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Welcome to M Bear’s Firearm Retail EDC 1.0 from Everyday Carry.

So, M Bear works firearm retail in Denver.  He writes:

You can fit a lot in cargo pants with a sturdy belt. The pistol is carried in a Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim holster, all held up with a Trayvax Cinch belt (not pictured)

Amen on the cargo pants and a sturdy belt.  Glad he included details on both the belt and the holster.  Because frankly, that’s a lot of gun to be stuffing in one’s pants sans a holster.

A lot of gun as in a SIG P320 with a muzzle brake, RMR sight and a weapons light all mounted.  What?  No room for a Swiss Army Knife and tactical chain saw on that gun too?

Interesting his choice in flashlight, a Strobeforce D-1000 (never heard of it).  The SOG Switchplier is also something unique.  Upon a second glance at the details of what he carries, I picked up on that tiny O-light i7R Eos Ti on his keychain.  120 lumens.  I remember spending a princely sum on a 60-lumen SureFire 6P when they first came out and acting all giddy over 60 lumens!   Mmm, nice!




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  1. That’s a lot of stuff to carry. I go lighter, and without a purse. Glove compartments are for the extras. Who wants to look like a pack horse/mule?

    • Maybe this is his winter edc carry? Cargo pants/shorts are a man’s purse. I wear Tru Spec shorts when it gets hot.

  2. Carries that concealed IWB while working in a gun shop? I wonder why?

    Seen an awful lot of gun shop workers openly carrying in the store. It’s kind of expected really.

    Would make more sense to conceal a backup gun in that scenario.

      • Even inside your place of employ with owner’s permission?

        • OK, the first thing to understand here is that Denver has Home Rule, it’s the only city in Colorado that has this little dispensation. That means the rules in Denver do not have to comport with anything the State of Colorado says or does. As such, the rules can range from a bit wonky to completely fucked and what is the law outside the City of Denver limits is not the law within the city.

          So far as I know, you can legally OC within private property within the City of Denver. However, Denver has oddball rules about “car transport” of a firearm, and remember state law offers you no protection because it doesn’t apply in Denver.

          So, without writing a book here, the deal is basically this: Yes, I believe you can OC within the business if it’s on private property and the owner of said property is OK with it. Rental property? Ask your landlord.

          Now, this means the guy can OC at work (maybe) but it gets really fucking strange to go to and from work unless he lives in the same building or something. Especially if he commutes on a motorcycle which is common in Colorado 9 months a year, and especially common in Denver were parking is a bitch and a half.

          It’s also true that within Denver whether or not you get into issues with the police depends on the officer in question. However, most gun crimes in Denver carry the weight of a felony charge, so you’re gonna want to be extra careful about this because it’s not a joke to catch a charge there and there are gray areas that cops will probably 1) not know and 2) not care about, they’ll just say “tell it to the judge”.

          There’s also public transport to consider. If he lives in or near Denver proper and commutes daily he may take something like the Light Rail or a bus.

          Carrying a “weapon” (defined to be anything that you “intend to use as a weapon”, with specific explicit notes for blades, even straight razors) on any RTD (Regional Transport District) is illegal unless you are either LE or have a CCW permit or the item is “wrapped or enclosed in a protective covering”. It’s still illegal to OC, even with a valid permit, on any RTD infrastructure. Further, a firearm on RTD, according to their Code of Conduct (which carries the force of law because this is a government agency), must be “carried in an enclosed container which completely conceals the item from view and identification as a weapon.” Further, the firearm must be unloaded (unless concealed and carried on the person of someone with a valid CCW permit).

          So ultimately it’s just plain easier to just CC because the City of Denver does recognize all Colorado CCW permits and therefore so long as you have a permit and are CCing the gray areas go away, even while you’re in a car, on a bike etc or using public transport. This makes it less likely that you’ll end up catching some bullshit charge and spending thousands to clear yourself legally, a lot less likely.

          In Denver you CC with a permit or you simply don’t carry because the results of OC or getting caught “breaking the law” are fucking catastrophic unless you’re a really rich person with a lot of time to burn who doesn’t much care if they end up with a felony conviction because of a technicality.

