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From the NSSF:

There’s no question that crime is a problem in need of multi-faceted solutions. The firearm and ammunition industry recognizes the shared goal of reducing crime and supports unbiased research that will help to meet that goal.

However, a recent article in the Seattle Times illustrates the problem at the heart of the debate over violent crime: bias among researchers.

In this microcosm of the debate, the author begins with the news that a group of trauma centers have started a two-year project collecting data on patients with firearm-related injuries. The research, funded by the National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research, sounds great on the surface. More data on non-fatal injuries can help identify solutions to help further drive the trendline downward, and build on the declines seen in recent years.

After a brief description of the project, the author dives headfirst into the inaccurate and misleading attack on the 1996 Dickey Amendment and the false narrative promoted by gun control groups that it blocks such research. We will let the facts speak for themselves on this, but the pivot from “more research is great,” to “the evil gun lobby is blocking research,” is quick here.

Inconvenient Facts

Apart from quoting NSSF data on the increase in firearm purchases over the past few months due to concerns about COVID and social unrest, the author ignores the NSSF’s existence. That means there is zero mention of the firearm industry’s initiatives that help target the very real problems facing our communities.

There is no mention of the Project ChildSafe initiative, the long-standing program to educate gun owners about safe storage and to provide free gunlocks in every state. Likewise, while the author acknowledges that two-thirds of firearm-fatalities are suicides, not the result of violent crime, she fails to mention the industry’s partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, or work with the Department of Veterans Affairs to develop Real Solutions for these tragedies.

Instead, the politics of gun control takes center stage in the article, just as it often does when a study on a firearm-related topic is released. The bias inherent in the research and in the media means that even research undertaken with laudable goals is likely to fall victim to manipulation and the political agenda of gun control advocates.

With millions of new gun owners joining the ranks of those exercising their Second Amendment rights in these uncertain times, the firearm and ammunition industry will continue to pursue real solutions for safer communities, even without the attention from biased researchers or the media.

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  1. Even here, not everyone is aware that the Dickey amendment only prevents federal research dollars from being spent on “research” that advocates a position. Actual scientific research takes no position otherwise it becomes propaganda which is what the anti-gun groups actually want. The truth ain’t in them!

    • If this “research” is so important to them, then they could just use some of that Soros money. Of course it wouldn’t have that “CDC research says” label that they want so bad.

    • I was speaking with a Psychologist who had worked in prison with violent offenders. He explained that a large subset of inmates were people with a lack of impulse control. He explained that it is proven that first trimester exposure to alcohol, opiates, crack, others is known to cause damage to the fetus who then grows up to adult, then add inhibition reducing street drugs and alcohol, you get sudden violence. I said hey great so if this is diagnosed you can treat that right? Answer; yes but the topic is politically incorrect, so the science is mostly ignored.

      • Father absence also contributes to a lack of impulse control. It also contributes to early puberty in both boys and girls. That leads to more single mothers, probably with the bad habits you listed. The cycle not only repeats, it worsens.

        It has gotten so bad in some black communities that incest is occurring because people don’t even know who their father is. Many young people share the same father. Whichever guy is not currently in jail makes the rounds of all the ladies. When those offspring grow up they hook up and destroy the black gene pool.

      • “They” are going to have to start doing research that won’t be politically correct if they ever want to get a scientifically accurate picture of who’s doing what and base legislation on that. Screw people’s feelings about it. This would, of course, focus on blacks from ages 15 to 30. Guns are going to have to be monitored carefully as to how this group gets guns and erase their ability and right to have them.

        • “If.” They don’t want any such thing. They live in a fantasy world and nothing that could contradict their already-chosen positions or give them badfeelz is welcome. Truth is “racism.”

  2. My own research.
    While investigating techniques for anodizing aluminum, I came across the fact that sulfuric acid has recently come under tighter control in the UK.
    The video presenter was amazed to find some available as drain cleaner, and that he was able to purchase it without ID, remarking “You usually have to be 18 and show ID just to buy pointy things.”

