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Democrat presidential hopeful Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s outburst on gun control during Thursday evening’s presidential debate, and the applause that followed, effectively erased any doubts about the true intent the candidate, his party and their followers have toward the Second Amendment, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“Hell, yes,” O’Rourke blurted, “we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47!”

“O’Rourke’s comment was brutally revealing,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “and so was the reaction from the audience. His intent to confiscate privately-owned firearms got the biggest cheer of the evening. Even more alarming was the fact that not one of his colleagues on stage made an effort to disagree. That should concern every gun owner in the country.

“Second Amendment activists have been ridiculed by Democrats and the gun prohibition lobby for years,” he continued. “Their condescending assurances that ‘nobody is going to take your guns’ just went out the window, thanks to O’Rourke, who even said the same thing last year while campaigning for the U.S. Senate.

“O’Rourke can’t walk that back,” Gottlieb observed. “His outburst is getting more media attention than anything else he’s said on the campaign trail. The reaction from the audience, and the silence of other candidates confirms what we’ve been saying. Just look online; they’re already selling T-shirts with his comment on the front!

soviet propaganda poster citizens surrender your weapons
“Citizens! Surrender Your Weapons.” 1918 Soviet poster by Alexander Apsit

“Thanks to O’Rourke,” he noted, “Democrats have just graduated from being the ‘party of gun control’ to officially being the ‘party of gun confiscation,’ and nobody in the firearms community is going to forget that.

“From this moment forward,” he predicted, “when Democrats talk about ‘gun reform’ or ‘gun safety,’ the whole country will know they’re not just talking about gun control, they’re talking about taking firearms from law-abiding citizens who have committed no crime.

“Obviously,” Gottlieb stated, “O’Rourke’s party is no longer interested in piecemeal erosion of the Second Amendment. Their intent now is to smash it. How can Democrats expect any gun owner to believe otherwise unless the party, especially the other candidates, immediately disavow and condemn O’Rourke’s remark? Their silence is both deafening, and damning.”

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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  1. “The End of the Charade: They Really Do Want to Take Your Guns. And They’re Proud of It.”

    And that “pride” won’t win them the WH, and it may lose them the house…

    • That will only happen if people vote Republican and actually go to the poles to vote. Otherwise it could quite possibly get worse.

        • PMSL love it. i was thinking the same as soon as i read it. but i also back up what No One Special said…. make sure you get out to vote. I hope it does not come down to voting with hot lead but it is best to be prepared for that eventuality

        • Vote early and often — since the democrats refuse to require voters to provide proof of identity, it’s crucial the republicans offset the votes of those who: – are dead, – vote multiple times, – are not legally qualified to vote. This doesn’t take into account the advantage provided to the democrats from the media, celebrities, and tech industry.

        • ^^THIS^^

          Vote, but also contact your Reps, Senators, Council members, etc. Let them know how you feel, and what you support.

      • Vote Republican , they really mean it when they tell us “They love us” before they bend us over and violate us.

        Dan “My eye patch doesn’t hide my red flag” Crenshaw
        John “Songbird” McCain
        Lil Petey ” the IRA doesn’t count as terrorists” King
        Lindsey “Light Loafers” Graham
        And the list goes on.

        • Lesser of the evils, I can’t say it enough. The only other option is a government take over by the people. I honestly don’t think there are enough balls amongst the general public for that to happen. Or maybe I’m wrong and the pot just hasn’t started to boil yet and the frog will actually jump out of the pot. Science says it won’t but maybe.

    • actually glad that bastard said that…it cuts through the bullshit they’ve been feeding us up to now….the lines are now clearly drawn….no more room for the fence sitters…it was the best thing that could have happened…..

      • This as they always did want to take all guns ,not just semi automatics,it’s a tenant of the religion of the un American Left.

      • Yep, gay boi Beto pretty much sealed the democrats away from the white house for a while. A lot of old school democrats own guns to and some own AR15s, they probably aren’t too happy with his stance.

    • That’s what we have to do is keep Trump in office and take the house from the traitors and keep the senate in republication hands

    • Witch bitch,Finger Pointing Nasty P,whining against Mitch MCconnell. I know they will lose the House and Lose seats in the Senate.But! who? Will not be a RINO in the Tea party movement again!!

      We have two RINOS writing the Minority Spy REports Bill or TAPS who are nothing but Bolsheviks in disguise To Disarm is to let wide open invasion from the South! and The question Is,are China and Russia still anchored in Venezuela?

      Is it True, that “Chicom are trying to control Key Countries in Central America, like Russia is doing in S AMerica.” LIke Cuba Bolivia and more?

      • THIS is precisely the MOST frightening part.

        I subscribe to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee Newsletter to see what they are up to.

        In their most recent poll, one of the questions was: “IF a Progressive Candidate were GUARANTEED TO WIN whom would be your favorite?”


        Do they know something that we do not about the Globalist Elite and Bankster Plan for the near future of the economy and country?

        • Doesn’t the Fact that the Investment bankers make the plans, and decisions for our country instead of us tell you something. Like maybe the federal government is guilty of treason, and I mean to say more than a little bit.
          When elected to office the oath of office states that the elected will defend the constitution. No one can take that oath, and then attack the constitution, and still be fit for office.
          Im glad Im old. I have been warning people that this was coming for decades. Unfortunately most people would rather be comfortable than informed. So even though you tell them where I got the information, Im still nuts.
          Its easy for them that way. That way they can pretend that everything is just fine, until they get marched off to the labor camps.
          This pattern is repeated all through history.
          Unfortunately the mistaken thought that that can’t happen here, not this time is too.

        • Dude, it’s a simple hypothetical attempting to suss out ‘serious’ support (as serious as support for one of these idiots can be) versus ‘half-hearted’ support for meme-candidates like Yang. Early in the season like this, a big portion of party voters on both sides support candidates they desire for transitory reasons, but aren’t dead-set on supporting all the way through. The RNC ran similar polls as well, naturally trying to depict Trump (and Cruz, to a lesser extent) as something other than the actual, factual, serious candidate of primary voters.

          If the fix is in, “they” damn sure aren’t sharing that fact with some dumbass intern typing up web-poll questions. Besides, the 2016 primary proved that the DNC primary is *very* much rigged –clearly going to some combination of a Biden/Warren/Harris team-up– so the polls are more a measure of how much their ‘management’ of the primary process is energizing or pissing off their clueless base. Because turnout numbers matter a lot more to the party elites than the actual desires or interests of the electorate.

