9 US Citizens, Including Six Children, Killed in Mexico Cartel Ambush

Mexico Violence

A burnt out truck used by gunmen smolders on an intersection, a day after street battles between gunmen and security forces in Culiacan, Mexico, Friday Oct. 18, 2019. Mexican security forces backed off an attempt to capture a son of imprisoned drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman after finding themselves outgunned in a ferocious shootout with cartel enforcers that left at least eight people dead and more than 20 wounded, authorities said. (AP Photo/Augusto Zurita)

In the latest horrific news from the failed state to our south, nine Americans were murdered yesterday when their three-vehicle caravan was attacked in northern Mexico by cartel members.

The group was riding in three SUVs (not pictured above) and Mexican officials speculate that they may have been mistaken for members of another cartel. How long before US gun control groups claim that the murders were carried out with guns that originated in the US and facilitated by our “weak” gun laws?

By Mark Stevenson, Associated Press

Drug cartel gunmen ambushed three SUVs along a dirt road, slaughtering at least six children and three women — all of them U.S. citizens living in northern Mexico — in a grisly attack that left one of their SUVs a burned-out, bullet-riddled hulk, authorities said Tuesday.

Another child was wounded, and one was missing. The dead included 6-month-old twins.

Mexican Security Secretary Alfonso Durazo said the attackers may have mistaken the group’s large SUVs for those of rival gangs. He said at least five children were taken to Phoenix for treatment.

In a tweet, President Donald Trump immediately offered to help Mexico “wage WAR on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth.” But Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador rejected that approach, saying his predecessors waged war, “and it didn’t work.”

A relative said the victims lived in the hamlet of La Mora in Sonora state, a decades-old settlement founded as an offshoot of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A number of the victims were believed to be members of the LeBaron family.

La Mora is about 70 miles (110 kilometers) south of Douglas, Arizona. Many of the church’s members were born in Mexico and thus have dual citizenship. While some of the split-off factions were once polygamous, many no longer are. Extended families live in farming communities clustered around the Chihuahua-Sonora state border.

The group was attacked Monday while traveling in a convoy of three SUVs toward Pancho Villa, Chihuhua. The relative asked not to be named for fear of reprisals.

The relative said he had located the burned-out SUV containing the remains of his nephew’s wife and her four children — the twin babies and two other children, 8 and 10. Authorities the Chevy Tahoe’s gas tank had apparently been hit by gunfire and exploded.

“The mafia vehicles got her and four of her kids and … burnt them to a crisp,” said the relative.

Two women and two other children were later found dead.

“The United States stands ready, willing & able to get involved and do the job quickly and effectively,” Trump tweeted. “The great new President of Mexico has made this a big issue, but the cartels have become so large and powerful that you sometimes need an army to defeat an army!

But López Obrador said: “The worst thing you can have is war.”

It was the second failure in recent weeks for López Obrador’s “hugs not bullets” anti-crime strategy. Two weeks ago, Mexican troops seized a son of the drug lord known as El Chapo but had to release him after cartel henchmen launched a furious counterattack in Culiacan, Sinaloa.

The prosecutor’s office in Sonora state gave a description of the crime scene on the Sonora-Chihuahua border. They said police first found the burned-out Chevy Tahoe with the five dead. About 11 miles (18 kilometers) up the mountainous dirt road, they found a Suburban with a dead woman and two dead children inside. Farther on, they found a second Suburban, and about 15 yards (meters) away, the body of a woman.

Police found a total of about 200 spent shell casings from assault rifles and other weapons at the various crime scenes.

“A wonderful family and friends from Utah got caught between two vicious drug cartels, who were shooting at each other, with the result being many great American people killed, including young children, and some missing,” Trump wrote.

Durazo said police, soldiers and the National Guard searched area for the missing child.

The relative said: “We’re guessing right now, but we believe it was a case of mistaken identity. They just opened fire on the vehicle because it was an SUV.”

Durazo said the Sinaloa cartel had an important presence on the Sonora side, but that a rival gang was trying to invade the territory from the Chihuahua side.

The relative said he saw cartel gunmen gathered about a mile away after the ambush. “The cartels from Sonora, there were probably 50 or 60 of them, armed to the teeth,” he said.

The prosecutor’s office said a suspect had been detained near Agua Prieta, but it was unclear whether the person had taken part in the ambush. The suspect had assault rifles and a .50-caliber sniper rifle and was holding two bound kidnap victims, authorities said.

It was not the first time that members of the breakaway church had been attacked in northern Mexico. In 2009, Benjamin LeBaron, an anti-crime activist who was related to those killed on Monday, was slain in 2009 in Chihuahua state.


  1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    Open borders,I think Not.

    1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

      Libertarians Liberals and the Left disagree.

      1. avatar Roymond says:

        Libertarians? Actually, they argue about it — vigorously. One libertarian view looks at a nation as a corporation of the whole, and that view says no one gets in without qualifying for membership — which means come legally, do your classes, get citizenship.

        1. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

          Libertarians argue about it, but let’s not suggest it’s a 50/50 split. Self-described libertarians you meet just out in the world tend toward the view that rights come with responsibilities. Immigrants, therefore, should have education or investment capital backing them and we shouldn’t just throw the borders open to every charity case. Libertarians in more prominent positions, such as writers for Reason magazine, are all about open borders and freedom in America for all of the world’s people, regardless of consequences for us.

        2. avatar Chris T in KY says:

          to Jonathan-Houston

          “Libertarians in more prominent positions, such as writers for Reason magazine, are all about open borders and freedom in America for all of the world’s people, regardless of consequences for us.”

          This is why I have been saying for several years now “Libertarians are socialists who want to smoke dope”.
          In 2019 they are no longer Republicans who just want to smoke dope.

          I would add that Libertarians in 2019 are “Globalists” as well.

      2. avatar Kyle says:


        Libertarians are not in favor of open borders.

        As to the “its not a 50/50 split” listed below. Your right, its not. Its overwhelmingly opposed to open borders.

        I am a libertarian, I read their websites, Its NOT even close.

        1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

          “its not a 50/50 split”

          I don’t know what the percentage is in among Libertarians. I do know that 100% of the Libertarian Leadership supports open borders. And other Libertarians vote for these leaders. If its 51% or more for open borders, then that’s all that matters.

          It’s the Libertarians who need to “fix themselves”. Same for the Democrats. Same for the Republicans.

  2. avatar MB says:

    Don’t ignore what happens here, Americans need to stay out of Mexico. When Americans stop visiting and spending their money in Mexico, only then the Mexican government will fix the drug cartel problem and illegal immigration issues. Until they do, stay the F**k out of Mexico.

    1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

      That’s a given,as I don’t frequent Chit Holes such as Chitcago,L A,S F,the District of Corruption and Mexico qualifies as such.

    2. avatar kevin says:

      Withholding tourism will not fix the narco problem. Narcos spread money and terror far and wide. If you don’t get one, you get the other. Many get both. Good luck fixing that complex problem with a simple solution.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        If you ignore the narco problem, it will die. Keep throwing money at it, it will keep getting larger. Duh!

    3. avatar Miner49er says:

      Do you think these people were tourists?

      The death of children is unacceptable, but many aren’t looking any deeper than the superficial appearance of the story.

