9/11 And The Importance of Being Armed

September 11 9/11 World Trade Center
The twin towers of the World Trade Center burn behind the Empire State Building, Tuesday Sept. 11, 2001. in New York. (AP Photo/Marty Lederhandler, File)
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Twenty years ago today I was riding my motorcycle to work, a little late, but almost there. My boss, Governor Rick Perry, called me along the way, and I had to pull over to get the phone out, take off my helmet, and answer him.

He asked me if I still had family in New York (I didn’t) and if I had seen the news (I hadn’t). He told me to get to the office as fast as I could.

I arrived to everyone standing in one room staring at the TV. I walked in almost exactly as the second plane hit the South Tower.

A short time later we learned of the plane hitting the Pentagon. One of the people I occasionally worked with, an incredibly intelligent woman, Barbara Olson, died on that flight.

September 11 9/11 World Trade Center
9/11/01 New York City. World Trade Center Terrorist Bombing Credit: 1199785Globe Photos/MediaPunch /IPX

Over the course of that day, the nature of those attacks became evident, and over the next days I would hear so many people talk about what “we” were going to do.

Friends, co-workers, everyone, was talking about how “we” were going to get the people who did this. “We” were going to go over there and kick the hell out of them. “We” were going to make them pay. “We” were going to keep our nation, and her people, safe.

I came to realize that everyone I was talking to didn’t think “we” meant the same thing I thought it did. Those people meant “we” in the same sense they talked about “we” on the football field. They knew damn well they weren’t playing in that game, and had no intention of ever doing so.

To me, “we” meant you and me. A short time later I got that it was really just me. So I signed up, as an enlisted man, and became a medic. No one, and I mean not one of the people I worked with — family, friends — no one did the same. Those people actually meant “they” every time they said “we.”

9/11 World Trade Center September 11 rubble
In this Sept. 12, 2001 file photo, firefighters work in the rubble of the World Trade Center towers in New York. (AP Photo/Virgil Case, File)

And that’s the crux of the issue before us today in regards to our daily carry of firearms. Around our nation, far too many people attempt to pass on their duty to protect themselves and the others they are responsible for. They depend on us to protect them, all the while saying “we” are safe.

No folks, I am safe. I make myself safe, and I’ll do my best to make you safe, too. But if you aren’t taking responsibility for your own safety, if you walked out of the house today unready, there’s no “we” to it.

For those of you who did, who on this day woke up, tooled up, and went about your life, thank you for standing with me. I am proud of our nation, and proud of us.


This post was originally published in 2015.

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  1. Tears form when I think too deeply about 9/11, the hatred that spawned it, the violence that followed, the human suffering….and how it was used politically to undermine our Constitution. That may be the biggest sin of all.

    Since then, steady erosion culminating in both political parties conspiring to overthrow the Constitution through massive election fraud…and now, the Federal government trying to outlaw natural immunity and to bully private businesses through caprecious and unscientific fiat. This is not what so many fought to protect, were wounded and disabled to protect, died to protect.

    • I am happy my son DIDN’T reup after 8 years in the army. He joined right out HS in 1992. Or join the guard for endless trips to the Mideast. He speaks & writes Arabic for DoD now. It must suck to know all this was in vain. Everything since WWII. May GOD help us…I will never surrender my gun’s!

      • FWW,

        Thanks to both your son and to you for service to this great country. Agree…will not surrender my guns, my family’s safety, our freedoms. In fact, maybe it is time to buy a new long gun. Been wishing for a Ruger Mini-14 tactical in 300 blackout. I should pour out the change jar and start counting…maybe I have enough that it will not set back the budget too seriously.

        Don’t tell my wife. Not, yet, anyway.

      • I have never ever said I served in the military LifeSaver. I barely missed the Vietnam draft by a few months. My # was 19. You’d a thunk the USA would’ve known better. I have “plans” for some new gats.

        • Ooooh, very clever. We all assumed “former water walker” meant Marine. I was always told, “Yes, the Marines are part of the Navy, but only until we learn to walk on water”

          Unless you’re suggesting that you were some kind of former savior who was capable of walking on water at one time but has now lost that power, which would be much more interesting than the stolen valor innuendo.

        • My apologizes former water walker,

          A gerbil was stuck up my ass at my last Marxist meeting, and that was 4 days ago. Don’t know what it is doin’ in there, and I am getting hungry.

