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Of course, I had my eyes peeled in Manhattan for any concerns of violence while pushing the double stroller to and from an outing, but while riding the subway or taking my kids to a street festival there was a sense of relief in knowing it was unlikely that an individual was carrying a gun. In Texas, the odds are a lot higher that someone in a crowded setting could be carrying a gun, and that one disgruntled shopper could cause hysteria. Considering that risk, I was starting to wonder for the first time if I should be one of them.

When it comes to the prevalence of guns and the potential for gun violence, I question if where I live even matters. When my husband travels for work and I’m alone with the kids, would I be calmer with a firearm stored in a biometric fingerprint safe? In a concealed-carry state, would I feel safer having a gun while walking at dusk with my kids after we go to the park? Would having a gun ease my mind at a crowded movie theater, a busy crawfish festival or at a shopping center?

I glance around restaurants more carefully than I did in New York; I take in who’s shopping in the aisle with me at the grocery store. I always consider who might be carrying a gun wherever we go—the thought is always there while we order our dinner or go to the movie theater. I look for the exits and I’ve become a lot more alert to my surroundings, especially when I’m with my kids.

These conflicting thoughts swarm my heart, as does the unsettled feeling inside my chest that comes from knowing an outing with my family could turn unpredictable at the most mundane moment. But no matter what we decide as our Texas lives continue, our children understanding the safety precautions that need to be taken around guns will always be our top priority.

– Isobella Jade in How My Parenting Changed When I Moved My Family to a Place Where Most People Carry Guns 300x250-v2

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  1. How about you do both of us a favor and move back to NYC? Then, you can live out your life in blissful ignorance, and your vote won’t cancel out mine.

    • AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!! Take you and your liberal vote back to Nasty York where it will be appreciated. My only concern when I’m out is there aren’t enough people armed and They are relying on me to protect them should something happen.

      • No take backs they are your problem now. But seriously economic migrants from NY are potentially a plague but more likely to rediscover American values than they would be if they stayed. Take them out shooting with ban friendly then just barely banned firearms and explain how negligible differences are a felony at their former residence. If all that fails…… put a feeder on their property to attract hogs (joking mostly)

        • I actually work with a guy that just moved here from New York state (Westchester, specifically). He was already a gun guy, but he was over the moon about his new-found freedom after moving here. I’ll take transplants like that all day long. People who remember why they wanted to move here, and don’t want to transform this state into the one they just left.

        • It’s a crapshoot as he is from the same area as miss AOC who is from a relatively wealthy family (go figure) but yes many of us are extremely pro gun but no matter how many counties are red NYC veto’s us and the state is constantly building more tax funded low income housing to spread their preferred dependent voters around more “equitably”.

  2. She felt safer when she knew that only criminals had guns.

    Just shows how stupid feelings are.

    • “….would I be calmer with a firearm….”, “…would I feel safer having a gun…”, “…. Would having a gun ease my mind…”

      She only talks about her feelings and never addresses the reality of ACTUALLY being safer. She projects those requirements on to circumstances/people outside her control and demands them to accord themselves in a prescribed manner to suit her world view. This lady is a narcissist. Her children are going to make wonderful drones to prop up her fantasy world.

      • Delusional narcissist. It’s not just all about her but all about her but all about preserving her ignorant perceptions.

      • Yep, if she had an ounce of logic in her, her situational awareness in Texas should have been present, even heightened, while she was in NYC.

    • I’m inclined to be sympathetic for her because, I’m guessing, she’s been inculcated by the New York left doctrine that guns – in and of themselves – are the problem. Give her a few years in Texas and she might grow to understand that the issue isn’t guns, it’s people with bad intentions, which I’m sure Texas has a fair share of.

      • She does appear to be on the brink of an epiphany. She’ll probably take a peek over the edge and turn back though.

        • “I look for the exits and I’ve become a lot more alert to my surroundings, especially when I’m with my kids.”

          On a positive note, she is in the beginning phase of an important concept…environmental and situational awareness. But her types don’t want to have to practice that kind of awareness.

