Wake Forest Sociology of Guns range trip
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I personally sit in a weird place when it comes to guns. Going to the range and shooting the different guns made me very aware of the gun’s capacity to do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Especially in the wake of current gun-related news, which is admittedly frightening to me. The thought that we can never have an accurate account of where guns are, or who is using them, makes me want to own one more. I will never forget the saying “I would rather not need it and have it than need it and not have it”.

It is interesting to note that fear is one of the main deterring and encouraging forces for gun usage. As a black person living in the South, I believe that that fear is an encouragement for me. To state it simply, I fear racially and discriminatorily motivated violence. Firing the guns at the range gave me a sense of power knowing that I would effectively be able to control a dangerous situation involving myself or others. Considering my own reasons, I find it interesting that gun usage and gun advocacy have many different meanings for different groups, both benevolent and malevolent.

I am deeply intrigued by the sociological angles in which this course will examine gun use in the United States. When I took Racial Capitalism, I focused my final paper on how the media’s depictions of Black people can affect real-world attitudes and actions toward people who identify/present as such.

I bring the same examination to this course: How do the depictions of gun use in the media affect our feelings toward guns? It is so interesting to consider how portrayals of gun use and gun violence affect the discourse regarding gun politics.

I can already think of several examples like police brutality, gang violence, and gun use in popular culture. I imagine that many of these factors will have intersections with depictions of race, sex, socioeconomic class, demographics, etc.

— Malachi Woodard in Wake Forest Sociology of Guns Range Trip Reflection

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  1. Media manipulates.
    Chomsky and Bernays beat him too it.
    There really are no new ideas, are there?

    The only real surprising thing is that people still don’t get it.

      • Way-way more blacks kill blacks, mostly in democrat urban suckholes, but speaking that fact is raysiss. Cops call it the self cleaning oven effect.

      • I think you’re previous post about violence in entertainment. Movies and TV has something to do with this.

    • Plenty of new ideas out there, you just won’t see them in the media.

      Upon realizing this the appropriate question is “Why?”.

  2. Seems to me in the last 6 decades, blacks have been conditioned to fear authority, firearms and independent thinking a lot more, thanks to the evil LBJ and his “Great society” of the welfare plantation. But we were making progress, then Obama just destroyed the progress made.

    • Democrats are still preaching their message that black people are nothing without the Dems holding their hand. They make sure that’s a firmly held belief of black people in America. That’s the real racial discrimination in this country. It’s evil.

      It’s funny how the message is to be envious and fearful of white people because white people are supposedly holding them back. Yet no one notices that Democrats never actually solve anything. Dems are just like the race hustlers. The cause is to advance the cause, not to solve any problems. If problems were actually solved why would black people think they needed Democrats to hold their hand and protect them? Will they ever figure out maybe, just maybe, voting 80% Democrat isn’t working for them?

      • When the day comes the majority of Black Americans decide to cease harvesting votes for their democRat Party slave masters and escape the plantation perhaps Content of Character will matter again. And perhaps then Black Americans will hold the democRat Party liable for the race based atrocities the democRat Party owns lock, stock and barrel…and occurred all across America and not just in the South as History rewrite democRats want fools to believe.

        Frankly a Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

      • The Democrats definitely have r@cial paternalism down to a fine art. Making the slaves dependent on their masters.

        All the Democrats have done is update old attitudes to modern times. And put a smiley face on it too.

  3. When I took Racial Capitalism

    I think I see the problem. I don’t remember that class in my engineering curriculum. I bet Racial Capitalism didn’t take much calculus or chemistry or physics to get into. Yes, America (and every other country) is not perfect. Focus on advancing yourself, not your cause. You’ll find the strata is more socio-economic rather than race. What’s odd is that some of the richest among blacks promote some of the worst behavior among blacks. As Scott Adams says, we can’t solve that for you because you won’t listen to us.

    • “Focus on advancing yourself, not your cause.”

      Notice that their cause is only to advance their cause. They never attempt to solve anything other than cashing more checks and winning the victim Olympics. If the cause ends, they no longer get to extort the big bucks and retire in their mansions à la BLM.

    • “What’s odd is that some of the richest among blacks promote some of the worst behavior among blacks.”

      I would say that the same is true of white people. I look around at the billionaire’s club, and I don’t see any that I would be willing to socialize with. Some of them, I have positively murderous inclinations toward them. Soros, Bloomberg, and Gates lead the list of murder candidates. Stepping down from the billionaire’s club, there might be a half dozen people in Washington that I’d like to pal around with, and none in Hollyweird.

      Reminds me of a Bible passage. There are none worthy, no not one.

      • “What’s odd is that some of the richest among blacks promote some of the worst behavior among blacks.”

        I would say that the same is true of white people. I look around at the billionaire’s club, and I don’t see any that I would be willing to socialize with. Some of them, I have positively murderous inclinations toward them. Soros, Bloomberg, and Gates lead the list of murder candidates.

        I see where it’s very tangentially similar, but it’s tenuous at best. I don’t see Gates, Soros, Buffett, Bezos, etc. advocating running from the police and shooting people because they get angry. They just advocate for those people being let go without bond because bond money is racist. So is going to sleep early and going to work early. I didn’t believe it until I read it in Time and Newsweek and other major media. Who knew my entire life was based on racism because I was expected to get to sleep early enough to get to class or work the next day?

      • Have you ever had a conversation with any of those people you have murderous intent for?
        I’ve had conversations with Gates a few times, mostly about energy projects. If I was to judge him on my own personal interactions with him, I’d have a fairly positive opinion. And why would I take what the media tells me about anyone more than my own actual experience?

        • I have a very, very, very low opinion about Gates. He is dishonest, manipulative, greedy, a liar, false to his best friends, pretty much anything bad you can think about him applies. But he has never encouraged others to violate the law, which many wealthy black artists do. That’s one difference.

