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You are all very sick individuals.

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        • Well, when you’re paid to display product with your body, you probably should be somewhat fit or attractive or the point is kind of moot.

        • I agree – hence why I was asking BC; MT why he was calling the guy rude for pointing out that she doesn’t seem quite qualified for the job.

    • Cut Nick some slack. Not that I have. Or would. Or will. But word from the floor says he’s texting something seriously serious at the moment. So there’s hope for the boy yet.

  1. Nick, if wanting to see (hopefully) attractive girls makes us “sick”, then that obviously alerts us to a particular aspect of your personality. Not that there’s anything wrong with that though…but you might be more comfortable in San Francisco than at a gun show. 😉

  2. The brunette seems a victim of unflattering shorts and bad posture, mostly.

    I’m more worried about the blonde. Someone seems to have made off with a significant portion of her hindquarters.


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