      Does anyone even question why these folks were living in Mexico? A little research would show they were living in Mexico for the same reason George Romney was living in Mexico, they are members of a fundamentalist Mormon cult.

      The article clearly stated that they were members of the LeBaron family, does anyone on this forum know who the LeBarons are?

      For a little bit more background on this Mormon colony in Mexico, google Ervil LeBaron.

      There is a reason the Mormons were run out of Ohio, run out of Illinois, etc.

      Unless you’re OK with ‘God’s Mighty Men’ fucking little girls with the consent of their parents…

      1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

        Child molesters are invited to attend the atheist gay pride parades.

        1. avatar Miner49er says:

          Chris, how do you know child molesters are invited to gay pride parades, did you receive an invitation?

          Do you have a source or evidence to back up your claim? Or is it just more empty speech?

        2. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Miner, that post simply DEMANDS the question of how you know Mormon men fuck little girls with the consent of their parents!
          OTOH, I *assume* these multiple women who were killed were all the “wives” of the same man. Because they are Mormons! Probably all children were his, as well.

      2. avatar jwm says:

        ‘Death of children is unacceptable’ says the guy that’s on board with the margeret sanger plan of genocide against the unborn poc.

      3. avatar Merle 0 says:

        Once again miner rushes to the defense of child murderers and is quick to blame the victim. Once the cartels bring this shit to America I’m sure you’ll defend them once more under the guise of how unfair the Mexican war was or some other liberal line of bullshit.

    4. avatar DJ says:

      Mexico and California are failed states. Stay out.

    5. avatar burley says:

      Until we end the ridiculous prohibition on drugs, this violence will continue. Declaring war on something only gets you more war. The reason the cartels are powerful is because their largest customer, the U.S.A. refuses to recognize an adults right to get high. Therefore, all the 10s of millions of adults in the U.S. who DO get high, regularly, will pay for that right. They just happen to be providing income to Mexican Drug Lords. It’s really not a complicated problem, but government always applies a complicated “solution”.

  3. avatar MIO says:

    Just another day down south

    1. avatar Dan W says:

      Being Americans is the only thing that makes this otherwise routine event news.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Now, so far as I’ve heard, THAT is the truth! A totally everyday experience.

    2. avatar Cooter E Lee says:

      I was in Laredo around May or June 2012 and happened to read the local newspaper. The story was 9 bodies hung off an overpass and 14 decapitated heads were put in coolers in front of the mayor’s ?house.

      Never heard or saw a thing about it in US news anywhere else because I guess it’s more important to worry about a kid chewing a pop tart into a gun or some other bravo sierra.

  4. avatar Rickster says:

    Obrador’s message to the cartels ” Hugs not Bullets ” it seems they aren’t getting the message . Time to switch it around. Trump offered to eliminate the cartels , I say take him up on the offer asap .

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Yeah, designate the whole country as a live-fire training area, grunts and helicopter gunships, just a fine concept. Only way you get in trouble is to damage the wall.

      1. avatar Southern Cross says:

        At least 50 miles on each side of the border out of residential zones.

        And something like the former inter-German border along the actual border.

  5. avatar MDH says:

    Enough. We need to bring to bear the full power of the US Military, including fully armed Predator Drones, Apache Gunships, US Special forces, regular troops, and whatever other assets are required to take out once and for all, militarized Mexican drug cartels murdering our citizens, terrorizing US and Mexican citizens, and flooding our country with hard narcotics which Kill tens of thousands of Americans every year.

    Mr. President, it’s time to light these motherf’ers up….

    1. avatar GunnyGene says:

      Indeed. “From the Halls of Montezuma………..” Part Two.

      1. avatar Dave says:

        War on Drugs? How well is that working here?

        1. avatar MDH says:

          Get back to me after we’ve droned, mini gunned, and cluster bombed these murdering cartel dirtbags into the raw dust and filth from which they arose.

        2. avatar Miner49er says:

          MDH, are you saying we should cluster bomb the Mormon LeBaron colonies where the child abuse and murder is occurring?

        3. avatar Rev. Philip E. Evans says:

          Maybe if we drastically cut the drug supply coming into the USA the situation will get a bit better on this end! At least the supply would be down and much of the infrastructure would be eliminated! Any improvement is better than what we have now! Also, we can’t just let them go on killing people ‘at will’ the way they are at present!

          Mexico is currently unable to stop foreigners from passing through their country and making their way to the United States border! How do you think that they would be able to stop the armed drug cartels? It will take a force much larger and better equipped than the Mexican Army!

        4. avatar Merle 0 says:


        5. avatar James Campbell says:

          …….in the morning. It smells like, VICTORY!

        6. avatar Miner49er says:

          Yes, napalm was really effective in Vietnam, it helped the South Vietnamese win the war, right?

          Or did its use on civilian populations caused worldwide condemnation?

          ‘Napalm, it sticks to kids!‘

        7. avatar Chris T in KY says:

          to Miner49er

          Napalm was invented during WW2. It sticks to white german children as well, in case you didn’t know that.

        8. avatar Miner49er says:

          Yes, that’s true, the firebombing of Dresden was pretty much a war crime by the RAF.

          Of course I’ve always felt war is a crime.

    2. avatar Omer says:

      I’m unsure whether or not MDH is being serious or facetious. I was going to place a comment of “Cue the calls for invading Mexico in 3, 2, 1…” Americans have no right to protection from harm in the US, what makes anyone think we would have it in a foreign country? The only time the .Gov wants to protect Americans abroad is when they use it as an excuse to invade. I agree with other commentators that I have no desire to visit Mexico, but I think we should have armed forces on the southern border, you know, national defense. Maybe we should have a department in the government for defense, nah, that’s just crazy talk.

      1. avatar i1uluz says:

        We should call it Dept of DEFENSE, DoD for short. Build them a 5 sided building, make it look like a fort or something. Then surround it with Beltway Bandits to rob them blind on every contract, building overpriced under developed products that never meet required capability nor IOC timelines.

    3. avatar Miner49er says:

      The article states that these folks were members of the LeBaron family.

      Before anyone rushes to judgment perhaps they should research just who the Mormon LeBaron family is and why they live in the colony in Mexico rather than the good ‘ol USA.

      Making war on children isn’t have a ride, but in this case there is more to the story.

      Keywords you may find useful are polygamy, child bride’s, pedophilia, welfare fraud.

      1. avatar Merle 0 says:

        Pretty sure you and lUberal ilk defended the likes of ISIS so get off that high horse.

      2. avatar GS650G says:

        Babies died, jerkoff. Can you not be an asshole for a day?

        1. avatar Miner49er says:

          Fuck off asshole, babies died because their parents are crazy cult members who chose to live in the Mexican desert in order to pursue their child abusing, pedophilia and welfare fraud.

          Their parents weren’t simple tourists, they are members of the LeBaron cult who live in house trailer colonies across the Mexican border to avoid open warrants from US jurisdictions.

          Federal and state LEO’s are very familiar with the LeBaron ‘family’.

        2. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

          Cool story miner let me know when the Mormons go around carving people up and burning them alive in barrels till then your bias is hanging out a bit.

        3. avatar Miner49er says:

          SAFE, what are you talking about my bias?

          It’s pretty clear that all religions that believe in a supernatural deity are corrupt, and they have been responsible for much misery in this world.