        • Was Gates trying to figure out how to make oil more affordable or was he discussing strategies to continue waging his war against poor people? I’ll try to catch up with him at the next local meet and greet to get a firsthand impression of how terrible he is.

        • Danny, no, we were discussing small nuclear and micro nuclear reactors as well as chemical catalyst pyrolysis and it’s role in reducing ocean plastics.
          But my greater point is, I don’t believe the media. I don’t believe it when I agree with it and I don’t believe it when I disagree with it. I certainly don’t believe it when it tells me who to hate.

        • @jwtaylor. People loved Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy too. I don’t much care what you think about Bill Gates. You ever been to Epstein Island? Apparently you’d get along famously there.

    • As much as I hate to say it, a few liberal arts courses can help you to get centered in our society. We all need to realize that everything is not just black or white, there are a lot of different colors and shades out there.
      These courses(a few) are needed for many, otherwise we produce robots in our factory schools, and they can not think for themselves or “out of the box”.

      • STEM programs teach you how to solve problems. Modern liberal arts programs often teach you how to complain about problems. How do these different backgrounds translate in the real world? Look around for the answer.

      • @rt66paul All STEM degrees have plenty of soft classes like “Sociology”. English, also (many English classes focus on interpreting writing that is inconclusive, vague on purpose. Most of it is horrifying, dealing with subjects such as suicide, murder, self-sacrifice (including death). If you like arguing with your profs, you should definitely sign up for this. I did. I told my profs they were full of shit, and they didn’t grade me down for this! I backed it up with facts, though. Michigan State University. Your own university may differ.

        • I took English electives to broaden my outlook (The Dubliners, anyone?) while getting two STEM degrees. No arguing with the professors…was in the south where gentile respect was the norm. 🙂

        • If you like arguing with your profs, you should definitely sign up for this. I did. I told my profs they were full of shit, and they didn’t grade me down for this!

          An interesting way to date yourself.

        • @Jawjuh and @strych9 Profs I talked with were usually happy when their students disagreed with them and engaged in discussion. But I acknowledge that some schools may not be like this, also that things may be different these days.

      • “Racial capital” isn’t teaching people to think outside the box. It’s BUILDING OUR COFFINS.

    • Someone soon will figure out how to name a course “Racial Physics.” Not sure how, but they’ll find a way.

      • It’s already here, more or less. Science degrees are racially insensitive, yet blacks claim that science is discriminatory. They have to learn math, they have to study (which is supposedly hard in a black household because they aren’t quiet like a white household), math answers should not be driven by facts or truth but by effort, getting up early for school is racist according to Time and Newsweek, homework is racist because whites have a peaceful home environment to do it with loving parents who will help if needed but blacks have a chaotic environment with parents who know less than their child so schools shouldn’t have homework, I can go on. And on.

        As Scott Adams says, blacks have to solve their own problems because they won’t listen to the White people’s answers. Stay in school, stay off drugs, don’t get pregnant out of wedlock, build up a talent stack to make you versatile, and a number of other obvious, “common sense” things.

        I know, this is all obvious! I did all of this 50 years ago (I just turned 67). When I was 16 I was designing my own pirate radio station. Actually I had already designed it and was gathering the parts to build it. What do 16 year old kids do today? The equivalent of playing Pac-Man? Sad.

        • Lol…yep
          I was building the equipment that put pacman in the tv screen and transferring computer programs over the phone with using modems. I learned to solder before making it into high school. But that was a time when Radio Shack was a place to spend money. One time, I even built a wired remote buzzer for a teacher just because of the cool way she taught class.

          But truthfully, i’m not convinced that the versatility your talking about is what employers are interested in. It does make for a more well rounded human.

      • “Someone soon will figure out how to name a course “Racial Physics.””

        Danny is right, it’s already here at institutions like NY Cornell, home base of the late Carl Sagan :

        “Down a Black Hole – Even the hard sciences are no longer immune to the ongoing racial hysteria.”

        “That is a lacuna that an astronomy course at Cornell University aims to prevent. “Black Holes: Race and the Cosmos” asks the question, “Is there a connection between the cosmos and the idea of racial blackness?””


        Medical schools are corrupting medicine with all kinds of crap –

        “Supposedly neutral institutions meant to determine a school’s quality are turning into ideological enforcers.”


        • That city-journal article “Down a Black Hole – Even the hard sciences are no longer immune to the ongoing racial hysteria” is both hilarious and sad at the same time.

    • “Racial hygiene”

      The leftists want to introduce race into all subjects. But if you Google “racial hygiene”, you will find something that the s0cialist pr0gressives don’t want to talk about in Race.

      Because you’ll find names like Margaret Sanger popping up. And words like “eugenics.”

    • When you destroy K-12, you limit options in college.

      If you do that while also requiring an asinine number of positions for adult work to require a degree, you’re going to get distortions in the system because it’s responding rationally to irrational incentives.

      No different, really, than bad neighborhoods. Rational actors within an irrational system look crazy to those who can’t see the incentive structure. The delta between the two is nearly infinitely exploitable on the political level too.

      One of the issues here is that Conservatives really do not understand the systems they’re looking at, don’t actually care to learn about them and get really salty if you point this out.

      For example, there’s no limit to the number of Conservatives who say “Good luck with that intersectional feminism degree”.

      Guess what? It’s any easy degree to get and it’s also an easy degree to get a MA in. And once you have an MA in something like this becoming a college administrator with a six figure starting salary at 26 years old is actually pretty damn easy to do.

      Which is exactly how you get a woman who’s 27 controlling the CoV-2 policy of a billion dollar institution and ordering around PhD virologists, cell biologists and molecular biologists because she saw some shit on CNN. Their professional opinions, at a world class institution with multiple Nobel Prizes in the sciences, including prizes in the subject at hand, mean fuck all. She’s half their age, making more money that tenured profs and she’s in fuckin’ charge because she’s a high level administrator.

      You think they’re stupid. They’re not. They’re responding to an incentive structure you don’t see. And the reality is that someone with a BA in Gender Studies is more likely to go to grad school and get a six figure job with real cultural power right out the gate than someone with a BS in chemistry these days.

