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Ed Teach, a guy who describes himself as a pirate, sends in this submission of his everyday carry gear.  From Everyday Carry.  (Go ahead and submit your EDC…  we’ll share it here in a week or two.  I’d love to see what Vlad carries.  Or doesn’t carry.)

Yes, everything right down to Grave Before Shave mustache wax.

He writes this:

It may seem like a lot but believe it or not the only thing in my back pockets are my keys. Clipped to my beltloop, hangs down into pocket. Everything else fits comfortable in front pocket without being bulky. The tornado pen goes in shirt pocket, or doesn’t come with me. Everything else I carry with me everyday and use it all I use everyday.

I know the wallet is unconventional but it serves more than one purpose very well, while being very minimalist.

He carries his GLOCK 43 with a “Clipdraw” clip mounted to the gun instead of a traditional holster.  Not my speed for a host of reasons.  Not the least of which it’s impossible to get a proper grip on the gun before drawing and the potential for the gun’s cant to shift around or move on the belt.  At least he carries a trigger guard cover so he doesn’t potentially perforate himself if something like bunched up clothing gets inside that trigger guard.



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  1. Blackbeard could have used that Glock in his last battle. Supposedly in his last fight against Lieutenant Maynard his pistol shot was a squib. Not a fan of Glocks but hard to argue against their reliability.

  2. That would be the only way I’d carry a clipdraw.

    I agree with Boch (cant believe I just wrote that), too low for a solid grip regardless of a covered trigger.

    His nickel…..

    • I think the owner clips the gun on the right front pocket, so the pistol grip must stickout for a better first purchase? So the gun must move when he sits down? But this set up could make for a fast draw. I can imagine a situation where a bad guy with a knife says give me your wallet and phone, the owner reaches in his front right pocket and says FU MF!

      • “I can imagine a situation where a bad guy with a knife says give me your wallet and phone, the owner reaches in his front right pocket and says FU MF!”

        No reason to be as uncouth as an enraged Leftist with the vile “FU MF”, Jack!

        When he issues the demand for your valuables, smile broadly and tell him you’ll be glad to “let him have it”… 😉

        • I feel like MFer works in a pirate context… if you scream something like “Yarrrrr! Them’s my doubloons matey-fucker! No quarter for a landlubber that attempts a hornswaggle! To Davey Jones’ Locker with ye!” as you draw your gun.

          At which point you might not have to shoot the guy who may very well be is running away, and if you DO shoot him the cops are going to love this tale which greatly reduces the chances they tell the DA charges are warranted.

          Bonus points if you actually take the guy down with a flintlock… or a cutlass/naval dirk/something awesome along these lines.

        • “Bonus points if you actually take the guy down with a flintlock… or a cutlass/naval dirk/something awesome along these lines.”

          North American Arms makes a percussion cap-fired black powder .22 cal mini-revolver :

          After loading it, it just might be possible to seal up both ends of the cylinder with melted bee’s wax and carry it as a pirate’s EDC.

          (You might want to rotate that ammo weekly at the range if you try that…)

        • “You crack me up, “hurry up and die ,””

          Possum, I get a big-assed smile reading some of the stuff you write.

          And how do Possums ride bikes, anyway? Doesn’t your tail get caught in the chain?

      • Dont think so Jack.

        I think he threads the loop (with trigger holster) on his belt and clips the pistol in his waistline. When he draws the trigger holster comes out but dangles as it drips free.

        If he clips it in a pocket, it would be open carry.

        Dont like clip draws or hip grips for revolvers. Just ain’t safe.

      • Also Jack,

        You asked about the HPG Kit bags. They’re good stuff.

        I have one of the Runner’s Kit bags. They do work well. HPG lists it as 7.5×11.5×1. Measuring mine I’d say it’s actually about 8″ tall. Holds a full size USP45, spare mag and some other odds and ends quite well and will do so with a lot of different packs on you as well. Flops open 90 degrees but it’s not exactly stiff enough for map/compass work on your chest like some admin panels are.

        Durable. I’ve had it for a few years and beat the ever-living crap out of it. I recommend NeverWetting (or similar) the bag but the zippers aren’t waterproof/resistant. They’re standard YKK style with paracord pulls.

        It’s not the fastest to deploy a pistol from but if you pre-set your zippers it works pretty fast and it’s pretty discrete. Out in the woods no one will question it.

        Overall, I’d recommend it. Pistol, mag, compass, pen, map, multitool, lighter, firestarter “bundle”… about what it will carry.

        Makes me wish I kept their Ute pack, but I sold that to a guy who ran the Fink against me.

