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  1. You got it right RF,everyone has the right to their opinion, but it’s hard to listen to some of these gun haters(saralooneybird and jadeloon et al) and their distortion of the facts. They need to place blame on the CRIMINALS, not the law abiding citizens who work hard just to get by. Saralooneybird thinks it’s societies fault that these poor psychos murder innocent people, instead of holding them responsible for their own actions as the Rabbi clearly stated earlier.

  2. We must be in prayer for Representative Gifford and for all the victims of this disturbed young man.

    He admits on You Tube that Mein Kampf is one of his ‘favorite books,’ and that tells us a good deal. Hitler was always a man of the Left (Nazi was simply a shortened version of the German name for the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party), and this tragic event is yet another example of how Leftist kooks are prone to use weapons not words to settle an argument.

    It appears to be a sad fact of history that the Left (statist) is prone to not only invective and vituperation, but to violence as well……

  3. You must be out of your mind, Robert. It isn’t really broken? Are you kidding me? What about the other 100 gun deaths that happened yesterday? Sure the mass killing of 6 people is not an everyday occurrence, but the rest of them are. Every day.

    I’ve heard all your rationalizations about the 100 a day. First you take out the suicides because that was their choice, then remove the accidents because they’re too few to worry about anyway. Then of course you have to remove the gang and drug related killings because they’re animals anyway so let them lose their souls.

    What’s left is a relatively small number. Divide that number by the 80 million gun owners and you can really put it in perspective.

    You made it abundantly clear in your video what a terrible, terrible incident this was. But the conclusion you’re pushing is wrong. This is not an unfortunate incident which happened in spite of the fact that it ain’t broke so let’s not fix it. This incident highlights that something is very broken and it desperately needs to be fixed. That’s not an emotional response. That’s cold and calculating.

    • Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell has a good response about background checks that I will submit here:

      o Creation of a national system that preempts the state systems currently in place. It’s easier to have one entity to watch than dozens.
      o All source code for the system is to be made public, down through the user interface, up through its interface with NCIC, and the various state and mental health systems.
      o All transactions are to be immediately anonymized. The system may keep anonymized transaction tokens so that dealer and personal records can be validated, but those records make it impossible to identify the parties in the transaction without running through the standard trace process. In short, the token uses a hash to store information about the check. Given a gun’s serial number, authorities can determine whether and when a background check happened for a given gun, and what the result was, but nothing else.
      o There will be independent auditors to ensure that the system is running on the software the government is publishing source code for. They will be required to publish a full report, along with methodology used in the audit. There has to be penalties for agencies for not complying with the requirements.
      o Everyone has access to the background check system, not just dealers. ATF is required to create a user friendly kiosk which can be placed at any gun show, police station or gun store, paid for fully by the federal government, and with no fee to use, which will allow a seller to run a check on a buyer, the system would pass or fail the transaction, and print out a receipt to be kept (but not required to be kept) by the seller and retained in his records.
      o Agency must account for any system downtime, and meet uptime requirements or face penalty. Prolonged outages, or ones due to downstream problems with NCIC, etc, just allow transactions to go through.
      o Civil penalty for failing to run the check at most. Law abiding people aren’t going to risk even minor lawbreaking, and the criminals aren’t going to be deterred by the law anyway.


      The only problem is getting the idealists out of the way.

  4. You live in a FANTASY WORLD mikie. RF is right on target and you and your gun hating loons (i.e. jadeloon and saraloonybird) need to deal with it.


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