        • “Most people, at least once in their lives, will come face to face with the truth. Most will get back up, dust themselves off, and continue as if nothing happened” – Winston Churchill.
          I like that quote because of the subtle inference (so subtle that most miss it) that the truth will absolutely knock one over, so that he needs to get up.

      • This is why it’s so important to invite newbies to the range, and even go so far as to pay for their fees (if any) and ammo that first time. I’ve done it multiple times, and my guests have always enjoyed the time spent and asked to do it again. Every time.

        • Don’t rub it in, yo. Here in SoCal we either pay about $20 daily range fees, or drive an hour or more to get to the open desert. Never been (yet) to Montana, but I can only imagine the paradise it offers you.

        • @ IHaz a Question

          $20 for a DAY at a range? That is in hour here in the Bay Area and indoor ranges are disappearing faster that donuts at a police station breakroom. The closest BLM land is 3 hrs away, or so I am told, as other shooters here are reluctant to share their shooting spots for fear it will get crowded.

          I can’t wait for my kids to graduate so the wife and I can retire and move to a free State.

    • When she mentioned a “disgruntled shopper causing hysteria”, was she projecting her desire to lash out at others she doesn’t like?

  3. I imagine the same percentage of the population of NYC is armed as Texas. The difference is that those carrying a gun in Texas aren’t criminals.

      • tdiinva,

        When we are talking about:
        (1) adults 21 years-old and older,
        (2) outside of the Boston-Washington D.C. Megalopolis,
        (3) outside of the Cook County, Illinois Megalopolis,
        — and —
        (4) in shall-issue states,
        I estimate that one-in-twenty adults are armed in public on average.

        What does that mean? It means that woman is almost always in close proximity to an armed adult who is armed (with the blessing of the Almighty State) when she is in public.

        That is totally consistent with the assertion that most Texans are not armed in public. It is also means that woman is almost always near an armed adult even though “most Texans” are not armed in public. I believe that is an important distinction.

        • 1 in 5 Texans may have a permit but far fewer than 1 in 5 actual carry on regular basis. Don’t confuse having a permit and daily carry. Texas is middling in terms of permits issued.

  4. Did she never consider the fact many people around her were carrying illegally in NYC?????? And I’m pretty sure none of them are the nice kind ether.

    • None of them?

      I think there are a fair number of folks in may-issue areas like NYC that have no bad intentions and carry for protection, even though they are unable to get a carry permit…

      • The point is, though, that there was likely a much higher number of folks around her in NYC carrying than she thought. She just wasn’t aware. I would argue that knowledge is power. Ignorance may be considered bliss, but the end result if ignorance is anything but.

  5. Maybe someone should reveal the fact that Texas has less crime than NYC. Then tell her to go back and don’t California my Texas.

    • “Maybe someone should reveal the fact that Texas has less crime than NYC.”

      Oh, she knows. The liberal $#!+hole utopia created by her ideology (surprise, surprise) wasn’t condusive to raising children. She had to go to to a conservative enclave with good tax policy, clean streets, safe neighborhoods, good public schools, and an affordable cost of living to raise her kids. And what does she do?…. What every liberal always does: b!+c#, complain, and effortlessly work to destroy her habitat because “Liberalism/Communism just wasn’t done correctly last time.” None of these dimwits can ever point to any place where it ever was done correctly….. man, these people suck.

      • You have my vote for the “Winning-est TTAG Post of the Day”.
        The story reminds me of someone who isn’t happy unless everyone else around her is equally as miserable as she is.

        • Sounds like my ex-wife. If she wasn’t happy, she was more than willing to make sure everyone else experienced her misery.

  6. Oof. A lot going on in that article, with fear, paranoia, and ignorance topping the list. This selective use of statistics struck me:

    “Research suggests states with more guns have more unintentional firearm deaths.”

    Duh. Countries with more cars have more car accidents too.

