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Immigration Secure Border

By Jeff Knox

Buckeye, AZ –-( As we have been scrambling to counter threats like the Obama administration’s recent assault on common rifle ammunition, another, less immediate, but more dangerous threat has been looming and growing; the threat of amnesty for illegal immigrants . . .

As a political operative focused almost exclusively on Second Amendment issues, some might think illegal immigration and amnesty are a bit far afield for me to be getting into, but there is no greater threat being faced by gun owners right now than the consequences of rapidly converting millions of illegal immigrants into legal, voting citizens.

The equation is very simple: for a variety of reasons, illegal immigrants overwhelmingly support Democrats and Democrat policies over Republicans or other parties. Data from the Pew Research Center indicates only 4% of (probably unauthorized immigrant) Latinos identify as Republican, and that in 2012, 71% of Latino voters cast their ballot for Obama, while only 27% supported Romney.

Providing a “path to citizenship” for some significant portion of the illegal immigrant population, conservatively estimated at 11.2 million, or 3.5% of the total population, would give the Democrat Party a huge advantage in several states and at the national level. This should be a serious concern to supporters of gun rights because over recent decades the Democrat party has shifted from their populist, working-man roots to an elitist, nanny-state philosophy, and part of that shift has been away from the right to arms and toward strict government control over firearms and ammunition.

In short, the Democrat Party has become the party of gun control, and allowing illegal immigrants to gain citizenship and vote would make the Democrat Party the dominant party in this country. The results for gun owners would almost certainly be devastating.

Neal Knox
Neal Knox (a son of immigrants)

From a personal perspective, I support liberal immigration policies, especially from our continental neighbors. My own great-grandfather crossed the border just after the turn of the last century and built a life for himself and our family in the Indian territories of Oklahoma where he met and married a young Mennonite missionary. The day he became a U.S. Citizen was one of the proudest of his life, right up there with the days each of his children graduated, and the day he read a copy of Washingtonian magazine declaring his grandson, my father, Neal Knox, one of the 100 most influential people in Washington, DC.

Grandad Gomez worked and produced and contributed to this country for almost 80 years. When he finally was unable to work any longer, he was cared for and supported by his children and his grandchildren, not the government.

There are plenty of other hard-working, responsible people around the world who see the U.S. as a land of opportunity where they can build a better life for their families, and are taking the steps necessary to obtain access to that dream – legally, and without depending on shortcuts from government programs, or breaking the law, to accomplish their goals.

On the other hand, there are millions more, some of them equally hard-working, who have bypassed the legal process for access to the American dream. They have come here illegally or overstayed visas to establish themselves in our country, and now they want the rules changed so they can be declared citizens and be granted the right to vote for our leaders. Many of them don’t want to adopt our culture, learn our language, or obey our laws – like the laws they broke to be here in the first place. At this point, it can’t be looked at in just black and white; there are many shades of gray involved.

Our border policies have been anything but clear over the years. It is unfair for us to treat people who were invited here or allowed in with a wink and a nod, the same as people who knowingly and intentionally violated our laws to get here. It is wrong to break up families and unilaterally pull the rug out from under 20 or 30 years of work and contribution. There is no practical or fair way to simply deport all 11 million or more people who do not have proper immigration paperwork, but neither is it fair or reasonable to just hand them all citizenship and the right to vote.

Practically speaking, there is going to have to be some sort of amnesty and/or guest worker program. Our laws and morality demand it. But whatever Congress comes up with must consider the impact on U.S. citizens and those who have been legally pursuing citizenship first. Rights advocates and constitutionalists must be participants in that debate and the creation of these programs.

We must insist on assimilation and Americanization as a requisite part of the plan, and we must ensure that those who do come here or are allowed to stay are educated about the principles, rights, and responsibilities they are choosing to embrace.

The right to arms for self-defense and self-determination is a fundamental human right which belongs to everyone. Too many immigrants to this country – both legal and illegal – don’t understand or appreciate that this right belongs to them. They come from places where this right has been denied for so long that they no longer have any knowledge or experience with it, or even the concepts underlying it.

