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The city of Chicago is the poster child for the graveyard spiral that happens when gun control activists have a stranglehold on the local politicians. The shared belief in that city: stricter gun control laws are all that’s needed to stop the insane number of murders which happen in the city on a daily basis.

When the stricter gun control laws fail to actually address the issue the response isn’t to reassess their thinking. Instead, Windy City pols agitate for even stricter gun control laws — hoping that will finally fix things.

According to the Chicago PD’s press release over the weekend stricter gun control laws are failing spectacularly to keep illegal guns out of the city. From NBC Chicago:

According to a press release issued by the department, CPD has now removed more than 5000 guns this year off of Chicago’s streets. The milestone will be marked at a press conference on Monday, as Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson will speak and elaborate on the efforts that got the department to this mark.

Here’s the usual line of thinking . . .

Murders happen with guns. If we remove guns, then there will be fewer murders. Making guns illegal will remove the guns. Therefore we need more gun control laws. When implemented in the real world, that hypothesis doesn’t prove true.

It is harder to get a gun in Chicago than most places in the United States right now, and licensed concealed carry within the city is still rarer than a pro-gun Hillary Clinton supporter.

Given the extremely strict laws you’d think that the number of illegal guns in the city would be dropping, but the Chicago PD’s announcement seems to indicate just the opposite. Illegal guns are still flowing into the city. Criminals, it turns out, don’t care about breaking a few laws to get their hands on a gun.

The Chicago PD is pulling more guns off the streets than ever before. Yet the murder rate is still astronomically high. To me it sounds like none of the strategies that Chicago is attempting to control their murder epidemic are working.

I’d recommend trying something new, but I’d bet money that all we will see is Chicago politicians using this as proof that what they really need are more gun control laws.

More of the same. I wonder how that will turn out.

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  1. Ah no it ain’t hard to buy a gun if you’re FROM Chicago. No shops in the city but a short trip to Riverdale and Chuck’s pops up. If you’re LEGAL they sell to you. And CC is expanding in Chiraq…compared to just a few years ago it’s paradise?

    • McDonald made sure all those strict gun control laws went away–now the only difficulty in getting a gun is that the city has made it almost impossible to buy one within city limits (legally). but there are plenty of places nearby, just across city limit lines. And the city has made it hard to get ccws; even though Illinois is shall issue, there are no public gun ranges within city limits (yet) (the city’s attempts to disallow any such businesses through zoning restrictions and environmental restrictions having been deemed unconstitutional). So it is hard to call Chicago a mecca of strict gun control laws any longer, since, other than a “shall issue” FOID card issued by the state, there is no discretionary police authority regulating who gets to buy guns, such as in NYC or NJ. And CCWs are, subject to the city’s right to object to certain persons acquiring licenses, shall issue as well–if one can get the mandated training. Yes, this is harder for poor people to accomplish, but it is happening notwithstanding the city’s vehement and obstreperous opposition.

      • It’s hard for people who’ve been preaching for years about how strict Chicago’s gun control laws are, and how they’re obviously not working, to stop preaching that same line.

        Regarding handguns, the only difference between Chicago and those of us in free-er parts of the state is the magazine capacity limits, and even that is likely covered by the preemption clause of the FCCA.

        I’ve also noticed that most of that preaching the same ole lines about Chicago come from people outside of the state. They’ll continue to preach, we’ll continue to correct them. Maybe they’ll catch on someday.

      • “the city right” – no cities or states do not have the legal right to “infringe” on the Bill of Rights. If you are not a prohibited processor, there should be no restriction on purchase of self defense weapons (e.g. any firearm). If the city was thinking, they would take these guns and offer them at a really low cost along with gun safety/usage courses taught by the local police. The more “good guys” that have training and the tools to protect themselves and other innocents the better.

    • Addendum: San Francisco is arguably worse. Although there is no requirement other than a background check to buy a firearm, there are no gun stores in city limits. There is a skeet range (that the City would like to shut down), but the only (indoor) handgun range is outside city limits also. The city does NOT issue CCWs to mere citizens. And finally, the city imposes ridiculous storage requirements on all residents, requiring that all firearms be unloaded and locked up unless on your person—even if you live alone.