        • “If the fix is in, “they” damn sure aren’t sharing that fact with some dumbass intern typing up web-poll questions.”

          Google and F-book were horrified Trump won, especially since his campaign used some sophisticated ‘tools’ Google and F-book developed to skew public opinion in directions they wanted. They have been experimenting with that for quite awhile now.

          Stuff like manipulating search results in Google and what shows up on F-book ‘feeds’. They clearly consider us enemies that must not be allowed to win major elections. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least they have been making and sharing lists of what people’s political biases are. An ‘enemy list’.

          With that knowledge, they can apply custom algorithms to skew search results and block what shows up on F-book news feeds. ‘Shadow banning’ news they don’t want us to see. They are dead serious about using their platform resources against us, to make sure their candidates win.

          They are playing a long game, and they are playing it to win it…

    • There has been no doubt in my mind for more than 50 years what they want. The democrat party took over the whole communist party USA platform in the 1940, it is who they are.

      They may have fooled their followers for a long time but it has been obvious for a long time what their plans are. Anyone who votes the party line is either a dedicated communist or one of their “useful fools” who believe the “stuff” spread by the media.

      Senator McCarthy was right !

  2. The sad part is, they actually believed we didn’t know that was the plan from the get go! Hard to narrow it down to just one, but their main fault is always believing they’re the smartest people in the room.

  3. Beto has done a great service to the political discussion on firearms in this country. They want your life, liberty, and property by any means necesssary. The dirty truth is exposed, but thankfully sunlight is an excellent disinfectant.

    • Beto has done a great service to the political discussion on firearms in this country.

      I have an interesting thought. I highly doubt that anyone seriously expects Robert O’Rourke to win the Democrat nomination. Instead, perhaps the Democrat party assigned him the important task of moving the Overton window closer to total elimination of firearms in our nation. Interesting idea, eh?

      (For reference, “The Overton window is the range of ideas tolerated in public discourse, also known as the window of discourse. The term is named after Joseph P. Overton, who stated that an idea’s political viability depends mainly on whether it falls within this range, rather than on politicians’ individual preferences.” — Wikipedia)

  4. The Beta Boy tried to “walk back” his adamant declaration by saying he expected “everyone to comply with Mandatory Buybacks”.

    • To be fair, that *is* precisely how he’d try to implement this. It wouldn’t work, so the plan would devolve into a decades-long waiting & denigration campaign against gun owners. That’s mostly how they’ve done it with regards to machine guns, and fairly successfully.

      The end result is the same though; his government gets what it wants after we’re all dead, just from old age instead of bullets. On a time-scale like the governments, the duration of a gun shot isn’t that much different from a lifespan if it gains you power.

      • “…so the plan would devolve into a decades-long waiting & denigration campaign against gun owners.”

        You get it.

        They are quite proud the demographics will be so skewed in their favor that we may not be able to win national elections again. That’s when the shit is gonna get real. When it gets to that point, our options will be limited. Either we get a national ‘divorce’ peacefully, or not so peacefully. Either way, when we can never win national office again, America breaks up.

        Because we will never accept their vision of the future, and they won’t accept ours. We can divorce nicely, or not so nicely. The choice will be theirs…

        • I hope for nicely but am prepared for the not so nice version as well. Personally I would like that divorce right now. I’m personally sick of this back and forth shit stirring the people up against one another. All politicians need to do is educate their ignorant sometimes stupid constituents. That’s not conducive to politicians though.

  5. A slew of states are targeting the scary black on their own. That is not the end goal. Just the crack in the armor they need which will spread beyond its origin.

    When someone works this hard to disarm a population and take away the ONLY means of defending your own existence, it is for a reason. And it is never a good one.

    • Well given that they’ve ALL signed onto what amounts to a mashup of the Holodomor, the Nazi “Hunger Plan” for the Soviet Union, Mao’s “Great Leap Forward”, and Pol Pot’s “Year Zero” that will starve millions to death and leave millions more in medieval levels of poverty, squalor and disease, that’s not something that you can impose on a population capable of resisting with force.

      • Indeed. We defeated the Soviet Union by the doctrine of mutually assured destruction. The Soviets knew that if they attempted to destroy us, they would be destroyed in turn. I hope the American Communists have at least that much wisdom. If not, they will learn that it was one thing to impose Holodomor on the peoples whose very name gives us our word “slave,” but it will be quite another to impose it on freedom loving Americans. Our food is not grown by cowed serfs. If they try to starve us, our farmers will starve them right back. The rest of us must be prepared to sabotage the infrastructure that supplies the urban elites. Topple the pillars of food, water, power, and fuel, and the whole temple of Dagon will come crashing down. Most of us won’t survive, but those who do will be free.

  6. Sorry Beta O’Dork…..
    I won’t be punished for the crimes your constituents cause in the ghetto….. Take that red flag and SHOVE IT UP YOUR AS$

  7. Those lying sacks of weasel droppings have finally come out and admitted that they had no intention of ever stopping short of full confiscation of guns and the elimination of the second amendment. This is absolute proof that their word is absolutely meaningless and they are traitors to the Constitution.

  8. Yet it seems that some supposed people of the gun think that voting Democrat or third party will protect their rights. Nope not me, I’m voting a Republican card across the board. I won’t vote for democrats and I can’t see wasting a vote on third party. Just as well not vote if I’m going to vote third party since it is the same thing. We need people to first and foremost vote and we need them to vote Republican if we want to have any chance at all of keeping our rights.

    • Political parties are the problem! Political parties should be outlawed.
      OK so we are all gunnies here. Clearly the Republicans claim that their going to uphold the second amendment. OK so if the Republicans aren’t going to infring on the second amendment. Then what was the GHW Bush assault weapons ban. Or the Reagan anti machine gun act?
      You are given a Hogans choise with political parties. You are free to vote for Wall Street candidate Republican, or Wall Street candidate Democrat. No matter which one you choose you get a whole bunch of stuff you don’t want just so you can support the one or two issues they claim to support that you like.
      The system is designed to give the investment bankers all the voice, and make our voices mute.

      • I have to hedge my bet on one or the other. It’s better to do so on a somewhat sure thing than a guaranteed bad thing. I’m not dilusional to the grand scheme of things but doing what I can is absolutely better than doing nothing. Voting Democrat or third party is the same as doing nothing in my opinion.