Rights advocates must oppose any effort to convert law-breakers into citizens on a massive scale, but we must also actively reach out to people wishing to assimilate into American culture to educate and inform them about the rights and responsibilities they would share. And we need to inform them about those who would deny those rights to them.

Immigration reform is a complex and multi-faceted issue with no easy answers. Amnesty for illegal immigrants is also more complicated than many would like to make it, after all, these are human beings we’re talking about, not just numbers, but any plan that would tip the balance of power away from protection of rights and the Constitution, is a plan that must be opposed.

Wouldn’t it be a tragic irony if we allowed people coming here seeking freedom and individual rights, to be the death-blow to that dream?

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition is a project of Neal Knox Associates, Manassas, VA. Visit:

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    • Most TX counties are very lightly populated. Note the tiny clusters of blue at Austin, DFW and Houston–the most heavily populated areas of the state. That blue line at the border is moving northward as well, don’t kid yourself.

      • Every time I see a map like that I halfheartedly wish North Korea would target those cities if it ever nukes the US.

        I can dream, can’t I?

        • Your comment is no different than the anti-gunner fanatic that wishes/hopes we pro-2a supporters blow our own heads off, and then revel when it does happen.

      • Reagan’s fault.

        And just because he was Republican, doesn’t mean he wasn’t a statist. Reagan, was just a RINO.

        • >> Reagan, was just a RINO.

          An extensive description of the evolution of GOP over the past 3 decades in 5 words! Bravo.

    • This does have to be dealt with.

      The status quo is unsustainable. Deportation is not the answer.

      Would be nice if conservatives could make inroads with groups like this. As opposed to being the xenophobic party.

      And political consequences are not a reason against doing the right thing.

      Those that call this group ‘lawbreakers’ are the same who have no problem still owning guns if the .gov bans them. Who are willing to draw a line in the sand and fight against tyranny. Don’t go to “they broke the law!” as a discredit to them.

      • Deportation is actually a great answer – particularly amongst the hardened criminal illegals.

      • “Those that call this group ‘lawbreakers’ are the same who have no problem still owning guns if the .gov bans them. Who are willing to draw a line in the sand and fight against tyranny.”

        First of all, the U.S. Constitution recognizes an INALIENABLE right to keep and bear arms. Foreigners do not have a right, inalienable or otherwise, to live here.

        No sovereign nation on the planet allows “free entry” by illegal aliens, offers them unlimited benefits, and then recognizes any kind of prosperity. Holland has been trying it, and it has been disastrous for their economy and infrastructure.

        If you want foreigners to come here, then give them room and board, and a “living wage” job, and sponsor them for a green card. What’s that? You’re not willing to do that? Then SHUT THE HELL UP!

        • USA had free entry for anyone (and, consequently, no such thing as “illegal immigrant”) for the first 100 years of its existence or so. Ironically, to many conservatives today, those 100 years are also the period of the country’s greatest achievements, and the time of lost freedoms worthy of emulation… except when it comes to those pesky illegal aliens, that is.

        • Int,

          Those immigrants assimilated into American culture, defended the constitution, and made a contribution to the nation. Those immigrants help build the strongest nation in the world. Most of today’s immigrants are looking for free sh!t. If immigrants have a contribution to make, and demonstrate an understanding of and willingness to fight and vote for our constitution, I will happily welcome them in. Let’s import skilled workers who aren’t criminals, who will pay taxes, and who actually are proud to become Americans.

          • Can you show any data demonstrating that “most of today’s immigrants are looking for free sh!t”? It’s an assertion that is often made, but whenever anyone asks for evidence, all that people have are anecdotal stories about how many Mexicans they see in a supermarket line with food stamps or some such. Anecdotes aren’t data, though. And data is there, and since it’s the govt running things, it can be trivially obtained thanks to FOIA. You’d think that any Republican candidate who pushes this plank of the GOP platform heavily would do that first thing, and make a nice report that lays it out crystal clear. So where is it? Because all I’m seeing so far is emotional rhetoric that’s designed to inflame and not engage.

            (Granted, this is broadly true of American political discourse in general, and Democrats do it all the time, too, on guns etc. But we’re talking about a topic that is a favorite of Republicans, so …)

          • How do any of your links demonstrate that the majority of immigrants want free shit”, again?

