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It’s fairly common knowledge that weapons of all kinds¬†are banned in prisons across America. So imagine my utter shock and awe when looking through the news (and no, not mainstream news, they wouldn’t dare report on something that could somehow tarnish the anti-gun agenda) and seeing that four inmates had been fatally stabbed¬†in an Oklahoma prison over the weekend. And four¬†more were injured . . .

Who could have dreamed that criminals would flout the law in such a manner? Who would have ever thought that people could be stabbed – to death, no less! – in a designated knife-free zone? Actually, prisons are even fork-free zones, too. No metal is allowed and they eat with plastic sporks.

According to the news report, the stabbing attacks lasted less than two minutes. It took less than 60 seconds for some knife-wielding criminals to kill four people in a highly controlled area where law enforcement was readily available to deal with the situation.

The weekend story was quickly eclipsed by the Delta State shooting that¬†anti-gun groups are already touting as justification for more gun control. A quick tour of gun control advocates’ social media accounts revealed that they’re¬†using this to their advantage.

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Warning: the comments on the MDA post may make you feel light headed and may cause eye witching.

What they fail to note, however, is that Delta State was and is a gun-free zone. Whether it’s a highly controlled environment like a prison or a campus that bans weapons by fiat, bad actors will always find a way.

Yet the civilian disarmament industrial complex bases their arguments on instances such as the Delta State shooting. Their proposed solution is always more laws, more control.¬†This is where the anti-gun argument will always fail. Law-abiding free people do not need, nor do we want to be controlled. All we ask is to exercise our natural, civil, Constitutionally protected right to armed self defense. And we won’t take no for an answer.

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  1. I read the linked NY Post article and the problem is obvious. Accompanying the article, there is a picture of the prison fence and an entrance gate. NOWHERE in that picture is there a sign with the image of a knife surrounded by a red circle and a red diagonal slash through it. Come on, Oklahoma! You’ll eradicate the knife problem with the proper application of prohibition signage.

  2. Prisons try to prevent inmates from accessing anything that is sufficiently hard enough to serve as a stabbing weapon. For example inmates used to use full size plastic toothbrush handles to make a stabbing weapon (which they would sharpen on their concrete floors). Now they get stubby little toothbrushes that are too short to be stabbing weapons.

    All you need to make a knife is a flat piece of steel and concrete or a rock to sharpen it. And all you need to make a stabbing weapon is a long piece of rigid material such as plastic, nylon, or just about any metal … and concrete or a rock to sharpen it.

    Of course all of that is irrelevant if a prison guard is all too happy to supply a knife to an inmate for one of many possible reasons. If inmates can get cellphones and illegal narcotics, they can get a knife.

  3. In OK it was common for highschoolers to take field trips to McAlester to tour the prison facility there. Many a stabbing had ended a field trip prematurely after a lock down ensued.

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