        • ” It’s better to do so on a somewhat sure thing than a guaranteed bad thing. ”

          Exactly. Voting anti-Democrat is by no means an endorsement for the Republicans. The both suck, but it’s a matter of degree. The Democrats are the greater threat, so they need to be smashed first. And I do mean smashed. A 51-49 split doesn’t get the point across. But knock them down to 60-40, or even better 70-30 and they might wake up. That kind of spanking just might wake up a few RINOs as well– they might get the notion that if the Dems can be knocked down, so can they. In any case, smash the Dems and we can deal with the Reps later.

          To me, it’s a single-issue election. And the single issue is No Democrats.

    • Voting 3rd party is not the same as not voting. It achieves two objectives. One, it shows the parties our displeasure with them. They don’t care if we don’t show up (makes their job easier), but they do notice when one takes the time to go to the polls and doesn’t vote R or D. Two, it sets up 3rd parties for future gain. The system is so stacked against anyone not in the two majors and those additional votes help get 3rd parties access in various state ballots.
      I agree Republicans are our best hope in 2020 and will be voting R. That said, sooner or later we have to challenge the “lessor of two evils mentality” or we will lose.

      • “I agree Republicans are our best hope in 2020 and will be voting R. That said, sooner or later we have to challenge the “lessor of two evils mentality” or we will lose.”

        I agree but we have to smash the democrats with Republicans first. If we can enough of a majority of Republicans it could potentially signal a shift in voter opinion. Granted there will be people that will hold on to the Democrat party for awhile but if the Democrats continue to have no power and are not able to move forward election after election I think enen those people are going to get tired of the Democrats eventually. Then it will be a matter of opening up competition between Republicans and good third party candidates. It’s all about swaying public opinion in a certain direction. The government uses fear and self-serving law to maintain order and control over a given society. Imagine how much power that society can have when they stop being afraid and have no respect for those self-serving laws of the government.

  9. The other part of this that has not been discussed are “Red Flag Laws”. They want Federal Red Flag Laws and will limit to an unacceptable level the people who can report someone.
    Then if the Democrats actually take over they will do a San Francisco and pass legislation that will remove guns from anyone who belongs to a “terrorist organization” such as the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation and any other organization that supports gun rights and every legal gun owner who is a member will be looking out their windows at night for a SWAT Team ready to take them out. They will pass legislation that determines any member to be a terrorist. Beto is just the beginning and most of us know where this is going.

  10. O,Rourke is nuts! Obviously Wall Street/The owners of the Federal government want Trump to serve a second term.
    Otherwise they would wait until after the election to make all their groundless threats.
    We have a conservative Supreme Court, and the 1968 and 1934 gun control act stand a chance of being removed.
    People are waking up to the fact that Wall Street wants to disarm us before the Kennedy era FOIA is released, Because they are not only responsible, the Federal government has been covering it up for a long, long time. That makes then accessories to the crime.
    The FBI, and CIA were a part of this and when the truth comes out those agencies will be history. Read the book, The Devils Chessboard, its the story of Allen Dulles, the US spymaster, Wall Street attorney, and treasonoust from WWI until Kennedy fired him in 1961.
    The book clearly shows how we got here!
    If you want to take over a nation from with in you only need to get control of its intelligence agencie. Intelligence is the eyes of the country.
    Kennedy wants Wall Street out of our government, this is why the CIA assassinated him. David Rockefeller was a big part of the CIA at the time.
    We have been under the control of a domestic enemy of the constitution from Eisenhower to this moment. Do a little research, and you will see. Read what Jim Garrison had to say about the assassination.
    This is what the disarmament is about.

  11. The democrats are now officially the Prohibitionist Party. Every gun rights activist should start using that title to describe them in every conversation. In every correspondence.

    Atheist democrats are prohibitionists.
    Homosexual democrats are prohibitionists
    Socialist democrats are prohibitionists.
    Labor union democrats are prohibitionists.
    Feminist democrats are prohibitionists.
    Sexually Liberated democrats are prohibitionists.
    Open border democrats are prohibitionists.

    If you are a democrat gun owner then you are a member of the Prohibitionist Party.

    And this is just a start.

    • So if history is any guide, all we have to do is give them the keys to the car & wait about a decade for them to be tossed out on their asses for another, what, eighty years? I think that’s about the last time Temperance types had national relevance. Even something as widespread but practically pointless as the AWB saw them tossed out on their asses for twenty years (even if the Sunset hadn’t eventually occurred, the bill passage was a hell of a Pyrrhic victory)

      • I look forward to calling every democrat, every Liberal, every Leftist, A Prohibitionist. Yes you are correct. History will repeat itself.

        The prohibitionists of the 21st century will end up on the ash heap of History.

      • Temperance and late 19th – early 20th century fascism (called Progressivism/Populism here in the USA) are linked – same folks all pulling together to remake the American Revolution into what they thought was “good for us”. It’s been the same fight here in North America for over 200 years, all that’s changed are the labels. We’re still suffering from the Temperance/Populist/Progressive “victories” – one of the worst being the direct election of US senators, the others being the pervasive linking of organized crime to labor unions. The first permanently eroded the power of the states versus the federal government, the second leading directly to our current culture of corruption and corporatism. The fact that about the only thing standing between us (people who just want to be left alone) and them (the folks who just want to exercise power for the sake of power) is the US Constitution and the courts is cold comfort.

        • I hate to mention this, but the destructive American busy-body-ism actually started with…abolitionists. Advocating for Big Government to use magical new powers to change the very clear system of laws into what they considered ‘right’ for all our benefit. The road to hell being paved with good intentions, we saw the bloodiest war America has yet been witness to, which permanently upended our system of government, setting it squarely on a tyrannical autocratic path that we are finally coming to the end of 150 years later. All so the declining practice of slavery could be ended about 10 years earlier than would have likely happened any way, to be replaced by share cropping that wasn’t much better in practice…oh, and so northern political appointees could rule the southern states for decades, ensuring urban industrial centers’ unquestioned political & economic dominance for a full century. That *might* have had something to do with it.

        • barnbwt
          Bringing up the abolitionists and the Civil War you should be very careful and be knowledgeable about the history of all sides. Not just the side you admire. Or the side that you don’t like.

          There are things that are not taught about the Civil War because they are inconvenient facts. Including inconvenient facts about pre civil war history. The pro confederacy crowd likes to ignore the real reason for the gun control in the USA. To control and keep slavery in the country for as long as possible.

          Not all but many abolitionists supplied guns to slaves and former slaves. They broke local and state laws doing so. The pro confederacy crowd likes to pick on Vice President Cheney for some reason. But they never talk about their own Confederate Vice President Alexander H. Stephens.

