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“Well-off white people and scared, insecure, white men of all classes are going to kill us all.” – Unidentified reader comment selected by The Atlantic for their article ‘White Male Privilege’ and Other Themes of Gun Culture

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  1. “All blacks are crack dealers and prostitutes”
    “What do you mean you’re not good at math? You’re asian”
    “Nice BMW, you Jewish?”
    “All gun owners are terrorists and idiot rednecks”
    We call these ideas “bigotry”.

  2. I’m more concerned about being shot by manic crack/ meth using black bangers or white drug addicts than by good people of any color.

  3. Personally I’m more concerned with the glaciers coming back and burying half of North America under 10,000 feet of ice. If that doesn’t kill us all I don’t know what would.

  4. Conservative speaker Ben Shapiro has succinctly stated the standard operating procedure of Progressives: they invariably portray their political opponents as stupid, crazy, or corrupt (or combinations of those). Progressives do this hoping that other people:
    (1) Dismiss those political opponents without ever listening to them
    — or —
    (2) Refuse to support those political opponents even if they are correct

    That strategy is simple: most people would put no stock in the ramblings of someone who is stupid, or crazy, or corrupt. And, even if those “ramblings” were accurate, most people would feel an obligation to oppose that someone because most people would be loathe to side with someone who is stupid, or crazy, or corrupt.

    Here is yet another example, front and center, of that standard operating procedure.

    • Schopenhauer taught us that 200 years ago:

      “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

      Unfortunately, that cycle may take many generations to achieve fruition.

    • Indeed…. if Mr Unknown Commenter is so scared, then he should buy a gun to defend himself…. What’s that? You sold your rights down the river for an empty promise of security? Well, I guess that sucks for you! Clack, clack… now get off my lawn.

  5. I recently realized something that builds on our earlier comments. Progressives:
    (1) Have no absolute standard of right or wrong.
    (2) Declare right or wrong based on circumstances.
    (3) Concoct justifying circumstances for their selfish gain.
    (4) Thus ensure that you cannot ever win such a game.

    So, here is an example of how a Progressive would declare bigotry “wrong” in one case and “right” in another case:

    A white person falsely portrays a demographic.
    That is wrong because white people are corrupt and exploit that demographic.

    A demographic falsely portrays white people.
    That is right because white people are corrupt and exploit that demographic.

    In other words the selfish ends justify the means.

  6. “White male privilege” is just another societal narrative enabling ‘other than white males’ to claim oppression and therefore “justifying” special considerations and favorable treatment.

  7. Paranoid? Somebody hasn’t been paying attention. You’re not being paranoid if they are actually out to get you.

  8. If White Privilege were still a thing, all you plebes would be our slaves, all 2nd world countries would be our colonies, and all the 3rd world countries would be our lamdfills.

    You really don’t want us to get our White Privilege up, it doesn’t end well for you.

  9. There is such a thing as white privilege, many white cops will give a break to a young white person(who doesn’t look like trouble), when they would not to someone else. But that goes both ways, a black cop giving a break to a black kid(who doesn’t look like trouble), or a female cop, or, or, or etc.

    But, just because someone is white, does not mean he/she is welcome in Ivy League society or business or family, any more than someone of color would be.

  10. “Well-off white people and scared, insecure, white men of all classes are going to kill us all.”

    Well, no, not you all of you. Just the ones with no brains or useful skills.

    /sarc off

  11. Re: The “liberal” playbook…

    Find Evan Sayet’s famous speech, or get the book he made based on it: “Kindergarden In The Garden of Eden.”

    For a more poetic take on the same observations, get David Mamet’s “The Secret Knowledge.” Funny how prize-winning, celebrated Mamet suddenly became a hack and a hater after his essay “Why I am No Longer a Brain Dead Liberal.”

    Andrew Breitbart wasn’t wrong, either, but he was way more political theater than analyst. Easily smeared per the Alinsky rule. (Which is why the anti’s go after the NRA, not any position or analysis. First thing to do with John Lott’s analysis is go after him personally. So, of course, 3 minutes into that Florida “townhall”, it’s all about smearing NRA-Dana. This is what they do.)

    These people are programmed with a well-crafted machinery of pseudo-analysis and fake conclusions, tied to the reward of feeling better about yourself. (Or at least better than “those people.” You know, the deplorable bitter clingers.) We recently had an entire two-term presidency based on that mechanism. “Back this guy n you can feel better about yourself.”

    In contrast, “Do some good for yourself and the world, and you can feel better about yourself.” is Trump’s entire pitch. Which is why the opposition hates it so, and still doesn’t get it. Given what came before, that pitch works no matter how flawed the vessel. They don’t get that yet, either.

    (BTW, the way to get Trump to do the right thing on guns is in that observation.)

    • If anyone remembers the soviet president Nikita Krueschev [ misspelled ] , he stated ” We will get you from within “. This is what the socialist or communist democratic party is striving for with the ” divided we fall ” plan. Divide us by ; age, gender, religion, race, gun control, monetary status, political persuasion, patriotic beliefs etc. It’s a shame that we fall for it, or some do.

      • A bit off subject, but since you mentioned bad boy Nikita, There was a story going around about when Khrushchev came to America around the late 50’s, or 60’s. He was pissed because security (ours) wouldn’t let him visit Disneyland.
        So, to get back at us, he went to visit the “Trojan” factory, where they manufacture condoms. He told the managers he wanted 100 cartons of condoms shipped to him when he got back to Russia. He said that because of the special size of his troops, he wanted the condoms to be 16″ long, and 3″ in diameter!
        The company then made up his order and prepared them for shipment……………………..And labeled them “MEDIUM”


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