      But Conservatives are content to tilt at windmills while screaming about dragons or just sit and complain on the web. Do something? Conservatives don’t do that, at least, they haven’t in my lifetime.

      • @strych9 Well, that’s a depressing post! Haha…but you are right. And I think you’re right about Conservatives. Most just want to be left alone. We’ll work hard, and when we have problems, like everyone does, we’ll work through them and move on. We have a job to do and kids to raise, we don’t have much time for protesting. Unless you mess with our kids, and you see what that caused. Parents were labeled terrorists.

        • If you want to fix a problem you have to admit that it exists.

          The Conservative position on life is fine, so long as you don’t mind eventually being taken over by Commies and executed or enslaved.

          Talk of children in this context has long been nothing but pabulum. You can’t let the enemy determine the future and claim you care about your offspring. You can’t bankrupt your nation, demand “mUh SoCiAl SeCurItIz!” well beyond what was paid in and claim to care about the future either.

          The list of things that fall into this vein is extremely long and Conservatives faceplant on nearly all of it.

  4. Malachi is either an indoctrinated fool or a propagandist. Or maybe he’s just an-up-and coming race hustler. It can be a lucrative career. Here we have article #500 blaming gun purchases by black people on white on black violence.

    “As a black person living in the South, I believe that that fear is an encouragement for me. To state it simply, I fear racially and discriminatorily motivated violence.”

    Fool or propagandist? His fear has no grounding in reality.

    “When I took Racial Capitalism…”
    He’s wasting his life with BS studies like Racial Capitalism? That explains a lot. Discriminatorily motivated violence?? He should have spent more time studying English and writing. How much money did he “borrow” to study that? He probably expects me to pay for it. I already have to work overtime to keep up with Bidinflation. I have to work weekends to pay for lil’ d’s health care subsidies.

    • Well, Dude, my quite black wife has two grown sons and we live in Georgia. She experienced first-hand racism in NYC before she moved south for her son’s safety. Even now, even though Atlanta is very much a black city, she has expressed concern about racism, especially for her sons, especially by the LEOs. It’s obviously very much on her mind and justifiably so. Her sons have been pulled over for no apparent reason driving around ATL (which has a considerable amount of crime, mostly black on black, especially at clubs after midnight.)
      As far as Woodard’s concern about being black in the south, he’s safer here than in NYC!

      • Jawjuh,
        Here’s the difference. When a black cop pulls a white person over for no reason, the white person thinks it was a bad cop. When a white cop pulls a black person over for no reason, the black person screams racial discrimination. Your wife and sons will never be free until they free their mind. Lose the victim mentality. As a father, you should teach them that if you want them to succeed.

        Oh, and if the ATL police are racist, then blame black people and Democrats. White people are a minority in the police force there. If there’s racism present, then why don’t you blame the people in charge of Atlanta? When was the last time Atlanta had a white mayor? Answer: 1974. When was the last time Atlanta had a mayor that wasn’t a Democrat? 1872!! Yes, really. But, but white people bad.

        “As far as Woodard’s concern about being black in the south, he’s safer here than in NYC!”

        It’s funny how that prejudice (anti-southern) is not only allowed, but encouraged. It’s almost like Democrats encourage all kinds of discrimination as long as it helps them stay in power.

        • 90% of Blacks won’t vote for Republicans. H.L. Mencken wrote “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.”

        • “…as long as it helps them stay in power.”

          That’s a key point right there. For both sides of the political aisle. Too many politicians, bureaucrats, NGOs, etc. do not really solve problems. Back in my remodeling contractor days, I learned pretty quickly that the best way to stay busy (get more business from satisfied customers, and gain new customers) was to have the attitude of working myself out of a job. Solve someone’s problem, doing it well and efficiently at a reasonable cost, and you’ll be the first they call if another problem crops up. Good folks remember and reward good work.

          Blow a bunch of smoke, to make folks think that things are happening, and you’re just perpetuating your job at their expense. Shame that it takes so long for folks to catch on to the racket that is right in front of them.

        • My wife was only ever pulled over for driving when black when she lived in NYC, never in GA for over 20 years. I’ve no opinion on Atlanta’s cops other than they are busy since the Democratic mayor(s) bought into the defund idiocy.
          She had a family member killed on the streets of NYC so, yeah, she has a heightened awareness of crime.
          The only cops to ever pull me over were white, and the last two were anuses.

      • You need to pull up the demographic statistics on the Atlanta police department. it isn’t lilly white.

      • I’m white and even I wouldn’t do what you say your wife’s sons do. (Not sure why you think your sons aren’t your sons, but whatever). I never hung around clubs after midnight 45 years ago! A) because I’m not stupid, and B) because I was at home sleeping with my girlfriend. Or when I became 24 years old, my wife. Do your sons have any concept of what a wife is?

        Where I live in relative calm in central Michigan authorities continually close down black clubs because they have shootings at them. White clubs (whatever they are) not so much. As Scott Adams says, white people can’t tell you how to solve your problems. (Actually we can, but you won’t listen).

        • My stepsons are smart, well-educated (IT and lab worker) and stay out of clubs. My wife moved out of NYC for their safety and kept them busy with after-school activities.
          As for clubs in ATL, danger, danger Will Robinson.

    • So, there is no racially based violence in the USA? My black family members might have a different opinion.

      • Do you take measures to protect yourself from lightning strikes on a daily basis? Do you understand that people are struck by lightning? Your black family is much more likely to be the victim of violence perpetrated by black people. Of course you know this “Queen” aka troll, aka Democrat spreading the message.

      • Black on Black crime is much higher per capita than any other race on Blacks. I see it because it dominates the news everyday. Including Liberal News. Try cleaning up your own ‘House’ before you blame others. For the violence that is destroying your people.

      • Oh, there most definitely is racially-based violence. It’s overwhelmingly black-on-white and black-on-asian according to all the crime data.