          Full text cornerstone speech.

          Not every confederate soldier owned slaves. In Fact very few did. But to say the civil war was not about slavery is just a lie told by dishonest men and women with colleges degrees. And uneducated fools.

          Gun control and slavery are married together historically. Liars have tried to divorce the two for many decades now. But that marriage will never be broken. In the 21st century it now takes the form of the Welfare Industrial Complex with government endorsed and supported single motherhood and “gun free zones”. The father and his guns being replaced by government $$$ and the guns of a big city police department.

          “All so the declining practice of slavery could be ended about 10 years earlier than would have likely happened any way, to be replaced by share cropping that wasn’t much better in practice…oh, and so northern political appointees could rule”

          Soooo, are you says the southern states would have supported the Bill Of Rights being applied to former slaves????

          Are you saying the south would have accepted blacks a fellow citizens????

          Are you say that the southern states gun control laws that were passed after Reconstruction would never have been signed into law????

          While stationed at Ft Eustis Virginia back in the early 1990s and early 2000s, I would listen to a self described Atheist Libertarian on a local talk radio station. He was a big fan of the confederacy. He had many guests on over the years a talking about civil war history. He is a big 2A supporter.

          But he never talked about the history of gun control in the country. I use to wonder why? Now I know the answer.

          I still listen to him on the internet.

        • Gun control (means of defense control) has NEVER been about public safety no matter the era and always about enslavement, power and control of the populace. It has always and will always be pushed by those who seek power and control…. or in other terms no better than the average serial killer or rapist even though they may be more intelligent and able to persuade others to do the dirty work for them.

        • Being able to lie better than an opponent and reading a scripted speech from a teleprompter does not require an over abundance of intellect…

        • no those things dont but most of them in govt are well practiced con artists and swindlers and part of that requires some intelligence at least as far as being able to make themselves seem believable even while spewing bald faced lies. This is especially true at the higher levels of govt and also sadly law enforcement who are in reality whether we like to admit it or not (and yes i do know there are some good cops) are nothing more than govts enforcers.

        • The KEY word is practiced, they all get the same set of talking points every day and none of them is smart enough to change things enough to sound a little different, they all just repeat the same bullshit over and over all day. Maxine Waters has been elected to Congress 15 times and she could not put together an intelligent train of thought without help, she can run a con but it’s not HER intellect that comes up with the ideas, just one example of hundreds… Spend an hour watching one of those clown show Dem debates(if you can) and watch those “esteemed leaders” of the Democrat party stumble around trying to build a thought without outside help, all you get for the most part is rambling, incoherent crap till dumbass jumps in with “hell yeah we’ll take your ARs and AKs, that was plain enough, stupid, but plain…

  12. Robbie lost whatever remaining credibility he had when he laid out his bullshit story about the young child dying after bleeding out for an hour because there was no ambulance available which was a total fabrication aka a LIE, a blatant, bald faced unadulterated LIE.. If this asshole is permitted to continue unfiltered and treated like a hero over a complete lie the entire party is in jeopardy of losing ALL credibility across the board except with the most radical of the left wing..

  13. The best thing about this communist gun prohibitionist poster is it includes edge weapons as well. Including rifle bayonets. Something many so called 2A supporters say you don’t need.

    For thoses that don’t know, the 1968 gun control act banned the import of rifles with bayonet lugs.

    • Frankly, the perfect Republican candidate can believe whatever they want on abortion, climate, gays, and all manner of other hot-button issues, so long as they clearly state they are not a priority above a healthy economy, peaceful society, and individual rights, and are serious about pro-gun reforms.

      The stances on pro-gun reforms alone dovetail with a much broader set of issues from taxation to regulation, since such belief stems from faith and respect in your fellow citizen to make their own decisions correctly, and the consequences for violating that faith & respect will necessitate will carry severe consequences. We then all recognize that a society fostering such mutual respect & accountability among its members will be more peaceful than one gripped with attempts by one part to take what another holds dear. Class-warfare supposedly in pursuit of equality leads to anger & hatred, true equality through protection of individual rights promotes peace.

      Take care of its gun rights, and your society will take care of itself, to paraphrase William Lowndes. The only thing to watch for is people peddling a *qualified* right to keep & bear arms, such as your Jim Crow-ers or your No Fly No Buy-ers, or your “guns in the ‘right’ hands” types…because that qualified mindset will extend to *all* other civil rights as well.

      • “Frankly, the perfect Republican candidate can believe whatever they want…so long as they clearly state they are not a priority above a healthy economy, peaceful society, and individual rights, and are serious about pro-gun reforms.”
        This will always work. Unfortunately, that’s not what the crazies are proposing. They’re using climate change fear as a means to an end. The end isn’t about controlling the climate, it’s about controlling the private sector.

  14. Beto and his statements must become the face of the Democratic Party.

    Hammer it every day.

    When someone thinks Democrat that person should have an instant visual of dead Americans in the streets because of confiscation and Red Flag laws.

    Suffocate the Democratic Party, hammer it constantly, don’t let up for an instant.

  15. Beto provides an excellent opening for a hammer & anvil strategy here.

    I wonder if the Republicans in the Senate will see that and grow a big enough pair to use it.

      • Militarily the “Hammer and Anvil” would be comprised of two units. one would be a sweeping force (the “Hammer”) trying to root out embedded enemy forces using an overwhelming strength in numbers and firepower pushing them in a specific direction toward another unit (the “Anvil”) of equally overwhelming numbers and firepower set up as a blocking force with the intention of crushing the enemy forces between the two…. Not sure how his applys to the Senate or the Dem primary.. Perhaps more input from the political expert would be more helpful…

    • Hahaha.. yeah, an old pickup full of a dozen rednecks with their little ARs.. vs a Bradley.. make sure the cleanup crew brings mops and buckets…

        • Truth be told the Abrams didn’t do much better. Not because they were being destroyed by the enemy a lot but because they just plain don’t like the environment of the desert. I can say from experience that the desert is a harsh ass place to have a war in. The heat, sand, and dust is very much hard on everything.

      • Hey Tick Talk, you should learn a little about asymmetric and guerrilla warfare before making such a complete fool out of yourself.

  16. Don’t worry, the Repugnants will find a way to not profit from this.
    Probably by joining in on the attacks on our rights until we won’t vote for them either.

  17. Climate change is the greatest existential threat of our times. For the benefit of the common good and the collective, it is imperative that we not allow our citizens to own and use small internal combustion engines. This is only common sense.

