“I think people get confused between freedom of speech and an actual threat. When Ted Nugent says that, “Next year if Obama gets elected I’m going to be in jail or dead,” he’s implying that he’s going to kill him, so that’s not a joke. That’s the problem with the Second Amendment, if you really do care about owning a gun and think that’s important, the right to, which I actually do. You have a lot of crackpots defending something that’s super important.” – Bobcat Goldthwait


  1. Ummmm, no, Bob, that’s what you think Ted implied. See, that’s the problem with the First Amendment – assholes like you putting words in people’s mouths.

    • I have to admit that, quoted in written form, Ted’s statement was ambiguous at best. However, when one listens to the audio, it becomes clear what his meaning was.

  2. So…why do y’all suppose Ted thinks he’ll be dead if BHO is reelected? Because Obama will try to kill him and/or round up people? Or because Ted thinks he’s going to have to wage war against the US Govt? What other possibilities are there?

    • That’s the first thought which came to mind. I think Ted is afraid there will be gun confiscation in a second Obama term, and Ted would be made an example of. Ted is an NRA board member, right? He’s easily the most vocal pro-gun celebrity.

      I wouldn’t put it past DHS and ATF to make an example of Ted, Ruby Ridge style. They could say he is doing illegal hunts on his property, stage a raid, and say Ted shot an officer.

      Or they could arrest him to make an example of him. The feds put Tommy Chong in prison, and all he did was let his son sell bongs on the Internet.

      Tommy Chong is more beloved than Uncle Ted.

  3. I really want to like Ted for all he does for our cause but he keeps shooting himself in the foot.

    • Ted was great in Damn Yankees. Don’t Tread on Me was a favorite of mine in high school and college. But that doesn’t mean he should be a leader in the fight to preserve our civil liberties.

  4. My inference is that Nugent was saying that Obama would jail Nugent or kill Nugent because of his views on guns. I do not infer that Nugent would try to kill the President.

    • An interpretation that rather reinforces Bobcat Goldthwait’s point, isn’t it? That would just make him a paranoid crackpot rather than a violent crackpot.

      It’s a problem for all kinds of different worthy causes. As Larry Niven once said, “There is no cause so just that one cannot find an idiot following it.”

      • Given all the violent abuses we have seen from the Federal government in the last two decades (from Ruby Ridge to Waco to Gunwalker), do you REALLY believe that the possibility that they will repeat their past sins is so remote?

    • Actually, he does – when he’s not being a grandiose, bombastic attention-whore.

      He’s very intelligent, very knowledgeable on the subjects of current events, politics, crime, self-defense, and, of course, hunting. He’s can be a quite reasonable person, and I’ve seen him destroy interviewers anti-gun arguments with reason, facts and logic.

  5. What creedence or authority does an a-hole comedian like Goldthwait have to say anything publicly about politics or firearms? Like he’s some kind of expert on anything besides being a third rate comic? All these celebrity loudmouths just annoy the hell out of me. If you don’t walk the walk, don’t talk the talk.

    • Ted is kind of third rate now too ya know…
      Really people need legitimate discussions on restoring our liberties as Americans. There has been way to much hypocrisy and stealing of our rights by the states, and government in general. I honestly don’t know which if any candidate can restore my faith in the American system.
      Then again Goldthwait like Ted was exercising his 1st amendment. Like it or not it is his right. Just like protestors claiming spoons made them fat, or banks are evil. You can take what you want form it, but without those rights we would be in a world of sh**t.
      What scares me is seeing these rights get diminished, circumvented, and oppressed over time. It is a slow process over time, but continues.

  6. All I see is that he supports the 2nd amendment, which is more than most comedians or other Hollywood types, so I’m fine with it.

    People are going to interpret and misinterpret what people say no matter what’s said. One more on our side is not a bad thing.

  7. I’ll never understand why people care about what actors/comedians/entertainment types have to say about actual, real-world issues. I think it says more about the morons who are influenced about the opinions rather than the opinion-giver himself.

    That aside, there are crackpots on every issue. Intelligent people can look beyond the fringe to the actual issue. He said he supports the 2A and maybe he actually does, and that’s rare in the entertainment biz, so fine by me.

  8. The greatest thing about the 1st Amendment is that it gives the Hollywood Elite the freedom to show us what fools they are.

  9. Watching Ted these days makes me sad. Its like watching a replay of Charlie Sheen. He is really at the edge and everyone thinks its amusing. The NRA news interview was one episode among many. Then he gets interviewed by CBS news and goes wacky on some woman producer standing nearby to the interview. His wife comes out and tells him that he has to apologize to the woman. Then a couple of days later he puts out some BS about him having a kidney stone. At this point after years of his crap, I no longer give a hoot what he says. I am just waiting on the closing credits after he gets processed into rehab, hospital, or the morgue. I predict it ain’t gonna end pretty just like he said.

  10. I’m lost…what is wrong with what was quoted?…As far as Ted Nugent goes I agree 100%

  11. This is going to be either a great movie, or a terrible movie.
    There will be no inbetween.
    Looks like it could be funny, though. I hope it is.

  12. Huh, maybe it’s where I grew up but the whole “dead or in jail” thing is just a phrase for emphasis. Really, it’s not something Ted created here. Like saying “i’d die first”. It just implies that if X happens it will end badly for you. It’s not literal. Sheesh.

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