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TTAG has been on the prowl for news of the burgeoning trend in .9mm handguns. An eagle-eyed reader sent in this image published today at To ascertain the snap’s provenance and freshnessosityitude I checked the photo attribution on the side of the image. belongs to a Russian nature and babe-ushka photographer, of all things. I clicked backwards as far as I could given my daughters’ desire to spend the afternoon immersed in water. Suffice it to say, I’m not surprised by the international appeal of this, the most concealable (if questionably lethal) of semi-automatic firearms. Watch this space. Closely.

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    • I still have my G.I. Joe action figures in a box somewhere. Seing that they are roughly 1/6 life size, to get a .9mm handgun, would mean the original was a 5.4 mm pistol (.9mm x 6 = 5.4mm) which would be close to a .22 caliber. I can at least visualize that as a possibility. Makes me wish I had the G.I. Joe with the “Kung Fu grip” for him to be able to deal with the recoil of the deadly .9mm.

    • Just wondering why a special license would be needed? It’s a revolver, just happens to be really small. Are there regs defining when small is too small?

      • Checking in between customers.

        Yes .. it’s about being too small. As far as I know it’s still banned for import and each is custom made. I picked it up from another dealer on a trade. It will sit safe and sound in my private collection and be NFS.

  1. Sadly, this .9mm craze has even infected good authors. I read of it in a recent Clive Cussler book. Made the entire book less enjoyable just having read it. As proof that it wasn’t an isolated typo, it mentioned the same .9mm gun later in the book.

  2. Wouldn’t you think that if someone was going to get a close up picture of their hands, they would at least wash them? Is this a French picture?


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