          So sorry about the whole “innuendo” crap, I really don’t even know what that word means. Its an 80’s Latin boy band, right?

      • Yeah, my brother was doing the language thing in the Navy when they needed Arabic speakers he volunteered for that. He ended up in Iraq, Saudi, etc for everything from Khobar Towers to the Cole, things had settled down a bit as far as terrorist attacks against Americans. My brother is gone now and it will fall on other young men to deal with the hubris and foolishness of our current senile White House occupant. Oh yeah, we are going to have to send more good people to die in Afghanistan because of Biden and that doesn’t include those who may die just getting out those he callously abandoned.

  2. Unfortunately we have not learned nothing from 9/ 11. We still allow child molesters and every other criminal, to freely come and go across open borders. No one has a right to come to this country. They can stay in their own land. And hang their own leaders from lamp posts. The way it was done in this country. In order for us to form a more perfect union.
    Yes our nation was founded on blood. Just like every nation on earth.

    And we continue to be involved in the oil-rich Middle East. Instead of developing our own energy resources here in this country. Which is something President Trump was successful at doing. We became the world’s biggest exporter of oil under his leadership.
    But that was stopped by the dementia, pro Chinese Communist influenced president Biden.

    No country on Earth allows outsiders to simply come and go without at least checking in and getting permission to enter a society. Only the utopian open borders crowd believes differently than the rest of the world.

    • quote————-And we continue to be involved in the oil-rich Middle East. Instead of developing our own energy resources here in this country. Which is something President Trump was successful at doing. We became the world’s biggest exporter of oil under his leadership.
      But that was stopped by the dementia, pro Chinese Communist influenced president Biden.————quote

      Biden had zero to do with it. The Middle East panicked when they saw the Americans drilling for shale oil and they lowered their price of oil to undercut the American production of it which destroyed it almost overnight.

      • Nonsense! Biden stopped pipeline construction, oil drilling on public lands, oil projects in Anwar to name just a few. The reversal of Trump’s energy policies is the ONLY reason why we are not energy independent!

    • I recorded GWB’s Sep 20th National address in its entirety from the original live TV feed. Sooooo glad I did. YouTube scrubbed it from its platform years ago, and I haven’t successfully found it anywhere on the Interwebs. GWB was resolute, patriotic, and forceful during his speech in a way we needed at that time.

      I’ll retain the recording forever as a gift to my grandchildren, so they can see the speech for themselves and know how tall America was able to rise.

      At least, before the implementation of the TSA, and DHS, and Patriot Act, and…

      • Be sure to include this video vignette in your time capsule for your progeny, I’m sure he’ll find it… Informative.

        “President Bush & The Famous Sword Dance with King Abdalla”


        How wonderful that we were given the great honor of spending trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of American soldiers to help the House of Saud maintain their Wahabi Caliphate.

        Republican George Bush was all too willing, with the support of conservatives in Congress, to spend thousands of American lives needlessly to support Saudi Arabia’s worship of their particular sky daddy.

        I never forget, Republican president George W. Bush personally authorized the only plane to fly the day after 9/11, he had no difficulty making sure the bin Laden family was able to flee before being questioned by law-enforcement and military intelligence.

        And just recently we have republican president Donald Trump providing billions of dollars in modern weapons to the Saudi Arabians.

        It is interesting, everyone claims Barack Hussein Obama was a secret Muslim, but the facts show the Republicans are the champions of giving aid and comfort to the House of Saud and their Wahabi Caliphate.

        • Of course you’ve conveniently forgotten everything Obama did to deepen this mess. The *entire* government is responsible for it, not just one side.

        • “everything Obama did to deepen this mess“

          Would you be kind enough to elaborate upon your comment with specifics?

        • It’s better to stay silent and look a fool, rather than speak and remove all doubt.

          Why does this phrase seem so apropos for my comments?

          And what does apropos even mean? Isn’t it a light yellowish-orangish colored fruit?

        • “yellowish-orangish colored fruit?“

          Fake Miner, you’ve accidentally issued a perfect description of Donald Trump, bravo!

        • I see Donald Trump!

          Any place I look, there he is…DJT.

          I see him in the clouds, in the paint splatters I stare at, in the words I say, even in my brown and wilted lettuce I eat.

          The greatest American president is everywhere!

          Look…Look… There he goes!!