        • Exactly. This whiny victimhood garbage is BLM, Bullshit Lying Marxism.
          Vast majority of Negroid people in the US are best termed as BlaKKK.
          Transparently hooded racists addicted to welfare and unwilling to recognize much less fix their cultural cancer.
          Read the crime statistics. Facts are irrefutable.

    • You must do your part. I know of someone with a PhD who gets food stamps (or whatever it’s called now, maybe SNAP). She’s employed by an Illinois University developing school curriculum for the USA. But because of the way we have structured our welfare programs, almost anyone can qualify for food stamps. She has a live-in boyfriend who does little but smoke dope. Even back in the 1970’s it was that way. It came to light that one of our foreman in Inland Steel was on food stamps. They got paid well! He was told either get off them or you will be fired.

      I don’t know how all of this government fraud works since I’ve always been honest.

      • One of my employees was on some government assistance. I went over to his house and they had big screen televisions and a nice, new computer. This was back when big screens and computers were expensive and somewhat rare. I was shocked.

        There used to be a time when people had pride. They only wanted what they earned. Now the mentality is to get as much as you can while others are paying for it. That’s partially because there are so many government welfare programs now.

        • Dude,
          Any government $ needs to come with some ‘strings.’

          IE: You get a government welfare check, you must submit to reversible semi-permanent birth control. And not ‘after the fact’ abortions, either.


          This will NEVER happen, as LBJ so eloquently pointed out.

          Welfare was supposed to be a ‘safety net,’ not a way of life.

        • They were married. They were both college students. They came from typical middle class backgrounds. They’re probably working professionals now. They used welfare programs so they could afford to buy luxury items. I find that behavior disgusting. I too was a poor college student living on my own at one time. I made enough money to pay for college as I went, make rent, etc. as well as make payments on a new truck, and take my girlfriend out on the weekends.

          Not only did I work a regular job while I was a full time student, but I also mowed lawns on the side. My apartment had a storage closet where I could fit everything except the riding mower which was at someone’s house. If I could do that, then anyone could do it. People don’t want to work hard. They want handouts.

          Yes, generational welfare is a problem. However, the bigger problem is the issue of morality and ethics. A moral and ethical person doesn’t want to take from someone so they can have luxury items, or so they don’t have to work, or work as hard.

        • Dude,
          I also worked when attending Tech school. It NEVER crossed my mind to apply for ANY kind of assistance, although I’m sure I could have qualified. Left over pizzas at the end of the evening, plus one ‘free’ meal while on shift (used to deliver pizzas,) supplemented the food budget quite a bit.

          So, yes, it is a moral issue. Our founders warned us that the Constitution and Bill of Rights were for a moral people and wholly inadequate for any other. (To mangle the quote somewhat.)

      • If you have a guy who is a commited catholic who has 12-14 kids by one wife(and she is disabled and can not work outside of the home), you have someone who is eligible for food stamps(ebt?), even if he is a foreman. It is a shame that one income can’t pay for a family.
        With seperation between church and state, the state has taken over care for the poor in the US.
        Now, I would stop having kids after 3 or 4, but that is me. The Catholic church says it is a sin to alter a working model into a sporting model, so who is to say that he isn’t following the church?

        • The exception vs the rule. The best thing the government could do to help families like your hypothetical situation is to do their best to keep inflation low. But they refuse to do that. They actively do the opposite because it helps themselves and their cronies. Then they entice those families with welfare programs which…wait for it…also helps those people stay in power!

        • If? No need to make up hypotheticals. He didn’t have 14 kids. He wasn’t even religious (hence his preference to scam the government). Inland was loathe to fire him, though, because a) he didn’t do anything on the job worthy of it, and b) he was from a protected class. I’m pretty sure he could have told them to pound sand. But if they were motivated they could have ratted him out.

      • I hear you Danny. I always joke with people that i wish I could learn the system well enough to live life with no job like i see others do

    • To be fair, he didn’t state that the fear was rational or irrational. He simply said it exists for him.

      I think this is more self-reflective and on the edge of politically edgy, not propaganda.

      Propaganda would talk about how the fear was realistic due to [insert reasons] and widespread because of [insert examples of prejudice].

      If you want hardcore propaganda, look at the BlackTrans movement. They’ll basically tell you that they get murdered on the daily and they’re not exactly subtle in suggesting that it’s due exclusively to cis, white people and their heteronormative patriarchy.

      • As soon as I heard that black “tranz” were being picked off due to being “black tranz” I figured it was BS. It took about 15 min of research to confirm it was more BS of the highest order.

        After all of the blatant media lies in the past seven years, people should immediately be skeptical of any news that helps their narratives/power structure.

  5. Another opinion article where the Gun winds up being the center of attention. That’s expected coming from the mind of an inexperienced dorm room guy trying to examine the, “Gun.” Zip, nada, nothing about examining the Criminal Misuse of bricks, bats, knives, fists, feet, vehicles, etc. or was there any Historical analysis of Gun Control and its baggage. If a person criminally misuses a knife they will criminally misuse a firearm and vice versa…Next time plow the field and not the backyard.

  6. Being an undergrad doesn’t mean anything to anything. This is an apples to oranges comparison making it just a silly sorta way of thinking. People of all ages and educational backgrounds are just as susceptible to coercion, intimidation, and fear. That’s what the Democrat left sells. The young are more likely to see Washington bureaucrats as people that know and understand what needs to be done as this countries elders with access to information the rest of us don’t. The truth is that most of them are just arrogant blow-hards with superiority complexes. The average law maker is just as dumb as a box of rocks. It’s unfortunate that those at the highest levels have the ability to start wars. But it’s no different for any other country on Earth.

    Half the country will blindly believe Pelosi when she says something. While they mistrust Trump when he speaks. EVEN IF they say the exact same thing.

    This is why it is so very important that this nations elders be of a sober mind able to give with clarity some sense of responsibility and maturity to every succeeding generation. We have been failing at this since the 60’s for various reasons. This cannot be done with the parents on illegal drugs or in broken homes.

