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A Brief Glossary of Gun Terminology (As Understood by Leftists)

TTAG Commentator James Felix put the following list at the bottom of Mr. Zimmerman’s post on President Obama’s executive fiat. [NB: nothing to do with Chrysler.] As the list forced me a Coke Zero keyboard wipe-down, I thought I’d elevate it to prominence here. Feel free to add your leftist lexicon below.

Assault Rifle: Any longarm that “looks scary”. These should be banned
Common Sense: Any law or regulation that will infringe on the 2A
Cop-Killer Bullet: Any bullet
Extreme: Any position on gun laws that is to the right of Fidel Castro

Gun: An inanimate object that nonetheless has free will and moral agency
Gun Show: A small, sovereign area wherein the laws of the United States do not apply
High Powered: any cartridge of any calibre that can be fired by an assault rifle (cf.)
Sniper Rifle: Any longarm that is not an assault rifle. These should be banned


  1. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    I’ve always said that these dumb ass leftists are nothing but a bunch of lowlife COMMIES.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Tell us how you REALLY feel.

      1. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

        HA! He’s so poetic! Sat Cong, Brother.

  2. avatar Mark Zanghetti says:

    “Gun: An inanimate object that nonetheless has free will and moral agency”

    You forgot to add: and therefore should be banned.

  3. avatar David says:

    You forgot a couple…

    Assault Clip: Any device used to feed ammunition to a firearm with a capacity of greater than one round. These should be banned.

    Gun Nut/Loon: Any individual who is not of the opinion that all guns should be registered, tracked via GPS and a Microstamp, or destroyed. Anyone who fits this criteria should be forced to undergo a mental examination.

    Gun Grabber: Someone of the highest moral standing and intellect. Anyone who is graced with this title is of great enough intelligence that they should feel free to insult those who do not agree with them, as they are obviously idiots.

    1. avatar AK says:

      Magazine: definition not found. See related item assault clip

      1. avatar Bat sh*t crazy says:

        Yeah, that’s where them bullet thingy’s go, isn’t it?

        1. avatar William says:

          They are Cop Killer Bullets – don’t lose an opportunity to stroke fear so you don’t have to be rational

      2. avatar justin says:

        Magazine: Publication promoting the private ownership of murder machines (aka: guns) thus promoting right wing militias and the irresponsible belief that the 2nd amendment actually exists under the redacted sections of the liberal constitution. And therefore be banned.

    2. avatar otalps says:

      “Someone of the highest moral standing and intellect. ”
      Actually it’s someone at least 60 iq points under Corky from “Life Goes on”.

  4. avatar Rebecca says:

    Don’t forget that guns are magical, too. But I guess that goes along with it having “free will” and “moral agency”, huh?

    I’m surprised MikeB30200 hasn’t said something in here.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Please, Rebecca, do NOT mention mikey. It’s like looking into a mirror and saying “Candyman” three times. The results are unpleasant.

      1. avatar Gunnutmegger says:

        Hey…no one has heard from Anthony Weiner in a while either…

        1. avatar andy says:

          Congressman Anthony Weiner just announced his candidacy for the 2012 Presidential election.

          His chances of defeating seated President Obama are not estimated to be good. Despite this fact, he has chosen Attorney General Eric Holder as his Vice-Presidential running mate. How this will affect Holder’s position in the current administration is unclear at this time.

          Weiner-Holder 2012.

        2. avatar All7evens says:

          Lol @ Andy, that was pretty good Andy.

        3. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

          Weiner is rising in the polls….Weiner can’t be licked at the ballot box…Can Obama handle Weiner in 2012?

      2. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

        Weiner thrusts forward in the lead…

        1. avatar IGB says:

          I thought Boehner was in front of Weiner by at least a head.

        2. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

          HA HA HA!

      3. avatar Rebecca says:

        N-n-n-no. Not “Mikey”. That brings Mike Teutel to mind (of American Chopper fame) who is a Good Guy, a White Hat. Our Mike is a Brown Hat. (Yes, I’m insinuating here.)

  5. avatar Chase says:

    Machine gun: Guns meant to be shot full auto from the hip to kill lots of people.

