I don’t mean to pick on my former home but . . . “From April 2008 to June 2011, there were 688 robberies at London betting shops where a gun was used, according to the Metropolitan Police.” There it is in black and white via guardian.co.uk: the country held up as the exemplar for American gun control is prey to hundreds of armed robberies. [Click here for the Sussex Police’s rundown on one they caught earlier.] Also buried in this report: intentional under-reporting of criminal damage. “According to an internal memo seen by Guardian Money, William Hill instructs staff not to contact the police when customers not already known to staff damage the machines . . . The memo explicitly states that one of its purposes is ‘to reduce the number of reports to police’.”


  1. Maybe they should pass a law to make it agansit the law to use a gun while breaking the law or something to that effect. Criminals who use guns to rob or kill people don’t respect any laws. The BG’s guys will do whatever they want whenever they please and no silly law will ever change that fact.

  2. The overall per capita gun related homicide is rather low about .5% for the UK, but considering it is supposed to be a gun free country any reading at all seems to be showing that it isn’t working.
    To this end one of the lowest gun related homicides in the world is Chile. While they do have some what restrictive laws, they also have something that pretty much resembles constitutional carry. You don’t need a carry permit, but you do need a license to get a gun to begin with. In any case they are at the bottom of the list.
    What we take away from this is that gun bans don’t work. Where there is a will there is a way.
    Taking guns away from the rest of us doesn’t solve a darn thing.
    This emboldens the criminals to work with impunity.
    We all remember the days of bobbies with a club but that was it. Those days are gone my friends. Now they are arming up to the hilt, even more so than your local PD here in the states. Why? Because the criminals don’t give a rats ass about the laws. We also see that the betting houses were refusing to report crimes. This also modifies the numbers and makes it look better than it really is.
    So now the question is what other reports were tampered with due to government pressure to make things look nicer than they really are?

    • chile? but they say that, to transport a gun you need to get permission, and if the police find it, it gets taken away.

  3. New York City has been caught messing with states as well. Reality is not acceptable to Mr. Bloomberg, so he has the police reporting armed robberies as “Lost property”. haha.

    Wonder how many years that went on…but hey, never mind that, just drink the cool-aid and remember “New York is the safest Big City!”

  4. What I would like to see is the overall violent crime rate of some of the rural or suburban areas of Europe versus the rural or suburban areas of the USA. I would really love to see Germans to German Americans, Swiss to Swiss Americans. I would take a stab and say that the Europe to American ratio would be close in spite of the plethora of guns amongst the German and Swiss Americans. Sounds like a job for TTAG.

  5. Whether you’re anti-gun or pro gun, the facts cannot be disputed that the UK has much less crime and murders than the United States. If a person thinks societies problems can be solved by having less guns or more guns, then they’re incredibly naive. I would much rather have guns than not have them though.

    • It is true those numbers don’t lie, however you also need to take into account cultural differences as well. The other numbers you want to look at are things like homicides in general per capita. The UK is about 1.3 and the US is about 4.8. You also need to realize that the UK is made up largely of rural areas. Yes there are cities and towns, but cities like London for example just by how they are laid out are different than other places. So despite the armed robberies being at less then .5 %. there are still murders, and I am sure rape and domestic battery. There are so many different ways you can break it down, and present the numbers.

        • The only thing more shocking than that story is that they reported it in the first place.

        • “The behavior forced the Manchester police and Rochdale social services to publicly apologize for mistakes that ‘delivered children into the hands of rapists.'” May god have mercy on their souls.

  6. Crime is crime it happens everywhere.
    Major difference is how it is carried out. I remember being at the bank once in Israel. Someone actually robbed the bank. No gun just a snatch and run, but there must have been at least fifteen people carrying in the bank at the time.
    Fact is the more prevalent and trained the populace is with firearms the more respect they have for them. The more that carry the less the criminals will use them. Why? Because they know their chance of being killed will increase dramatically if they do. Why take the chance.
    I have been on almost every continent on this planet at one time or another, and I can tell you when the people hold the power you can not take advantage of that.

  7. “688 Armed Robberies in Gun Free UK. In Three Years. At Betting Shops”

    England and Wales have 6.2 guns per 100 citizens. Not many, but it’s not “gun free.”

    • That’s the one trick in this post, “the UK is absolutely gun free.” The other trick is to use straight numbers like “hundreds of armed robberies.”

      The fact is the intentional homicide RATE is about 4 times less in the UK than it is in the US. That’s a fact not a trick.

      • Personal freedom is far more than 4 times less over there also.

        Oh, I forgot, you’re all for total government surveillance, the power of the government to bolt military weaponry onto the top of your house, and and complete fealty to our royal overlords.

        Those too weak to deal with the consequences of freedom are welcome in the UK. Or Italy.

  8. “Oh, I forgot, you’re all for total government surveillance, the power of the government to bolt military weaponry onto the top of your house, and and complete fealty to our royal overlords.”

    No, I’m just pointing out that the headline wasn’t accurate.

  9. The people who want to scrap the long gun retisgry just want to stop the criminal element in Canada from doing their cross boarder shopping for illegal firearms in the US. The Firearm Program in Canada is working, if we had the same gun control laws as the US then criminals in Canada wouldn’t need to smuggle firearms from the US. There would be plenty of illegal firearms in Canada for all the criminals to use. According to the indictment from on or about November 2004 through May 2005, Tolliver, a United States citizen residing in Canada, received requests from marijuana traffickers in Canada for firearms. Tolliver would instruct co-defendant Lamarcus Jones to acquire specific types of handguns from gun dealers in northern Kentucky through the use of “straw purchasers.” Straw purchasers buy guns for other people while falsely representing that they are buying the guns for themselves. Once the guns were purchased, co defendants would remove the serial numbers in Kentucky then transport the firearms through Detroit and smuggle them into Ontario, Canada where they would be exchanged for marijuana.During the course of the investigation it was discovered that some of the guns which Tolliver was responsible for smuggling into Canada were recovered at crime scenes in the greater Toronto area. Specifically, one of the straw purchased guns was used in the shooting of a Canadian law enforcement officer and another was the primary weapon used in the killings of eight Bandito motorcycle gang members in Ontario

  10. Mr. Baker,Am I missing smenthiog here?If SCOTUS is simply deferring and not “deciding” on whether to hear the case now, why wouldn’t they just put it off again, and again and again?We all know they don’t want any of this business. They’re not stupid, so they’re going to play games and deflect, right?It’s all the same to me. Bunch of sissified gummint pukes who couldn’t make a decision or do the right thing if their lives depended on it.Fenty will get to have his goons do whatever the Hell it is he wants, since it’ll fall to him to “do smenthiog.”Gray crap. A massive, ambiguous, undefinable legal gray area that is going to land bunches of regular folks in jail, I fear.Please, feel free to elaborate here, I’m really quite interested in the long version of what this is all about.

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