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‘Tis that time again, the annual Sunday we designate to honor the patriarchy. Those who, along with our mothers, brought us into being, taught us much of what we know and are always there for us, no matter what stupid sh*t we do. So if you’re at a loss for an appropriate gift for your gun-loving pop, we’re here to help out with a few suggestions that will fit any budget and are guaranteed to please your paternal unit.

Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat ($15) or the venerable TekMat ($14 pistol size, $25 rifle size) – This beats working on a greasy shop towel every day of the week. The oil-resistant Smart Mat protects your work surface from scratches and chemicals while providing an uber-convenient attached tray to keep track of small parts like springs, pins and screws. Every dad should have one.

UpLULA 9mm to .45 Magazine Loader ($35 MSRP, $25 via this link) – Does your dad have sore thumbs from stuffing round after round into magazines to feed his shooting habit? There’s an app for that. The UpLula loader from maglula Ltd. will soothe his distressed digits. There’s no better pistol magazine loader made. Period.

Flambeau HD Series Pistol Case ($35) – Dad can always use a secure, protective way to get a pistol and a few mags to the range and back for an afternoon of fun. Flambeau’s HD Series cases are tough and customizable. They’ll also pass muster with our friends at the TSA if he wants to fly the friendly skies and take a pistol with him.

5.11 Master of the Grill Apron ($50) – Dad does not live by ballistics alone. At some point, he’s sure to want to throw a Porterhouse on the grill to re-fuel for his next range session. That’s why 5.11’s Teflon-coated, MOLLE-equipped apron is just the thing to keep him protected from barbecue spall while giving him plenty of pocket volume and Velcro real estate to affix his favorite morale patches.

Daltech Force Rich Brown Stitched Bull Hide Leather Gun Belt ($50) – If your dad carries every day, few things will improve his life more than a good gun belt. Daltech Force’s bull hide belt is tough as month-old beef jerky and the optional 3/4-inch hole spacing will let him cinch things up to just the right level of retention for all-day comfort.

Smith Optics Elite Aegis Arc Compact Eye Protection Kit ($80) – It’s hard to put a value on eyesight. And if you want to give Dad military grade eye pro at an affordable price, Smith’s Aegis Arc kit comes with both clear and gray lenses for two pairs in one convenient package.

Otis Elite Cleaning System ($115) – Otis makes a huge range of great cleaning kits (this one is a particular favorite), but if you want to give dear ol’ Dad one kit to rule them all, it’s got to be their Elite Cleaning System. This 40-piece collection includes everything you’ll need to scrub down and lube any chambering from .22 to .50 caliber. And it all comes nicely packaged in a handy-dandy canvas zip case to keep things organized.

Vertx B-RANGE BAG ($125) or the larger A-RANGE BAG ($200) – If dad wants to take more than just a handgun to the range with him — eyes, ears, ammo, et al. — then he’ll need a good range bag. And there’s no better-built, more thoughtfully designed option than Vertx’s B-RANGE BAG. Bonus: this thing is so well made he’ll probably hand it down to you some day. If there’s a better range bag on the planet, we haven’t found it.

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  1. I can recommend the Daltech bull belt. I’ve been wearing one every day for a couple of years. Strong and comfortable, and doesn’t look all operator either.

  2. I’ve been carrying a gun on a cheap Walmart dickies belt and on a cheap Costco leather belt for the better part of a decade. This whole thing with “you need stiff leather” and “a quality gun belt” is bull. Get pants and a belt that fit, and don’t buy a crap holster, you’ll be fine.

  3. When has any gun guy ever said “I have too much ammo?”


    Give the gift that keeps on giving.

  4. well my kids are still very young, so my wife mentioned that she has no idea what to get. I recommended some hornady xtp bullets to load for my .44 mag, and a couple watermelons. I’d be a happy daddy.

  5. A buddy of mine bought his wife a Ruger 10/22 takedown rifle for Mother’s Day a couple years ago (family with young kids). She was so exited that she cried tears of joy upon receiving it. She promptly started packing it in her minivan so she could have impromptu sage rat shooting sessions should the opportunity arise.

  6. I’ve got a Hamilton Khaki Automatic coming next week. Probably the only kind of automatic which is 50 state and DC legal.

  7. NRA membership if he does not have one. And membership to his state rifle and pistol club. Best thing you can gift him is a chance to pass on his lifestyle to his children without legal interference

  8. Those Smith Optics glasses are excellent. For 1/3rd the price of those high-end ones, they seem even a little better (cover slightly more area) and you can get that funny rose colored one that really lights things up for another $25 or so.

  9. What pray tell does a gunner do if their father is a Vietnam vet, former Marine, who just happens to be an arch-fudd?
    Also he watches MSNBC, CNN, etc, and thinks the WaPo AND NYT are the PINNACLE of truth? Obama and Hillary supporter??

    I bought him a couple 8rd 1911 mags and a single box of 1911 food, but I’m creating unofficial official looking background check paper work before I give it it him, which he WILL fill out. hehe me old dad.

  10. streamlight protac 2L-X 500 lumen

    $45 on ebay

    weapon light for my 16″ 5.56 carbine in a 1″ qd mount

    pony up lads

  11. The Uplula may be $35 for a hunk of plastic with a spring but it’s worth every penny. My old hands appreciate it.

  12. We got a saying at old Mojo’ s acreage; “I know what to get you, but in what caliber? “

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