    Hell, yes, we’re going to take your lawnmower, your weed whacker.

    • So we charge up batteries from coal generated power plants.

      Mind you, I replaced a very unreliable gasoline powered weed whacker with a Ryobi battery powered one. Never looked back. The gas powered one was hard to start, difficult to keep running, and the cord had to be adjusted every minute or so. The Ryobi starts instantly, works as required, and the cord advanced when the trigger is released. I showed it to my father and he said we were going to the hardware store immediately. He says what would take 4 hours is done now in 40 minutes.

    • For the “common good”….”collective”…..hmmmm, where have we heard this kind of communist language before being used to attack individual rights…..

  18. We should all send “Roberto” (and BTW, I am offended that he has misappropriated my heritage) thank you cards and keep encouraging him. No one on the left will stand up and say it’s not true the want all out confiscation (Feinstein has admitted she aims for it long ago, and Harris and Booker have pretty much admitted it is their aim). However, they are all quietly telling him to STFU!

  19. the applause that followed, effectively erased any doubts about the true intent the candidate, his party and their followers have toward the Second Amendment,

    It sure did for me.

    And as someone who had been trying to change the Democrat’s gun idiocy from the inside, that’s a real pisser.

    • In the 90s there was hope; the party hadn’t been so ardently anti-gun for so long. But it’s too late; the upper levels of the party have very thoroughly purged damn-near everyone that *doesn’t* support open-ended gun restrictions (which therefore lead to confiscation the instant it’s politically viable) for the past 20 years. There’s no one in the DNC left to appeal to. And even the demographic that *might* have been receptive –blue collar white Fudd dudes in coal country or similar– has already been split off by Trump’s liberal populism. Unfortunately it seems that group is now poisoning the RNC against even its reluctant pro-gun footing, though it’s too soon to say if that influence will fade or increase.

      Nominating a candidate that is willing to tell those tools they need to shut the fuck up before they chase off enough gun owners that the RNC won’t win any majority again, would be a good start. I’m willing to form an alliance of convenience with those guys to respect their right to a respectable job scratching coal out of the ground or running heavy machinery, if they would simply respect my right to keep & bear arms. Social contract, political contract.

    • “..And as someone who had been trying to change the Democrat’s gun idiocy from the inside, that’s a real pisser..”

      Yup, pissing into the wind, you and TTAG’s Elaine. Who also, somehow, believed you could be 2A and vote for Dems. Although I’m not surprised that “feelings” allow a number of Dem women to hold opposing view points at the same time.

    • The same folks cheered when Obama yelled that he wanted to “Fundamentally change America”

      Do you love something that you want to “fundamentally change”?

      If your spouse told you that you need to be “fundamentally changed” do you think that comes from a position of love?

      The Left and the Democratic party (BIRM) hate America.

  20. The most disappointing thing about O’Rourke’s outburst is that there were still people that believed the “moderate democrat” fantasy.

    The Communists/Socialists/Leftists have completely taken over the Democratic party. If you are a Union laborer and still voting for these clowns – you really need to take a good long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself why.

    The Communists want to confiscate your guns – and replace you with imported labor.

    If you belong to ANY labor union you really need to rethink your stance on these guys.

  21. Keep in mind, they have been talking about this for years:

    The list of Leftists demanding gun confiscation – Updated to Sep 2018
    Please note that this is an abridged list since there are numerous euphemisms for confiscation such as bans based on the use of open-ended phrases [“Military Style” or “Assault Weapons”].
    May 2018
    Esquire: Okay, Now I Actually Do Want To Take Your Guns

    Ban assault weapons, buy them back, go after resisters: Ex-prosecutor in Congress
    April 2018
    Observer: Is It Time to Repeal the Second Amendment?

    Vox: Why an assault weapons ban can’t address America’s gun problem

    Miami Herald Repeal the Second Amendment — it’s not a crazy idea

    Emma González [March for our Lives]:

    Removing the assault and semi-automatic weapons from our Civilian society, instituting thorough background checks and mandatory waiting periods (and raising the buying age and banning the production of high-capacity magazines) are the ways to stop shootings in America.
    March 2018
    Paste Magazine: Repeal the Second Amendment, Idiots

    USA Today: Repealing the Second Amendment isn’t easy but it’s what March for Our Lives students need

    New York Times – John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment

    The Charlotte News: Ban military-style assault weapons for the sake of our children

    Vox: What no politician wants to admit about gun control “taking a huge number of guns away from a huge number of gun owners”

    NAACP President OPINION: Gun Safety Is about Freedom [Australian style gun confiscation – making gun owners an offer they can’t refuse ]
    February 2018
    Maine Voices: It’s time for a gun abolition movement
    We need to stand up to the NRA and push for what is so desperately needed: a complete ban on firearms.

    Mercury News – Eugene Robinson
    Robinson: Arming teachers is absurd — ban military-style assault rifles

    PSMag: Repeal the Second Amendment Already

    The Star: Want to end gun violence Mr. President? Get rid of guns

    La Times: No one becomes a mass shooter without a mass-shooting gun

    It’s Too Late. You’ve Lost Your Guns.

    Democrat and Chronicle: Let’s repeal the Second Amendment

    New York Times -To Repeat: Repeal the Second Amendment
    November 2017
    Splinter news: BAN GUNS

    Redhawks Online: Guns must go

    Boston Globe: Hand over your weapons

    News-Press – USA Today Editorial Board: Renew ban on military-style assault weapons
    October 2017
    Dan Pfeiffer: What to Bring to the Gun Fight [national gun registry, Tracking and limiting purchases of ammunition and a national gun buyback program]

    Eugene Robinson: Gun control should include buyback program like Australia’s

    Washington Post: President Trump, end this ‘American carnage’.
    [Members of The Washington Post Editorial Board]

    The Week: Ban guns

    New York Times: The Cancer in the Constitution

    New Boston Post-Connecticut Professor: Repeal the Second Amendment

    The New York Times: Repeal the Second Amendment

    Plan A Magazine: Ban Guns. Amend the Constitution.

    (CNN) Sachs: Ban semiautomatic assault weapons and save lives

    Forget about ‘gun control,’ let’s repeal the Second Amendment

    Prospect magazine: Dear America: it’s time to grow up and ban guns
    August 2017
    Mike the gun guy [A Magazine With News and Notes From Both Sides About Guns.]
    What Guns To Be Safe? Get Rid Of The Guns.
    December 2016
    Huffington Post: Domestic Disarmament, Not ‘Gun Control’
    June 2016
    Rolling Stone: Why It’s Time to Repeal the Second Amendment

    Washington Post – Eugene Robinson: Assault weapons must be banned in America
    January 2016
    W. Kamau Bell [CNN]: I want Obama to take away your guns

    Huffington post: Can’t We Just Put the Damn Guns Down?

