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Will, a Mississippi-based construction supervisor sends his Everyday Carry for a Construction Supervisor.  Via Everyday Carry.

He carries his GLOCK 19 in a Sin City appendix inside-the-waistband rig.  At first I thought it was a retention holster, which I thought odd for AIWB carry, but looking at the manufacturer’s website, it’s a device to coax the rig to hold the gun closer to the body.

Seems that while Will carries a couple of extra mags (loaded with Hornady Critical Defense 9mm ammo), he doesn’t carry them in a magazine pouch.  Hmmm.

I do like the Hooey Men’s Hooey Rodeo Wallet.  Nice.  (Where’s the hat?)

The Gerber mini-paraframe is a tiny folder.  I carry one myself.

The Bass Pro watch certainly is unpretentious (unlike the guy a couple days ago that sports an $850 pen).




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  1. Rockin’ the Cope. Don’t think I’ve seen an EDC that shows chewing tobacco before.

    Eh, probably have just didn’t think anything of it.

    Guess he goes Notorious BIG style with the spare mags too. LOL.

  2. Giving oneself tongue cancer while ostensibly protecting himself from external threats. Does he really think anyone is going to harm him more than he will have maimed himself after paying a surgeon to cut out his cancerous jaw in fifteen years.

    • Ah yes, who he is he to choose what path he takes or accept one fate over another! How dare he decide how to live his life! For sure the cancer will get him before one of the millions of other ways to die may grasp him, and silly of him to not just let someone else kill him before the cancer runs it’s course.

        • Would you say “his choice” if he were appendix carrying a Glock 19 with reduced trigger pull without a holster? Would you be an “asshole” for pointing out that’s a good way to lose a testicle? Would you be more or less of an “asshole” than I am point out that dip is a good way to lose a testicle to cancer?

      • I live in America, where the risk of dying from cancer is 1 in 5 for all men; avoiding tobacco cuts that risk greater than ten fold. This gentleman may use his liberty to increase his risk of cancer and I may use mine to mock him for being bad at math, especially since I’m likely to be subsiding his chemotherapy. You must live in a place where more people die by violence than from cancer, care to share the address?

    • Well shit, I ride a motorcycle, I guess I better not think of protecting myself against random acts of violence. And women who have sex shouldn’t worry about rape, because apparently consent and individual agency don’t matter. But thanks for letting us know what we’re allowed to worry about and what risks we are allowed to take. I hope you’re not in America and if you are, you should go find someplace more suited to you. Like NYC.

      • You are allowed to worry about whatever you like. You are allowed to take whatever risks you care to: ride your motorcycle, use addictive carcinogens, flag yourself while resting your index finger on the trigger… and I’m allowed to laugh at you when you incur the predictable result.

      • This website points out that the rate of death by violence in America is less than 4 per 100k and falling. The rate for death by cancer is greater than 130 per 100k and rising. How is it ‘liberal’ to point out that mitigating the former risk while courting the later, orders of magnitude higher, risk is not logically defensible?

        • Did somebody ask you to defend it? The overriding principle of America is not safety, it is freedom. Mind your own damn business. What is downright asswipe liberal is to think that all others need you to direct their travel thru life.

  3. I enjoy looking at all these kits, but the current price of items has not relationship to what a lot of people paid for items. I have the same Rolex, paid $108 in the PX in Taipei on R&R from Vietnam in 1969. Have a Mont Blanc pen my wife gave me for college graduation in 1974, probably under $50. My carry pistol is a West German made SIG 228 purchased decades ago for under $400. Today, I could not afford to buy these items as I am not wealthy. But my parents taught me to buy the best I could afford. I am now an older individual, and people wonder how I have these things. My most valuable item is my unit’s challenge coin, its one of 100, and the dies were destroyed.

  4. Good Basic EDC Kit. Simple and unpretenscious. I carried a loose mag for awhile, until I began drilling with a change. That experience alone prompted me to add a Mag Holder. Accessing a loose mag is far too unpredictable time wise one soon finds out when you start drilling with a change. So that’s the first negative check to his kit. The second negative is the lack of a flashlight. Even a small Streamlight Nano or Key-Mate takes up little room in your pocket. So not carrying a flashlight in your kit is a lack of foresight IMO.
    Coming from an extensive EMS career and background, a bleeder blowout kit is on my list of EDC items, so I carry the wallet sized Swat-T kit that allows either use as a pressure dressing or a tourniquet (the wrapping plastic itself could be used as a chest seal in a pinch, just use the inside against the wound to lower the infection risk). A pen and small notepad/notebook are as well, any well made metal bodied pen is a go, tactical is nice, but frankly they’re a little obvious as a possible weapon IMO and could draw unwanted attention. Sorry manufacturers, but pens with obvious crenellations and mace-like knobs just aren’t “Grey” enough for this Auld Fart LOL.

  5. Man, this site sounds like a sewing circle sometimes with all the busybodies minding everyone’s business but their own. As my favorite grandmother (god rest her) used to say; “Tend to your own knitting.”

    Do you honestly think the guy doesn’t know the risks of a dip of Copenhagen? Not my cup of tea at all but let the man live in peace. Mind your own business for God’s sake. Stop trying to enlighten and protect all of us from ourselves.

  6. I am a Residential Estimating by trade. The construction supervisor’s regular pocket dump intrigued me. Seeing the tools they utilize on a daily basis is cool. It demonstrates how crucial it is for us to be prepared and effective at work. I appreciate how they maintain order and practicality. We appreciate you demonstrating to us a day in the life of a construction supervisor.

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