WASHINGTON attorney general bob ferguson
Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)
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This is TTAG’s weekly roundup of legal and legislative news affecting guns, the gun business and gun owners’ rights. For a deeper dive into the topics discussed here, check out this week in gun rights at FPC

drive thru

Thanks to the ATF, you can now buy handguns with your hamburgers?

In a move that caused the absolute meltdown of Karens everywhere, the ATF issued guidance to gun dealers last week that allows firearms transactions to occur outside of brick-and-mortar shops, provided that dealers secure their firearms inside their shops and otherwise comply with all federal and state requirements.

In the letter, the ATF gave licensees two options: set up tables or booths outside, or use drive-through-style windows for transactions.

During a pandemic, both of these seem pretty reasonable, right? If the plan is to reduce the probability of exposure and infection, it only makes sense to conduct these transactions outside of the gun shop. But of course organizations like Brady want to “have it their way,” making silly declarations like “you shouldn’t be able to buy an AR-15 like you do a burger and fries.”

Let’s agree to disagree, Brady Campaign (to ban handguns). First, if you had actually read the letter, you would understand that dealers must still comply with federal and state laws – all the guidance did was clarify a way in which dealers could be compliant. After all, you want gun seller to be compliant, don’t you?

Second, you should absolutely be able to buy an AR-15 or any firearm, accessory, ammunition, or basically anything else physically feasible from a drive-through whenever you want…but especially during a pandemic.

It seems Brady cares more about enforcing their “not-in-my-backyard” nonsense than flattening the curve.

On another note, it’s slightly annoying that ATF issued this “guidance,” which far too many people are referring to as a “ruling.” It seems to me that this was always legal. Sometimes I worry that we are too quick to ask for permission. It’s the purpose of law to say what is forbidden, not what is allowed. We are supposed to live in a sea of liberty, tolerating only islands of authority. Not the other way round.

Brace Built Modern Carbine MC6 AR-15 rifle

Federal judge buys stupid “ARs are machineguns” argument

What’s the difference between a semiautomatic firearm and an automatic firearm? Not much, according to an Obama-appointed federal judge in Nevada.

In an order for partial dismissal of the plaintiff’s claims in Parsons v. Colt, Judge Andrew Gordon relied on a yarn spun by plaintiffs to conclude that the manufacturers of AR-15s knew the rifles are “readily convertible” to automatic fire and could thus be considered machineguns.

Let’s be clear about one thing: this ruling doesn’t stand for the proposition that everyone in Nevada with an AR-15 is violating the NFA. It’s a pretrial ruling on a garbage argument in a products liability case.

Basically, the plaintiffs are trying to get around the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which prevents lawsuits against arms manufacturers for misuse of their firearms. There are a few ways to wriggle your way out of PLCAA-land, and the plaintiffs here are making the “but Colt wasn’t selling normal guns!” argument.

This isn’t a reclassification case, it’s a “we wanna go after the gun company!” case.

One of the first claims relied upon by the judge was that the AR-15 “was designed as a military weapon called the M-16 and first saw use in the Vietnam War.” That’s simply not true.

After being rejected for military adoption as the new standard service rifle, it wasn’t until 1963 that the Department of Defense made the transition from the M-14 to the M-16. That was after a series of tests of rifles of various patterns, all based on a scaled-down version of the AR-10, which had already been adopted by the Sudanese and the Portuguese.

Colt began selling its civilian model as the AR-15 the same year, which was mechanically designed only to accommodate semiautomatic fire. In fact, the only significance of the “AR-15” term to this day is intellectual property, in that it is wholly owned by Colt, and used to refer to its semi-automatic firearms. An homage to the “Armalite” company the pattern was purchased from.

The implication that the Colt AR-15 Sporter evolved from the killing fields of Vietnam is misleading at a minimum. The plaintiffs also claimed that bump stocks have only existed for a decade, which is also untrue – bump stocks have been around in one form or another since at least 2002, with “bump firing” being a common practice relating back decades.

If this case isn’t thrown out, hopefully one of the appellate judges will at least acknowledge these factual errors and the PLCAA for its intended purpose – to prevent vexatious claims (backed by anti-Second Amendment groups) against firearms manufacturers for actions taken by criminals.

WASHINGTON attorney general bob ferguson
Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)

50% of Attorneys General confirm that they don’t know how the internet works

On Monday, the Attorney General of Washington State sent a letter undersigned by 24 other Attorneys General to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, demanding that he take down the Defense Distributed website. Urging the feds to prosecute those involved in running the site, these bad-take lawyers claim that regulating access to these files is a matter of national security.

