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“On July 1, public universities in Kansas will be required by state law to allow guns in every public building on campus,” reports, ruefully. “Not everyone on the campus is excited about the change. A campus survey shows about 80 percent of KU students don’t like the idea of having guns on campus. ‘It’s not the wild west anymore. It should be a lot safer,’ said Meranda Martinez, a mother of two who is studying to be a counselor. ‘We shouldn’t have to be carrying guns around with us.'”

Note to Ms. Martinez: you don’t have to carry a gun. But you have the right to do so. As does every other American on or in a Kansas state-run university. As of July 1, anyway.

Also note: the right to armed self-defense is a natural right. As such it’s not subject to the democratic process. No matter how many people oppose guns on campus — whether they’re students, journalists or cops — they lack the moral authority to degrade or destroy the right to keep and bear arms.

The right to keep and bear arms is also a civil right, protected by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. As such, it’s no less important than the right to partake of government services regardless of race.

Yes I’m going there. ‘Cause I bet dollars to donuts there was a time where 80 percent of KU students opposed the admission of black students. (Kansas University didn’t allow black students to complete the school’s medical program for three decades, until 1938.)

One can hope that a Supreme Court dominated by small “c” conservative judges will ignore public support for gun control and restore gun rights in those places where they’ve been curtailed or eliminated (e.g., New Jersey, California, Maryland). Because we don’t live in a democracy. We live in a Constitutional republic. And the U.S. Constitution couldn’t be more clear: the right to keep and bear arms is protected from government infringement, regardless of public opinion. Counselor.

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  1. “80% of Kansas University Students Don’t Want Blacks on Campus. Sorry, Guns.”

    Then they must really hate black guns.

    Personally, I’ve always thought that college campuses would be great places without all those damn stupid students.

    Imagine spending well over $50,000 bucks of your parents’ money every year to get a degree in Black Studies, Medieval Puppetry or Advanced Basket Weaving? What a bunch of twits!

  2. Quite a jump you’re making. Quoting a Mexican woman and claiming it’s about black folks and “discrimination”…do you suppose JEWS were frowned upon in 1938? There will always be people who don’t trust college kids with guns(I’m not one of them-I have 2 in college).

    • As for the 80% number – it is probable that only @ 20% of the students would qualify to carry on campus under the new law.

      The real problem is to convince that 80% that the students who could/would carry will not automatically become oppressive bullies that everyone else must fear.

  3. I live in a college town. the students clearly have more on the ball than the locals, but they are still young people on their own for the first time surrounded by other young people on their own for the first time. not a clue in the crowd, all quite convinced they know all about how the world should be run.

    what they have not yet figured out is that while they might be quite safe on campus, when they go off campus they are in a FIZ: a fool intensive zone. sometimes you need a fool tool to get past the fools.

  4. While the anti-2nd Amendment crowd might be the majority on campus, they’re obviously the minority in the state of Kansas. So they can just stuff their majority in their pipe and smoke it because it doesn’t mean shit. If they don’t like it they should perhaps reflect on the shortfalls of democracy and the advantages of a constitutional republic.

  5. It would be good to see the actual questionaire and how it was asked. Also the setting, i doubt that the entire student body of 28k participated. The poll is likely skewed even in a population that is likely high in brainwashed individuals. We already know that many good people have been brainwashed to void themselves at the mention of guns. The strategy is to thwart campus carry before it is discovered that it is not the “wild west” again. To use a old western phrase “they are just trying to scare the wimenfolk”

    • Agreed. The majority of any left-leaning population in Kansas lives in Lawrence, KC and possibly Topeka, but even so, 80% seems awfully high. I’m curious as to where the survey came from, online or on campus. Was it a booth parked between Gender Studies and Dance Therapy? Who knows.

  6. Texas experienced the same leftist-inspired hysteria when campus carry went into effect this fall. Remember the dildo demonstration at UT? They made the same outlandish claim that the campus would be awash with blood if concealed carry was allowed. Needless to say, that’s not been the case at UT or any other public campus in Texas.

    • “Remember the dildo protest at UT?”