  3. 9/11 was the culmination of decades of so called experts repeating over and over, don’t resist, wait for the professionals to come and handle it.
    It bred a sense of passive compliance in a lot of the population, that would not happen again.

    • It’s happening right now! Fraudsters like Fauci, Newsome, etc have hijacked our world, and our society hurtles towards destruction.

  4. I watched all the 9-11 names read by relatives, etc. And heard GW Bush…better late than never. The thumbnail size photos of the victims was disappointing. I make it a point not to see or hear from Jim Crow Gun Control turd in the punch bowl joe.

  5. Equating 9/11 with gun control is a shameful cockeyed political blasphemy to the memory of the people who died that day. It is disgusting and gut wrenching. 9/11 had no more to do with gun control than President Trump believing in democracy and a two party system.

    The article beats the patriotic drums while completely ignoring the causes of 9/11 and absolving all blame of the U.S. government that directly caused it. It only guarantees that it will likely someday happen again.

    When the U.S. thinks they have the right to conquer the world by invading other countries to make them bend to our economic and military interests it is absurd to think that when we bomb them and kill their people that they will not retaliate by striking back anyway they can and did on 9/11

    President Jimmy Carter , perhaps the most underappreciated president of all time one said “The U.S. is the most war like county on earth”.

    I must say we have made the German Nazi’s of WWII look like rank amateurs as I have lost total count of the number of countries now occupied by our storm troopers. President Trump was aghast when he found that we had troops stationed in small African Countries most Americans had never even heard off. Trump asked “what the fk are we doing in all those countries”. It was one of the few times I agreed with anything Trump ever said.

  6. The mad dog war monger Senator John McCain one year advocated invading 50 countries. He was that insane but what is more insane is that so many people in the government agreed with him and that America would not have a heavy price to pay both in money and American lives lost. And in the end “for what” as all our other wars of rape, pillage and conquest since and including Vietnam and Afghanistan etc, etc, they were all a catastrophic failure.

    After two economic and political and military disasters in Vietnam and Afghanistan hopefully we have learned our lessons as to the failures of American Colonialism and Imperialism but I have my doubts as the American Military is undoubtable planning the “next war” for rape, pillage and conquest.

  7. Perhaps the U.S. Government and Military since they are bent on this continuing policy of “lets conquer the world” they should seek French advice as the French exploited Vietnam of its rice and rubber profits for over 85 years and they still are in many African counties.

    France has been holding the national reserves of fourteen African countries since 1961

    As one can see the French are much better at Colonialism and Imperialism than we are and their revolution succeeded while ours, as to be expected, failed miserably for the freedom and welfare of American people.

    • Wow Dacian – It’s certainly an unexpected but welcome surprise that you think that the January 6 revolution was “…for the freedom and welfare of American people.”

      • Sober up I never even mentioned Jan. 6th but since “you” mentioned it and obviously loved it you prove you believe in a one party system and wanted Trump to become dictator for life. Sorry but the American people turned in their own relatives without hesitation providing that your wet dreams about a right wing revolution is as demented as Trumps attempted beer hall putsch.

        • Actually I think they were a bunch of knuckleheads. But since that’s the only “failed revolution” that this country has ever had (at least ignorant leftists like you frequently call it a revolution) you must have been referring to it.

    • Only an ignorant politically inept history illiterate spoon fed pos with a copyrighted Alfred E. Newman photo would not know that his smelly rotten to the core knee jerk democRat Party stooped to use 9-11 for Gun Control. That sht ended as soon as it began and the Rats behind it crawled back under the rocks from which they came.

      You bet your butt when you are backed in a corner by a criminal your Constitutional Rights are on the line and you’d better be an armed citizen if you intend on keeping them.

      In a nutshell defense of The US Constitution begins with the armed citizen and if necessary ends with Nuclear Weapons.

  8. 911 and the importance of being armed.
    I dont think I can shoot down an air plane with a rifle, Im willing to give it a shot though.

    • I had a similar thought when I first started reading this article.

      It actually brings up an important point, though: what about the ability to shoot down hostile attacking aircraft? There are several scenarios where either foreign or domestic military aircraft could be deployed against the masses and we would desperately need the ability to bring down those aircraft in righteous self-defense. How can we acquire such a capability when fedzilla and state governments refuse to allow us to obtain and own such firearms “lawfully”?