          My point is that the parents, pursuing their religious cult lifestyle, put these children in jeopardy and this is the result.

        4. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

          Sure sure because pedophilia, rape, and incest are so unknown to various narco gangs and much worse than creatively savage forms of murder with some mutilation for fun. You have an axe to grind to be this invested in victim blaming so what’s your angle.

        5. avatar Joseph Quixote says:

          Miner is either a paid shill of Soros or a cool aid drinking communist who has memorized Howard Zinns History of the US.
          Go spew your vomit elsewhere. Socialist ideas fail. Every time. Latest example is Venezuela which has the largest provable oil reserves of any country. Still can’t pay the bills.

        6. avatar Miner49er says:

          What in the Sam Hill are you people talking about? George Soros has absolutely nothing to do with the situation at hand.

          Fundamentalist Mormon cult members with their multiple wives and children have established colonies in Mexico well over 100 years ago, George Romney, governor of Michigan was born in one of these colonies.

          One of the more crazy sects, governed by the LeBaron family has committed violent murders in furtherance of their religious domination of their particular craziness. The cultists use the isolation of the Sonora Desert to prevent interdiction by the authorities attempting to halt the polygamy, child abuse and welfare fraud.

          These colonies engage in intense, small unit actions with the drug cartels, possibly a turf war.

          This is all happening in Mexico, not the US so the border has nothing to do with it.

          You people see George Soros behind every blade of grass, you seriously need some help with that Soros derangement syndrome.

        7. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

          Miner assuming your info is remotely accurate it is an incredibly fringe and as far as cults go inconsequential group to have this much of your attention and venom. I was all of 4 blocks from NXIVM headquarters and I will guarantee you they have some knock off Joseph Smith fanclub beat in abusing people. One county over is a mix of the watchtower and other latter day saints and a bit to the South we have a scientology outpost. Any of these has done worse to more people than your fixation so again what is your angle?

        8. avatar Jabberwockey says:

          Miner, what religion was Jeffrey Epstein ? Was he even religious at all ?

        9. avatar Miner49er says:

          What’s my angle?

          Interesting question, I thought all patriotic, mature, American citizens would oppose pedophilia and sex abuse of children, not to mention welfare fraud taking our taxpayer dollars.

          But maybe the people on this list aren’t patriotic American citizens, and have no problem with colonies of pedophiles abusing children while stealing our taxes.

          It is fascinating to see so many folks defending the crazy fundamentalist Mormon cult members and parents, just more religious pedophiles wanting free stuff from the government.

          The LeBaron gang has their hide out in the Sonora desert because they practice polygamy, border jumping welfare fraud and tax evasion so they need to be able to exit the US when things get a little too warm.

          But sometimes we do catch child abusing religious cult members, here’s a few details on successful prosecutions of crazy Mormon polygamist:s:

          Warren Steed Jeffs (born 3 December 1955) is the President of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church), a polygamous Mormon denomination. In 2011, Jeffs was convicted of two felony counts of child sexual assault,[6] for which he is currently serving a sentence of life plus twenty years.

          In 2006, Jeffs was placed on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List for his flight from the charges that he had arranged illegal marriages between his adult male followers and underage girls in Utah.[5] In 2007, Arizona charged him with eight additional counts in two separate cases, including incest and sexual conduct with minors.[8]
          In September 2007, Jeffs was convicted of two counts of rape as an accomplice,[9] for which he was sentenced to imprisonment for ten years to life in Utah State Prison. This conviction was overturned by the Utah Supreme Court in 2010 due to flawed jury instructions.[10]
          Jeffs was extradited to Texas,[11] where he was found guilty of sexual assault of a child (for sex with a 15-year-old he had married) and aggravated sexual assault against a child (for sex with a 12-year-old he had married), for which he was sentenced to life in prison plus twenty years and fined $10,000.

          The US Attorney’s office in Utah announced charges of money laundering and fraud against Lyle Jeffs, his brother Seth Jeffs, and nine others who lead the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or FLDS. The church leaders are accused of orchestrating an elaborate scheme that allowed them to use food stamps to purchase a John Deere tractor, a pickup truck, and other items.
          The FLDS, which boasts around 10,000 members, is headquartered in an area known as Short Creek in the adjoining towns of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona. Last month, federal prosecutors began arguments in court in a civil trial alleging that the two towns discriminated against non-FLDS residents and used their police forces to do the church’s bidding. In a separate case, federal labor lawyers have sued the church over allegations that children were forced to work for little compensation on the sect’s pecan farm.
          In the latest case brought against the church, the FBI, IRS, and local authorities allege that Jeffs and others plotted to exploit the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for the church’s benefit.

        10. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

          Got it you just hate mormans the most as NY has worse examples of everything you mentioned for larger cults involving Muslims Christians Jews and other. Guessing you latched on to some hyped up vice documentary and fixated on it to the exclusion of the rest. Also no defense of pedo cults they are simply less of a threat and easier to stomp out than narco gangs. You may return to your anti morman rant.

        11. avatar Miner49er says:

          It’s not just the Mormons, all religions are based upon deception and fraud, and as Thomas Jefferson said:

          “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

          Personally, I expand it to include the concept of God or gods, no evidence any of that exists, but believe what you will, it’s a free country.

        12. avatar Rev. Philip E. Evans says:

          Gee! That’s why Jefferson kept a personal Bible! He may not have accepted all of it, but it appears that he at least accepted some of it!

        13. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

          Miner I can only hope for your own entertainment that you are self aware enough to grasp the hilarious irony of that last post. Thank you this afternoon just got more fun.

        14. avatar Miner49er says:

          Yes, Jefferson had a copy of the Bible. He also had a copy of the Koran, so by your logic it proves he accepted some parts of it at the very least.

          Jefferson also cut out all the parts regarding miracles from his Bible, actually removed the pages and threw them away. Jefferson didn’t believe that Jesus was divine or even any kind of supernatural being.

          Do you know, much of what has been attributed to Jesus I actually agree with, let he who is without sin cast the first stone is one of my favorites.

          Reading all these comments on this forum, it’s clear that there are many folks posting here who have never sinned because they sure do throw a lot of stones around here.

        15. avatar Miner49er says:

          SAFE, did you notice this part of my post?

          “ Personally, I expand it to include the concept of God or gods, no evidence any of that exists, but believe what you will, it’s a free country.”

          There’s no evidence for any particular deity or set of DVDs, for the same reason that you probably don’t believe in Zeus, I don’t believe in Jehovah.

          Most people are atheists, there are literally thousands of gods that they do not believe in, many just believe in one.
          I go one better and believe in none.

          Free your mind and your ass will follow.

        16. avatar James Campbell says:

          Miner49er QUOTE…….”Fuck off asshole, babies died because their parents are crazy cult members who chose to live in the Mexican desert in order to pursue their child abusing, pedophilia and welfare fraud.”

          Ok, let’s try reversing this situation, to see if you feel the parents are still at fault. The “shoe on the other foot test”.
          A Mexican family/group is residing in the US, they are wanted by the Mexican Government for similar reasons, a group of Americans who have no vested interest in the offenses committed in Mexico (possibly no knowledge of them AT ALL), ambush their vehicles, shoot all the moms and most of the children, set vehicles ablaze with living children in car seats, take a few hostage (or in Mexican authority terms, taken into “CUSTODY”. Never heard of kidnapping victims being in “custody”).
          So after all that, the parents are responsible?