This is, of course, because AGs, as a species, are liberty-hating crybabies. So badly do they want to cripple the Second Amendment, they don’t care if the First goes down with it.

The entire premise of their argument is that printed firearms components can pass through metal detectors without setting them off. They’re not wrong. But it doesn’t take a genius to know that you have to use metal components for them to work well. You know, things like a barrel, which definitely do set off metal detectors.

I don’t know if these guys are just slow or if they’re intentionally using bad information to support their cause. Not only are they wrong about how guns work, but they couldn’t even remember which website they wanted to shut down.

The “metal detector” hysteria is irrelevant, though, as the electronic files they’re attacking are just representations of what could be; models and renderings can be used to construct works which are both artistic and functional.

For this reason, these files should be protected under the First Amendment because they’re a form of speech (don’t worry, we’re working on that). Even if this material was purely functional, providing knowledge or blueprints for designing weapons is an American pastime, and handing someone the knowledge to create something isn’t the same as handing them a grenade.

anti-gun troll paid commenter influencer

Ultimately, what’s most hilarious about these gun-grabbers sending this letter is that they don’t get how the internet works (which explains why they don’t know how to do historical, subject matter, or legal research).

Once files are on the internet, they’re basically on there forever.


Even if they take down a particular web address, that won’t stop the flow of information between individuals across the globe, whether it be by email, blockchain, or handing someone a flash drive.

virginia northam blackface feat
Courtesy Facebook

Northam advances gun control agenda through the state legislature

We at FPC have been focusing a lot of our energy on fighting states that are closing gun shops and permitting processes, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t following other gun rights infringements. Federal and state levels are also using the epidemic to discretely push gun control while people are focusing on things like taking care of their children and putting food on the table.

I spoke about this to some extent last week, but unsurprisingly, Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam won’t stop ‘til he gets enough, this time signing five new bills into law while the state’s residents are on lockdown.

If the COVID-19 epidemic has shown us anything, it’s that the government is more than willing to operate in the dark to make it even more difficult for us to exercise our rights. By keeping people in their homes, tyrants like Virginia’s Northam prevent them from exercising their right to assemble and protest the passage of unconstitutional measures like Virginia’s new red flag law.

When Northam signed the state’s new universal background check into law, he also made it more difficult for family members to transfer ownership to family members, requiring them to find a FFL to conduct their transfer. Not only is this time consuming and costly for many of the state’s more rural and poor residents, but it also increases the likelihood that these individuals will be exposed to the coronavirus.

So the government of Virginia not only saying that it won’t keep its residents safe, its governor is actively trying to cause them harm.

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  1. Northam did make it much easier to get an abortion…maybe that will decrease the dem/lib ranks…
    Nothing he signed will make it any harder for criminals to get guns, either…just sayin’….

    • The ACLU is working overtime to make sure everyone gets their government sponsored abortion during this desperate time.

    • “Northam did make it much easier to get an abortion…maybe that will decrease the dem/lib ranks…”

      And *that’s* why I don’t have a problem with current abortion laws.

      Abortion *is* murder, in my book, but can you imagine where we would be today with hundreds of thousands of additional Democrat voters every year?

      • Figures I’ve seen (probably anti-choice exaggerations) indicate that the American population and the voting Dem party would each consist of around 100 million more people. DNC or GOP, that is too many.

        • Well Ok. We will be sure and check back with you to determine how many Americans can be allowed to be born or alternatively, pulled into seven or eight pieces while alive.

    • Using abortions to decrease the number of liberals only works if they are allowed into the 239th trimester.

  2. There’s a reason gun grabbing pols call their laws commonsense. They’re meant to appeal to emotion, not logic. The self-proclaimed Party of Science isn’t interested in actual scientific data.

  3. Ceramic barrels contained within a block or cylinder of print material will provide for many shots. If we are going to fight for 3 D printed guns then let’s keep it within the confines of the 2A. Let’s don’t fight stupid with stupid, that’s infantile.

    • Ceramics show up rather distinctly on false-color scanners… so do plastics…no matter what their shape.

      The hullabaloo over “invisible” firearms passing through TSA scanners is pure tripe…the worst form of political lying / pandering to an ignorant base.

      Democrats = “The Party of Science”…my stinking fundio!

      • Good points. To add: Metal guns, knives and all sorts of other weapons have already been found beyond security checkpoints at airports numerous times. Tragedy caused by automobiles, trains, box cutters and aeroplanes.