    1. avatar KMBRTAC45 says:

      According to the “loons” an AR-15 is a Machine Gun. As far as they are concerned ALL guns are “Machine Guns”.

    2. avatar Mike says:

      You mean “sprayed”, not shot. 😉

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    Handgun: a device that has no purpose except killing people.

    1. avatar Mike says:

      I put 5,000 rounds a year through one handgun or another for 40 years. What was the name of that medium sized city I have wiped out.

  7. avatar RAN says:

    Concealed Weapons Laws – Racist regulations written to keep minorities in check.

    1. avatar Bob H says:

      Tsk, Tsk. That is a gun-loon’s definition.
      Concealed Weapons Laws – Common sense regulations to limit the availability of firearms to anyone who needs one. See – “gun-loons.”

  8. avatar William says:

    I love the common sense definition. It always causes me to groan when the gun grabbers use it. It is so condescending – because the implication is that pro-2Aers are stupid, ignorant, uncivilized cavemen that have no sense.

  9. avatar Travis Leibold says:

    Sik 10/22. Im guessing that is part of the irony…

  10. avatar MALTHUS says:

    Thanks for the laugh, James. :^)

    (Why is it that gun owners are editorialized as knuckle dragging Neanderthals when it is the Leftists who are so clueless?)

    1. avatar William says:

      I think this reflects their need for superiority as well as their intellectual dishonesty.

      As for superiority, by dehumanizing us down to cavemen, they feel like the civilized and urbane humans kindly condescending to show us the error of our ways. It reminds me of missionaries from developing countries forcing their culture on “poor savages.”

      As for intellectual dishonesty, their brains have to know in some corner that they are ignoring certain realities. They manage to blind themselves to any facts that undermine their position. They replace reality with their ideology. By dehumanizing us, they give themselves permission to ignore any facts we present. They can simply cast it aside as inferior because of its source.

      Maybe I’m giving them too much credit though…

    2. avatar Rebecca says:

      Pssst – we’re not *all* clueless. 😉

  11. avatar Terry4strokes says:

    Automatic weapon – anything that uses an assult clip, these should be banned

    RPG – destructive devise available to Mexican Drug Lords at US gun shows or Bob’s Tackle and Guns, we don’t need to ban these just the gun shows and Bob’s

  12. avatar Jon says:

    Barrel Shroud: The thingy that goes up. These should be banned.

    1. avatar Rebecca says:

      Oh, we can do better than that 🙂 :

      Barrel shroud: the covering we put over a dead gun before burial. Or crushing. Or shredding. Or melting.

  13. avatar Terry4strokes says:

    The shoulder thingie that goes up – The most dangerous attachment to an automatic assault weapon, these any thing they are attached to must be banned

  14. avatar 101abn says:

    Allow bullets, just ban anything capable of firing them.

  15. avatar Mike G .30-06 says:

    Body Count – synonym for BATF

  16. avatar WV Panhandler says:

    “Saturday night special” any handgun that costs less than your annual membership to NPR or the ACLU; should be banned.
    “assault pistol” any handgun that is not a SNS should restricted to law enforcement or private bodyguard
    “assault weapon” any weapon that has no legitimate sporting purpose; should be banned
    “legitimate sporting purpose” an imaginary activity believed to exist in the mind of dangerously delusional person; does not exist.
    “prohibited person” any person who has a dangerous and irrational desire to own a firearm
    “waiting period” the period of time a stalker or angry loner has to kill a non-gun owner who has belatedly discovered police don’t stop crimes they investigate them
    “interstate commerce” any activity or inactivity that occurs within any single state, the basis for federal regulation of guns, doctors or anything else
    “one gun a month” twelve more guns a year more than should legally be permitted to any person

  17. avatar Kirk says:

    Common sense gun regulation = any gun regulation that 1. impedes the right of the law abiding to defend themselves and 2. makes no sense what so ever.

  18. avatar pro.0s says:

    Don’t they always say “high powered sniper rifle”? so high powered is basically anything more than a .22lr

    1. avatar Matt H says:

      No, high powered is anything more than a squirt gun.