        17. avatar Miner49er says:

          Parents are responsible for the safety of their children.

          If, during the pursuit of a criminal enterprise, parents place their children in harms way, then the parents own a part of the negative outcomes that result.

          The law clearly recognizes this doctrine, are you familiar with the felony murder statutes? If, during the commission of a felony, anyone is killed, all those involved in the criminal acts are charged with murder.

          Yes, the Mexican drug cartels are vicious criminals who deserve summary execution, but that in no way absolves the parents of their part in this tragedy.

    4. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

      This problem is mot amenable to a military solution. Trust me, after all, I’m a guy who wants a wall built…..along the Mason-Dixon line! Mexico’s problems are deeply rooted in corruption. Vast swathes of the society and every institution, including the church, are steeped in the plata o plomo principle. It cannot be fixed with anything less than measures that nobody, let alone outsiders, is willing to impose.

    5. avatar burley says:

      Christ on a Pogo Stick, but you people are dense!
      This problem only exists because there’s a black market for the product they are selling.
      If you want to undo the Mexican Drug Cartels, end drug prohibition. Remove the money, remove the motivation. POTG are generally all “It’s my right!”, until you bring up getting high. Then you’re all like “put those people in prison, they should be fine with cigarettes and alcohol!”
      Now, you’re advocating an actual invasion. Where’s your “sovereign nation” stance now?

      1. avatar Miner49er says:

        It’s a holdover from the Puritan heritage of our forefathers, if it feels good it must be a sin and you should be punished for it.

        The Puritans were run out of England because they were crazy, they came here to practice their crazy religion and it took us 100 years to straighten that mess out.

        We haven’t drowned any witches in quite some time but you can tell from the lynching of innocent black people, it’s not that far away at any given moment.

        When the government tells you what you can grow in your garden or who you can sleep with in your bedroom, is that more or less government intrusion into private life?

        From the religious aspect, I always wondered about a god that was concerned about what sexual position I was using, it seems a little weird.

    6. avatar James Campbell says:

      Well, the shit has reached a point where it threatens the US.
      Mexico need to get it’s affairs in order. Don’t run a fucked up country, then blame the neighbor because you don’t like how they addressed the problem.
      Napalm, it’s not just for breakfast anymore.
      There’s a very simple solution to making the tools and acts if war more effective. Attack the ROOT CAUSE of the problem, don’t stop when the enemy cries uncle, and don’t run it by popularity polls.
      Cry HAVOC, let slip the dogs of war. Then let them eat until there is nothing left of the enemy. Then when they finish, welcome them back. War is hell, and returning it to that reality will GREATLY reduce the number of countries wanting “Death to America”. The dumbocrats and libtards have tried peace thru hugs and billions of dollars in aid, and where has it gotten up?

  6. avatar Rusty - Molon Labe - Chains says:

    There is little the US can do to protect citizens who live in or go to Mexico. We desperately need to finish the wall, and issue travel advisories to anyone headed there. Mexico is on the brink of becoming a Narco State if their government doesn’t wise up, unlikely given the direction of the country over the last couple of decades.

    1. avatar Southern Cross says:

      Mexico is probably less than a decade from being the Americas’ version of Somalia and Syria.

      Already the government, military, police, and cartels are in an unholy alliance against the people.

  7. avatar MouseGun says:

    The Hawks want a damn war so bad, why not annex Mexico? I could actually be beneficial to this country in the long run.

    1. avatar Dave says:

      Because military adventurism worked so well in Iraq?

      1. avatar Merle 0 says:

        There actually are ways to for an invader to win a guerrilla war. The British did it, and the Chinese did it. But, It’s just, well, there’s very few nations these days are willing to… well you know.

        1. avatar Miner49er says:

          Just where were the British so successful fighting insurgents?

          First off, we kicked their ass using unconventional warfare learned from native Americans.

          They got their ass kicked in Afghanistan not once but twice, and they don’t hold any of their colonial empire any longer. Gandhi ran them out of India, they had to flee Pakistan, Malaysia, south Africa, etc.

        2. avatar Merle 0 says:

          Look up the Boer wars. History is clearly not your strong suit you fat, blathering, limp wristed lUberal.

        3. avatar Miner49er says:

          Seriously, you think the British won the Boer war? Then why isn’t the crown holding sway there now?

          And what say you about the BRITs getting busted twice in Afghanistan? And how their colonies in Hong Kong fare over the years?

          Hell, took all they had to hang on to the Falklands, and they took some significant losses there too.

          How are the British colonies in Central and South America doing these days, still paying your taxes to the crown?

          The BRITs couldn’t hold on to their colonies because they did not understand how to govern the native peoples, they engaged in abuse and corrupt business favoritism that drives native populations to revolt.

          You may have heard of a particular revolution against British colonial rule called the American revolution, ever hear about that one?

        4. avatar Merle 0 says:

          “Then why don’t they have it now?”

          You’re a *very* stupid person. You are so incredibly daft I can’t even begin to comprehend your stupidity. Congradulations, you are officially the single dumbest person I’ve ever had the displeasure of arguing with online. I’m not going to give you an education on how the British Empire fell. You really have *no clue* as to what I’m talking about at all. You seriously are in dire need of education. That’s not my responsibility. It’s yours.

        5. avatar Miner49er says:

          Merle, you said:

          “ There actually are ways to for an invader to win a guerrilla war. The British did it,”

          When have the BRITs won a guerrilla war as an invader and held the territory?

          Here’s a partial list of when they attempted and failed:

          Afghanistan x2
          Hong Kong
          Bermuda: Bahamas, Grenadines, Virgin Islands
          India, Pakistan, Nepal
          Egypt, Palestine, South Africa

    2. avatar Dan W says:

      That would destroy the United States. Suddenly every single Mexican has the full right to actual Americans tax dollars. Unless you plan to remove all the current inhabitants. That might be more peaceful than not doing so.

    3. avatar Shire-man says:

      Well, it’s better than chasing necklacing, albino-eating, warlording man-children across Africa or playing interference for Israel in a desert full women-stoning, gay-tossing, slave-selling man-children. At least their trips home on leave would be shorter.

    4. avatar kevin says:

      “why not annex Mexico” Because then their problems are our problems. And they are unfixable problems.

      1. avatar Dan W says:

        They are not unfixable. It is just that the solution is final and unpleasant.

      2. avatar burley says:

        The solution to these problems are simple and non-violent. The fact is that the average American has forgotten what ACTUAL LIBERTY looks like. If the people of Mexico had a protected right to bear arms, they would be able to keep the cartels at bay. They would also be able to keep the government accountable. Furthermore, this problem is a direct symptom of the United States’ anti-liberty position of strict drug prohibition. The notion that you can keep literally millions of paying customers from paying for what they want is so tired and worn out by now that you must be engaged in a headache inducing level of cognitive disonnance to continue to insist on it. All the money and power that the cartels have is directly related to America’s drug problem. Killing people over it is evil and will only make the violence worse.

