“The Tesla Gun is a hand-held, battery powered lightning machine,” hackerfriendly.com reports. “It is a spark gap Tesla coil powered by an 18V drill battery. You pull the trigger, and lightning comes out the front.” Maybe. Maybe not.


  1. It isn’t hard to create a lightning generator. (Any above-average garage engineer could have made that Tesla-coil gun, or any number of similar “lightning” weapons.) The problem is in aiming them. The electric charge goes to wherever the best or nearest ground is. Generally that is not where you would like it to go.

    Notice there are no sights on it. Why bother, because they would be useless anyway.

  2. Solution: rig up something to shoot a pronged thingie with a wire that traces back to the gun. oh wait. . .

  3. Supposedly, upon Tesla’s death the FBI raided his hotel safe and took his plans for a ray gun which to this day have not been released. Another story (I have no idea how true) is that he was doing a major electrical experiment with the atmosphere the same day the Tunguska Event air-explosion occurred directly on the other side of the world in Russia. Again, those stories or claims might be nothing more than myth and legend.


    • That is actually a plot point in Larry Correia’s Spellbound, a alternate history. He is a former gun dealer turned writer. He writes the best gun scenes I’ve ever read.


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