      1. avatar Rebecca says:


        I was about to say that I could use a .22lr as a sniper rifle.

  19. avatar Walrusleather says:

    High powered sniper rifle, includes but is not limited to any item that is mostly gun shaped and fires a projectile (lead, rubber, plastic, paint) propelled by powder, compressed gas, spring or other form of mechanical motion. that is deadly and will kill on its own accord and must be banned, burned and confiscated at (minimal taxpayer cost) 1,107.54 per item to be paid from the Treasury general fund.

  20. avatar TSgt B says:


    Always enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work.

    1. avatar Rebecca says:

      *curtsie* Thankee!

  21. avatar BLAMMO says:

    Gun: An 18th century anachronism that has no place in a modern, civilized society.

    Gun Owner: Fat, white, male, racist, sixth-grade readin’, tobacco chawin’, pickup drivin’, beer drinkin’, butt-crack showin’, Bible thumpin, cousin marryin’, hayseed.

    1. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

      Hey! It ain’t love if she ain’t family!

    2. avatar Carl says:

      Cmon- you know the lefties believe in equal rights for the sexes. Don’t forget a definition of female gun owners. I’m NOT going to describe them- don’t wanna get shot.

  22. avatar Rob Crawford says:

    High Capacity: Any ammunition storage that holds more than a single round.

    Ammunition Cache: Possession of more than twelve rounds of one or more caliber.

    Massive Ammunition Cache: An ammunition cache consisting of more than 200 rounds of one or more caliber.

    Self Defense: The right to call upon the police to collect your corpse.

    1. avatar Rebecca says:

      We have ~800 rounds of .22lr, along with ~150 rounds of 7.62x54R, as well as ~1.5k rounds of 9mm Luger. I guess we have a “massive ammo cache”. Doesn’t seem like enough, though.

      I have 3 magazines for my XD(m) of 19 rounds each. Two of those mags came with the gun. Apparently not legal in California. Margaret has 3 mags for her CZ P-01; they each hold 14 rounds. Not sure how California feels about that. Don’t really care; not moving there any time soon. Lived in San Francisco for about 6 months, which was about 3 months too long.

      1. avatar Rebecca says:

        Correction: we have four mags each for our handguns.

  23. Don’t Forget;

    Gun Lobby = Gun Owners. Any and all gun owners are a part of this Force of Darkness.

    1. avatar Jarhead1982 says:

      In the voice of Darth Vader “Luke, come with me to the darkside and we can defeat the emporer and rule together”!

      1. avatar JJ Swiontek says:

        “Come to the dark side. We have cookies!”

  24. avatar Dean Anderson says:

    One of my favorite terms used by the media is:

    What the hell kind of firearm is that ??

    1. avatar Rebecca says:

      A schizophrenic one.

  25. avatar David says:

    The funny thing is, we can poke fun at ourselves like this all day. When was the last time you heard of a gun grabber making fun of themselves?

  26. avatar Mike V99 says:

    You forgot my favorite, the dreaded “Semi-Automatic Machine Gun.”

    (Oops, I see Dean had it already!)

  27. avatar ExNuke says:

    “Patrol Rifle” an Assault Weapon that has been blessed by the touch of an employee of a Federal, State or Local Political Organization and is no longer capable of killing anyone unless they fail to bow down and grovel.

  28. avatar W.Richards says:

    Loophole : Anything you are still able to do legally without government approval.

    Wild West: what happens on the southside of Chicago every weekend during the non snowing months.

    Innocent School Children: Youth who has a criminal record that’s 3 inches thick of arrests and convictions before the age of 16. But serves as an alter boy weekly and helps the elderly across busy city streets if ever discussed in front of a news camera.

  29. avatar Anonymousamoungus says:

    A Slightly Extended Brief Glossary of Gun Related Terminology as Provided by Leftists. (pt.1)

    Gun: any device which can expel anything by any means.
    Any symbol reproduced in any way, such as drawn on paper or printed on an article of clothing or apparel, which resembles any device which can expel anything by any means.
    Any substance, material or object which can be fashioned to resemble a device which can expel anything by any means.
    Any gesture made by use of hands, fingers, toes and/or etc. which can be interpreted to signify or resemble any device which can expel anything by any means.
    Any object which can be used to signify or resemble in any way a device which can expel anything by any means, necessarily including but not expressly limited to, a chicken drumstick.