  7. This kid is simply regurgitating the trash he has been spoon fed by the leftist professors who have taken control of all but a tiny minority of college faculties. If he continues a long-term association with the shooting community we will help him see through the lies he has been told.

  8. When I first moved to Pennsylvania, I would occasionally encounter an elderly Dutchman who had a prejudice against “all the Puerto Ricans moving in from New York”. I would let them grumble for a while and them tell them I was confused because my family is Puerto Rican and we don’t act like that. (I am as white as Wonderbread while my sister is so dark she looks black when she gets a tan. Same parents).

    Those old Dutchmen did a little Dutch dance and explained it was not about being Puerto Rican but about how some Puerto Ricans behave. I just smiled and assured them that the most Puerto Ricans just want to raise their families, earn a living, and get along.

    It wasn’t really racism…it was the inability to adapt and fear of what they did not understand.

    We all got along famously.

  9. Once again, censored for a simple story that will offend no one except maybe an ancient Dutchman living in the Lehigh Valley.

    Dan and team, are you considering a less woke, less s0shallist, more centric moderation engine?

    • I get moderated for the most inane posts. I doubt TTAG will change anything of consequence. This brown fellow writing this as a whiny dude ain’t he?!? Black folks run where I live. Quite poorly at that. Plus Dims & the Joooz🙄😕

      • The moderation is part random lottery system im pretty certain, so sometimes it doesn’t matter what you post, it will be moderated

  10. Every black man and woman should be armed. If we hadn’t already emptied all the armories of surplus light weapons and gave them to the thugs in Ukraine we could have given them all to the black people in the USA in lieu of any “reparations” they keep talking about. Id be all for putting a few million select-fire M16’s and M-4’s into the hands of American citizens no matter what their skin color is. If nothing else it would cement them into the category of “in common use” for sure.

  11. maybe it would help if racism was explored in the context of who is creating it for their personal profit…for example, these …

    here comes BLM again …. BLM tries to get the gravy train flowing again in Los Angeles > https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/blm-tries-to-get-the-gravy-train-flowing-again-in-los-angeles/ar-AA1h4lDy?cvid=03bce3b48f704e219bc945d0719cd0ff&ei=53

    “After a seemingly years-long hiatus of indulging in the mansions, luxuries, and millions of dollars in wealth they obtained by exploiting the ‘white guilt’ of many liberals, Black Lives Matter resurfaced this week in Los Angeles in a desperate attempt to regain relevance and once again restart deposits to its bank accounts.

    The financially exploitative group disrupted a meeting of the Los Angeles Police Department Board of Police Commissioners earlier this week to demand the removal of Michel Moore, chief of the Los Angeles Police Department.

    The basis for the group’s latest phony fundraising scheme? BLM claimed that Moore didn’t protect black people in Los Angeles and failed to demonstrate leadership, the Washington Examiner reported.

    ‘We are here because our community continues to be abused,’ Stephen ‘Cue’ Jn-Marie of the Row Church said. ‘We have family, after family, after family — we’ve been coming to this commission since 2015, and some of us even before that.’

    ‘We’re here today to call on Michel Moore’s removal,’ said Melina Abdullah, a BLM organizer and current professor at California State University Los Angeles. ‘We’re here today because the stolen lives have to stop. The killing of black people and killing of Angelenos at the hands of police has to stop. We’re now saying we can’t let another day go by, another life be stolen, without rising up as a city and saying Moore must go. No more Moore.’

    These are the same kind of hollow accusations the group used to promote deceitful lies such as ‘Hands up, don’t shoot.’ BLM’s actions at this week’s LAPD meeting are nothing more than a money-making scheme. The group must need a new revenue stream because its bank accounts are probably drying up — a point made by the board of directors of the Los Angeles Police Protective League.

    ‘With all the published financial and nepotism accusations swirling around the BLM leadership, we suggest they get their own house in order and focus on actually accomplishing something, anything, that will make LA safer,’ a statement from the LAPPL read.

    Meanwhile, innocent black people in the city are being terrorized by criminals who are black, yet the group has said or done nothing about that. Recent statistics show that black people make up 8% of the population in Los Angeles. Yet, they account for 24% of violent crime victims and 39% of homicide victims, according to ABC 7. Furthermore, black people are the reported offenders in 41% of violent crimes, 39% of homicides and 50% of robberies.

    The data showed that black people disproportionately commit violent crimes at shocking rates, but BLM has yet to acknowledge this. Why? Because the organization cannot rake in millions of dollars fundraising by acknowledging these facts. White-guilt liberals who repeatedly profess their concern about the welfare of black Americans keep their wallets and purses shut when black people are the victims of black criminals.

    BLM’s actions surely are dictated by profit, not principle, as evidenced by their repeated misuse of funds and mansion shopping spree. The group’s banal demands do nothing to help black lives or show that black lives matter.



    America’s top racism guru under investigation.

    • I’ve always believed that black person who’s supported gun control was, in fact a black race traitor.

      And yes, that includes Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama, anyone who suports giun control. And I don’t care about their status in society. They are all traitors to black people.
      Their Allegiance is actually to the white socialist progressive establishment.

      And it is also irrational and illogical thinking. Coming from some person who says that white people are evil and dangerous. But yet the same black person believes that blacks should not have guns???

  12. ‘When I took Racial Capitalism, I focused my final paper on how the media’s depictions of Black people can affect real-world attitudes and actions toward people who identify/present as such.’

    Get out of the universities while you’ve still have a shred of intelligence left. You’d do more to increase your knowledge and skills smoking weed and watching SpongeBob 8 hours a day for 4 years.

  13. Dan,
    You wrote a good article here.

    Here in Canada, north of the 49th on the prairies in my city it now appears the problem is now teenagers with machetes in small gangs doing random attacks on citizens and this can happen 24/7. Teenagers are also packing firearms and using them.