      • Heck, you can’t even buy a goldfish in San Francisco… there are no pet stores there either. This of course proves that in the end it’s not about the guns; It’s about control.

        • the funnel store in pacific heights is giving away free gerbils with every purchase.

    • And what is really fucked up is they will melt down these assist all the while whining about needing a ballout.

  2. I would like to know out of those 5000 “confiscated” guns, how many are currently being held illegally from citizens who committed no crimes.

  3. Obama himself said “it’s easier to get a GLOCK in Chicago then a book.” So “It is harder to get a gun in Chicago than most places in the United States right now.” Must be false. We all know Obama never lies.

  4. Liberals only know how to double down when reality doesn’t jibe with their utopia.

  5. Wonder what would happen if they passed out those 5,000 guns to people in the community with no record of gun issues and train them on how to use them and see what happens. I’ll bet there would be a bunch of dead gang bangers. I’ll bet that would be a a surprise to the political elite in Chicago.

  6. So were there 5,000 criminals charged with illegal weapons charges or might that be a politically incorrect thing to do?

  7. Looks like Chicago needs to step up its game- up here in Canada we’re looking to take away the title.

    “11 shot, 3 killed during violent weekend in Scarborough”

    Now, you may say to yourself, “Chicago had more shootings over the weekend”, but per capita Canada did better because Scarborough only has 625,698 people. Okay, 625,695 people (but the other three will still vote Liberal).

  8. Funny how Chicago’s gun laws are the butt of jokes here, even though it’s infinitely easier to legally carry in Chicago than New York, L.A. or any number of other cities on the coasts.

    Chicago’s ongoing slaughter is tragic, and it’s really not about gun laws. And even Chicago politicians know that.

  9. “The city of Chicago is the poster child for the graveyard spiral that happens when gun control activists have a stranglehold on the local politicians.”

    The city of Chicago is the poster child for the graveyard spiral that happens when gun control activists are the local (plus county and many state) politicians.

    There ya go, Mr. Leghorn. Fixed it for you.

  10. “licensed concealed carry within the city is still rarer than a…”

    most of the sites for this info are too scary to click on, and i’m not linking to “the traipse”.

    but the numbers i see are north of 25k in the city proper. and growing, i assume.

    • Illinois State Police data shows Crook County with the fewest licenses per capita of any county in the state. You’re more likely to see a polar bear in Chicago than a concealed carry licensee.

      But yes, the number is growing.

      • go figger. highest population density (perhaps other densities as well) and lowest number of permits. i think lake county is leading.

        yesterday i saw multiple polar bears, an ocelot and a capybara. way easier to spot than carry licenses.especially in lincoln park.

  11. “…CPD has now removed more than 5000 guns this year off of Chicago’s streets”

    And how many criminals has the Chicago “justice” system put back on the streets?

  12. … it sounds like none of the strategies that Chicago is attempting to control their murder epidemic are working.

    Allow me to provide two corrections:
    (1) Chicago did not implement strategies to reduce murders. Rather, Chicago implemented strategies to consolidate political power.
    (2) Chicago’s strategies to consolidate political power are working. Not only does the populace keep voting for the same politicians, those politicians have even formed an alliance with violent gangs to secure the votes of the territories that the violent gangs control.

    In other words Chicago is another failed narco-state — a miniature version of Mexico.

  13. Not shown in the article was the number of prosecutions for illegal possession of a firearm. I suppose that number would be too embarrassingly low to bring attention to.

  14. 5,000 guns confiscated from criminals in chicago and only 4 of the criminals will actually face jail time. typical chicago law.

  15. I can see this in future being used by Demmy’s, when they finally enjoy the national political pendulum swing to the left as reason for check points, they won’t be called check points, they’ll be given a law enforcement designation that sounds authoritative. Make no mistake, check points, papers please are here, only they are DUI based, and around the borders and such are for contraband, explosives, ala terrorism nonsense, but it takes only a single new breath into the Demmy platform to see Obama level infringements become strengthened.

    Perhaps I wane prophetic or profane, but I see this story and I look at the last 8 years, and I put 2 and 2 together, but maybe I’m just suffering from a little too much moonshine. Either way, keepen da powda dry my brothers and sisters!

    A bunch of confiscated guns, and yet the killing won’t stop in Chiraq, imagine that!

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