        • The welfare state is a red herring argument anyway. Just because we have a terrible welfare system doesn’t mean that innocent people who had no say in establishing it suddenly don’t get the right to travel or immigrate. If using welfare necessitates deportation (and maybe it should) there are a whole lot of trailer parks and Social Security recipients that can get sent off too.

          And Immigration was practically unrestricted during the time that German and Irish poor flooded here and the EXACT same arguments about not assimilating and “stealing” jobs was made then. I’m not for granting amnesty. They did break the law after all. What I am for is making immigration so easy that no one has the need to immigrate illegally.

          Also, this crap has no business being on gun page or a civil rights blog. There are a lot of libertarians and natural rights advocates who see the right to travel and sell one’s labor via the free market free from big government violence and coercion is just as important as the civil right of gun ownership.

        • “USA had free entry for anyone (and, consequently, no such thing as “illegal immigrant”) for the first 100 years of its existence or so. Ironically, to many conservatives today, those 100 years are also the period of the country’s greatest achievements, and the time of lost freedoms worthy of emulation… except when it comes to those pesky illegal aliens, that is.”

          I am not a “conservative,” nor a “Republican.” I am a Constitutionalist, and a “republican” to the extent that I believe in our republic and its founding principles.

          My wife is Mexican, and I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with Mexicans from both Mexico and the U.S. As a people, they are anti-gun, and pro-state. I am admittedly painting with a broad brush, but IN GENERAL they are happy to take handouts, whether they are hard-working or not. I’ve yet to meet an illegal immigrant who will stand on the principles of constitutionally-limited government.

          My issue is two-fold: if immigrants are allowed unfettered access AND tax refunds without working and “free” healthcare and other benefits, this country will cave in on itself. It is unsustainable.

          I read a paper back around 2002 or so, which detailed the cost of health care at hospitals around the country. At a single hospital, births of children to illegal immigrants accounted for US$30,000,000 for a single year (either $5,000 per birth and 6,000 births, or $6,000 per birth and 5,000 births, I can’t remember). This is money that was not paid by the delivering mothers or their families. There has been a rash of closings of Emergency Rooms and Hospitals in California due to people not paying for their services. Do you believe that Government can wave its magic want and make it all “okay”? How about the resurgence in the U.S. of diseases like tuberculosis, which had such a low incidence 20 years ago as to be insignificant? Epidemiologists attribute this to immigrant populations, largely illegal, which do not assimilate.

          You are the one operating on emotion. I am basing my position on the facts. Even if you were to legalize all immigrants, would they suddenly stop taking government handouts? You need to grow up, and put the same expectation on immigrants that we do on our children: get a job, don’t steal (i.e. take government handouts), take care of your family, and depend on your church, family and community to take care of you in the event of “hard times.”

          • >> My issue is two-fold: if immigrants are allowed unfettered access AND tax refunds without working and “free” healthcare and other benefits, this country will cave in on itself. It is unsustainable.

            I do not disagree with that. A sane immigration policy has to explicitly tackle the welfare issue (which it doesn’t even try now, by the way). You don’t want to import people who immediately go on to be free-riders. To some extent, it may even make sense to restrict welfare to second generation immigrants only (the first gen always have the choice of coming back if they find it too onerous to uplift themselves with no safety net).

      • You don’t have to be a xenophobe to dislike the Hispanic influx. I say that as a Hispanic myself. My mother’s family came here legally, with great sacrifice and years of effort. They were not rich, and I resent that others waltz across the border with no penalty and with greater ease than those that did it the right way.

        Beside which, it’s about much more than just “breaking the law” – It’s that many illegals would never be allowed to come here to begin with.

        Basics of immigration law:
        We don’t allow criminals (why would any sane country WANT criminal immigrants?)
        We require vaccinations (to prevent re-introduction of mostly eradicated diseases)
        We want educated/hardworking immigrants (what country would allow another country to hand them their welfare leeches?)
        We want immigrants who want to BECOME AMERICANS. -We don’t want revolutionaries or troublemakers.