    Anderson Cooper:”Speaking only for myself, watching Obama get repeatedly accused of wanting to take people’s guns away makes me sort of wish he’d just do something to earn that accusation. May as well!”

    The Daily Beast: President Obama Isn’t Taking People’s Guns—But Maybe He Should.
    December 2015
    New Republic: It’s Time to Ban Guns. Yes, All of Them.

    The New York Times: End the Gun Epidemic in America [First Front Page Editorial In 95 Years]
    This editorial published on A1 in the Dec. 5 edition of The New York Times. It is the first time an editorial has appeared on the front page since 1920.

    Salon: The Second Amendment must go: We ban lawn darts. It’s time to ban guns
    November 2015
    The Daily Beast: Yes, They Want to Take Your Guns Away
    October 2015
    Hillary Clinton: “In the Australian example, as I recall, that was a buyback program.”…..“I think it would be worth considering doing it on the national level”

    Vox: Becoming a gun-free society would be hard. But we should still try.

    Daily Kos: Effective Gun Control – A National Semi-Auto Ban

    Washington Post: A gun-free society

    Baltimore Sun: Repeal the Second Amendment

    Obama: “We know that other countries, in response to one mass shooting, have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings. Friends of ours, allies of ours — Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours. So we know there are ways to prevent it.”
    September 2015
    Grieving mom of two slain sons: Get rid of the guns!
    January 2015
    Tallahassee Democrat – Stop the insanity: Ban guns
    June 2014
    Obama: A couple of decades ago, Australia had a mass shooting similar to Columbine or Newtown. And Australia just said, well, that’s it — we’re not seeing that again. And basically imposed very severe, tough gun laws.
    May 2014
    La Times: You say gun control doesn’t work? Fine. Let’s ban guns altogether.
    April 2013
    Huffington Post: Gun Control? We Need Domestic Disarmament
    February 2013
    America Magazine: Repeal the Second Amendment
    January 2013
    New York Times: [John Howard] I Went After Guns. Obama Can, Too.

    Vanity Fair – Kurt Eichenwald: Let’s Repeal the Second Amendment
    December 2012
    Daily Kos: How to Ban Guns: A step by step, long term process

    Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo: “Confiscation could be an option. Mandatory sale to the state could be an option. Permitting could be an option — keep your gun but permit it.”

    Detroit Metro Times: Ban all guns, now

    Opinionator – New York Times: Why Gun ‘Control’ Is Not Enough

    House Dem: ‘Turn in your guns’

    Huffington Post: It’s Not About the Constitution [Getting rid of the Second Amendment]

    Eugene Robinson: First, Get Rid of the Guns

    Economist The gun control that works: no guns
    July 2012
    Huffington Post: Get Rid of the Damn Guns
    Mar 2012
    Yes conservatives, we want to take away your guns…
    February 2011
    Arizona Daily Star: Reinstate ban on military-style assault weapons
    April 2007
    Salon: Repeal the Second Amendment
    December 1993
    La Times – Taming the Monster: Get Rid of the Guns : More firearms won’t make America safer–they will only accelerate and intensify the heartache and bloodshed

  22. I have to disagree with the premise of this topic. Some, but certainly not all Democrats are anti-Modern Sporting Rifle or would be gun confiscators. I remind all of what happened when AG Holder spoke about restoring the AWB. Obama’s Chief of Staff stormed into Holder’s office and told Holder to shut his damned mouth on gun control.

    Also, 65 Democrats sent this letter to Holder, giving an awful lot of pro-Modern Sporting Rifle arguments.

    65 Democrats in Congress tell Obama Administration NO on gun control

    Click that link. We used to have a lot more of those Blue Dog Democrats. More fiscally to the right than most Democrats. More social issue to the left than most Republicans. And pro-Second Amendment. That contingent is weaker today. Some of which is to blame on Tea Party efforts that backfired badly.

    Liberals are no more all alike or all wanting the same laws and policies than conservatives. Both groups have many factions, with many degrees of positions.

    Those such as O’Rourke are in the meaningless gum flapping never gonna get elected anyway faction.

    • Dude…. Give it up…. Nobody is EVER gonna buy the lie that DEMOTARDS aren’t out for every firearm in existence….

      • Which is one symptom of why we will eventually lose our right to keep and bear arms. The absolute refusal to recognize the real world, to deal with its problems free of the partisan narratives and Party Member purity tests.

        65 Democrats from the Blue Dog Coalition came out against gun controls in 2009. They had other social issues with which they agreed with Republicans. Today their numbers are smaller and now they have removed all mention of social issues from their platform. That’s what gun control is , a social/cultural issue. You should read their letter.

        Pretending the USA’s politics are simplistic, the two sides being clearly a friend or a foe with no subtlety between and among them is a massive mistake.

        • “There are no more democrats of the kind you speak of. There are now only Stalinists.”


          There are no “Stalinists”. There are some Marxist-Socialist Democrats who think they have some sort of kinder, gentler approach to that utopian evil espoused by Karl Marx. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is the best known of this very small faction. They are wrong, and very obvious.

          There are Democrats preaching the social safety net approach that certain small northern European countries call “Socialism”. That has zero to do with Marx or Stalin. These Democrats are badly mistaken to use the term Socialism, few Americans even know that it has multiple unrelated meanings, let alone what any one of those meanings is.

          As for the Blue Dogs, they got down to 14 members but have regained strength a bit, now at 26 members.

          There is a larger centrist caucus, the single largest caucus in the House in fact:

          The difference between these two center-left to moderate left/right groups is the Blue Dogs have dropped all cultural/social positions, where the New Democrats have not.

        • The last time I checked, the Blue Dog Democratic Caucus is down to 26 members, and they all are, at a minimum, in favor of Universal Background Checks/Comprehensive Firearm Registration. Some are also in favor, in addition, to AW bans, and others merely restricting magazine capacity.

          None of them is in favor of leaving the laws as they are.