      Heck, I’m still trying to erase the imagery of the Trigglypuff wannabes from my memory,

  7. Not many of those “80%” were committed enough to show up at the meeting shown at the 1:12 mark. I see a whole lot of empty seats. But I guess there is cause for concern after seeing all the blood in the streets in Austin. /sarc

  8. Yeah, I normally like this site but that’s a cheap title and conclusion, with zero understanding of the topic or the state. I used to live in Lawrence, Kansas and while Lawrence is blue, your insinuation about Bleeding Kansas as being uniquely discriminatory is wrong, at best.

  9. I guess all those college faculty and students need to go back and get a lesson on their laws.

    It doesn’t matter how many signatures they get on any petition.
    The voters of Kansas decided this issue.
    The students don’t have a say, except on a state ballot.
    That is, if they are old enough to vote.
    If the students and faculty don’t want guns on campus they will have to bring it back up to the voters of Kansas.

  10. You might get a different opinion if you drove 85 miles west to Kansas State in Manhattan. We K-Staters consider KU to be a collection of effete twits. They think of themselves as a Harvard on the Kaw River. We call them the Flaw on the Kaw.

  11. “the changes will allow anyone to conceal and carry on a public campus…”

    Umm…no miss not anyone can carry like convicted felons, etc. But why let facts get in the way of hoplophobic pearl clutching?

  12. Only 21 year old students and older can legally carry so that’s a pretty small number of pistols. Most teachers won’t pack because of peer pressure.

    • That depends. My university had a ton of vets who were all of legal age to carry and did so whether it was legal on campus or not.

  13. ‘It’s not the wild west anymore. It should be a lot safer…‘We shouldn’t have to be carrying guns around with us.”

    Well I guess it’s not safe so now you have to do something you “shouldn’t” have to do.

    Not to worry though there cupcake! In a few short years people will be saying the same thing about listening to the bullshit that comes out of your “counselling” sessions.

  14. NATURAL RIGHT? Where in nature or in the biosphere are there guns? While I agree the Second Amendment guarantees the right to bare arms, which I also personally agree with, it goes a bit beyond to say that is a natural right. Natural rights are basic human rights such as the right to be free, the right to nourish oneself, etc. I just don’t understand where you get off that guns are a natural right. They are a right under the United States Constitution. They are not a natural right for all mankind.

    • The natural right is to defend oneself and others. The tool used for that isn’t the “right,” but merely a tool. The gun happens to be among the best tools for the stated purpose… defense of that life and the property one owns – so the nourishment can happen.

    • You’re equivocating the word natural. Where in the biosphere is there political speech or politicians or printing presses? Free speech is a natural right.

      A natural right is just simply a right that is considered inherent and is protected by the constitution as opposed to one granted by any sort of specific legislation.

      The right to smoke weed is not considered a natural right (It should be, don’t get me wrong lol.), it is a right that some states have granted through legislation.

  15. The right to keep and bear arms is not predicated on polling in isolated enclaves.

    That said, the poll result is understandable to me, given how we’ve been infantilizing our college students for at least a generation now.

    Recalling my own days at two different Big Ten schools, I recall knowing a lot of immature man-boys who I would not have trusted with car keys, firearms, or the ability to follow simple instructions like, “please do not park here or you will be towed” or “if you need extra credit to get your grade above a “D”, just complete these assignments. Regardless of work quality, merely completing an assignment will earn you X points toward your final grade, and if you do them all, that will raise your grade by one entire letter.” (That last one was is in memory of a freshman whose academic scholarship required him to get a “C”.)

    I can’t imagine that situation has improved since my last official contact with higher education, so I can totally see a poll of current college students (especially with a leading question) producing an 80%-no result.

    • Yeah no thanks. 35% of the people that took the ccw class and qualifier where i did were turned away before they even got to shoot because they didn’t have the faintest clue about basic safety, how to even load or operate a gun much less how to shoot it and even hit a man sized target 5 yards away, sometimes without dropping their loaded gun.

      Permitless carry is the LAST thing i think of when i think of enhanced safety. What we need is to make getting a ccw as fast as getting a drivers license. You take the test, you get a paper license and you’re legal when you leave the class even before your plastic arrives.


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