        So because we aren’t willing to enforce our own immigration laws, we have throngs of low-skill, low-education, socialist leaning, unvaccinated immigrants. Not even mentioning the ones involved in the drug or human trafficking trade.

        And these people want to change our country to suit their ideals.

        Sorry, but my mother’s family saw what Latin ideals create. That’s why they came here. Either these illegals came here to become Americans, and agree with the Bill of Rights in it’s entirety or they don’t belong here. You don’t want to be an American? Fine. Leave. None of this “multicultural” crap. Go back where you came from if you love an all powerful self-serving Government. Don’t try to make another one here.

        (That last bit goes for you blue-staters moving to red states too. :P)

        • “Basics of immigration law:
          We don’t allow criminals (why would any sane country WANT criminal immigrants?)
          We require vaccinations (to prevent re-introduction of mostly eradicated diseases)
          We want educated/hardworking immigrants (what country would allow another country to hand them their welfare leeches?)
          We want immigrants who want to BECOME AMERICANS. -We don’t want revolutionaries or troublemakers.”

          The basics of some hypothetical ideal law, perhaps. The one that’s there in practice is a very far cry from that. You can be law-abiding, vaccinated, educated and hardworking, and willing to integrate, and that doesn’t even remotely guarantee success.

          I mean, just take some random Mexican guy who doesn’t have relatives in US. How should he go about immigrating to US legally? I’m all ears.

        • I live in a So Cal suburb that has been welcoming to Mexican immigrants, with language help, social support, but no free handouts. The local elder network of immigrants is very pro-work, and conservative. I have spoken to a few of the first generation, those who came on their own as guest workers (braceros) or illegals (wetbacks), and they are 90% in favor of legal immigration, not illegal. They see the corrosive effect on their kids and especially grand kids who dont learn a work ethic, who disrespect their family, and get involved in gangs.

          The Democrat platform since LBJs Great Society has been to get every minority to vote Democrat. Its that simple. By giving away handouts for votes, they create a majority, that is self-reinforcing.

          California’s Governor Jerry Brown recently gave a speech where he welcomed all illegals, and by executive action, has created a sanctuary state. The Democrat supermajority (overcomes vetos) has existed for 3 years now, after decades of Democrat majority rule in state congress, and last six with Democrat Governor.
          Its the experiment that will show how well welfare state demographics and giveaways work.

          By all indications, California is right behind Illinois in fiscal collapse, and several cities are following Detroit’s of bankruptcies created by outflow of productive workers, with the remainder paying for unsustainable pensions and benefits.

        • “The basics of some hypothetical ideal law, perhaps. The one that’s there in practice is a very far cry from that. You can be law-abiding, vaccinated, educated and hardworking, and willing to integrate, and that doesn’t even remotely guarantee success.

          I mean, just take some random Mexican guy who doesn’t have relatives in US. How should he go about immigrating to US legally? I’m all ears.”

          What do you mean, “guarantee success”? Since when does life come with a guarantee? Even in a statist hell-hole (pick any country in Europe, or former Sov bloc), there were no guarantees. Except for the ones that got you killed for speaking out against the state, of course.

          You’re not all ears. You only listen to your emotion (I was going to suggest you do it all to pay yourself on the back for being “morally superior” due to your compassion, but I can’t possibly know that).

          As I said before, there is a simple solution for this hypothetical random guy without family who wants to come here: you, personally, give him room and board, help him find a job, and sponsor his visa or green card. If you’re not willing to foot the bill, why should I, or anybody else, just because you think it’s “right”?

          • I’m not saying that you should give them room or board or a job or money any other handout, and I’m not going to do so, either. What I’m saying that you should not prevent them from seeking such on their own, through their efforts and their labor, by barring them from the country. Do you understand the difference?

  1. Democrats give amnesty. All those good little (former) illegals become registered voters, all Democrat, and vote straight-party D on everything. This is what is going to turn Texas blue. Once TX is blue, the GOP will never win another Presidential election. The Ds will have CA, TX, FL, NY, IL, and MA and from there they only need 3-4 more states to win.