        • Enuf, you need to open your eyes. The Democrats may espouse ideas that you like, but they are not on your side. From AOC to Bernie Sanders to Elizabeth Warren, the modern Democratic utopians want to take what’s yours: your property, your income, your labor (and mine, and everyone’s). They have important constituencies to gift it to in exchange for power, prestige, and influence. You are nothing more than a resource to them, and by defending them, you only make it easier for them to exploit you. I get it: you believe in some of the less awful parts of their ideology (or at least the less awful spin they put on it). But that just means you’re petitioning to be a slightly more comfortable slave than the rest of us. It’s long past time to recognize these people for exactly what Beto reveals them to be.

  23. It’s always (not) funny hearing people say “Nobody is coming for your guns”

    Even though they have been doing it for as long as history has been recorded with various weapons used for self defense, and every single time it happens the rest of your civil liberties (if you had any before) are the next thing they take.

  24. As far as I’m concerned it’s really a sad state of the nation as a whole that I have to vote for either party strictly on a single issue being gun control…erhhh… I mean confiscation. Which I find the Dems to be so arrogantly blatant with their perception of superiority that it makes my soul want to vacate momentarily as so I can clean up the mess.

    • I know this feeling, but have it on more than gun control. I won’t get into other issues on a gun rights website but these attacks on the Second Amendment are one of the issues that make it hard for me to vote for left wing candidates. At the same time Republican positions on certain issues make it hard for me to support right wing candidates. The extreme nature on problems and rights vital to the Republic break these parties for me.

      The 2016 election was somewhat unique for me as it did not require making an issue by issue revue between Clinton and Trump. Both were so odious, so incompetent or corrupt or twisted in the head in so many ways I could not tolerate either. Could not simply pick one and hold my nose voting for the other.

      In the end I picked a wrtie-in Republican. Didn’t matter who, polling in my state put Trump solidly in the win of all our Electoral College votes. So a protest vote wouldn’t change a thing. Other than allowing me to feel like I did not contribute to the disaster of either Trump or Clinton winning.

      At least one of them lost.

      • Again lesser of the two evils is all anyone has to pick. No Republicans are not great either and yes some of them stink but there isn’t a Democrat today anymore useful than tits on a boar hog. Democrats year after year and election after election show just what a waste of skin they really are. It’s not sexy or romantic choosing a bad or worse side but it does have to be done. You do realize that Trump lost the popular vote? What is going to happen when the electoral college vote is done away with? Trump has mentioned getting rid of the electoral college vote. I’ll tell you what will happen if that ever happens. A bunch of ass clown democrats are going get elected and life for freedom loving Americans will be over as we know it. All because some don’t have the stomach to do what needs to be done.

        • There are issues on which Democrats are correct. Never perfect, but far better than Republicans.

          There are issues on which Republicans are correct. Never perfect, but far better than Democrats.

          The last thing I want to see happen is one political party achieve full control of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government. That is a path to tyranny, to the destruction of our form of democracy.

          What is needed is to maintain divided government so neither Republicans nor Democrats can fully realize their political Party’ist Platforms. It is sloppy, messy, raucous and unpleasant as hell but it beats the alternative of the tyranny of single party rule.

          China has single party rule, bad news there.

          The Soviet Union had single party rule, that sure went well for them.

          Now Russia has Putin’s brand of effective single party rule, complete with state sanctioned killing of opposition leaders and news media that gets too nosy.

          I see single party rule, or the threat of it, as one reason we need the Second Amendment UNINFRINGED!

        • “I see single party rule, or the threat of it, as one reason we need the Second Amendment UNINFRINGED!”

          Voting Democrat or third party won’t secure this for you or anyone else. I would much rather have a dominant Republican government than just a few too many Democrats. The really sad thing is politicians as a whole are allowed, that’s right allowed to violate the constitution. They are allowed to infringe on people’s rights. Why? Because deep down people don’t want to think for themselves, they want the government to tell them what to do and take care of them. If they didn’t than the same idiots wouldn’t keep getting reelected time after time.

        • ” would much rather have a dominant Republican government”

          Not me. I’ve no desire to be dominated by anybody, Republicans included.

          This is one reason I own firearms and lots of ammunition.

          Also, I just like blowing shit up.

        • Me too but I’ve experienced more than my fair share of violence. Given that, violence for me absolutely must be provoked and there must be no other options. Currently there are options and for the sake of the better part of future generations we should try everything possible to keep those options open. Saying well I have guns and ammo to another threat closes the door on other options. Even if those options aren’t the best that comes to mind.

  25. The only thing worse than a so-called “American politician” (gag) calling for gun control, and door-to-door confiscations, are the complete and utter morons who are in the audience cheering and thinking this is a great idea. And VOTING for people who want to do this! Holy crap you dumb fools (in this audience), you are next to get hauled off and disappeared (Russia, anyone?) even if you do not own a weapon. Unarmed serfs are so much easier to control. But then again, not a damned one of these morons has apparently read a history book about the dangers of being unarmed, let alone lived it first hand.

  26. Democrats want to bring socialism (communism) to your children.

    To do that they need to take your guns and make your kids stupid.

    100 million people killed in the last 100 years by exactly the same foolish Democrats we see vying for the stupid vote.

    I want to be every bit as clear as these totalitarian democrat traitors working Night and day to destroy our country. I want to see you hanged!

    Almost every democrat candidate is a seditious traitor preaching treason. They should not be on any ballot, they should be tried and hung.

    Think anyone in Venezuela would like an AR 15? How about those crybabies in Hong Kong? Think any of them would like an AK 47 before they are sent back to the mainland to have their organs harvested?

    How many people are these candidates willing to KILL? As many as they have to! And certainly YOU!!!!!!!

    If we allow further restriction and confiscations our grandchildren will rightly call us stupid PU$$IES! And we will have earned it!

    Torches, pitchforks and auto rifles!!

    • “To do that they need to take your guns and make your kids stupid.”

      They’ve done a pretty good job on the stupid kid part while blowing more money on education than any other country in the world. They love to preach how important public schools are, and for some reason those schools shouldn’t have any competition from charter schools that are proven to be better. Then those same hypocrites send their children to private schools.

  27. The Second Amendment was deliberately written in the vaguest of terms so the Founding Fathers could if necessary control the people by restricting arms. Constitutional Scholars have long debated the true meeting of the Second Amendment and their conclusions have been that it was written to deceive and let the the government rule either way on the right to own arms by its citizens.

    The Founding Fathers originally set up the new government by denying the vote to the people and reserving the right to vote only for the rich and powerful. Later both Gerrymandering and the corrupt Electoral College were adopted so the rich and powerful could control the country and ignore the will of the people, making a total mockery of any semblance of Democracy. The Founding Father’s original writings showed a fear of democracy and they labeled it “mob rule”.