    “According to the most recently available CDC data, 833 children under the age of 15 were shot and killed in 2017. At least 70 of those deaths were accidental.”

    What about the intentional deaths, the overwhelming majority? I have a sneaking suspicion that they disproportionately occurred in urban areas like the ones this mom thinks are so much safer than Texas.

    • Her concern is that every year, on average, 1 child (someone under 18, which covers A LOT of gang bangers) is killed per state to a firearms related accident. She should put her energy in to convincing herself that she’s going to win the state lottery, which is a 1000x more likely than HER kid getting killed in a firearm accident.

  7. Completely missing the point.

    It’s not about “feeling safe,” or “easing your mind,” it’s about having a tool to defend yourself and those you love should the need arise. In fact you should be more alert when wearing a gun, especially if you are accompanying small children.

  8. Sounds like a good reason to stay in NYC. Yes us southern states are absolute war zones where millions of people are killed a year. Also we get hit by high octane climate change fueled Hypercanes that drown cities and tear the landscape. We also have giant, poisonous, mutant, radioactive insects, spiders, and reptiles which will attack you on site. These are also fueled by climate change. Best you Democrat’s stay in safe NY and away from this nightmarish hellscape. In fact you’d probably be better off letting us just form our own country just to be safe.

        • Mosquitoes are are big as birds in FL. One of my relatives was headhunted by a large corporation and asked to move to western FL along the coastline. After spending a week there and dealing with the humidity and bugs, she declined. Said the mosquitoes were like drones.

        • Haz. Those skeeters are big enough to show on radar. They travel in 3’s. 2 hold you down while the 3rd makes a withdrawal. 🙂

    • I’m guessing it’ll take a few years for her to be shooting. My wife has a childhood friend who never owned a gun, a few yeras ago moved from CA to Dallas TX and bought her first gun within a year. And she votes Democrat.

      • My question is this.
        Was she influenced positively or mugged? It makes a difference.
        One of my friends left the Army for Texas and we talked once in a while after he left. He called up one day and admitted his wife had to run a housebreaker off at gunpoint while he was off at work. A month later he was back doing his same old job in Northern VA, minus the local walking environmental hazards.
        Location, location, as the realty agent always says ….

    • Maybe she could go to New Jersey and be happier.
      She can have my house when I sell and leave. IDRGAF (see “DILLIGAF” as a reference).
      I see urban refugees from NY here, leaving for tax reasons and Lebensraum. Orthodox Jews from Harlem and more low income peasants who can’t speak English renting from them, courtesy of newer mandated low income housing units and a sanctuary state mentality full of union retirees on pensions.
      What’s not to like about that? lol

  9. At least she makes it clear the problem is her feelz and doesn’t actually exist outside of her head.

    Now if only she could get over it and move on with her life…

  10. Oh no Isobella. This is my shocked face.
    You are so brainwashed by the Democrats that you believe every gun owner is a threat.
    There is a solution though. More than a few people have already said it but I’ll say it again.
    Move back to NYC. Problem solved and you can go back to not worrying about a thing.

  11. Seems to me her real problem is that she harbors this ridiculous notion that every person in the world is just on canned good placed on top of the bread away from going on a murderous rampage. Couple that with an irrational fear of something she knows nothing about (guns) and it ain’t no wonder she has to create a little fantasy world in her head where NYC is safer than Texas.

  12. The good people of Texas do not deserve the mind rot and disease she carries with her to spread over the population like the plague.

    • should be. just image searched… i totally like see how she got, ya know, preggers. and stuff.
      kaopectate and candy corn.

  13. Having been raised among, educated by and employed with some of the most privileged liberal shits to grace the earth I get the distinct impression that Manhattan Mom didn’t feel as though there could be a gun “everywhere” in Manhattan because she felt it was easy enough to spot the black people.

    Now, in Texas, she has to worry about the white people too.