  3. He ain’t no pirate, no blunderbus!?! J/K, nice and basic. I’m not a Glock fan myself but they are reliable.

  4. I have carried many guns down through the last 59 years. Due to global warming and the extreme heat of the summer I have as of late been lax in my own self defense and I hate to admit to that but at 71 years of age I also no longer care either. I used to carry my Glock 19 religiously (with custom manual safety installed) but even with the manual safety never felt entirely comfortable with it because of the unsafe take down system so I switched to the very, very safe P30SK H&K which has a visible hammer and a manual safety that can be left in the “on” position when loading and unloading it. Its take down system is way safer than the Glock as it requires you to pull back the slide first. My bedside gun is the full size P30S H&K

    SO WHAT DO I CARRY AS OF LATE (confession, during the last 3 summers) A Beretta custom nickleplated 950 Jetfire .25 acp pistol, Italian made. The reason Italian and not American since I am obsessed with safeties on guns? The American made model was notorious for wearing out its safety causing the pistol to let the safety snap on under recoil which could be deadly to the user in a gun fight.

    Don’t laugh or sneer at the lowly .25 ACP It has killed more bad guys than most people are aware of. Its saved many a woman’s life too. It also saved my life but more about that below.

    In the past I was very fond of the Browning FN 1910/55 .380, and the Walther German Made PPK/s also in .380. For a very brief time I carried a 1911 (too big and uncomfortable and believe it or not a .45 Astra A-80 ( to large and heavy). And I almost forgot MY VERY RARE AND I MEAN VERY RARE , FACTORY NICKLE PLATED DETONICS .45 COMBAT MASTER(THE ORIGINAL COMPANY). I also carried the M43 9MM Star FIRESTAR, THE FIRST OF THE POCKET ROCKETS and still have two of them. A heavy pistol despite its very small size and a dangerous extended mag release that is too easily and accidentally activated when holstering it or attempting to carry it. One reason I quite carrying it. I ask the question “what in the hell went through the peoples minds when they decided to put an extended mag release on a hide out carry pistol”. They were either drunk on Spanish wine or tripping out on LSD for sure.

    I suppose I am probably leaving a few of them out you tend to forget at 71 years of age.

    I also in past years in the summer when I was just a mere lad that went fishing alone often, I carried a Browning FN Baby Browning .25 as well as an FN 1905 and later model 1906 25 acp. Do you know the difference between them??? You do not know much about FN pistols if you do not. I started “packing” the 1906 when I was 12 years old and fishing in the wilds alone. I had to almost use it once at the tender age of 12 while walking home from fishing alone and along the railroad tracks when a bum approached me and demanded money. When he got too close I pulled out the trusty FN 1906 and said “Sir you have only two choices, you may leave immediately or you may leave dead”. I never saw a bum move so fast. I wouldn’t doubt if he is still running to this very day.

    My Dad carried a 1906 FN .25 acp in his boot in WWII and it went undiscovered when he was temporarily captured by the Germans in WWII. As you can guess he used it to escape. So much for the .25 acp being anemic or worthless. Several dead Nazi’s proved otherwise. Today its one of my most prized possessions along with his FN Browning Nazi proofed 9mm High Power. It too took out a few Nazi’s. My dad always said “the only good German was a dead German” and he took no prisoners, it was safer that way. He said he and his fellow soldiers always were told by their superior’s “shoot anything that moves” if you want to survive and so they did. A few Frenchies got accidentally shot as well but that is war.

    Once while hitching a rid on a Sherman Tank the driver of the tank told my Dad ” I am so tired I cannot drive anymore, take over”. My Dad said he did not know how to drive a tank. The Tank Driver said, look kid its easy, you hit this lever and you go right and you hit this lever and you go left, that is all there is too it and then he collapsed and fell asleep. My Dad then made too sharp a turn and he took off part of the corner of a house. He shook the Tank Driver yelling “wake up, wake up I just accidentally knocked a house down”. The tank driver peered out and said “your doing just fine kid , keep on driving”.

    • “My dad always said “the only good German was a dead German” and he took no prisoners, it was safer that way.”

      I have heard the distressing news that more and more people are feeling the same way about Leftists-Democrats-and Socialists these days, ‘vlad’…

      • As usual you always get everything backwards or use substitution. I heard it was Far Right Supremacist’s and their Republican prostitutes. But either way its probably just Russian propaganda designed to get us all at each others throats so Trump can get elected. He could not get elected in a fair democratic election especially one by popular vote which is true democracy like France has. “They achieved democracy with their Revolution and we lost ours because of our Revolution”. Vlad Tepes 2019

        By the way I do not believe your a Russian Bot but as you say I am often wrong. Right?

  5. Kind of a small blade for a pirate.

    Also, does that wax self-extinguish or light up like Vaseline when the cannon fuse burns down into your beard?

  6. I see the appeal of a clip on a small BUG style gun but not so much on anything above that in size. And with that trigger guard and strap I’m not sure you’re even saving much weight or bulk over a kydex IWB holster.

  7. On a 43 its actually a tie clip. Very handy. I’m real happy to see he’s got his dark shades to protect his eye from his 10,000 lumen laser beam flashlight. With that clipped into my shirt pocket I’d be more afraid of a negligent discharge from it than the tie clip. I wonder where our peg legged buccaneer wears his trusty cutlass. With $6.00 in his purse he has lunch covered at Captain D’s. Good job mate.

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