    The GOP’s chances in 2016 are already poor. ’16 could very well be their last shot at the Presidency.

    • Oh, I don’t think it will get that far. A lot of democrat voters will suddenly see the light, when it starts negatively effecting them. And don’t count out the “11%”, they will become instant 3rd class citizens(by the pop #s), not worthy of being pandered to, and they will not be happy about that.

      • It’s already negatively affecting them. Why do you think so many teenagers and 20somethings without college educations are having such a hard time finding jobs that pay more than minimum wage?

        • Too bad they are having problems adding 1 plus 1, most of them still stupidly blame Republicans for these problems. So yeah unless O or other Demo-rats rape a child on the front green of the White House Lawn, they wont come around until its too late.

          If it already isn’t..

    • Jim R,

      I am sad to say that I concur. That being the case, we have to really consider pulling out all the stops to get a Republican in the White House in 2016 for the last round of appointing judges to the bench that will at least appear to support the United States Constitution. Once those judges are on the bench, we need to get the last and most important challenges before them.

      Much past 2020 all three branches of government will be against us on the federal level … and on the state level as well in much of the U.S.

    • This is the biggest difference between Texas and California: unlike Cali, Mexican immigrants become Texans. Texas has been like 50% hispanic since its founding and we’ve been getting more and more freedom minded since.

      Basically, if they want to be leaches, they go to Cali. If they want to succeed and prosper through their own hard work, they go to Texas. Texas going blue due to immigration is a myth, most of our Democrats are trust fund youths and their adult handlers holed up in Austin.

  2. It’s a done deal already. And the actual numbers are at least twice what the official figures (lies) indicate. So in our lifetime: permanent Dem majorities (not that the RINOs would be any better, if not worse), and Nuevo Aztlan in our southwestern states. This is not some recent plot; it goes back to the late Senator Kennedy’s machinations in the mid-1960s, my theory being it was his revenge for knowing he’d never be elected to the WH, thanks to Chappaquiddick.

    Come one, come all; open borders forever!

    “The Camp of the Saints” in North Murka!

    Habla Espanol, amigos?

  3. The logic of this article can be defeated by adopting policies that convert the immigrants into Republican voters.

    Some immigrants are criminals. Most immigrants are hard working people looking for a better life and more freedoms and opportunities in America. Most immigrants value traditional family values, are Christians/Catholics and have high work ethics. They should be Republicans/Conservatives, but they are being sold a narrative by Democrats that the Republican party wants them jailed or thrown out. In some cases, this narrative is true.

    Immigrants can be our new worst enemy or our greatest allies when it comes to putting gun-friendly conservative politicians into office. Continuing to make them “the enemy” will accomplish just that.

    • Most LEGAL immigrants are hard working. Those that have come here ILLEGALY, don’t care about becoming an TRUE United States citizen, they are simply parasites. Most of their money is sent home, and we pick up the rest of the tab.

      • Most of those who came here illegally have basically zero chance of becoming citizens legally (are you actually familiar with the process of obtaining citizenship? do you know the amount of red tape and the length of queues involved? I have found in practice that most Americans who have an opinion on this topic are utterly clueless about how the system works today). So it says nothing about their desire to work hard etc. It only says that they’re desperate enough to get away from their native hell-hole that they’re willing to risk getting caught and being deported (and losing any even remote possibility of getting citizenship legally in the future).

        • Yes, I am aware of how the process works, and I don’t give a rat’s ass how hard it is, or long it takes. This country should not be a dump station for people from 3rd world s**tholes. We spend more than we have supporting our own citizen leaches, no need to allow a constant flow of them, from another country. I take it you support illegal immigration?

          • I am a legal immigrant. I support immigration in general, and I understand why so many people take the illegal route given that the legal one is completely closed to them, and the dire situation they’re in.

            You haven’t actually addressed any of my points, though. You cannot judge people’s character and their desire to work, or their overall morality, based solely on their illegal status in US – because many of them would have taken the legal route, and would be willing to work and pay taxes etc, if they had an opportunity.

        • What Red in Texas said. This country needs to focus inward a bit if it has a chance to survive as a nation. We already have 18 trillion plus in debt with trillions more on the way. Importing Democrat voters will not save our nation.