  14. Bet you aren’t really that worried. If you were, you wouldn’t go out, you’d hide.

    Given that you have lived in both NYC and somewhere in Texas, why don’t you write an article about the number of times per year you’ve been a crime victim in each instead of an article speculating about the potential for you to maybe be a crime victim. I’m going to bet that you haven’t actually been a violent crime victim in either location because had you been, you’d have likely said so. So, I expect, based on your experience, Texas and New York are roughly equally safe – as you said you go out about town with your children in both places so I don’t think you are really in fear for your life. Tell us all how many times one of those scary gun-owners in Texas has actually shot at you.

    Personally, I have lived all my life in states with less restrictive gun laws than Texas and I’ve been shot exactly zero times.

  15. My question to the armed intelligentsia: How do we make these liberals go back where they came from and keep others like them from coming to my beautiful republic? It’s my observation that they won’t change unless they have a life altering event. And that may never happen. In the meantime, they implement the same failed policies as the crummy places they fled.

    • We should all start open carrying more. They say they are afraid of guns, maybe we can scare them off. (Except they aren’t really afraid – they are lying control freaks.)

  16. The nation and the states need to go back to having LOYALTY Oaths.
    California doesn’t have the 2A in its state constitution. So it doesn’t matter to them. But to the rest of the states, yes. If you can’t swear an oath to the states constitution with a 2A in it. Then I say, stay where you are.

    • “The nation and the states need to go back to having LOYALTY Oaths.”

      Chris, their idea of loyalty and *your* idea of loyalty aren’t the same…

    • @Chris,

      As I’ve said here many times, the CA State Constitution’s Article III Section I consists of a single sentence:

      “The State of California is an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.”

      Therefore, since the 2A is part of the U.S.C., the State of CA is subservient to it and must comply. Why this very simple point is never argued in the public sphere is completely beyond me.

  17. This is more about a racist Jew feeling uneasy around the goyim.

    Source: I lived in Manhattan.

    • Where do you get that she is Jewish? Isobella sounds Hispanic to me. And Jade is her married name. She could be Isobella Rodriguez for all you know.

  18. from the article
    “My daughter now notices the symbol for firearms in restaurants and retail stores, something she never would have seen in New York City. She will often comment on the line across a gun graphic on signage and say, “Look, Mommy, no guns.” I know we can’t control everything our kids see, and silence can often create the worst kind of curiosity. So we talk about guns. We talk about how guns hurt and can kill people; it’s blunt language but having a serious tone around this topic is important.”

    Now in San Francisco.

    “Look, Mommy, two men having sex with each other” I know we can’t control everything our kids see, and silence can often create the worst kind of curiosity.

    Or in Austin Texas
    “Look, Mommy, two women wearing strap on dildos, well fitted for public attire.” I know we can’t control everything our kids see, and silence can often create the worst kind of curiosity.

    When offended, It all depends on whose ox is gored.

  19. Her Yahoo lifestyle article stated that she lived in upper Manhattan a couple of blocks from Central Park. That is short hand for very rich ,educated liberal who believes network news and late night “comedians”.
    When she goes somewhere ALL conversations are about guns and hunting because that’s what she is listening for. She realizes that there are mass shootings every two days in the unrestricted hinterlands and dreads every time she must leave her gated community. The world is a better place (like NYC) without guns everywhere, even trained the kids to look out for (safe) gun free zones.
    I left a restrictive state (CT) and within a year had several firearms and my concealed carry permit. Never thought of that while in enemy territory, and I don’t intend to make my now home state a liberal hellhole although many others do.
    I think this woman should leave Texas and go to a place where she feels safe, after all this is America.. Hope it’s not Florida………PM

  20. Where does she find the time to worry about guns between trips to the hairdresser, the nail salon, restaurant dining, shopping at Whole Foods, recharging the Prius and getting Botox treatments? Oh, and let’s not forget about time spent agonizing over the world’s end because of global warming.

  21. Well Isobella, I am happy to be the one to pop your bubble but because we carry guns in Texas DOES NOT mean the “unpredictable” as you call it will happen. And what does a gun have to do with unpredictability anyway? More people are killed with bare hands than any other weapon so I don’t see your point. So, that being said and just as Manhattan doesn’t have room for anything else, we Texans don’t have any more room for dumbasses as yourself. Do us all a favor and jump on I75 North and keep going.