        The magician doesn’t really make that prepossessing beauty disappear, nor does she get sawn in half. No rabbits outta hats either. Likewise magnetometers and those high-tech scanners don’t detect things that bypass them. The undetectable firearms panic is a red hearing (Security Theatre).

        • “Undetectable” was a thing back when the only scanners were magnetometers. The newer density scanners pick up all sorts of non-ferrous/non-magnetic objccts. Funny thing is, the scanner operator and the sensitivity of the scanner are the crucial pieces of the solution. I accidentally left a full double-stack mag of 9mm in a computer bag once. When through the X-ray machine just fine with no alarms. Flight was canceled, so left the airport and returned the next morning (still unaware of the loaded mag.) Went though X-ray again, no issues.

          On the return flight through LAX, the TSA guy saw the mag on his machine, and frivolity ensued.

        • @Defens
          Interesting info regarding density scanners, this one was not aware.

          Esoteric Inanity once got off at Ronald Reagan National Airport and found 7 .22LR cartridges in his jacket breast pocket. He had forgotten about them and they weren’t discovered at the security checkpoint back at SLC IA. This one promptly disposed of them in a bathroom trash can, and considers himself lucky that his insides weren’t violated back in Utah. If it were someone attractive with svelte hands and a nice smile, it might not be that bad. But most of the women there have hands like those of a linebacker and the looks too. The men aren’t an improvement, although they typically have nice smiles.

        • What “confines of the 2A” are you talking about? 2A strictly forbids any infringement on the people’s right to keep and bear arms. No buts, althoughs or excepts. I don’t see any confines in my copy of the Constitution.

    • A barrel is one thing, and might be undetectable in a metal detector. However there are many other parts in a functioning gun, especially including the ammunition that commonly has a case made of brass, steel, or aluminum that is readily detectable.

  4. Maybe there’s an interesting legal challenge of the Virginia laws based on the fact that they are advancing while citizens aren’t able to peacably assemble to protest them.

    Vould permanent laws (rather than temporary emergency laws) be declared void when passed under such circumstances?

    • Citizens are ALWAYS allowed to peaceably assemble, for any reason or for no reason. Governors prohibiting such assembly should be hung. Literally. Once would take care of it for 100 years. If citizens do not take advantage of that right until 5 years after the fact, in a sterile court of law, it will be swept aside.

      • Now that’s an interesting Catch-22. The kind of assembly required to properly deal with a tyrant banning peaceable assembly would, by definition, not be peaceable.

  5. So if some backyard inventor concocts some not-very-practical pontoons to make his car float, we all have to register our cars as watercraft? Because that’s what I’m getting from that judge’s reasoning allowing the Colt case to proceed. It’s your fault if someone creates an attachment 40 years in the future that you never conceived.

    • That’s why the Bill of Rights was established, to let the future government know what is off limits to them . This has had a gradual slow creep of government trespassing of our rights and it seems that some have realized this. Time to back the Convention of States so we can roll government back to the confines that our founders intended.

    • If the inventor crashes into a ferry and sinks it with his “Ford boat”, drowning all 50 aboard it, all car makers should have to pay for creating vehicles easily convertible to watercraft. Why are they selling these faulty watercraft?!?!

  6. The truth is that most people don’t know how the internet works.

    Thanks to so many years of lies spread by idiots and fools, few seem to understand that AR15’s are not assault rifles.

    We do NOT need permission from government to make our own guns.

  7. In Parsons vs. Colt, the attorneys are clearly and deliberately presenting false, misleading information to the court regarding both the nature and history of the AR15 and bumpstocks. Since accurate information is so easily attainable, at best, the attorneys for Parsons have neglected their duty to the court for due diligence. More likely, the have abandoned their role as officers of the court, and presented lies as evidence.

    If I were Colt, I would be exploring legal action against those attorneys.

  8. I already obtained the DD files a couple of years ago, and then the recent updated versions. Spent a few hours going through all of them (and there are a LOT in the massive ZIP file) and removed/deleted many that are irrelevant to me. Seeing that I don’t currently own a 3D printer or milling equipment, and have already acquired all the guns I want anyway, these files pretty much serve me only as reference information. A large portion of the package is a set of “how to” videos (grabbed from YouTube before they were removed from the site), if you want to make simple versions of .22LR guns, or a slam-fire shotgun, or thermite, or cast an AR receiver from spent brass, or whatever. If I ever choose to do something with the files at a later date, then that’s a different thing, but for now, I have them and they’ll sit idle.