  8. avatar Merle 0 says:

    Lock down the border and militarize it, ban all American travel to Mexico the same way did Cuba. Blockade the entire nation and force a global embargo on the nation… then…. send a ton of ships to Syria and pick up millions of all these refugees and ISIS sympathizers and drop them all off in Mexico. Let them take all the arms they want. Send a message to the cartel leaders that says “have fun with this problem, suckers.”

    1. avatar L says:

      I second this gentleman’s approach.

    2. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Reminds me of the “solution” advocated by many towards the end of Vietnam. Take all the Vietnamese and load them on ships, anchor 20 miles offshore. Nuke the country from North to South until all that’s left is glass, at sea level. Then sink the ships. If there are recurring problems, rinse and repeat. But saying something like this is “unfixable” is simply wrong, we just don’t have the will. When the world gets overcrowded enough, it’ll happen.

  9. avatar Mercutio says:

    “But Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador rejected that approach, saying his predecessors waged war, “and it didn’t work.””

    As someone commented on a different site, his predecessors didn’t wage war, they waged “photo ops”. C’mon AMLO, you’re 3/4 of the way to being a commie already; go the extra mile and go full Bolshevik on their asses.

  10. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

    Oh, how I wish some retired ‘special’ military types would take a small vacation south and kick those cocksuckers square in the teeth…

    1. avatar Dan W says:

      Isn’t that the plot of the latest Rambo movie?

    2. avatar jwm says:

      Go for it, Tiger. Ain’t nobody holding you back.

  11. avatar TonyL says:

    Didn’t we have an AG that made it easy for the cartels to obtain these weapons in an attempt to enact stronger gun control laws here? Hmmmmmm

    1. avatar eagle10 says:

      Some of the weapons used were more than likely those that Obama/Holder let go into Mexico. Now they have more blood on their hands. Now it’s civilians and not Border Patrol agents. Trump should re-open the Fast and Furious screw-up and charge Holder and Obama with murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Nah, they don’t want the shit we had to offer. Didn’t you see the news coverage of the no-shit international arms dealers who used huge transport aircraft to fly hundreds of millions of dollars worth of actual military weapons to the cartels? We could send a shotgun, or they could buy 10,000 full auto machineguns, rocket propelled grenades, artillery, etc and have it DELIVERED within the week. That’s what Osama and Holdup were trying to do, but it was a joke.

  12. avatar Ed Rogers says:

    We invaded Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, and in the name of security in the U.S.

    We invaded Pakistan and Syria to assassinate some VERY bad people.

    We need to go on the offense with these animals. They’re already laughing at us, as they grow stronger and stronger…maybe WE’RE the next “Sinola”!!!

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      you don’t know sit from sinola.

    2. avatar SoCalJack says:

      What would be in it for the US to invade Mexico?

      1. avatar eagle10 says:

        Tequila for all! Also lots of avacados – of course.

    3. avatar Dan W says:

      Considering that a huge part of our military is Mexicans, I don’t think we’d do very well.
      Ethnic loyalty wins out in the end.

  13. avatar CLarson says:

    Just continue building the wall. Not our monkeys, not our circus. Add don’t build your harem compound in Mexico to the list like, don’t backpack in Morocco, or hike in Iran.

    1. avatar former water walker says:

      Yep…all I heard was “Mormon cult” living in Meh-he-co. Don’t wanna’ get murdered? Don’t live there. Or be armed up the ying-yang…same as in ‘Murica.

    2. avatar TickTalk says:

      Don’t you mean start building ‘the wall’? Not one inch of new wall has been laid in 4 years. If we are going to take money from actual needed military projects like barracks so our troops don’t have to live in tents, we should at least get something for it.. let’s just mine the border, because all the drugs come across on the backs of the wetbacks.. oh, wait.. none does, it comes in via truck right through customs..

      1. avatar Southern Cross says:

        But the wall would stop new registered Democrats from voting.

        1. avatar Dave G. says:

          @Southern Cross:
          Didn’t you mean FRAUDULENT democrats???

      2. avatar Ragnar says:

        TickTalk says: “Don’t you mean start building ‘the wall’? Not one inch of new wall has been laid in 4 years.”

        Of really?

        1. avatar Miner49er says:

          Hilarious, what you posted is a puff piece by the contractor.

          And it’s not about constructing a wall, you should’ve watch the clip you posted.

          If you had, you would hear the narrator talking about the bollard fence they’re installing.

          Fence, not a wall. Don’t try to re-define the word fence to mean something it’s not, that’s a typical technique of the right wing.

          And these construction projects were approved under Obama, trumps administration hasn’t spent any of the billions of dollars allocated by Congress to improve border security.

          Really, if you’re going to post something, you really should preview it before you posted on the forum, it might save you embarrassment.

  14. avatar Pete says:

    It would appear that there is already a war in Mexico, but denial and all…

    1. avatar James Campbell says:

      There’s no war in Mexico, the government has surrendered to the drug cartels. Mexico is nothing more then a Narco State. The war will come when the US decides it’s in our countries best interest to clean up the shithole. Yet ANOTHER example of a country where citizens FAILED to care enough to keep corruption and removal for rights to a minimum, and the US taxpayers having to pay for the cleanup. All those “hard working” Mexicans in the US doing jobs US citizens wont do need to go south, your country NEEDS you. You all wave the 🇲🇽 flag in the US EVERY chance you get, time to back up all that flag waving all you Mexican Patriots.
      Anyone crossing the border (heading south) who doesn’t appear to be of South American descent is OUT OF THEIR MIND. Those non-South American appearing people LIVING in Mexico are BAT SHIT CRAZY.

  15. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    If something like 60 men armed with rifles ambush your three cars, you are screwed. It would not have mattered if each of those three vehicles had 10 men armed with rifles.

    In addition to being armed, it also helps if the overwhelming majority of your nation truly subscribes to traditional Jedeo-Christian values. Otherwise, why not rape, pillage, and plunder if you can get away with it?

    1. avatar Dan W says:

      Judeo Christian values are not a thing. It is just Christian values. Christianity is accepting Christ, something Jews flatly reject.
      You might as well talk about satanochristian values for all the sense the phrase makes.

      1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

        Dan W.,

        Of course Jews reject that Christ was the promised Messiah.

        Here is what Jews do accept:
        — We have a Creator.
        — Our Creator tells us that there is right and wrong.
        — Our Creator tells us that stealing, beating, raping, and murdering are wrong.
        — Our Creator will judge/punish us for the above list of wrongs.
        — Our Creator will bless us for doing right.
        — We should always do what is right.
        — We should never do what is wrong.
        — We should repent if we do wrong anyway.
        — We should reimburse someone for their loss if we harm them.
        — We should never do wrong even if we could get away with doing wrong without any government penalties/punishment.

        Those are many of the values that Jews and Christians share — also known as “Judeo-Christian values” — which (as it turns out) are critical to sustaining our civilization.

        If EVERYONE lived those values, we would not have violent gangs ambushing and murdering people on a rural road. Of course there will never be a time when everyone lives those values. Nevertheless, we should encourage as many people as possible to live those values because they sustain civilization. Hence my original comment.

        1. avatar MB says:

          @uncommon, you are 100% correct. If people would follow those simple laws there would be little need for the 22,000 gun laws or the 100′ s of thousands of other laws in this country. Guns would be for hunting and target shooting. All people have to do is control their emotions and ego. Unlikely, but it would be nice. That lack of control is sometimes evidenced on this forum.