    • @Andy
      “Do us all a favor and jump on I75 North and keep going.”

      If she does that, she will wind up in Michigan. I’m telling you that we don’t want her either. Thanks anyway.

  22. You emphasize the Neurosis of a typical New Yorker…..Living your life in FEAR because this is what you have set up for yourself. You have no one to blame but yourself. YOU must take PERSONAL responsibility for your own protection and drop your neurotic mindset. Evryon I know who lives in TX,WY,ID,MT are no neurotic because they were raised with guns. People in NY are not, yet it is with the Liberal states who have draconian gun laws who suffer the most in murder rates, killings and violent crime….I moved away from NY about 11 years ago best move I made, plus I am from upstate near the Canadian border where we had guns to hunt and had no violent crime…We always knew NYC was a $HIThole where violent crime, the city’s thirst for taxpayer monies and poor unsafe living conditions prevailed…..You have to change your mindset from a Nyer to a Texan and toughen up

  23. As I set here reading an email from my estranged wife about not trusting me because of all the guns in our home. I wonder if the real gun control movement isn’t targeting the home, breaking up families, because you know “guns”. It seems to be a constant theme that guns cause violence… Those that carry guns are only New York minute from inflecting mass murder… Conflating those that have guns with those that use guns seems to be convention by the socialist left to gain control over more then the gun.

  24. She needs to get the hell back to New York City where she can have a false sense of security, we don’t need anymore people moving here to Texas from shithole yankee places like that, trying to turn Texas into the same shithole places they came from. They all want to get away from the nanny state trying to bring their failed political ideas with them and they all want to.

  25. I reviewed the full article , this reduced TAG version captures the flavor , but not fully.
    This quote really sums up Isobella Jade thinking up well:
    “In Texas, the odds are a lot higher that someone in a crowded setting could be carrying a gun, and that one disgruntled shopper could cause hysteria. ”

    This statement implies a LTC holder could cause hysteria. Let’s look at data
    1253 LTC’s revoked in 2018 out of 1,468,865 issued over prior 5 years. This means that .085% were revoked, and not necessarily for criminal convictions.

    According to the Texas DPS data , out of 41,180 violent criminal convictions in 2018, 163 ( 0.3958%) were Texas LTC Holders. So less than 4 per 1000 convicts were Texas LTC holder. Most of these bad actors were perverts.

    Examining 2018 Conviction rates per capita in Texas, there were 452,962 Criminal Convictions out of 28.7M Texans ( 1.6%). Therefore about 16 convicted criminal per 1000. Of these total 452,962 Criminal Convictions, 163 were LTC holders. So .036% of all Criminal Convictions were LTC Holders. This is less than 4 LTC holders per 10,000 convictions versus the overall rate of 160 per 10,000 convictions.

    The data CLEARLY indicates that LTC holders are the safest group to crowd with. Isobella Jade’s sentiment should be
    “In Texas, the odds are a lot higher that someone in a crowded setting could be carrying a gun, and I can only hope everyone is.”

    Additionally, Isobella Jade is much more likely to be injured at the hands of an compromised Driver than a LTC holder with over 80,000 DUI convictions in Texas per year, 7X’s more likely in fact.

  26. Anti-gun States & people should be banned from moving! They bring their failed Commie Ideas that screwed up their former state & now they want to screw up all 50 states!

    Politicians or public servants who bring up ANY gun control in violation of the Bill O Rights should be ejected immediately that day and banned from any public office! Anything that infringes on the 2nd amendment & ur gone in prison facing treason!

    That would be a great Bill to pass if we ever get back all 3 branches!

  27. So, NYC-mom, “thinks”:

    — Because New York folks don’t admit they have guns, there aren’t any guns present.

    — Guns you see are more dangerous than guns you don’t see.

