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Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC, the political fundraising group created to turn Gabby Giffords’ tragedy into a fundraising vehicle to disarm Americans, made what I thought was a very reasonable offer. In short, Giffords’ and Kelly’s group says that they will send you their latest propaganda book, Enough: Our Fight to Keep America Safe from Gun Violence, for a donation of any amount. I was alerted to the offer by a member of the Arizona Citizen Defense League (AZCDL). Great deal, right?

Here’s what their email blast said:

We had a crazy idea, and want to know if you’ll take us up on it.
Gabby and I wrote a new book that’s coming out at the end of this month. It’s called Enough, and it’s about why we are working to keep America safe from gun violence.
I’ll tell you more about the book itself in a second, but here’s our offer.
Contribute ANY amount you think is fair to support our work at Americans for Responsible Solutions, and we’ll send you a copy of our book before it’s even in stores.
We know that some people might contribute less than the book costs, and that’s OK.

The suggestion from the email’s author was that a donation of two cents be made, as the book probably cost about 50 cents to print and a buck to deliver. So that’s what I tried to do.


But as shown in the screenshot above, two cents wasn’t enough to get a book. So much for the truthfulness of the “ANY amount you think is fair.” Another AZCDL member said that the lowest he could make work was one dollar which would recoup most of ARS’s cost of printing and shipping…but that is not all.

As one of the officers of AZCDL warned:

ANY person who donates to these groups will also be counted as a member or supporter when they tell the media or Congress how much support they have. And, they WILL sell your information to other organizations and vendors.

So they would probably make more than enough money to cover book printing and shipping costs by selling your information.

I doubt that there’s any useful information in this book and I wouldn’t spend more than two cents for it. I certainly thought that would be a fair price, considering that they want to use the money to undermine my rights.

©2014 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.
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  1. If the two cents things worked they I’d have fifty of them and they’d have the information for Tom NotARealNAme who uses pre paid credit cards and gets his mail sent to a vacant house for sale.

  2. Why pay ANYTHING for their or any other propaganda? It’s shoved down our throats in one form or another for free literally every day by big legacy media. Space shot and spacy cadette’s positions are hardly a mystery and have been out there, along with their hypocracy, for a long time in full view.

    But it Is nice that you called their bluff on the empty promise.

  3. That’s actually pretty awesome… get everyone that supports your rights to ‘buy’ this book for .02 and GRIND that author and the publishing house into the DIRT for messing with the rights of everyone for this filth. Amusing this you would get a physical book.

  4. Given that the response from these people when asked “what measures do you propose and how would they help?” is to change the subject or chant some off-topic cult mantra I fail to see how a book can be filled.

  5. I’m running low on bathroom TP, I would definitely pay a very small amount for this book. It satisfies more than just one purpose. It doubles as bathroom reading material and after I get a laugh out of it as I read, I can rip those pages out and those pages double for another purpose. Talk about efficiency here!

  6. She was for “anti-immigration” (a/k/a: proper maintenance of U.S. southern border security), before that crazy Democrat shot her in the head. (Thankfully didn’t get Brewer off the beat).

    Now she’s for “anti-gun” (better hope nobody from S. America forms a mob).

  7. I’m seriously tempted to bet several simply to use as targets.

    On a more serious note, I’d like to see one of the major 2A
    advocacy groups (I’m looking at you NRA) make a counter and
    say that any money made by Giffords will be doubled and given
    to either the Eddy Eagle or Appleseed Program. Now that’s
    something I’d contribute to.

  8. It is probably worth a couple of cents and a few cents toward postage. I will need some fire starter for my fireplace, fire pit, and such inventions for burning trees and keeping me warm. I guess the tree huggers will come out next and make an offer or do a picket?

  9. Lets cut Gabby some slack. She went into politics after she washed out as a boxer. Couldn’t take a shot to the head.
    My bet is her only functioning brain cell bought the farm.

  10. The amount I think would be fair is 0.00 dollars. To save them on shipping costs, we could simply share the book by torrent. That way no one would have their name dishonestly added to any list either – since the author is all about honesty, they’re sure to have no problem with that. Sounds fair, don’t you think?

  11. Sign up under a blatantly false name, at a minimum donation to maximize the financial pressure on them. screencap the process.

    When they try to use the clout of their “followers”, demand to see the list of followers. If they produce the list, decry the bogus names and attack their credibility.

    If they don’t produce the list, show the screencaps and declare that Gabby and Baldy do not speak for you.


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