        2. avatar CLarson says:

          Why limit it to Judeo-Christian? If we are going to retroactively include other faiths into our national character we need to be inclusive. Perhaps we should start saying Bahá’í-Islamic-Judeo-Christian+ values. We shouldn’t discriminate against other monotheistic religions that adhere to your list.

      2. avatar jwtaylor says:

        The values, rules ,and laws in Judaism were establish directly by God himself. Christ, a Jew, obeyed every single of them. If you’ve got a problem with them, take it up with the man upstairs.

        1. avatar Miner49er says:

          Actually, much of the mosaic law is plagiarized from the code of Hammurabi, a much older judicial code from the Babylonians.

          “The Code of Hammurabi is a well-preserved Babylonian code of law of ancient Mesopotamia, dated to about 1754 BC (Middle Chronology). It is one of the oldest deciphered writings of significant length in the world. The sixth Babylonian king, Hammurabi, enacted the code. A partial copy exists on a 2.25-metre-tall (7.5 ft) stone stele. It consists of 282 laws, with scaled punishments, adjusting “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” (lex talionis)[1] as graded based on social stratification depending on social status and gender, of slave versus free, man versus woman.”

          And Mosaic is certainly not a perfect moral code, the 10 Commandments are missing many important commandment and are therefore finally fault as a moral guide.

          Four instance, where is the commandment against rape? Where is the commandment against genocide? Where is the commandment against enslaving your fellow humans?

          In fact, Mosaic law encourages slavery, with specific verses setting out the rules and showing how to trick your Jewish brethren into lifetime slavery.

          Even the Jesus myth is plagiarized from you much earlier mythology, the virgin-born God Mithras.

        2. avatar jwtaylor says:

          Miner, your endless rants about the Bible, much less the Torah, are evidence enough that you know nothing of either. Your arguments are so fundamentally flawed they are devoid of reality and reason. You’ve highlighted your ignorance again with citing the 10 Commandments as the Judaic law.

        3. avatar Miner49er says:

          JW, you don’t think the 10 Commandments are Judaic law?

          So you don’t believe the 10 Commandments were written on the tablets of stone by the Jewish God Yahweh and then handed to the Jewish prophet Moses?

          Many mainstream Christians would be surprised by your belief structure.

          I am curious, just who’s laws do you think the 10 Commandments are?

        4. avatar jwtaylor says:

          No, the 10 Commandments do not even remotely come close to defining the entirety of the law.
          When you don’t know what you’re talking about, STFU.

        5. avatar uncommon_sense says:


          Is the Mosaic law plagiarized from the Code of Hammurabi? Or are are the Mosaic Law and Code of Hammurabi two different renditions of the same base law which is God’s Law?

          That Mosaic Law and the Code of Hammurabi are extremely similar should come as no surprise since they have the same source (God) and God wrote his law in our consciences.

        6. avatar Miner49er says:


          You believe Moses and Hammurabi’s God was the same?

          “Marduk, in Mesopotamian religion, the chief god of the city of Babylon and the national god of Babylonia; as such, he was eventually called simply Bel, or Lord.”

        7. avatar Miner49er says:

          “ the 10 Commandments do not even remotely come close to defining the entirety of the law.”

          Never claimed that.

          Please refer me to the Bible verses forbidding the enslavement of your fellow humans.

        8. avatar jwtaylor says:

          Miner, you are too damn stupid to even follow your own arguments. Quit just writing things down to see your words on the screen and actually think before you type. Maybe try to make a salient point.

        9. avatar Miner49er says:

          JW, all you have is insults and false assertions.

          You don’t even know the basis or doctrine of the religion you claim to follow.

          I for one, would never willingly follow a deity who approves of human slavery, and I would condemn anyone who would support such beliefs.

          I have read in the Bible the words ‘slave, obey your master.’

          My message to enslaved people’s would be to free yourself by whatever means necessary.

  16. avatar PK says:

    “Authorities [say] the Chevy Tahoe’s gas tank had apparently been hit by gunfire and exploded.”

    Not likely. More likely, there were explosives involved. Cartel hit-squads do love the 40mm launchers, after all.

    1. avatar bryan1980 says:

      Yeah, I think they busted the “exploding gas tank” myth on Mythbusters. They determined that it’s nearly impossible to detonate a fuel tank via gunfire.

      1. avatar TickTalk says:

        They did, but also showed a single tracer round would easily ignite gasoline vapors..

    2. avatar Deathwish says:

      Tahoe’s a common truck, dollars to donuts every single gunman knew where the gas tank sits on one. API rounds are a hell of a lot cheaper than 40mm…

      1. avatar PK says:

        Strangely, it’s difficult to get API to properly ignite on thin sheet metal as found in passenger vehicles and fuel tanks.

        Now, M433 or M406… those do just fine hitting sheet metal.

  17. avatar Prndll says:

    War will be brought to us. This really should be obvious to everyone. Regardless of who the women and children were specifically, the people doing all this will bring it across and over to our country. This incident is just something to get media attention because it’s women and children. Don’t get side-tracked. This is just an example of why it is so important to keep Trump in office. Every single democrat either does not care or willingly/purposely wants this. You can bet they will erase the southern border all together if they ever get the chance.

    As for me….
    I see little if any discernible difference between mexican drug cartels and the mexican government. Other than maybe bureaucrats vs. militants. Either way, they will be coming for us in full force eventually.

    Mexico is not a place I will ever visit.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:


      Mexico is such a beautiful country. More than 30 years ago I visited interior Mexico (something like 400 miles south of Douglas, Arizona) and it was spectacular. And I went to Tijuana with relatives 25 years ago and enjoyed our short visit.

      Sadly, that was the last time that I will ever visit Mexico. It is simply too dangerous now.

      1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        i stayed in juraquilla and worked in santa rosa. sometimes i catch myself daydreaming of the landscapes.
        to return to queretero or sanmiguel de allende would be magnificent.
        never gonna happen, tho.

      2. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Yeah, I was stationed on the border (Del Rio) in the mid ’70s, we drove into Mexico probably at least once a month, partying at the clubs or dining at the restaurants, just really good clean fun, shopping areas were fun, all visitors of course had to spend a day. Not anymore, never again. The beautiful Lake Amistad was the hangout most weekends, all had boats and waterskiing was the national pastime of Del Rio, but several years back, now, a guy and his bride were riding jetskis and a boat launched from the Mexico shore and attacked them with machine guns, killing the man, I think on the US side. Nah, I don’t need that fun ever again.

  18. avatar Buff cousin Elroy says:

    Ive heard about these people before, the LeBarrons communities’ are heavily armed. They have trained snipers and MG positions guarding their areas, I remember watching a small documentary about them around 10 years ago when one of their leaders was assassinated, they take defense very seriously.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Apparently, not seriously enough.

    2. avatar Miner49er says:

      Ervin LeBaron and his relatives have been responsible for murdering over 25 people over the last 30 years, there’s a reason they’re all hiding in Mexico with the other gangs

      1. avatar Buff cousin Elroy says:

        The Lebaron’s are responsible for multiple murders, but not in the last 30 years. Ervil LeBaron has been dead since 1981. Your timeline is off by a lot.

        The people living there today are definitely a wacky bunch, but they are not the same as the extremists that lived there 60 years ago.

