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Is your .9mm a dinosaur? That’s the question DeSantis Holsters asks in its email blast. A quick troll through the Internet reveals . . .

Greenville man, convicted felon, sentenced to prison for having a [.9mm] pistol

$2M-plus drug bust [including a .9mm pistol] called ‘game-changer’ in Georgia

Helena man arrested for firing [.9mm] gun in home with woman and children inside.

Small evidence for .9mm’s ongoing popularity — amongst bad guys and idiots — but enough to convince me to hang onto my .9mm. If I could only find it . . .


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  1. My granddaughter was using a .9mm mechanical pencil today. I warn her not to take it to school. Wouldn’t want to scare a deputy into retiring.

    • When I was in middle school, I had a mechanical pencil with an eraser cap that I replaced with a 9×19 case that I snagged on a field trip to the police station. I don’t know what I did with it, but if a teacher had seen it they’d probably flip their wig.

    • This goes to show that progress is real and we have moved from barely sufficient calibers to adequate ones. When I was a kid, we were happy if we could get our hands on .7 or even .5 mm pencils. 🙂

      • JY, as someone posted to another person down below, that “whoooshing” sound you hear is the joke going way over your head. All the posters here know the difference between 9mm and .9mm. It’s the mass media, and in some cases the PR firms for the holster industry, that does not know the difference. Hence the jokes.

  2. .9mm is only legally defensible out to 300mm. Anything farther away than that, you have a duty to retreat…..

  3. I swapped for a 45 mm long ago. Recoil takes some getting used to but it does have stopping power.

    • I’ve found the 22mm LR rimfire to have more controllable recoil than the 45mm, and more suitable capacity with the 1,000 rd plasma propulsion at +P velocities, of course using maximum expansion ballistic tip bonded partition projectiles, designed to penetrate NIJ level IX carbon plate armor. It’s also good for jack rabbits.

        • If you’re not happy, JUST MOVE! I’m going on 30 years of tryin’ but everyone’s leaving, not coming here. I’m about ready to give up, and just stay Blue-State. I’m even thinking of registering demon, just so I can fu– with THEIR primaries.

  4. I mostly carry a Glock 19 gen3 or Sig 938 both with Corbon DPX 115gr +P. I’m sure it will be sufficient. 😎

  5. .9mm a dinosaur? There are probably more news storys about the .9mm than all other calibers put together. Wait until the Po-lice adopt them. Then we’re all gonna be in trouble.

    • … and reloading the cartridges is even worse.

      A kudos for correct use and spelling of “minuscule.”

    • My Assault weapons dealer said that he never knows when he’ll get some of those micro-primers in, but I should just be thankful that I don’t need micro-mag primers. I use a 1 grain Bullseye (the Quantity, NOT the Weight) compressed load.

  6. My ruger 9mm p89 does just fine. I believe they stopped making them in 2006 or 2007. I prefer a hammer fired semi auto pistol.

    • actually I believe the “p” series rugers ended in 97 with the p97, my personal favorite has always been the p90dc .45, I’ve had two. great guns.

      • The P97 was the last model of Ruger’s “P” series, but they continued to make several of them until the “SR” series had four or five models/calibers in it. The P95 and the P345 (which was more like an early SR design than a classic P frame) were the last lines to be decomissioned, with the final lots dated 2013. Most of the rest of the series (including the P89 and P90) were discontinued in 2007, while a few models had already been obsoleted by another P model and a few others lasted as late as 2011. Personally I think the SR design was a big step down from the P design, and they would have been better off using newer materials to reduce the size, weight and brick-like appearance of the P series without mechanically altering it, but I imagine the conversation between the middle manager who got the order from the executive boardroom meeting and the lead engineer went something like this:

        Manager: “So the execs want us to make something called a Glock. Do you know how to make a Glock?”

        Engineer: “Well, yeah, sure, but we’d have to change all kinds of tooling. They’re cheaper per unit but it’d take years just to break even. For that kind of money we could just make our existing designs lighter and cheaper and still use a lot of the same parts.”

        Manager: “But would it be a Glock? Marketing says we need to make a Glock.”

        Engineer: “Sigh.”

        I still haven’t found a Ruger P or SR in the ever-elusive .9mm though. I think maybe they made a bunch but most of them got lost in shipping. Really small stuff has a way of falling into cracks like that.

  7. the fact that .9mm’s are so small makes them so easy to conceal. no excuse not to carry a firearm when you go out. but I need my reading glasses to find the mag release. maybe someone will make a revolver for it that takes moon clips like S&W and Taurus have for the 9mm. and it is hard for me to see if I got hollow points in it as well.

  8. I was considering a .9mm, but nobody stocks it, and a 6.35mm really has much greater stopping-power!


  9. What about dropping the dot in all these “.9mm” ? It’s 9mm, not .9mm. The dot is there to indicate it’s a sub-unit, to shorten “0.”. In .45, it’s correct because it’s 0.45 inch. Idem in .22. If you use a .223, it’s a 5.56mm, and a .50 is a 12.7mm. I even recall me reading an article on this site about this common mistake journalists do. But here on a gun enthousiast website, it’s no acceptable 🙂

  10. the 9mm must be pretty good

    hoardes of people are worshipping at the “altar of the pistol caliber carbines” chambered in it

    repeat after me:


  11. On the POSITIVE side, the leftists SHOULD admit that we (fans of their .9 mm) are UNDER-COMPENSATING for being overly-endowed.

  12. Proof positive that to get a job in a modern-day marketing department, you don’t actually have to know very much about the product you’re trying to sell.

  13. For a blog that seems NEVER to run a human eyeball over copy after running it through the spellchecker, you take inordinate glee in the typos of others.

    Just sitting here listening to the kettle calling the pot black.

    • Take a wrench. Loosen your nuts a turn or two. Take a couple of breaths and relax. Now isn’t that better?

      Hopefully you didn’t have to use a .9mm socket to loosen said nuts.

      • Gman (not a typo): That’s too bad, I was giving them (irresponsibly) the benefit of doubt instead of knowing they’re “willfully ignorant.”

  14. I keep my .9 mm semi-automatic next to my .12 gauge shotgun. They are both easy to conceal due to their size.

  15. My buddy at NASA assures me that a .9mm projectile traveling at 22,000 fps could take out a satellite. Alas, the highest velocity you could achieve with smokeless powder is 5,700 fps and that would require a barrel 8 feet long.

    • 7 feet of barrel is my limit. Anything longer than that is just unwieldy.

  16. Love the .9. It’s an awesome cartridge. I feel, size and what not, the recoil is fairly minimal. I’m deciding whether to build an AR in .556mm.

  17. If I had a nickel for every time I saw this, or .556, or a 50mm M2 machinegun, or some thriller writer describing cocking the hammer on a Glock or snicking off the safety on a revolver, I’d have a big pile of $05.0 coins.

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