    A trip to the pool store yielded 4 gallons for approx $20, zero hassle other than trying to explain to the pool-tards that “Sulfuric acid” is NOT “Non-fuming Hydrochloric”.
    I asked the rep’s name, then immediately began calling by a random name, other than his.
    “Sir, why do you keep calling me Cletus?”
    Um… I can’t read this bottle… does that say Cletus acid?
    Does it say Hydrochloric? How about non-fuming? No?
    Let me guess… you can’t read either?

    Let’s just get it over with so we can go back to having pointy things.

  3. “The Problem With ‘Gun Violence’ Research”

    The primary problem is that there is really no “Gun Violence”.

    Violent actions are just that, regardless of the manner in which one decides to initiate them. There can be an unwarranted assault in which either a weapon or no weapon is used. Words and threats, in and of themselves can be violent as well, or promote it. Should a victim choose to fight back against a “violent” attack, said victim is now engaging in violent actions as well, whether by weapon or not. Again, violence is violence.

    A secondary problem, which is actually the prime one of the Left and MSM is that they have already determined what “violence” is and then structure “research” to prove their narrative. Such is neither “science” nor viable statistics. They are not concerned with actual violence, as in looting, burning private and public property, beat downs of police and citizens, nor, it appears, armed protesters/looters/anarchists. They also do not appear to be concerned with the gangstas and inner city murdering and assaults that rarely raise eyebrows upon reporting any longer. Their only concern appears to be peaceful, armed, law-abiding and most-generally white Americans and their ability to repel such attacks as well as a reigning-in by governemental agencies who should be denouncing and attacking criminal activity. Of course there’s a much better prospect of said government officials to be under attack if they choose to denounce or arrest those who are actually initiating the violence. Not so much for going after average white Americans just living their lives in their homes and neighborhoods.

    I could float a theory as to why there has been so much “violence” in the American culture in recent months:

    There has been little to no consequence for those committing it by any authoritative or governmental agency. I believe this could actually be proven but to do so would require the courts, law enforcement and prosecutors to actually follow the law and do their duties when violence against others is committed, especially when there is more than ample video evidence to support it. Should this happen we could then make a comparison between the two types of governmental/police actions and weigh the consequences.

    I can also point out that since Kyle Rittenhouse fought back against the anarchists in Kenosha there has been a marked drop in street assaults there. I would place that self-defense in there as a consequence for the violent, criminal actions against him, a person who was obviously trying to extract himself peacefully from a terrible situation. Of course the National Guard is now there as well, but certainly an armed citizen repelling what would’ve been an attack to do great bodily harm must make even the most whacked out anarchist to pause a bit.

    • I was hinting at a rise in the frequency of acid attacks in the UK.

      This is what I tell people.

      “If you believe what’s in the Bible, men have been killing other men, since there were only 3 on the entire Earth.”

  4. Someone would have to clobber a stupid money funded Gun Violence Researcher with a bat before they understand that violence is violence no matter if it’s done with inanimate objects or with feet and fists. When cornered the only thing other than brute strength that can stop violence is a firearm.
    If it’s not Saturday Night Specials, Assault Weapons it’s Gun Violence, etc. Anything to dress up and sell Gun Control which is nothing more than a sleazy, sicko agenda rooted in racism and genocide.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  5. “The Problem With ‘Gun Violence’ Research”

    It’s poppycock,Bravo Sierra as there is no such thing as Violent guns only Violent humans, blaming the inanimate object rather that the human behavior but then that’s SOP for Leftards,it’s always someone else’s or something else fault.

  6. All the “gun violence” research possible was summed up and stated in 1958 by the late Col Jeff Cooper, handgun expert and founder of Gunsite Academy:

    “Killing is a matter of will, not weapons.
    You cannot control the act itself
    by passing laws about the means employed.”

    It’s not GUN VIOLENCE, Stupid.

    It’s DEFECTIVE CITIZEN VIOLENCE. Brought to you by Demtard policies since the 60s.

  7. My “pet peeve” is the false term “gun violence” when, if any “violence” is involved, it is “CRIMINAL violence” whether perpetrated with a firearm, a baseball bat, a blade weapon (knife, machete, sword, etc.), or “strong-arm” (aka: fists, kicking, etc.)

    • Violence is violence. Take away guns, and knives, improvised clubs, glass bottles, buckets of acid, kitchen utensils, or anything else at hand will be used.