  9. 9/11 And The Importance of Being Armed

    9/11 has nothing to do with “the importance of being armed.” It happened because pro-immigration, antiracist ideologues like Clinton and Bush opened our borders and relaxed internal security against foreign threats.

    Steve Sailer posted these reminders today:

    “In the 10/11/2000 Presidential debate, George W. Bush denounced airport security procedures that ‘racially profiled’ Arab air travelers as potential hijackers and promised to end air travel safety discrimination against Arabs.”
    4:24 AM · Sep 11, 2021

    “The airline clerk who checked in Mohammed Atta on 9/11 wanted to call security on the Arab terrorist, but then went along with the Bush Administration’s campaign against racially profiling Arabs.”
    9:26 PM · Sep 9, 2021

    None of the 9/11 hijackers (especially the ones attending flight school in the US) should have been here in the first place.

    • “It happened because pro-immigration, antiracist ideologues like Clinton and Bush opened our borders and relaxed internal security against foreign threats.“

      Ha ha, good one!

      ‘It’ came because America has consistently meddled in the affairs of multiple foreign nations, supporting despots who abuse and exploit their populations for personal gain. Think the Shah of Iran or the House of Saud.

      Do any of you remember DDE’s invasion force with their wacky Marine beach assaults in Lebanon?
      Or the CIA’s assassination of the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister?

      I can tell you that ‘We the People’ of those countries clearly remember America’s violent meddling without just cause in their affairs.

      • The answer isn’t one or the other; it’s both. There are many reasons why 9/11 happened, and none of them make it right or even minimally excusable. Nice try, Dances With WolvesTerrorists.

      • Miner49er, Sailer would probably at least half-agree with you about root causes. Check out his 2006 essay on “Invade the World, Invite the World as the Grand Strategy of the Establishment“.

        Regardless, it was suicidally foolish to let Mohamed Atta and his crew relocate and train here, and it was almost as dumb to instruct people to ignore their gut feeling that something was wrong with these guys. This isn’t theoretical. Multiple people said they perceived Atta as having an acutely menacing demeanor, but decided to remain silent because they didn’t want to get accused of racism. Leftists like you can’t acknowledge the problem because your ideology blinds you.

        • Cheddar, I’m not so blind that I cannot watch and enjoy the Republican president George W. Bush sword dancing with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, financier of the 9/11 attacks.

          And it took the democratic socialist, Barack Hussein Obama to issue the order to track down and kill the actual perpetrator of the greatest terrorist act against America.

          The irony is thick with this one…

        • Me: Bush is partially responsible for 9/11 because he was willfully oblivious to the threat of Arab terrorism.

          Miner, who can’t read: But what about Bush dancing with this Arab monarch?

          I can respect a good troll, but you’re incompetent.

        • However Cheddar, I am so blind that I think that calling Barry Sotto a “democratic” socialist, which is made-up wordplay nonsense, doesn’t make him a socialist.

          Which as we know is the slippery slope to Communism.

          As a Marxist I can appreciate there is no difference.

        • “they perceived Atta as having an acutely menacing demeanor, but decided to remain silent because they didn’t want to get accused of racism”

          Oh bullshit, what kind of authoritarian are you that thinks that people who have an “acutely menacing demeanor” should be profiled as terrorists just because they’re brown.

          And bush’s complicity goes far past some perceived inaction on his part. His administration authorized the airlift of multiple members of Osama bin Laden’s family within the first few days after the terrorist attack.
          A dozen members of Osama bin Laden’s family, many in constant communication with the actual perpetrators of the crime, were allowed to flee while American citizens were grounded, preventing law-enforcement and military intelligence from having an opportunity to interrogate the family members of the terrorists.
          George Bush and his administration were ‘accessories after the fact’ by allowing these individuals to flee to avoid interrogation and/or prosecution for the most tragic terror crime in American history.

          And Republican Donald Trump has continued this tradition of aiding the militant Muslim caliphate in Saudi Arabia, selling them billions of dollars of modern weapons with which to destabilize the Middle East and continue the perpetual war for profit.

          Barack Hussein Obama did the right thing, by pursuing the actual planner and perpetrator of the crime and bringing him to Justice in a hail of gunfire.

        • “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump, declaring a national emergency because of tensions with Iran, swept aside objections from Congress on Friday to complete the sale of over $8 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

          The Trump administration informed congressional committees that it will go ahead with 22 military sales to the Saudis, United Arab Emirates and Jordan, infuriating lawmakers by circumventing a long-standing precedent for congressional review of major weapons sales.“

        • I am so blind that I think that calling Barry Sotto a “democratic” socialist, which is made-up wordplay nonsense, doesn’t make him a socialist.