    It’s not like anyone can open one of these files and (poof!) a gun magically appears on your desk in front of you.

    • It’s not like anyone can open one of these files and (poof!) a gun magically appears on your desk in front of you.

      You certainly could if your wife’s first name was Samantha and she could wiggle her nose.

      • Hahahaha!!! Damn that’s good!!! This one tried to think of an “I Dream Of Jeannie” pun, but to no avail. Blondes>Brunettes-Personal preference, but Elizabeth Montgomery was damn cute.

        • Speaking in the “this one” tense is reminiscent of my sister-in-law who refers to herself that way in an attempt to garner attention. The speaker perceives it as being “hip” and linguistically fashionable, but it’s just plain odd to everyone else.

        • What can Esoteric Inanity say, other than he is somewhat eccentric and esoterically inane. Attention isn’t needed, but is always appreciated, this one has many friends from his childhood that drop by from time to time. It’s quite a riot or is it just Esoteric Inanity’s imagination? Sometimes this one is sweating bullets like Dave Mustaine, or perhaps Kevin Dubrow’s Metal Health paints a better image. It would be wonderful if I Haz A Question could kindly give Esoteric Inanity’s regards to his/her sister-in-law.

          All joking aside, the term that I Haz A Question is referencing is: “What is Illeism Alex?” Except Esoteric Inanity takes it a step further and not only references himself in the third person, but also others as well. It is this one’s shtick, he also believes that it keeps things from becoming too personal and offers a chance for deeper introspection during an exchange. Granted that such a method makes concise articulation challenging, but with a handle like Esoteric Inanity, cogency would be a non-sequitur anyhow. Throw in some apophenia and sophistry, then this one tends to question the fundamental principle of solipsism.

          Now Esoteric Inanity Haz A Question: Was anything that he just stated “hip” or “linguistically fashionable”?

          Although, “plain odd”……perhaps. Esoterically inane, absolutely.

        • Nice! Apophenia was a new one for me. I had to look it up; that doesn’t happen often, and I do enjoy when it does.

        • It’s eccentric, a bit odd, but it doesn’t bother me in the least. I kinda like not having everyone the same, personally… 🙂

        • Hmm.

          Between Esoteric and possum, things could get interesting. Linguistically speaking, of course. I perceive that TTAG forum’s lexicon may be challenged and stretched.

          I agree with Geoff that it’s not necessarily unwelcome if it provides for an increased interest in the conversations. Certainly better than what we we’ve served by Vlad (yes, “that one”) and others, including a few who are still active lurkers.

    • Fortunately, even magically created weapons are still protected by the second amendment, as long as you aren’t a prohibited wizard, and you have the appropriate US parts count should you be creating an assault magic weapon. Use only dragon scales and soul crystals from domestic sources. Make sure your dark energy crossbow has a 16″ rifled barrel if it has a stock, and doesn’t fall into the “any other weapon” category or you need to get that tax stamp first.

  9. That 50% of AG’s probably don’t know that the 2nd Amendment is a RIGHT and not a privilege. Some might not even know their A55 from a hole in the ground (or their mouth).

    • They know that it is a Right…they do not care because it “infringes” on their vision of a perfect world / society.

      A world wherein they issue diktats to the proles and live a life of comparative luxury (think the old Soviet Union and how the Politburo biggies lived versus the vast majority of CCCP “citizens”).

  10. “50% of Attorneys General confirm that they don’t know how the internet works
    On Monday, the Attorney General of Washington State sent a letter undersigned by 24 other Attorneys General to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, demanding that he take down the Defense Distributed website.”

    True, but this appears to be a Democrat or Hoplophobe phenomena only because of the times we are living thru. Had the Republicans an internet issue of their own to piss and whine and snivel about, they too would be ignoring how the interconnected world works and how there is no possibility of eradicating the information that offends their side’s delusional sensibilities.

    It is how partisanship works, the other side is always stupid, ignorant and full of shit if not outright delusional, and oven driven by evil intentions. All while your own side is a bright shining beacon of Truth, Justice and the American Way.

    Yup, just like old George Reeves in his long underwear and speedo.

    Anyhow, I keep a collection of downloaded 3D files, resin casting of AR lower’s videos, all sorts of stuff on home gun making. Never intend to do any of it. But I despise anybody telling me what information I may not possess. Banned books, movies, etc, all my life I have made a point to read and to watch such things on pure American “THE FUCK YOU SAY I CAN’T!!!” principle.

