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U.S. Optics is launching a new “true” 1-8x optic. The scope has a first focal plane reticle with MIL markings, adjustable in MILs. The 1.75 pound unitĀ also boasts a built-in powered red dot for close-range shooting. That’ll be $1,945 please—after the new optic graduates from prototype later this year.

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  1. It looks like a great scope but at the prices most high end manufacturers like U.S Optics ask for their products I’m completely uninterested.
    What I want to see from more manufacturers is high value, good quality variable power optics. It’d be nice if more manufacturers made sub $600 1-4 or 1-5 variables; it’d be even better if they were sub $4-500 or cheaper.
    I guess I’m just cheap though lol.

  2. Take a hard look at the Burris line up of 1-4×24 scopes as well as 1.5-6x scopes.
    They are excellent. I use the 1.5-6x with the 7.62 reticle. Great scope. And they are all under $800

  3. US Optcis are custom hand built durable scopes made in the USA.

    @Danny Yeah USO could meet that price point if they shipped 50x jobs from the USA to China.

    @ DDearborn To compare them to Burris ( which is slightly better than Tasco ) is a joke.

    @ME I am getting 3 of these when they come out.

  4. I realize this is an old thread but I just noticed the comments. Actually I was offering lower cost alternatives. I was not however stating that they are comparable in terms of optics quality. In point of fact I was not making a direct comparision at all. On the other hand your statement that the XTR line is “slightly better than Tasco” is in fact false. These scopes have been reviewed many times by acknowledged optics experts and in particular the 1.5X6x is quite well thought of. It is perhaps a bit dated as of 2013. But it is a quality optic at 1/3 the cost of the USO’s. By every measure the Burris XTR line in miles ahead of Tasco’s. So I am not quite sure what axe you are grinding here.

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