    The legal system here appears to be doing nothing about it other than catch and release. I really wish the judges and prosecuting attorneys were elected as they are in the USA then maybe they would be accountable to the citizens in the area they work instead of the out of touch leftist who occupies the Prime Minister’s office. This idiot wants to confiscate firearms from sport shooters as a solution – he actually banned a Ruger #1 as an assault rifle – nobody could make this up.

    The kiddies get to have a free run with lethal force yet if i, a senior, defend myself i will quite possibly be the one in jail or at the least financially ruined defending myself.

    Something is very wrong with this picture. i am glad you are in a part of the world where self defense is acceptable.

    • DW,
      I’m not surprised at the problems in the larger Canadian cities, but I’m heartened to hear the PMs of Alberta and a number of the other provinces telling Truedumb to stick it sideways as far as the gun control stuff he is pushing.

      I’d say your problem is more of a citified issue, as the wheat farmers that my dad knew in Alberta, (he went up goose hunting every year,) were the types to ‘shoot, shovel, and shut up’ if roving gangs of machete wielding idiots showed up on their properties..

      • Ralph Klein, former premier of Alberta mentioned the “3 S” more than once. In the last year or so there have been several home defence shootings where the home owner has not been charged so slowly maybe things are changing……gets down to the local police and prosecutors.

  14. @Dude

    My story is very similar to yours. I paid my own way through university (Purdue, then Michigan State because I moved). I had zero handouts, zero loans. I worked. I never lived at home with my parents after I enrolled at Purdue at 17 years of age. Of course, this was easy because I was smart and could conjugate verbs.

    • MSU’s tuition is doable with a side job… if you’re in-state and you’ve got nice chesticles, a 6/10 or better face and can chat up Boomers while you sling drinks. Or can sling substances and not get caught. Of course, that won’t cover room/board or anything else.

      Other than that it’s gonna take support, loans or year on/year off to work if you’re actually seriously pursuing a hard degree program that’s not a second degree.

      Freshies and Sophomores ain’t getting bills totaling less than $26K/year and that’s before they buy ACA compliant insurance (if needed) for another $2300/year or their first book.

      Glancing at the averages reported by students, upperclassmen can save a few grand, averaging around $23K/year.

      • That brings up the issue of tuition rising much faster than inflation. They’ve mostly been able to hide that by approving everyone for student loans. Remove the government backed student loans from the equation, and suddenly universities will be forced to stop extravagantly spending on themselves and hoarding resources. It’s yet another government scam and failure for the lower to middle class. Democrats only care about enriching the elite.

        Now they’re trying to hide the failure of incentivizing students to take out loans by asking me to pay for it. It’s amazing how brazen they are, and how stupid or immoral their voters are.

        • The cost of education outpacing inflation has been notable since the 1960’s.

          Back then and in the 1950’s you could attribute a lot of it to Project Blue Sky, which honestly wasn’t a terrible idea. We copied it from the Germans after we found out how they ended up with so many good scientists due to Operation Paperclip.

          The cancellation of Blue Sky didn’t change the loan programs and, honestly, created a bunch of other side hustles for universities. Since the late 1970’s the program has gotten progressively more predatory.

          The root of it is that loans for a new year are defined as inflation+x% (2% IIRC). No institution isn’t going to raise tuition to meet the new rate, that would be leaving money on the table.

          The former President of OSU (Ohio, not Oklahoma) gave a pretty long interview about this from an administrator’s point of view back around 2011.

        • @strych9 I’m not familiar with Operation Blue Sky, but America’s university system is nothing like Germany’s university system. They don’t let just anyone in, we do. That alone weeds out the underachievers. Second, their universities don’t have all the amenities that a typical US university does, like coed this and that, gyms, shooting centers (yes, even Michigan State University has an indoor firearms range), concerts, etc. It is all about school, not extra frills. Third, Germany doesn’t include housing like we do, and we do it up big. Fourth, Germany doesn’t spend on sports like the US does. There are a few other differences, but you get the point. Comparing the US university system with Germany or any other European country is an apples-to-oranges comparison for the most part. But yeah, if the US government is going to give student loans at an ever increasing amount every year, universities will raise their rates to meet it and then justify the increases.

        • @Danny:

          Allow me to enlighten you as to how you just managed to punch out a paragraph of meaninglessness because, as you said, you don’t know what’s being discussed.

          Project Blue Sky was developed as a way to accelerate US tech development immediately after WWII based on what we learned from German scientists that we got ahold of via Operation Paperclip. It is, essentially, a method of panning for intellectual gold in the population.

          Shortening a 100 year story quite a bit:

          The German system, pre-war, was designed around the concept of improving on the Austrian school system, itself coming from the early 1800’s Prussian system, which was designed to produce soldiers. (There was a similar movement in the US, see Horace Mann, who in the mid-1800’s advocated for professionalized teaching utilizing the same basic techniques, lectures and such, as European university systems. This wasn’t meant to produce soldiers either, nor factory workers because major factories of that type didn’t really exist pre-Civil War.)

          The German’s reckoned that the Austrian tweaks went in the right direction but not far enough. They thought that they could modify this to produce scientists and other highly educated people by using the system to detect and cultivate intellectual talent. Mostly they desired engineers and well trained professionals to run their various industrial and government systems, sorta borrowing from the Brits in a certain regard.

          While probably not specifically in their mind, the idea of having someone like Einstein spend seven years in a patent office because the Swiss didn’t want him teaching or anywhere near a university, well, that’s a waste of talent. His bosses didn’t even think him worthy of a promotion, actually.

          The general German concept being the use of “Normal School” to train teachers to a set standard, teachers who then worked in a public education system designed to be utilized by all children (or as many as possible) specifically for the purpose of discovering the smart kids and giving them opportunity, including assistance with higher education where applicable, which was considered a wider scale than most people today would probably think. Other talents were recognized an exploited as well via what we’d call “technical schools”.

