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Need fresh ideas for how to use the antlers from your harvest this year? Check these out.

If you’ve tagged a buck or bull, it may have crossed your mind: What am I going to do with these antlers?

Preserve the memory of the moment with one of these nine ideas. Share your own antler DIYs (or your dog’s ideas) on our Facebook page, and check out the Wide Open Spaces hunting section for more great projects.

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  1. It would be nice to be able to see the ideas, but using IE 11 the video does not appear. I can see it in Brave but that is not my default browser. In addition, without the “next page/previous page” buttons it is even less user friendly. Since I can see just about every bit of information elsewhere that appears in TTAG, while I’m a long time reader I’m about ready to shut off the feed.

  2. The one about unusual deer was the first one I actually wanted to see, but I couldn’t view or download it. Same for this one, my browser can’t recognize and play it, and download helper won’t grab it either.

    I don’t know if any of the ‘we shove weird stuff in a shotgun’ videos played, I never tried to play any of them.

    • Yeah, I got nothing here too.
      FWIW, I give my antlers to an elderly lady who makes buttons out of them.
      I made a cribbage board out of a single elk drop I found. It’s kinda cool.

      • You can also make some nice lamp shades out of the skin and soap from the tallow, the Aryans did some especially nice craftwork in those genres…

        Ive seen photos of tobacco pouches made by frontier settler Americans out of indigeneous ball sacs, beautiful craftsmanship…

        So yeah nothing like doing arts and crafts with cadaver parts, riffing off William Morris theres an Arts ‘N’ Corpses booth at our Farmers Market, also have mortuary photography so the little ones can pose smiling with the corpses of animals, great fun and instills those Real American values : D

  3. Antler is an incredibly tough natural material – far more durable than bone. It is also less porous and can be polished to a high sheen.
    This is why it has been traditionally used for knife grips, gun grips, jewelry, bow tip overlays, etc.
    I really enjoy working with it… provided I can get my hands on a piece with the necessary dimensions for what I want to do.
    That’s why I have a large bucket stuffed with assorted antlers in the garage next to the work bench, my materials stash. 🤠

  4. We use antlers for chew toys for our 2 Golden Retrievers. They keep their teeth clean by wearing down gradually. We take the antlers away when the antlers get too small and give to family members who have small dogs.
    We order online to get good quality.

  5. Alternative title “nine things to do with antlers beside making a pair of homemade rattlers”.
    (Forgive me is the termanolagy is incorrect I haven’t hunted in years).

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