    Assault Rifle: an evil weapon of mass destruction which cannot possibly have, or in any way be used for any purpose other than killing people, except when possessed by Law Enforcement, at which time it represents a benign symbol of the purpose of Law Enforcement to Protect, Serve and Provide Safety and Security and therefore becomes a ’patrol rifle’.

    Sniper Rifle: An evil weapon of mass destruction which has no purpose other than killing people, defenseless animals, shooting through bullet proof vests, Law Enforcement vehicles and downing aircraft, except when possessed by Law Enforcement, at which time it becomes a benign symbol of the purpose of Law Enforcement to Protect, Serve and Provide Safety and Security and is also called a ‘patrol rifle’ or in one rare instance, a ‘Counter Sniper Rifle’.

  30. avatar Anonymousamoungus says:

    A Slightly Extended Brief Glossary of Gun Related Terminology Provided by Leftists.
    (pt. 2 )

    Cop-Killer Bullet: any bullet possessed by any person other than a Law Enforcement Officer.

    High Powered Gun: any device which can expel anything further than the maximum distance necessary to poke your own eye out.

    High Powered Bullet: any projectile which, upon application of force can travel further than the total length of the barrel of the device from which it is discharged.

    Gun Show: A display of firearms and accoutrements by persons who are not authorized agents of government flagrantly exploiting a loophole in the rights granted to them by government. A place where all criminals go to illegally obtain Assault Rifles, Assault Clips, Assault Handguns, Assault Cop-Killer Bullets, High-powered Assault Primers, Assault Powder, Assault Cartridge Cases, Assault Shot-Shells, Assault Bayonet Lugs, Assault Collapsible Stocks, Assault Slings, Assault High-Powered Sniper Rifles, Assault Scopes and Assault thingys that go up.

  31. avatar Jerry says:

    Extreme right wing milita group… Any person or group of persons that can recite the last 11 words of the 2nd Ammendment from memory.

    Muslim Extremeist… A made up term by extreme right wing milita groups to scare the general public (note, the current government has found no evidence to support the exsistance of any such group, Muslims being of the religion of peace. Ref: The stoning of saoriyia M., The 3rd jihad, sharia law Etc.)

    Gun banners… Any person or group of persons that know if an all out ban on guns were implemented all violent crime would cease to exsist. ( see Law of the U.S. Murder,Rape and Assult. Note; as of the writing of this no laws currently exsist in the U.S. covering the aforementioned crimes hence there exsistance)

  32. avatar Anonymousamoungus says:

    A Slightly Extended Brief Glossary of Gun Related Terminology Provided by Leftists.
    ( pt. 3 )

    Moderately Extreme. any person who believes owing a firearm is a right.
    Extreme: any person who actually possesses a firearm or is in any way, engaged in acts of importing, manufacturing, reparing, buying, selling, trading, collecting or gifting firearms, accoutrements or ammunition.
    Beyond-the-pale Extreme: any person in possession of, or has, in their home, their vehicle or on or about their person a Gun, who is not in Law Enforcement or in the U.S. Military under direct orders by their Superior Officer to carry a Gun and under combat conditions.

    Common Sense: A quality specific only to Leftists because it’s obvious to that no one else has it, and certainly no one who owns a Gun. Teaching Common Sense, pressuring legislators into enacting more Common Sense Gun Safety Laws is part of their mission in life, and it must be done for the Children.

    Keeping Guns out of the Wrong Hands: is Common Sense, and the Wrong Hands are anyone’s hands other than Law Enforcement and the Military under combat conditions.

    Gun Rights: Granted to government by Leftists and what the little people still have is a Rights Loophole until such time that further Gun Safety Regulations can be enacted.

    Reasonable Restrictions: “Mr. And Mrs. America, Turn Them All In.”

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