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By Eric Nestor via

We love pistols and we love huge calibers. Why not mate the two for some true Frankenstein-like guns? These guns are ginormous. Just how we like them. Out of Thailand (above), a 1911 single shot 12 gauge pistol loaded with buckshot? How about a .50 BMG single shot pistol with a monster muzzle brake?


This giant shooting Remington model 1859 replica will leave you speechless.


This homemade 11-pound 12 gauge chambered revolver was captured from a Brazilian drug dealer. It holds an incredible five shots of standard 2.75-inch shot shells. It is shown next to a standard-sized Taurus pistol for scale.


Then there is another massive 12 gauge homemade revolver. A picatinny rail on top and a forward grip adds to this awesome tacti-cool beast. This was confiscated reportedly from a Taiwanese man. We love how it says “Made in USA” on it.


There you have it, five giant hand cannons that just defy explanation. They are very interesting in a strange way and have an odd appeal. Those are some big ass guns but man…we kind of want one.

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    • “that might be some of the stupidest things i have ever seen.”

      You obviously don’t get out much.

      Life. Try and experience some of it.

      Warts and all.

    • Three of the five fire 12 gauge shells in countries where the only ammunition you can find is probably for a shotgun. The giant Remington does not say what ammunition it is designed for, but 12 gauge would not surprise me.

  1. How does the guy in the background of the 2nd picture NOT have a huge grin on his face? Those guns are all ridiculous.

  2. Oh good, they make pistols in my size now. I don’t need a tax stamp to get that 50 cal, do I?

  3. Back in the glory days, hunting tiger on top of Indian elephant required a Howdah pistol.

  4. And if someone actually fired the 12 gauge revolver with the forward grip what would happen to his fingers? One hopes he had no need for them as they would no longer be there.

    • Nah, the forward grip is well back from the barrel on that thing. Though there might be some blast to worry about between the cylinder and the frame…

      • And it is the barrel-cylinder gap I was pointing to. If you’ve ever fired even the best handgun, think Freedom Arms, you would know how devastating that blast would be. Ruger had to discontinue their 357 Maximum Blackhawk as the blast was cutting the top frame apart.

    • The car they were shooting, at the end is awesome! A couple gallons of “Bondo” and it will look new!

  5. Franklin Armory has a drop-in 12 gauge conversion for Beretta 92s and Taurus PT92s. There is a version for 12ga flares that doesn’t have to be registered, and a steel version for shotshells that requires AOW registration.

  6. Why oh why would someone mutilate a perfectly good 1911 like in the first picture?!?!?!?!!! There’s a special place in Hell for those blasphemers.

  7. Wouldn’t the 12ga.revolver work ok? What is a judge BTW? Isn’t a cruiser shot gun not so dissimilar? Not saying it’s fun to shoot…

    • A Judge is chambered for the piddly .410 as well as .45LC. Nowhere near the 12gauge. Also, granted a cruiser shotgun with no stock would be a B! to shoot when compared to one with a true stock, still, it’s heavier and you utilize both hands.i fail to see how you could shoot the 1st revolver (the drug dealer one, I’m not counting the Remington New Army) without sending it flying over your head, maybe with a compensator and a sling like a S&W500. Looks to be more of an intimidation piece than anything. Attempting to utilize the fore grip on the second revolver, at least without gloves, would result in your hands catching blast from the cylinder… Then again, on second gland…maybe it’s high enough. I’d still prefer a stock myself lol.

    • It would work fine, it’s 11lbs. 12ga is no joke but that heavy of a pistol is going to soak up some serious recoil.

      Now it would suck holding an 11lb pistol out in front of you all day, however.

  8. I stole this joke, but I can’t resist:

    “The world’s first crew-served pistols!”

    This proves that just because a gunsmith can do something, doesn’t mean he should!

  9. Under the auspices of the Kansas 2A Protection Act, I’ve been Frankensteining a 7.62x54r 5 shot pistol; not an insanely large calibre, but insanely powerful for a handgun.

    Should be interestin’ once it’s done…

  10. When I had BCA build me a .475 Linebaugh back in ’98 I was pretty sure that I had gone full retard. As always, I was wrong, I wasn’t even half way there. Maybe if I trade in for a .22 short pacifier gun and pack that exclusively I can get back in the game.

    • Got the chance to shoot a t/c in 444 that was some wrist breaking recoil – then got a brainstorm and grabbed my “bowling wrist support” after shooting up 35 rounds the guy said I had to pay for them, no problem i had a ball blowing up cinder blocks

  11. Sad to see Buzzfeed style sensationalism and “list” posts here…

    “Will leave you speechless?”

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