    In my experience, it is most often the conservative side that does the banning.

    • As a child of the 80s it was always the liberals banning shit. Music, books, video games, guns. All through the 80s and 90s it was liberals.

      Worse yet they revise things through editing and rewriting when they can’t ban them.

      I guess blaming conservatives comes from the “religious right” phenomenon? Like it’s Swing Kids or something? Sure, churchy Joe in Podunk Kentucky tried to ban some book with sex in it but no ist really gives a shit. The book doesn’t go anywhere and maybe the publicity will actually get a kid to read it.

      Tipper Gore went after the music, Joe Lieberman went after the video games, they back door banned several books through liberal application of common core, everyone trying to get a Citizens United amendment is essentially looking to ban huge swaths of media, print and gatherings, they killed my Saturday morning cartoons, the left has been pushing the ban on mean speech for 30+ years and of course they want your guns.

      But all the attention goes to churchy Joe, who isn’t even a politician, in Kentucky because he voted (R).

    • American “liberals” love to delete history and culture, they have that in common with crazies such as ISIS, communist bastards around the world, fascists, and other kind of nutjobs. One example of their messed up logic is that, if we get rid of anything referring to the confederate states army, we can fix racism.

  11. If we want to play their stupid game, McDonalds and other fast (junk) food restaurants aren’t essential either, unless you’re some sort of morbidly obese Michael Moore. You can find food at Walmart, other grocery stores, and even order online. Telecommunication companies such as Verizon, Comcast (Xfinity), Spectrum etc aren’t essential either unless you’re talking phone, home security and internet, live TV isn’t essential but we surely need to ensure millions of Americans get their daily intake of propaganda, aka “news.”

  12. We have to stop the madness folks, I ordered a happy meal and what do I find in the box instead of a toy? A fully automatic assault rifle AR14 with a high capacity magazine clip! Millions of Americans are dying from COVID19 and we are still obsessed with our evil guns that kill people at night when they bail out while you’re asleep. Enough, time to act!

  13. America is no longer the country that put men on the moon. I wouldn’t expect modern people who can’t add two plus two without a calculator to know how anything works.

      • True, but frankly the lunar mission is useless showboating. We should be putting emphasis on larger ships capable of sending at least a semi-substantial sized crew for building precursors structures to support additional personnel for infrastructure purposes. A max crew size of 8 is worthless with respect to where we need to be looking. Look up Dyson Power Swarm’s, Sky hook’s, & Orbital Rings for the reason behind my statement. All things we can with our current & near horizon tech, and indeed should be working towards. Not playing about at it for the “prestige”.

        Also, for the Sky Hook & the Orbital Ring, we need to figure out graphene & carbon nanotube mass production methods. We’ve had the materials part down for decades, but bulk manufacturing of them is beyond us as a species at the moment. And we MUST have tremendously copious amounts for the two items in question, and huge volumes of power for the Orbital Ring as well. The reason for the Power Swarm, actually.

        I’ll draw up short right there. Lest I write a book the tl;dr crowd would ignore, but do some research on the subjects, & you too will be extremely disappointed with our current “efforts”.

    • If ya think about it, we weren’t the country that put men on the moon…until we did.

      We haven’t done anything until we do.

  14. In an instant Gun Control zealots go from trying to look smart to disgruntled tantrum throwing drama queens. Very unstable individuals who should be nowhere around firearms, lawnmowers, bats, knives, hammers, saws, wall sockets, etc.

    • Oh, they know. They also know that they can just get enough laws passed and court rulings to nullify the constitution and there is nobody to stop them. That is how we already got the NFA 34, GCA 68, Hughes Amendment, AWB 94 etc. Ignore the inconvenient rules to push your agenda. Say it’s common sense enough and people start to believe it. It then becomes the new normal and people go back to sitting on the couch watching dancing with the stars and Murica’s got talent.

  15. “Northam advances gun control agenda through the state legislature.” The lily white quack doctor Northam is proof positive that the democRat Party will roll over for a scumbag today like the party rolled over for slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control laws specifically intended for Blacks and other race based atrocities. Frankly…A Black American voting for a democrat makes as much sense as a Jew voting for a nazi.

  16. The Brady Campaign (To Ban Handguns) is now known as The Brady Campaign To Ban Everything That Even Looks Like A Gun.

  17. NC AG is a democrat
    here is his wonderful response to why he supports the ban

    Dear Frank:

    Thank you for taking the time to write to my office about your thoughts on gun safety.