        1. avatar Miner49er says:

          Ervil ordered his followers to commit murders long after he was incarcerated, his manifesto gave directions on killing those who had not acknowledged his supremacy within the cult.

          “While in prison, LeBaron wrote a 400-page “bible” known as The Book of the New Covenants, which included a commandment to kill disobedient church members who were included in a hit list written by LeBaron. Some 20 copies were printed and distributed.

          Three of the murders were carried out simultaneously on June 27, 1988, at 4:00 PM.[1] Duane Chynoweth, one of LeBaron’s former followers, was shot and killed with his 8-year-old daughter, Jennifer while running errands.[1] Eddie Marston, one of LeBaron’s stepsons and former thugs, was killed in the same manner, and Mark Chynoweth, a father of 6, was shot multiple times in his office in Houston, Texas.[1]

          Of the 7 killers involved in the infamous “4 O’Clock Murders,” 5 were found guilty of murder. One, Cynthia LeBaron, testified against her siblings and was granted immunity. The final suspect, Jacqueline LeBaron, was captured by the FBI in May 2010.[22] On June 16, 2011, Jacqueline LeBaron pleaded guilty to conspiracy to obstruct religious beliefs and faced a 5-year maximum sentence in a future sentencing hearing.”

          Help me to understand why the colonies are still in the Mexican desert, why not return to the US if all your practices are within the law? Why put your children and families at risk of violence from the cartels when you could just return to America and freedom?

          Of course, there are many Mormon cults still in the US, google Warren Jeffs for a sampling of their particular perversions.

      2. avatar Dude says:

        Are you saying that the murdered women and children, including two less than a year old, had it coming because that’s what it sounds like.

        1. avatar Miner49er says:

          No, I believe the parents are the responsible parties in the situation. They put their children in harms way, these kids should’ve been in America, attending school like normal boys and girls, not in the Mexican desert following a cult religion. And by all accounts the life that children lead in these Mormon colonies is a life of terror and abuse.

        2. avatar Dude says:

          If what you say about this situation is true, then I agree. However, the inconvenient truth that this situation illustrates is that we need more / better border security, not less / worse security that’s being advocated by the left. Mexico isn’t America, and this is just another reminder.

        3. avatar Dude says:

          There’s no legitimate reason for less border security unless you want to flood the country with illegal immigration. But like Joy Behar says, you can’t just come out and say what your true plans are if you want to get elected.

        4. avatar Miner49er says:

          People, this is an about border security, these individuals live in Mexico and many of them have dual citizenship. They move back-and-forth across the border when it gets too hot on either side.

          I thought there were more LEO’s on this site, law-enforcement and the prosecutors are all too aware of these Mormon cults.

          Apparently, no one on here realizes how polygamy and child welfare fraud works for these people.

          Imagine, if you will, a man with four or five wives, each one with three or 4 kids. When they file for welfare, they say they don’t know who the father is. As they’ve been abandoned, each child becomes worth at least $800 each month, do the math. 20 or 20 kids times $800 each per month equals $16-$32,000 income per month.

          Of course, the mighty man that’s head of the household pockets the money and the wives and kids eat bologna on white bread with powdered milk.

          Just more people wanting free stuff from the government, with a layer of fraud and child abuse for spice.

        5. avatar Miner49er says:

          I just remembered the term these people use for their welfare fraud, they justify the fraud because they say they are taking money away from the evil United States government. They call it ‘bleeding the beast’.

          But that’s our tax dollars they are taking through their fraudulent schemes and I for one, object to them using religion as an excuse to perpetrate a fraud.

          This isn’t about border security, these people were in Mexico because they live there, and transit back-and-forth often. It is suspected they may be involved in other criminal enterprises but I won’t speculate on that subject here.

        6. avatar Dude says:

          “This isn’t about border security”

          So you think the cartel took them out because they can’t stand welfare fraud? It’s about border security because we don’t won’t those murderous thugs over here. We already have enough of those. You can’t admit that because you’re a bitter open border lefty, so you’ll just keep listing everything bad the victims may have done to distract from that. It really isn’t complicated.

        7. avatar Miner49er says:

          First, I don’t know where are you people get this open border leftist crap. No lefties I know are in favor of open borders, most of them want the security we have in place or even more. We just don’t wanna waste our money on the wall they’re going to cut through with the recep saw from Home Depot.

          Next, please understand, these weren’t innocent tourists taking a scenic drive through the Mexican desert.

          These people live in large house trailer colonies in the desert, heavily armed and engaged in exactly who knows what. Many of them have dual citizenship and move back-and-forth across the border often.

          See my comment above were many of them rake in 20 or $30,000 a month of your tax dollars, and then Google Warren Jeffs to see the depth of their perversions.

          The children were innocent victims, their parents intentionally put them in harms way in order to pursue their cult behavior of pedophilia and welfare fraud.

        8. avatar Dude says:

          “I don’t know where are you people get this open border leftist crap”

          Are you serious?
          Current dem platform: abolish ICE, decriminalize illegal immigration, no new physical barriers along border, tear down existing physical barriers, offer amnesty to all illegal immigrants, incentivize more people to cross into USA bypassing current legal immigration. I know someone like you has heard of this.

        9. avatar Dude says:

          You keep talking about how terrible the victims were. That’s beside the point of border security. If it were two rival criminal gangs blowing each other up just south of the border, that still makes the case for effective border security.

    3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Buff cousing Elroy,

      How would the LeBarron’s have machine guns and sniper rifles in Mexico?

      While it is easy for criminals to acquire and keep any firearms they want, I cannot believe that non-criminals would be able to keep their machine guns and sniper rifles for any significant amount of time before the Mexican government would decide to descend on their compound and disarm them.

      1. avatar Buff cousin Elroy says:

        Uncommon sense-

        The same way cartels have MGs and heavy weapons. Mexico is not the US, their gov isnt like ours. Pay off the right people, and anything is possible. The lebarons are millionaires… the mex gov leaves them alone.

        You can search google the info is out there if you want it.

        1. avatar Anymouse says:

          VICE did a doc them 7 years ago. Check out “The Mexican Mormon War.” They’ve been fighting with the cartels for years, and both sides have taken casualties.

  19. avatar Will Drider says:

    Just another normal occurence in a Gun Free Zone. In this case it’s a shithole country RUN BY DRUG CARTELS! Extremely tough gun laws, much more restrictive than anything in the U.S. Yet, criminals have guns including the “FULL AUTO” kind. This is what the dem/Left want in the U.S. : No lawful civilian possession of firearms.

  20. avatar J Star says:

    Just another day in the War on Drugs. Prohibition taught us nothing, so we turned the dial up to 11 and plugged our ears. You can’t possibly expect to win a war on drugs when our own people are the willing customers. The cartels are the Al Capones of our day, and all we’re doing is making them richer and more powerful.

    1. avatar Dan W says:

      The Mexicans were cutting people’s hearts out before the Spanish arrived. The war on drugs is just they excuse for the behavior. They’ll find something else to kill people over if drugs are legalized.

  21. avatar Dude says:

    I checked Trump’s tweet to Mexico for the brain dead replies. This gem is the top reply; from a Harvard PhD of course.

    “you refuse to help Central America to deal with their economy and climate change. Mr. President, this is the result of your policies, not Mexico’s.”