    — People willing to follow the law and carry legally are more dangerous than people who carry at odds with the law, and of necessity conceal the fact: pre-selected to be dishonest, willful, and cirminal.

    Also, her feeling of safety or not is dispositive, and she’s more bugged by carry statistics than actual violence, and visible acknowledged weapons than actual weapons present.

  28. I really wish these people would stop making me rethink my position on voter qualification tests — that letting these idiots vote is the lesser evil.

  29. Per published figures on the Internet, 7% of adults in TX have concealed handgun licenses. I am in that 7% and always am armed, always hope I never am in a situation where I have to use my weapon. I am willing to apologize for a disagreement even if I believe I am in the right, in order to defuse a potentially violent situation. But, once the disagreement should require deadly force in defense of myself or my wife, then I will use what means I must for self-defense. I believe my sentiments parallel those of other CHL holders.

  30. Re the ex New Yorker ladies comments, the following might interest some here.

    1. I too am an ex New Yorker, departed that vale of tears in the fall of 1967, no doubt for differing reasons from the lady’s.
    2. As for her “most people carrying guns”, while no doubt more Texans than New Yorkers might be armed, but as for “most people going about armed”, I seriously doubt the proposition.
    3. Additionally, regarding people being armed, so long as one’s pistol is holstered, no harm can be done.
    4. Last, but not least, it seems to me that the lady needs a large helping of Live And Let Live, as most people in Texas, New York City or most other places are more concerned with their own affairs, than they are with her.

  31. Many years ago (early ’80’s?) a gun magazine, long out of print, ran a series of articles about “real world carry” which included supposedly anonymous letters from otherwise law abiding people who illegally carried a gun for protection. Keep in mind this was before the electronic identification methods we have today. Letters from NYC and Chicago residents were frequently featured. I have no idea if the letters were accurate or even real, but they supported the articles’ editorial point that law abiding people will weigh the comparative risks and may choose to carry a gun illegally if they believe their risk of death or serious injury is great enough. That said, I think this transplanted snowflake is at less risk in Texas than in NYC, because she is no longer in Condition White and is beginning to develop some situational awareness. Hopefully, she will take the next step and develop a plan of action if she’s ever caught in a violent situation.

  32. Probably because I’m a rational person who doesn’t treat inanimate objects as some sort of evil talisman I tend to be more concerned with the people I surround myself with. Hence I am less concerned when at the Tractor Supply surrounded by gun folk in a small Midwestern town than I would be at a deli in Brooklyn surrounded by violent ANTIFA sheeple, crackheads, tweakers, meth moms, pimps, progressive liberals, and the sort. Then again…I’m just a rational person.

  33. wtf? Honestly I’d be more worried about someone trying to kidnap my kids. They might want to give them back!

    Though in seriousness, I would worry more about a kidnapper or someone with a knife than I would a gun. A mugger with a knife is a lot more common than a mugger with a gun. A “disgruntled shopper” who decides to pull out a gun is rare as hens teeth. Happens, but I am not going to spend my time worrying about it.

    It sounds like someone needs to see a therapist and probably be on anxiety meds. A thoughtful conversation with your kids about what to do if they see a gun in someone’s house is critical. But honestly, exposure to guns would be helpful also. When I first owned guns (it was post kids) they were pretty curious, but I showed them to them (well, some). Explained how they worked. Let them handle them. They show relatively little interest. They know not to touch them without asking me or my wife. They stay locked up, but that doesn’t mean my safe is never open and they are present in the same room while I am cleaning something or working on something. They’ll ask questions sometimes.

    It is curiosity is a killer. That plus never having been drilled on gun safety. Stupidity too, but you can only control 2 of the 3.

  34. Total bullshit. written only for the histrionic effect. She NEVER goes around wondering if everyone around her is carrying… I repeat TOTAL BULLSHIT

    I mean – she is lying

  35. Dumb Liberal Commie Cunt Bitch feels Safer in the Toilet of New York. Please move back & Suffer Violence you Brainwashed Useless Fuck.

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