          The system worked well. It gave the Germans quite the edge in engineering as evidenced in everything from the V1 and V2 rockets to the ME-262 or Me-163 to the Panther tank, MG42 or the STG44 among a host of other things. The system produced everything required, personnel wise, for a society capable of mass producing a plethora of finely engineered objects.

          In the US, until the end of the war, the public school system was designed mostly to produce factory workers, not soldiers or educated adults. Huge numbers of people never attended high school though, because it wasn’t available to them even in 1940. The university system was out of reach for all but the well to do because the universities ran on a combination of private tuition and state-level grant funding and many people, again, didn’t qualify since they didn’t even attend high school. (Ed Bernays talks about this in his book Propaganda in the chapter on education which is all about how to convince the public to fund education.)

          Project Blue Sky, an umbrella term/operation, was a three pronged attempt to replicate the German successes in science and technology and even improve on it.

          First, by funding public education K through post graduate in a manner that would allow anyone with the talent to rise to the top. Smart kids from poor families could attend a top university, on merit and legions of less adept people could become technically proficient as support staff with the bachelor’s system. This is also what created a demand polytechnics, technical schools. They’d been around since the late 1800’s but mostly focused on mining.

          Many of technical schools you see today are because of this program. They exploded in use after 1945. This is why.

          Second, the project also took people who showed promise in science at the PhD level and threw grant money at them with no strings. “Fuck around and find something cool” money.

          This was spent in chemistry, engineering, math and physics with a large emphasis on the latter two. This is where the name really comes from, Blue Sky Research being that kind of research that doesn’t have an immediately apparent goal but is done for the sake of curiosity.

          The project was, quite clearly a success in this regard. For example, went from knowing basically nothing about rocketry in 1946 to the moon landing in 1969, 23 years. Yeah, the Germans helped with that in the late 1940’s but we did most of it on our own. This birthed numerous scientific instruments we take for granted today and was also instrumental in figuring out the structure of DNA and creating what we’d call “molecular biology” today. Whole new areas of study were opened up.

          Third, the program also interfaced with the private sector, particularly on the theoretical math, physics and engineering fronts, often for defense purposes. Many of the weapon’s systems that made the US a superpower came from this interface. Huge leaps were made in radar, for example. Or consider the jumps made in aircraft tech between, say, 1940 and 1958.

          The SR-71 also owes a lot to this sort of research feeding into that program. In 1945 we had not yet deployed the P/F-80, our first jet which will have a top speed of 577mph, still behind the Germans who were over 650mph with the ME-163. The SR-71 goes operational in 1966 with a top speed of Mach 3.2, nearly 2400mph. Skunk Works was benefiting from this program, obviously, from the P-38 to the SR-71 in 27 years.

          Blue Sky was canceled in the late 1970’s (’78, IIRC) for no apparent reason, which produces some odd questions as to why. Those are most apparent in the theoretical math and physics worlds but that’s a whole other rabbit hole.

          However, proving that the most permanent thing in the universe is a temporary government program, the student loans portion of the program was left in place under the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and, within a few years, the Department of Education is created and takes over.

          The loans aspect of the original program has continued and changed over the intervening decades in ways that make no sense, mostly because it was severed from its original purpose. One of the major changes being the way money is dispersed. Universities are given a massive block grant, which they dole out to themselves based on student loan applications of people attending the university.

          The program itself has also ballooned over the decades, particularly after Nixon closed the gold window in 1971, which has allowed Congress to spend trillions, probably several hundred trillion, that we don’t have. This injudicious use of national credit has created massive inflation over the decades, which the program remains pegged to outrun.

          Overall, keeping a financial system meant to funnel people into college/tech school as a method of improving the scientific capacity of the country, yet fucking up K-12 and tweaking the loans program to create what amounts to a kickback system for universities has created enormous distortions in the education market post-high school.

          This is one of the major reasons why you see Universities act the way they do. If the money’s there and the schools are all the same, why not go to the one with the rooftop pool?

      • My other comment is awaiting moderation. I posted from the phone so I can’t easily edit it and find the trigger.

        Long story short government policy has made tuition too expensive. They hide that intentional failure by approving loans. They’re trying to hide that failure by forgiving those loans.

      • There are ways to get a degree cheaper. For example, go to a community college for the first two years, then transfer to a state university. There are ways to get a degree without loans, too, but it requires sacrifice. I worked full time (often 48-56 hours a week) and only went to school half time. Sure, it took me longer to get through school, and I went year-round (summer included) to mitigate that somewhat, but I was able to graduate without loans. But if one wants to do a degree in four years working only part-time, yeah, you’ll probably need help your junior and senior years.

        • I’m not going to get into a long discussion of how this system bears very little resemblance to the one you went through.

          I’ll simply say that what really needs to happen is that K-12 needs to be burnt to the ground and rebuilt while the university system needs a gut-and-remodel approach that removes 80%+ of the administrators, who now on average outnumber faculty 6:1.

          This is why colleges mostly hire “Instructors” who are not, and cannot ever be, tenure track. They pay these poor fucks like $28-$32K/year on average and discard them like trash after a few reappointments because at that point the Instructor could apply for an Assistant Professorship and enter the tenure track which requires an actual salary worth having.

          Cutting the teaching faculty to the bone is how they afford to hire admins by the boatload and give them six figure salaries, which at this point is mostly a form of nepotism because they only hire likeminded admins who will support what the nutjobs already in place believe.

        • @strych9 you should write a white paper (or grey paper) on this school situation. I, for one, would be eager to read it. You could get it published easily, although you probably wouldn’t get paid much if anything for it. But if you’re passionate enough, you may be willing to though.

          I’ve published a number of articles nationally. Sometimes it’s simply cathartic. 🙂

        • I could publish a paper but I’m not going to.

          As I said to Geoff several years back: You guys think small. You want to beat the totalitarian Left in elections and shit, but mostly you don’t want to do actual work. I don’t want to beat the Lefties. I want to bury them for decades to come.

