Working at a convenience store is no picnic. You make about as much as fast food, but with a lot more potential for staring down the barrel of a gun. Particularly working the lonely night shift. It’s not exactly Anbar provence, but there probably aren’t many civilian jobs that carry more risk of being robbed and very possibly shot. And while you probably know that when you take the gig, what you most likely don’t expect is getting shot by your boss…

Which is what happened at the Fiesta Mart in Lantana, Florida yesterday. The unidentified boss man was showing off his gat when it went boom. Oops. That can happen when you have your finger on the trigger.

The store honcho was smart enough, however, not to violate rule number three. When he fired the gun, it wasn’t pointed at anyone, but that didn’t stop the bullet from ricocheting and striking the clerk he was peacocking the gun for. I wouldn’t expect him to dispute the workers’ comp claim.

I don’t think I’d take a day shift in a c-store without a heater so I certainly understand the poor clerk’s boss packing a gun. Particularly in south Florida where shooting up the neighborhood Quicky Mart seems to be a regional sport. But if you own a convenience store and you carry a pistol, keep it in your holster. Your employees will thank you for it.




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