    Mexican cartel violence just south of our border is our fault for not helping the countries south of Mexico deal with their economy and climate change. I don’t think it’s a fake account. Absolute insanity.

    1. avatar grumpster says:

      Sounds like the movie Sicario down there but a lot worse. President Trump should tell their corrupt president that if ever a single person is murdered on US soil by cartel trash he will open a giant can of whoop ass on them and to stay out of the way.

      1. avatar enuf says:

        Sicario was a mild form of the reality down there. Americans should stay the hell out.

        Unless they are American Special Forces on their way to communicate our displeasure to a cartel leader. Those Americans should pop down there any time they like.

  22. avatar Ralph says:

    Today Sonora, tomorrow Sonoma. Viva la Raza.

    1. avatar Dan W says:

      Just think how much GDP growth we’ll get letting in another 10million of these people though! Isn’t that what life is all about, GDP?

  23. avatar Xaun Loc says:

    Having read this report and another report — either there were two completely different incidents where 9 Mexicans from the same village where murdered, or the two reports each chose what to include and what to leave out.

    For example this article refers to all 9 as Americans many of whom were born in Mexico, while the other article correctly identifies them as Mexicans some of whom have dual Mexican/US citizenship. Apparently they have been careful to maintain US citizenship despite having lived in Mexico for generations (the group moved to Mexico when Mormons were being oppressed in the US).

    Another omission in this article is that the family was involved in founding an organization supporting law enforcement several years ago – which might cast doubt on the “mistaken for members of another cartel” angle that appears in this account.

    Also this article says the three SUVs were traveling together as a convoy while the other article mentions the vehicles being found separately at different locations — those could both be true but it is another difference between the two articles.

    1. avatar Dude says:

      “mistaken for members of another cartel” angle

      Apparently this group has had previous run ins with the cartel which probably means it wasn’t mistaken identity. It was more like a message.

      1. avatar enuf says:

        Some of the children in those cars escaped and hid in the bushes. Some were wounded. A 13 year old boy hiked 14 miles to get help. A 14 year old girl also tried to hike out, and was later rescued.

        Wounded children were flown to the USA, being treated now in Arizona. There have been interviews with these children and adults back in their hometown.

        This was clearly targeted, not a mistake. One of the mothers got out and raised her hands over her head to surrender and talk to the cartel gunmen. She clearly identified herself and they shot her in the chest.

        Adults from the town tried to reach the children for hours but cartel activity kept them back, too much gun fire.

        Hell yes the cartels were sending a message to the LeBaron family. Stop the anti-drug activism or the rest of you will die too.

        1. avatar Miner49er says:

          So you think the LeBaron ‘family’ is conducting anti-drug operations?


        2. avatar enuf. says:

          Where did you get that idea? Activism is speaking out, not conducting anti cartel operations.

        3. avatar Dude says:

          He’s always changing the topic or throwing out a strawman argument because that’s all he has.

  24. avatar arc says:

    I’m down for a war with Mexico, I would even entertain re-enlisting in the grunts if Uncle Sam sent me a letter asking for my services again. Using Mexico as a giant UXO pit is also acceptable, our stuff does have expiration dates you know.

    1. avatar Dan W says:

      Would be better than fighting another useless war on the other side of the world that doesn’t help America in any way.

      Let’s start by repatriating all the enemies that have made it behind our lines.

  25. avatar GS650G says:

    When this starts happening here the left will blame law abiding gun owners. Mark that.

    1. avatar Dan W says:

      That’s why they want another 30 million Mexicans here. The violence is a feature, not a bug.

  26. avatar Brandon says:

    So when are we going to file a lawsuit against Mexico for not protecting US citizens? Didn’t Mexico do some virtue signaling BS like that after the El Paso Walmart shooting where Mexican citizens were killed? Maybe they should fix their own blood soaked war zone before bitching about the US.

  27. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

    oops…mistaken identity?

  28. avatar Hannibal says:

    1) Stay the hell out of Mexico.
    2) Don’t expect the Mexican government to do anything, they’re in league with the gangs.
    3) Seriously, stay the F out of Mexico

    1. avatar enuf says:

      ^^^__ THIS RIGHT HERE __^^^

  29. avatar Blkojo says:

    Culture matters. Right leftists?

  30. avatar conrad says:

    Wild Bunch 2
    “In the name of John Moses Browning, we’re here for Angel LeBarron”.

    1. avatar Miner49er says:

      Very interesting, both old man Browning and Angel Baron are Mormons.

  31. avatar enuf says:

    But López Obrador said: “The worst thing you can have is war.”

    The President of Mexico is out of his fucking mind. His country has been engaged in a civil war with organized crime for decades. Some 35 years ago I was on a SAR team asked to go down and give support to pull bodies out of a well on an abandoned ranch. A lot of bodies, and that was long before the narco cartels decided to get violent in a big way. That was just them getting started. Since then nobody can say for certain what the real death toll is, so many simply disappear. Over 200,000 dead some say.

    Sounds awfully war-like to me.

    We cannot afford a failed state as a major trading partner. We cannot tolerate all the drugs pouring over that border. We need about 100,000 troops deployed for two purposes.
    1. Patrols on all Federal lands.
    2. Physical inspections at all ports of entry. Empty every vehicle, every rail car, every aircraft. Find the drugs.

    Naval and Air Force patrols are next. We have a lot of unprotected coastline, that just will not do at all.

    We need to starve the cartels of income as a way of protecting our own people. That it also helps the few surviving honest LEO’s south of the border is just their good fortune.

    And on that note, finding and killing narco cartel leaders should be a job for our special forces. It is an asymmetric low intensity war, long overdue we treated it as such.

    1. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

      Only concern would be retooling our domestic espionage infrastructure from English to Spanish but yeah given the right motivation you just laid out a viable course of action that would lead to a media/international meltdown as the US defended its interests.

  32. avatar Jim says:

    Several other articles say the nine killed were dual citizens. If that was the case and since they were killed while they were in Mexico, they were Mexicans, not US citizens. That type of event is a common occurrence in cartel controlled areas.

    1. avatar enuf says:

      Yes it is common down there, the cartels kill lots of people. They kill people they don’t intend to kill and people they do intend to kill. They are as evil as any blood thirsty Islamic terrorist.

      But AMERICAN CITIZEN means something. Doesn’t matter where it happened or that they held dual citizenship, AMERICAN is AMERICAN, end of story.

  33. avatar Timothy V Noecker says:

    Without a Perfect Solution to This Ugly Problem I’d Tell Ya’ll What I’d do If I Was The POTUS – I’d Declare Outright War Against Any and All drug Cartel(s) Known By Our Intel Dept/C.B.P./D.E.A. and Make It a Daily/Nightly Routine To Send in Drones, Stealth Bombers Dropping JDAMS, and Cruise Missile Attacks. If The Drug Cartels Want To Make It Routine To Kill People Regardless Of Reason On a Daily Basis (Which They Have Done Since Like Forever) Then We Need To Attack/Kill Off Them on a Daily Basis Until Mexico and Their Effed Up Situation Starts To Show Some Kind Of Improvement. As of Now, It’s Just a Killing Field For Their NARCO Turf Wars and Doesn’t Show an End in Sight…

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