          Writing papers doesn’t do that because, truth be told, the vast majority of Conservatives don’t read. They “TLDR” as a virtue signal and then complain about something online in stock bumpersticker sloganeering for virtue signal points.

          And if they do bother to read and if I tell them 1% of the actual truth then they scream that I’m a “Leftist” or “drunk”. It even happens here.

          The ones that do read are people like Bill Kristol, hardly friends of freedom and best treated like mushrooms.

          But the sorting algo is coming and those it sorts out won’t flinch from the whole truth, they’ll demand it more strongly than anything else. And at that point, there won’t be a need for papers, bullet points will do just fine.

          Until then, the best I can do is try to help a few other people gather the tools to get through that algo. But, they have to want it before I ever bring it up, otherwise it’s a waste of time.

  15. ‘As a black person living in the South, I believe that that fear is an encouragement for me. To state it simply, I fear racially and discriminatory motivated violence.”
    I totally agree with him – except I’m white. With the advent of the Obama presidency my wife and I have been accosted by black people and called whitey, honky, cracker, and several things I won’t repeat. I think the “Racist” has flipped 180 degrees. I never had anything against somebody based on the color of their skin, however, I now totally avoid anyplace where I am likely to be in the minority. I’m not scared – I just don’t want to shoot anyone ust because their an idiot.

  16. I’m in a Canadian prairie province and since coming to this particular province (mid 1990s) i have lost count of how many times i have been called a “f@cking white man” to my face by a first nations individual. I used to find their culture and history quite interesting. Infact way back in my post secondary days i would have liked to take an elective in it to learn more. Now no interest at all. Unfortunate.

  17. Quote:
    As a black person living in the South, I believe that that fear is an encouragement for me. To state it simply, I fear racially and discriminatorily motivated violence.

    This undetgrad is a mind controlled rayciss fool.
    He infers a greater risk of crime in the South (false sterotype) from white/non-blakx, when he should fear his own color many times more so.
    Blakk subculture is pathological criminal disease.
    White people have a statistically reason to consider all blakz a risk of violence.
    This is reality and justifiable, not unfounded hatred.
    The black male on white female rape statistics are so bad OBAMA made the FBI stop publicizing.
    Balk culture is CANCER.
    Watch Thomas Sowell videos.

  18. It has always interested to me to see the first amendment crowd. The Supporters rally around violent gangster rap music.

    But they never rallied around to support adolf hitler’s Mein Kampf, to be published and read into the school curriculum in the united states.

    It always seemed to me that certain kinds of implied violence were okay. While other kinds of implied violence were not.
    Unfortunately, when the christians warned about gangster music violence and videos, they were told to sit down and be quiet.
    It’s interesting to see how anything that is considered to be. Even a hint of pro n@zi is considered something to be put away, never to be seen by the public.

    And when the Christians said a father is necessary in the home. They were also told to sit down and be quiet.
    The atheists seem to love promoting violent gangster, rap, music and fatherless homes. What a combination for young children.

  19. I too sit in a weird place when it comes to gunms.
    Perhaps I should have removed the bayonets.
    When you house becomes “The Gunm Room”

  20. As a white, I will never deeply understand things from blacks’ point of view. But Racial Capitalism?? Give me a break! They should just try to be the best they can, like Michael Jordan and many others.

    • As a white, I will never deeply understand things from blacks’ point of view.

      Why would you think that?

  21. I’ve lived here in Lower Alabama since ’96. And to be honest, yes there are a few idiots clinging onto their racist beliefs. But, the young Black man would do better to be concerned with other young Black men. Actual racially motivated assaults and murders are few and far between.
    However the media and pop culture talking heads, along with politicians of a certain party, have sold the narrative that Blacks are being oppressed and hunted down by white lynch mobs every day around the South.
    I hope he does keep going to the range and does interact with people there. Given a chance and a little time, he may unlearn the leftist crap he was taught in college.
    Since I was in SE Asia during the years most young men go to college, I never continued my education through formal schooling. But, I have read very widely, with selected materials from many disciplines. medicine, engineering, politics, law, history, even religious materials from several faiths. No degrees, but I do well enough for a dumb country boy.

  22. Malachi, if I read you correctly, the overarching point of your article is that you would like the freedom to be yourself just as I and many others wish to be ourselves. A Republic where the rule of law is respected instead of manipulated allows this.

    The Second Amendment exists to protect this right, including the right to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government that destroys the freedoms to be oneself like that Marxocrats are doing.

    I was a sociology major in college many years ago. I studied political systems including Marxism. It appears that the curriculum has change from studying Marxism to propagating Marxism. I have seen over my 7 decades egregious evil come from Marxism as it destroys peoples’ lives, committing mass murder, the stealing of of citizens’ livelihood by the government and other atrocities.

    Read up on the members of the Frankfort School such as Gramsci, Horkheimer, Marcuse and others. There you will see the stage set to annihilate society with nothing good coming from it, initiating slavery and the elimniation of the soul.

    Simon and Garfunkel wrote/sang a song in the 70’s with the words, “when I unlearned the crap I learned in high school.” Now unfortunately, the crap has expanded to college/university level and if one seeks to become free and allow others to be the same, the crap learned in college must be unlearned and replaced with truth. Marxism is the opposite of truth. Marxism is a delusion. It’s never worked anywhere.

  23. Seems like this was written by someone who knew that skimming it would make it seem extremely divisive.

    Monetize those clicks, baby!

  24. “As the Founding Fathers knew well, a government that does not trust its honest, law-abiding, taxpaying citizens with the means of self-defense is not itself worthy of trust. Laws disarming honest citizens proclaim that the government is the master, not the servant, of the people.

    —- Jeffrey R. Snyder, ‘A Nation of Cowards’ (on issues involving race), 1993”

  25. Going to the range and shooting the different guns made me very aware of the gun’s capacity to do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

    He should see me with a machete.

  26. Rule of thumb: If an article uses “intersections” and it’s not talking about roads or geometry, it’s going to be some primo BS.

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