    The courts have for the most part have totally ignored the Second Amendment down through its history and even the much misunderstood Scalia decision states that the courts had the right to “regulate firearms” (double speak for the power to ban weapons at will). In the last 2 years not one court has overturned the various State Assault Rifle and magazine bans and restrictions and the Supreme Court has a long history of ducking any decision on the Second Amendment leaving the lower courts to take the heat when they uphold anti-gun bans. The Supreme Court has even reversed itself from the 1930’s ruling that said only “military arms” were protected. Now it has seemed to imply any arms can be banned including sporting arms if the court rules them a danger to the public.

    It must also be remembered that the Court often rules with public opinion which plays heavily into gun bans. The Dred Scot Decision stated that even though Mr. Scot was born in the U.S. he was not considered a citizen simply because he was black. Other rulings also reflected public opinion such as voter restriction laws, laws that prohibited interracial marriage and laws that restricted Black people to using black only fountains and restaurants as well as being requited to sit at the back of a bus. Today we still have laws discriminating against LGBT people as well as protecting racist and religious people that continue to discriminate against LGBT people by denying them marriage licenses, tax breaks, and the right to employment or even buying a birthday cake. The New York “Sullivan Law” was originally written as an anti-gun law written against all immigrants and minorities and later extended against all of New York’s citizens. Again the anti-gun power mad corrupt courts ruled it constitutional and it remains so to this very day.

    It must be remembered that the reality of life in the U.S. is that the Constitution does not grant you any rights rather it is the legislature and the courts that dole out what little rights you do have including the right to privacy which was so shockingly violated and revealed in the “Deep State” illegal spying activities on U.S. citizens revealed by Edward Snowden. Even President Jimmy Carter was being spied upon by his own government and he knew it but said he was powerless to do anything against “The Deep State”. Despite all the furor not much as changed as the U.S. Government continues to spy and monitor illegally the activities and private phone calls of all of its citizens.
    Edward Snowden has volunteered to come to the U.S. to stand trial if a public trial were held so all Americans could see it. Naturally “The Deep State” has refused his request as they are terrified the truth about their illegal actives against the American people would be revealed.

    In conclusion the right to own firearms seems to be a waning one in the U.S. as the courts have been ruling with public opinion which has of late been verging on near hysteria and totally anti gun when the subject of banning semi-auto weapons is discussed at the political level. The future does indeed look dark for all gun owners as they feel the noose slowly tightening around their necks by “The Deep State” who through the use of surveillance cameras and electronic listening devices as well as computer tracking monitor everyone’s activities 24 hours around the clock and 365 days a year. There is nothing the “Deep State” does not know about you including where you are at this very moment, if you own a gun, are in debt, play golf or dislike eating vegetables, the “Deep State” knows it.


    • Before anyone asks let me just say it is a lot easier to smoke a little meth and than try to repeat what that political science professor said in class and it is a lot harder to read books and study and learn about US history or how the US government actually works.

  28. Just yesterday, George Takei posted this on Facebook.

    We are furious about rogue sheriffs who think they have the right to pick and choose what laws to enforce. New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence – a grassroots affiliate of States United to Prevent Gun Violence – fought hard to make sure a life-saving extreme risk protection law got passed. Sheriffs are now endangering the communities they are supposed to serve by refusing to enforce that law.

    #endgunviolence #grassrootsGVP

    Here was my response.

    Why stop at taking away their guns?
    Why not suspend any licenses to practice law or medicine?
    Why not prohibit them from any form if intimate contact or relationship?
    Why not require them to wear a distinctive badge when out in public?
    Or we could relocate them. It looks like there is a suitable location near Lone Pine, California.
    Have you ever been to Lone Pine?
    Or the Owens Valley?

  29. They are truly evil because they also want your money and freedom of choice. The average Democrat who doesn’t think will vote for and then wonder what flying flip happened when their taxes go up and a federal bureaucrat tells them which doctor they can see and how many months the wait will be. Then it will be, “Hey, wait a minute, you want ALL my guns? But I won an Olympic Gold Medal shooting!”

  30. Civil war will break out if democrats take over the government again with that idiot involved in ANY way. The constitution is there for a reason and people need to stand for this country instead of politicians personal agendas. God brought this country to be because of tyranny, and the American people in this country need to stand against tyranny whether its within a certain group of people or from our own government. The first amendment is there to protect rights of speech, religion, and so forth. The second is there to protect that ammendment and all the others from just this type of violation of the people’s rights. If we don’t want another war that would destroy millions of Americans lives then these attacks against the people have to STOP. If there are any politicians readings this, let it be known that this patriot and veteran of this nation along with many 1000’s more will defend the constitution against your tyrannical attacks, period. Please don’t force this issue or any other violations of the constitution. God sees all

  31. Well, if what they keep proposing won’t work, and they know it, and will generate scads of created “criminals” and they know it, maybe that’s the point.

    The point of laws, rules, and “actions” that only decrease what people can do for themselves, may just be decreasing what people can do for themselves.

  32. The facade is over, and for that we should be glad, since it justifies once and for all, our resistance to any and all anti-gun legislation no matter how innocuous it might appear. The truly alarming “Ad Arma” in this is the number of criminally ignorent people that support this tyrannical proclamation. Total Disarmament is always the precursor to Totalitrian Tyranny it’s not a maybe it could happen event, it’s is an absolute fact that it “WILL HAPPEN” in the future. That a group of sycophantic suck ups to this disasterous ideology totally support this, should be treated as the threat to the US Constitution that it is, to the number of us that swore an Oath to Support, Uphold and Defend the Constitution Against All Enemies Foreign or Domestic, breaking that oath should be considered a felony of the first degree, and treated as such by the Judiciary. No one, is entitled to pick and choose from the Constitution and Bill of Rights, only the parts they agree with to support, while ignoring and actively opposing the parts they disagree with. You either support it all or not at all, in which case you should be banned from ever holding any Civil Service office.

  33. In Britain they have have very tough knife control. They actually want to ban the sale of pointy knives. This is what will happen if the Communist Democrats have their way, because they will confiscate all firearms and when crime does not go away they will blame knives and confiscate Bowie knives and bayonets. Anything with a point. Box cutters will require a background check. 5 years ago I would of thought that this is fantasy, but today it is possible. Do not vote Democrat under any circumstances they must be punished for these proposals like it happened in the 1994 election.


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