          What are you babbling about? I didn’t say anything about Obama. But since you mention him, it’s weird that an Obama fanboy who complains about arms sales to the Saudis has no problem with this:

          Obama’s Administration Sold More Weapons Than Any Other Since World War II… Saudi Arabia was the top arms importer with deals worth around $94 billion from 2008-2015. Under Obama the overall sales, pending delivery of equipment and specialised training for troops, to Saudi Arabia alone has ballooned to $115 billion.”

          Both parties prostituted themselves to the Saudis. Blinkered partisans who ignore the problem when Democrats sell out are a cancer.

        • Barack Obama is a Democrat and a Socialist, so a democratic socialist, therefore he can not be partisan. He definitely isn’t a Muslim and he always does the right thing.

          However, Republican Donald Trump has continued a tradition of aiding the militant Muslim caliphate. He always does the wrong thing.

          And it’s as simple as that.

          Gotcha..you walked right into that.

        • Cheddar, I don’t disagree the military industrial complex and their lobbyists in Washington have forced through billion dollar arms deals to Muslim countries for decades, regardless of the flavor of the month administration.

          But if you can’t see the difference between George W. Bush aiding and abetting Osama bin Laden’s family and associates by allowing them to fly out of the country hours after the 9/11 attacks and Barack Hussein Obama giving the order to terminate Osama bin Laden, the actual perpetrator of the 9/11 tragedy, then there’s nothing I can do for you.

          Just a few months after the tragedy George Bush himself said he didn’t know where Osama bin Laden was and he wasn’t concerned with where he was. Willful Negligence of his duty to protect America, and actively aiding and abetting the escape of probable members of the conspiracy to avoid interrogation and prosecution by law-enforcement and military intelligence.

          “At least 13 relatives of Osama bin Laden, accompanied by bodyguards and associates, left the United States on a chartered flight with Ryan International Airlines (Ryan International Flight 441) eight days after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to a passenger manifest released on July 21, 2004.“

          And do your best to ignore the babbling of ‘Fake Miner’, he’s just a right-wing nut job making a lame attempt to obscure the facts.

        • “Two dozen members of Osama bin Laden’s family were urgently evacuated from the United States in the first days following the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, according to the Saudi ambassador to Washington.

          One of bin Laden’s brothers frantically called the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington looking for protection, Prince Bandar bin Sultan told The New York Times. The brother was sent to a room in the Watergate Hotel and was told not to open the door.

          Most of bin Laden’s relatives were attending high school and college. The young members of the bin Laden family were driven or flown under FBI supervision to a secret place in Texas and then to Washington, The Times reported Sunday.“

          So, one wonders, just where was that “secret place in Texas“?

          And why Texas?

          I wonder, any special connection between Texas and the Bush family compound?

          Was George W. Bush actively providing a hideout for the bin Laden family and their operatives until they could flee the country to avoid investigation and prosecution?

          I think maybe we found the secret Muslim president and he was a Republican conservative.


        • Cheddar, I really need to circle back on this again if you can’t see Barack Hussein Obama singular act of giving the order to terminate Osama bin Laden, then there’s nothing I can do for you.

          Of course that would require you to ignore everything else Obama did to strengthen Radical Fundamental Terrorism. Oh like the Obama CIA recruited Al Qaeda sympathizers for its overthrow of the Libyan regime and murder of Muammar Gaddafi, formerly an ally, for the ongoing regime-change operation. The Obama Doctrine of so-called humanitarian intervention that was only a cover for regime change through assassination and murder, that intentionally destabilized Syria into the world crisis it is today.

          You aren’t clever enough to understand that Cheddar, got it?

          Or Obama’s Iran deal. Iran the country where Terrorism lives and breathes. Obama’s deal would have given Iran a path to nuclear weapons ten years after his treaty began and opened the door for them to develop ICBM during that ten year pause.

          ICBM’s, can’t they reach the U.S.? Yes they can, but you should just ignore that inconvenient truth.

          To further help make an immediate down-payment of terror attacks that kill Americans, Obama delivered 150 billion in cash to Iran. It took lots of planes, currency that weighted tons, and strong-arming banks, but Obama made it happen….for Iran…$150 Billion. With billions more to come!

