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80 PERCENT ARMS, the leading producer of 80% lowers, 80% lower jigs, and 80% pistol frames, debuts the latest in their line of AR-15 receivers you can build at home: an all-new ambidextrous 80% AR-15 lower receiver.

This premium ambi lower brings new bold and functional styling to 80% lowers. A freshly contoured design with a host of features gives fresh aesthetics with new functions to the 80% builder space. We’ve included the ability to drop the bolt from the right side of the receiver, aiding in speed reloads and getting the shooter back on the gun faster. 

80% Arms has incorporated several other features to improve shootability of the lower receiver as well. A trigger pre-travel take-up tension screw has been included to improve the pull on triggers that may have excessive pre-travel by providing upwards tension on the rear of the trigger unit. 

Additionally, a receiver tension screw is included with the receiver, allowing for tension to be placed on the rear takedown pin lug of an upper receiver, removing slop or movement between receivers where the aftermarket match may not be as precise as desired.

Because even the little things matter, 80% Arms has threaded the rear takedown pin spring hole, to make installation of the lower parts kit (especially the backplate), a breeze. 

Finally, the rearward safety selector stop has been abbreviated to allow easier manipulation of the safety selector when hands are wet or slippery by allowing more thumb engagement on the safety selector lever. 

The 80% ambi lower is the latest in a rapidly expanding catalog of premium 80% receivers offered by 80% Arms. It’s available online at, and ships directly to your door.

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  1. Reasonable prices I see…no plans on building a rifle but ya never know. I didn’t plan on getting an AR either😏

  2. Nothing wrong with finishing an 80%. Our FFL has the 80 and finished Andersons in stock for less than 1/2 the price. Too many time consuming tweaks and too much expense to assemble a quality AR without the added work and risk an 80 requires. However I inspected a machinist finished 80 and it was very nice.
    Tightening AR receivers requires pulling the halves together. Three ways to accomplish that…Purchase matched receivers, purchase an expensive cam action quick pin or install an AR15accushim that fits the sear relief. The cam action pin may not be allowed in competetions requiring the rifle not to have visible mods. No way Jose will I use push screws and accuwedges that lift the upper from the base of the lug. For tight groups it’s the laundry list of little things that add up.

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