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There’s a guy (yogi89) on Reddit who used his time in shop class more productively than most. Instead of building a coffee table or a chair, he decided to make a SCAR-L from wood, and he did it remarkably well.

There are more pictures here. He says he sought and received permission to build it in school (high school, no less) and we’re amazed it was granted. Anyway, it took him three months to finish and the magazine is removable.

Simply amazing.

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  1. Damn, this guy should go into business I would love one of those on my wall. Probably way more affordable than the civi SCAR-L too!

    • According to the comments it was the second thing he has ever made out of wood besides a pipe.

  2. Great woodwork. If yogi89 has dreams of creating a for profit business handcrafting wooden gun replicas then I wish him well.

  3. This sort of thing was not uncommon when I went to high school. I recall a kid who cranked out a very nice walnut G17 and went on to found a successful carpentry business.

    This was, of course, before the world went insane and video games replaced imagination.

      • I rather doubt it, considering this was in the mid-90s. The new hotness in the video game world was Doom II, and only the staunchest dweeb spent their day hiding in a basement in front of a computer.

        • My bad. I thought this thing was made recently.

          Although, now that I think about it, these days proposing a woodshop project in the shape of a rifle would require calling in the SWAT team and tasering the kid, at the very least. And then shooting his dog.

  4. This youngster should get into serious stockmaking for sporting rifles and not waste his talent on making tacti-cool knockoffs.

  5. My son made this gun around 2010 or 11…he wanted to make a sculpture for his college art portfolio. His shop teacher asked permission from the school. I don’t think this would ever be allowed now.

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