          So Cheddar you just ignore all that, and more, and focus on Obama taking out Osama, who had long been passed up by other more radical terrorist at that point.

          Got that Cheddar? Ignore all that.


        • Fake Miner, You have no explanation for Bush’soutright treason regarding the escape of the bin Laden family and operatives in the days after 9/11, so you try to divert to multiple red herring issues. Lame, bigly lame.

          “CIA overthrow of the Libyan regime and murder of Muammar Gaddafi, formerly an ally“

          Qaddafi an ally of the United States?
          Where do you get this stuff?

          You think Muammar Qaddafi was an ally, have you forgotten about the Lockerbie bombing where he planned and directed the killing of hundreds of American soldiers in the skies over Scotland?

          Qaddafi our ally? Well then I guess you hate Ronald Reagan who sent multiple airstrikes to assassinate Qaddafi, ending up killing his son when he bombed Qaddafi‘s personal compound.

          Fake, I don’t even think you’re an American or you would be aware of this.

          And the Iran nuclear deal, $150 billion in cash to Iran? You are as full of shit as a Christmas turkey.
          The number was $400 million and it was Iran’s money in American banks that had been seized decades before after the Iranian revolution. We actually made two more payments after the initial payment, totaling $1.3 billion, returning Iran’s money to them. Money that we had seized and been holding it illegally. Your claim of $150 billion is just an outright lie.

          In your world, it may be OK to take someone else’s money and keep it without just cause but here in reality, there are international standards that govern commerce, banking and diplomacy between various nations.

          And of course, all your bullshit was just to cover the fact that you have no excuse or explanation for George Bush and Dick Cheney’s outright treason regarding Osama bin Laden and his criminal enterprises.

          In your world, the fact that George Bush’s FBI escorted two dozen bin Laden family members and operatives to a secret location in Texas where they hid out until they could safely flee to avoid questioning by law-enforcement and military intelligence is A-OK because George Bush is a conservative Republican.

          If you are an American you are treasonous scum… But I doubt that you are even an American citizen.

  10. “No folks, I am safe. I make myself safe, and I’ll do my best to make you safe, too. But if you aren’t taking responsibility for your own safety, if you walked out of the house today unready, there’s no “we” to it.”

    There is no “safe.” There is “less-safe” and “more-safe.” Near where I live, a woman was abducted and raped while she jogged along a major road near her home at 8:30 in the morning. A man was murdered on a major thoroughfare at 4:30 pm, during rush hour. I wouldn’t stop at any freeway rest stop for any money, and I avoid going out after dark. The people of this country are going insane. If I was a religious man I would say it was supernatural.

    Buy a firearm. Learn how to use it. Carry it. Your life DOES depend on it. Cops are only there to clean up, and they are fully occupied trying to track down the scumbags, if they aren’t being spat on by leftist freaks and hooligans. You ARE on your own.

  11. Yes, you can be armed and travel on an airplane. The second amendment isn’t just about guns. If you are trained and know what to do, what to carry. You can be armed legally while flying on an airplane.

    An unopend soda can makes an excellent solid blunt weapon. And there are others as well.

  12. I don’t fear terrorism or the terrorist who threaten it. At least they are honest about their intentions. The Government on the other hand expects me to believe that they have my best interest in mind in all they do. While plotting to take from me all that I cherish and hold true. The chance is far greater that I will have to fend off government tyranny long before any terrorist or the threats they promise. That is why it is not only important to be armed, but to also remain vigilant. Treachery has many guises. Some even claim to be your friend.

    • No. I got a little hurt on my deployment and had to have my right leg rebuilt. For a long time I couldn’t put my right leg out and hold a bike up, so that was a no-go.. It’s gotten a lot better since the surgery and I probably could ride again. But it’s been about 14 years.

  13. I felt nothing but anger on 9//11. Angry enough to attempt to enlist, only to be told I was too old. Two years too old to serve in any capacity,, was a hard pill to swallow. To this day I still feel as angry. 20 years of unbridled anger should have left me with an ulcer.

    Yes we were right to invade Afghanistan, and we should have invaded Pakistan too. We disrupted Al Quaida, but we should have shot every Futhermucking one of them on sight. When we turned to Nation Building, we lost the right and the justification to be there.

    As for our Two Party System of governance, it was the worst mistake this country ever made.


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