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TTAG reader JK has a modest proposal for gun control advocates:

“The antis should have a way to demonstrate how deeply they are committed to their cause. Let’s introduce legislation that would allow anyone to voluntarily add themselves to NICS as a prohibited person, and receive a ‘diploma’ confirming the fact. The details could include expiration of such a commitment (e.g. after 5 years), and a way for third parties to check if a magic number quoted on the ‘diploma’ is valid (I’m sure Mr. Bloomberg would like to offer, say, $1000 to each volunteer). Let’s see how many antis are really willing to give up their rights for the ‘greater good.'”

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    • I’m sure, even without the thousand buck payoff. Not the leaders of the movement, of course, who know perfectly well that unarmed people are less safe. But many followers? Sure. Never underestimate the idiocy of useful idiots.

    • While many lemmings would probably move to pocket the cash, it would never happen because it still leaves too much freedom and individual choice. That’s what really frosts the leaders of gun control, you and I making our own decisions.

      • But after they get the info, I would hope that some newspaper would post all of the names and addresses of all of the brave souls that made that pledge. (HINT: free big screen TV) they should be proud of their stance. Also five years later the NRA should offer a discounted price for those that feel like they might have made a mistake.

  1. A note to TTAG. I’m now using adblock on your site due to autoplay video ads. I’d prefer to support you by not blocking your ads. I’ll periodically check to see if you remedy the issue, I hope you do.

      • This, except it’s the iTunes Store in my case. Hasn’t happened thus far tonight, but every night since the new partnership was announced it has happened. Hopefully they fixed it?

        Love the idea proposed in the post, for the record!

    • Note to TTAG:
      Hey thanks for the heads up that Comerica Park has metal detectors all the way around the stadium. I was with a group of 100 coworkers and we were dropped off by charter buses. No one knew I was carying as I have done every time I have gone to an MLB game including Detroit last year at this same event and twice this season at Turner Field with no issues. I could not lock my pistol in my vehicle since it was 700 miles away. I had to walk down the block and hang out by myself at a bar. I knew about the NFL policy but no one has mentioned MLB…America’s game…taking on this same un-American policy. I am so fucking pissed off right now!

      • CC is not allowed in any sporting event with 2500 or more people in Michigan. Also not allowed to carry in an establisment that receives a majority of its profits from alcoholic beverages. So you just announced to the world that you are breaking MI law to avoid getting caught breaking a MI law. This is an excellent case for knowing the laws of other states. Not saying that the laws aren’t crap, but negligence doesn’t make a good case in a court room.

    • I cant even leave the page open. The shitty autoplay kicks in after about 30 seconds. Its doing it right now.

      Nothing is worse than autoplay.

      I’ll be back, I have to read the articles in 30 second pieces.

      • uBlock origins+FlashBlock+Ghostery…..

        If TTAG wants whitelisted, they’ll stop doing shit like that and treat their customers (us) with respect…..

        The site runs fine for me and I have every script but the main site and google apis blocked…about 20 unneeded time and data wasters and that isn’t counting the trackers or the ad networks….

        When they treat us as valuable, and the ad networks stop serving malware, more sites will get whitelisted

    • TTAG has a PayPal account for donations (it’s under contact on the right side of the page). So you could just run ad blockers and give them some money for site operations (Basically like a magazine subscription without all the dead tree media drawbacks). While TTAG needs to fix its ad problems, donating is a nice way to support them and block annoying ads.

  2. I would also add that those that sign up for this, should also be put onn a public list that they have gone through the process. So those in the community know the people in their neighborhood who are unarmed. Just those who sign up and take bloomberg’s $1,000 like suggested above.

  3. Those happy lemmings would eagerly wear yellow arm bands on volunteer to be the first ones to ride a train to a nice country-side resort.

  4. My own modest proposal is to make owning a weapon and carrying it concealed no harder or easier than voting. Can’t ask for ID to vote? Great! Can’t ask for ID to buy or CCW a gun. NICS background checks to buy a gun? Great! NICS background checks to vote, then. Nobody in Chicago can own a gun? Great! We’ll let the folks downstate run the city government.

    IMHO, these are the sorts of reasonable, common sense compromises that people would be willing to support if they were interested in reasonable, common sense compromises.

  5. Better, financially support the wearing of badges/buttons stating their views!
    (Thus admitting their being unarmed!)

    Shouldn’t be very a expensive project, and a donor just might be saving one’s own hide.

  6. No!

    With the large numbers of false positives (unwarranted NICS failures), I don’t want to risk somebody with ID elements similar to mine taking the pledge. Even if I can eventually get the failure reversed on a procedural appeal, it still costs me precious time and money to buy a gun.

    Even worse, consider what will happen when Kalifornistan starts cross-referencing the state’s gun owner registry with people who can’t pass NICS – applied retroactively. The Armed Prohibited Persons System already sends agents, in full tactical SWAT gear, to knock on doors and confiscate weapons, and they already have a problem with false positives, visiting the wrong house and confiscating the wrong person’s guns.

    There are too many procedural opportunities for mischief and mayhem.

  7. I like the idea of having these bozos put signs in their yard stating they are unarmed. I wonder if my home owners insurance would go down if my neighbors had those signs and I didn’t.

  8. I frequently ask antis who are all for registration lets volunteer up you and your children’s DNA to have on file at the FBI database. What do you have to worry about if you don’t intend to do any harm to anyone, commit any crimes…?

  9. Why the expiration date? They should have to go through the same process as everyone else to get removed from the prohibited persons list.

  10. I would just like to see how many members groups like MDA would have if they had to pay for membership like we do with the NRA, GOA, 2AF etc.


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