed the slower pace of life.  To say nothing of some great fishing just a few minutes away from the office.  And fantastic hunting.

The agents there reportedly considered it the best kept secret that Hoover’s punishment assignment was the best thing that ever happened to them.

Those days have passed, along with J. Edgar.

Happy fishing E.D.




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  1. I’m not retired 😉

    The link is correct. Only guys on Amazon making a decent M&P 3.6″ IWB rig. Cheap too. My OWB rig is made by Talon Retention. Kalispell local, amazing holster.

    And no…. I don’t wear it like this when fishing. Depends on what kind of fishing and where, but usually OWB or chest rig my G22.

  2. EDC for fishing? Maybe. Big boat? Probably.
    I kayak fish on smaller lakes. I carry my LCP OWB and my leek in my pocket.
    Today the lake was like glass and the fish were jumping. Just not into my boat.
    OK EDC.

    • “Today the lake was like glass and the fish were jumping. Just not into my boat.”

      A few days ago, I got to spend an afternoon with someone I haven’t hung out with for nearly 20 years.

      While shooting the shit with him while driving around, he related an interesting fishing story. 20 years back, he was a talented spin-and-baitcasting fisherman. He decided to take up flyfishing for the challenge. And noticed something very interesting.

      His fishing is mostly pit and lake fishing here in central Florida. He started to notice others fishing near him weren’t having a lot of luck in landing bass and speck. While he was doing rather well landing some nice-sized bass.

      He has theorized the fish are getting wise to the relatively-heavy spin and baitcasting lures landing with a loud ‘plop’ in the water and being cranked back in. While all he was doing was laying a lightweight fly on the surface and maybe give it a *tiny* little twitch.

      Perhaps consider taking up flyfishing to improve your catch…

      • That’s what I did for river fishing. I was amazed at how much easier fly fishing was for me. I went out the first couple times with my normal rod and got one fish. Having never fished before I chalked it up to lack of experience and kept trying. I was terrible. Next summer, I had a friend teach me to fly fish. I fell in love. Catch something every time I go out now. I buy bait from a local shop, hand made, fish love it 😉

        • Honestly, I think fly fishing is just better.

          Back in the day people told me it was way, way harder and super expensive. That’s bullshit. Now I think they just wanted to keep the best river spots to themselves.

        • “Back in the day people told me it was way, way harder and super expensive.”

          I know the basics on *how* to do it, I can form decent ‘loops’ overhead with the line, and the carbon rod gives *lots* of feedback in sensing the tip, but my distance casting is utter dogshit. 20+ years back, a nice carbon rod was over 200 bucks, like everything else carbon, the prices have come down over the years. I’m heading out with him later in the month to give it another try…

  3. I know a woman who tells of being taken fishing with her father when she was young. He was a bit of a scoundrel and where they went was a local state hatchery on weekends when it was closed.

    Now that’s some suspicious fishing.

    • It’s blurred out at that. Like someone is going to make a copy from a photo, then track down the guy’s car and steal it. It’s a chip key too, so even if they did they’d only get the car’s contents.

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