    • if any “violence” is involved, it is “CRIMINAL violence”

      Hmmmmm, Not ALL violence is criminal.. If someone strikes me without provocation and with criminal intent (doing bodily harm, robbery, etc.) THAT is criminal violence, however when I respond “violently” with the intent to ensure that they are incapacitated and incapable of causing further criminal violence THAT is self defense AKA justifiable violence no matter how or with what (within reason) I choose to respond..

    • This. It’s Orwellian. It’s an attempt to warp people’s thinking by warping the language.

      The CDC is still sore from the spanking Newt Gingrich and the Republicans in the House gave them 25 years ago for politicizing their research. It is almost certainly why they’re now seizing on every opportunity to push the COVID19 doomsday rhetoric and fearmongering, to justify increases in their budget and greater statutory power over the lives of the hoi polloi.

  8. I’ll believe that gun violence actually is a thing when they show me proof beyond any doubt that a gun got up, little arms and hands and legs and feet popped out of hidden compartments, the gun loaded itself, took aim and pulled back on its trigger with both its little mechanical hands, then went out for some barbecue and beers to brag about its marksmanship with all the other guns.

  9. I unfortunately live just outside of Seattle and thus the only newspaper to read each morning is the Seattle Times and the comics are good. When I saw this article I was ready to write a letter explaining, just like this article, that this “research” was bogus. It is especially interesting knowing that the yearly deaths in America for errors and mistakes made by doctors & hospitals runs about 440,000/year (number from multiple sources). And they want to do research on what, gun violence, which number around 12,000/year when suicides (by guns) 22,000 are not included. Your doctor is far more dangerous than your guns.

    • This brings up an interesting point. As a society, we accept that medical personal make mistakes based on the greater good they perform. Clearly, a lot of us are alive and live healthier and better due to medical treatment. Yet when a cop shoots someone, we are very fast to convict them in the media, riot, de-fund, demand their termination, etc… Seems like we have a different standard of justice.

    • Nonsense. The CDC is an appendage of the Deep State and has been ever since Clinton filled up its upper ranks with Leftist true-believers in the 1990s. They believe it’s their job to tell the stupid hicks how to live and get them acclimated to obeying orders from Experts Who Know Better, whether it’s with anti-gun propaganda or with wear-a-mask propaganda.

  10. The problem with ‘gun violence’ research is that it focuses completely on the instrument and not at all on causes and demographics. Therefore, it is nothing but political bvllsh!t garbed in scientific mumbo-jumbo.

    But hey, scientific mumbo-jumbo is the new religious liturgy, and “scientists” comprise the new priesthood.

  11. In all of my research of guns and deaths from guns; white males have the highest suicide rate by firearms and poor black males have an even higher homicide rate more than triple the numbers of white suicides by firearms. What do I take from this info, if you are a white male no matter if you are rich or poor your chances of dieing by firearm are higher than anyone else. If you are a poor black male, your odds of being killed with a firearm are greatly increased more so than a middle or upper class black person.

  12. I once put all my guns on a table and continued to egg them on, and so far none of them have done anything violent.

    Still waiting, I’ll update you all should one or more become animate and initiate violence.

  13. Why is there not a “hammer” violence study or a “fist and boot” violence study since many more people are killed with those “weapons” than with guns…

    • Because……..Mao said, “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun”……….not from a hammer, not from feet and hands…… Ma elaborated further…..”The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” – Mao Tze Tung, Nov 6, 1938

      Democrats are well versed in this paradigm. Hence, common sense gun control….makes common sense to their agendas.

      Soap Box, Ballot Box, Cartridge Box, Pine Box……..Two are used to relinquish freedom; two re-state and preserve inalienable Rights and Freedom and Liberty.

      • Yet more people are killed by blunt instruments and bare hands than ALL guns combined… Mao (not my 1st go to for philosophical support) is quite outdated, the ONLY thing he said about that that made sense was if we take all the guns there will be no guns to oppose us, then he proceeded to murder millions of his own people either through execution or starvation.. Yeah, my kind of guy “NOT”

  14. Gun violence depends on how you raise them. When my Colt whelped a fine litter of little Colts, I made sure they were all well fed, and acclimated to people. Months of training, and hands-on care ensured that my Colts are all well behaved. None of my guns are violent, thanks to proper upbringing.


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