      • I’ve always understood that you have the right to carry your firearm in any way you want in the home, business, and car.. unless cities like NY where transportation is restricted. I’d never live in a $hi*hole city with those laws.

      • “It is legal to carry concealed without a permit in your own dwelling, business, or on your property. This also applies to your own private automobile for self-defense while traveling. 18-12-105(2)(a)(b)”

        Colorado is a mixed up mess on gun laws, but open carry in a business with owner’s permission is permitted. Step outside into a public space, different story.

        • Except that Colorado law means exactly sweet-fuck-all inside Denver because Denver doesn’t have to pay attention to state law, which is why they have an “AWB” that they get away with while Boulder is getting sued over that little gem.

          What would really make your head explode is what makes a rifle an “assault weapon” inside Denver.

  3. Dat bezel. Jesus. It’s like four knives sticking off the front of a flashlight.

    He must work in Lodo.

  4. “I remember spending a princely sum on a 60-lumen SureFire 6P when they first came out and acting all giddy over 60 lumens!”

    I’ve got an old 6P LED, and that sucker is built like a brick shithouse, a *tank*. I love it’s construction. However, the light output is… well…

    Kinda lame.

    Can anyone offer suggestions on a replacement module with decent output that won’t break the bank?

    • I can’t speak to this exactly, you’ll have to check into it to make sure what I’m about to say works.

      The 6P and the 9P have a very, very similar housing. In fact, I detect no difference. The 9P LED upgrade is usually cheaper (especially if you find a sale) than the 6P upgrade and I think from looking at them that they’re interchangeable but SureFire wants more for the 6P because it was a more popular flashlight.

      There are some “drop in” conversions for like $75, or less if they’re on sale. The M91BW by Malkov Devices works for the 9P and *should* work with the 6P. It worked fine on my 9P but I don’t have a 6P to test it on. SureFire also makes a specific upgrade for your light, which doesn’t involve changing out the whole head, but that one “on sale” is still like $199.

      Malkov makes good shit. Look into them if you don’t want to drop the coin for genuine SureFire.

    • Yes switch to their new led light, it is just a cap exchange, you will be blown away again. I made the switch years ago. It is on their website.

  5. I do a lot of cargo pant carry in the summer. It’s super convenient, although I’ve noticed that a larger gun, like a Glock 26, is fairly annoying knocking about if I have to do a lot of walking. His gun is even bigger than that…maybe he doesn’t walk around much at work. Makes sense.

    My only issue with cargo pocket carry is that is wears a hole in the fabric of the pocket where the sights rub. Almost every one of my cargo shorts has a hole worn in the side…

    • Iron-on patches…turn pocket inside out, trim a patch to fit inside the pocket where the sight rubs, apply heat and you have a wear-resistant pocket liner that helps hide sight and weapon contours in combination with whatever pocket holster you’re using.

      • Great application. I AIWB carry and use the Wright’s Bondex iron on patches for my tank top undershirts because my S&W Shield’s rear sights has poked small holes in many t-shirts. The patches reduce printing by a little bit.

        • Thank you.

          I have to give the credit to my spouse for the idea years ago (she provides the brains and I carry heavy things and smush bugs)…however, I have to do the patch cutting and ironing for myself. Usually place patch material on both sides of a hole for reinforcement…small piece on the outside of the pocket liner (for pockets that have an independent inner pocket)…doesn’t look too great on pants where the pant material is the outer side of the pocket. Works well on 511 pockets…not so good on those skinny jeans pockets with minimal material that some of the ladies (and gents) wear nowadays (with a BMI of 25 I couldn’t wear cojones crushing pants even if I wanted to).

    • Why did you choose to go with a muzzle break on this pistol? Any massive changes in the way it shoots?

      • It’s a symbiotic system with the red dot. It reduces muzzle flip, slightly softens recoil, and drops the dot right back on to target much faster. The red dot+WML+comp combo is honestly the most accurate, softest shooting, most broadly capable system I’ve ever shot. That’s why I chose to deal with the hassle of carrying such a large setup – if I ever need to use it, I’ll have every advantage in my favor

    • Create a profile at, post a picture of your edc, label everything, and make sure your picture includes your carry gun. Then wait

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