    As Attorney General, my top priority is protecting the people of North Carolina. I will continue to work to protect our communities and ensure the safety of our residents, including from the tragic consequences of gun violence.

    In 2018, I asked North Carolina’s Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission to consider mandatory training for school resource officers. This is an important step to help ensure that our school officers have the training and resources necessary to keep our kids safe at school, while also helping them learn life lessons and stay out of trouble. The Commission voted in favor of my request, and this training is currently being developed and implemented.

    I am also concerned about unrestricted access to 3D firearms. I filed a lawsuit in 2018 with 10 other attorneys general to keep 3D gun blueprints off the internet. These blueprints would allow any individual to print guns that, while plastic, still have the ability to harm people. These blueprints would also have been available to individuals regardless of their age, criminal history, and mental health. People who used these guns would sidestep state and federal firearm laws and could be a threat to public safety. In response to the lawsuit, a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order preventing the blueprints from being available online.

    Again, thank you for your letter. As Attorney General, protecting the people of North Carolina is my top priority. Hearing from people across the state helps me ensure that I am serving them to the best of my ability. Please do not hesitate to contact my office again in the future.

    Josh Stein
    Attorney General of North Carolina

    • That AG keeps repeating that protecting people is his top priority. But that is not his job at all! Did he swear to protect the people or to uphold the Constitution?

  18. It’s 1944, you’re on a combat patrol in the Solomon Islands, and a ‘Predator’ shows up.

    That’s right, an official, triangle 3-dot laser sight ‘Predator’.

    Enjoy :

    • Fan Films like this one are just too short! And the fan series Star Trek Continues should have had at least 5 more episodes.

    • M’kay. This is where I slip free my inner nerd. 1944? Solomans was a done deal at that time. Mixed race patrol, 1944? No. Pictatinny rails on the shotgun and the Tommy gun? Again, no.

      I could go on.

      • The *entire* budget of that movie was 500 bucks.

        I’m giving the little nits a pass… 🙂

        • I know, I know. But I can’t help it. I’m the guy that watches a John Wayne movie and points out that its 1866 and the duke and his buddies are carrying 1873 Colts and 1892 Winchesters. Anzio with Robert Mitchum. American Rangers are boarding ships to attack Italy and they’re carrying Lee Enfields.

          I need to seek help for my problem.

  19. Hey TTAG, I live in Washington State and seeing our AG clown is as bad as it gets. I bitched constantly about seeing ugly shoes Shannon Watts’ face here as well as Hogg boy but seeing Bob Fergusons face is almost more than I can stomach.

  20. 3D printable guns being harder to detect seems to me more a feature than a bug 😀 3D printable guns aren’t just for the First World either but for people in oppressed countries who need weapons.

  21. Now, I do not know personally, but at one time, people have told me that they could buy kits to make the AR-15 fully auto at many gun shows. I have also been told that the later model AR-15s were changed so that it wasn’t that easy anymore.
    I heard this from a converted gun owner to an anti-gunner, so I don’t know.

    • It’s more than just a kit. The receiver needs to be milled to clear the sear, a .125 hole needs to be drilled for the sear pin and you can find the trigger, sear and parts like the hammer and disconnector online and there you go!

      BTW, the milling is where they made it tougher than dropping in parts. There’s material now and the auto-sear won’t fit among some other areas that have to be milled.

      • Also, Colt uses larger .170″ pins for the hammer and sear on their AR-15, instead of the .155″ used on the M-16, so the M-16 hammer and sear can’t just be dropped in. Other brand ARs and 80% receivers don’t have that issue.

      • @ Someone
        Of course it’s illegal for the average person to make full-auto firearms. Unless you have class…. whatever and are properly permitted, licensed and so forth, it’s not only a violation of federal law but virtually every states law. It most certainly is in Washington State where full-auto is prohibited.
        But we are discussing the knowledge, not inviting people over to our garages and making illegal firearms.
        Being comfortably retired and a licensed pilot, there’s a number of things you WON’T catch me doing and that’s making, modifying or possessing any prohibited parts for full auto or creating such a firearm.
        All it takes is some person with a hard-on over you, be it a neighbor that you blabbed to, an ex-lover…you name it, to make your life living hell. All it would take is a pissed off ex-wife to make some phone calls. A woman is capable of destroying you forever and not losing a second of sleep about it. Something to consider.

  22. Do these District Attorneys realize that 2 + 2 = 4, and that there is a significant difference between Up and Down? I wonder.


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