          • Immigration is inherently an inward focus (because that’s where immigrants end up). Outward focus is spending money on other countries (investments or humanitarian aid, doesn’t matter), or waging war against them.

            US has resources to easily and comfortably support far more people than it already has, and those people needn’t be a burden – every man that comes in, comes with a head and a pair of hands, meaning they can and should work and contribute to the economic growth and the benefit of all. Furthermore, there are many areas in US that used to be well-developed but degenerated into a mess, and could use an influx of rugged, hard-working people – how about repopulating Detroit, for example?

            The trick is managing immigration right. It has to be a gradual, multi-step process, which, on one hand, sets clear milestones and goals between expressing the intention and getting your citizenship certificate (unlike today, where green card – which is almost citizenship already – is the first hard milestone), and on the other hand, requires a certain commitment and paying into the system (with taxation etc) before proceeding to every next step. It also makes it possible to screen out those who are unable or unwilling to integrate – don’t know the language, can’t abandon some barbaric customs etc – on early stages.

            Oh, and that whole “importing Democrat voters” thing, do you realize how ridiculous it makes you sound? So you’d be okay with importing Republican voters by trainload, if there was a place that would supply them in quantity?

        • Oh, and that whole “importing Democrat voters” thing, do you realize how ridiculous it makes you sound?

          It’s true. The demographic groups benefiting from the current de-facto open borders policy vote overwhelmingly D. It is entirely accurate to say that Obama is abusing immigration policy to create a long-term electoral advantage for his party.

          Goddamn idiots.

          • The point isn’t whether the average political affiliation is factual or not, but making your mind on the issue based mainly on that. By the same token, you should support all laws that make anything that is associated more with liberals (like, say, smoking weed) illegal, because that means more liberals becoming felons who cannot vote. Does that strike you like a reasonable approach?

        • You are confusing the reason Obama and the Democrats in Congress are doing something with the reason I oppose it.

          The reason I oppose it has nothing to do with who I expect the immigrants to vote for. The reason I oppose it is because the process for changing the existing immigration laws on the books is for Congress to propose a bill, debate it, amend it, vote on it, and then send it to the President for signature (or veto). That is not what Obama is doing.

          Half of my relatives are immigrants. I’ve been at several thanksgiving dinners where I was the only one in the room who was a natural-born citizen. They immigrated legally, worked hard, assimilated and learned the language, and I have no problem at all with any immigrant who does the same.

          • So you don’t have a problem with amnesty per se, if it were signed into law by the Congress?

        • If the House and Senate think they can come up with an amnesty bill Obama would sign, and pass it, sure. At least they’d be following the rules instead of this ad-hoc bullshit that is far closer to rule-by-decree than should ever happen here.

        • @int19h Technically they did that back in 86 (I believe) when Reagan signed a bill passed by Congress to grant, in effect, amnesty with the condition that the border be secured. Obviously the former happened but the latter didn’t. As the whole saying goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. That is why many Conservatives don’t trust the Liberal Corporate Democrats or Corporate RINOs on this issue.

          For the record, my parents are immigrants from Hong Kong, and one of my best friends immigrated with his family from what is now known as Slovakia. Neither my parents nor my friend has much patients for the defacto open border and illegal immigration policy that’s been going on, in fact they are outraged by it.

        • “You haven’t actually addressed any of my points, though. You cannot judge people’s character and their desire to work, or their overall morality, based solely on their illegal status in US – because many of them would have taken the legal route, and would be willing to work and pay taxes etc, if they had an opportunity.”

          Actually, I can assess their morality. They have unlawfully crossed our border. They have unlawfully assumed an identity in order to get a job. They have lied about their status in order to get a job. They are liars and scofflaws, so their actions are immoral.

          The opportunity is there. If you don’t like it, then you are free to convince our representatives that the criteria should be changed. But you are immoral to aid and abet thousands or millions of illegal aliens in their efforts to get here, make a life, and establish a family. It is irrelevant how “nice” you want to be, or want to be PERCEIVED to be. Change the laws if you don’t like them, but don’t tell me it’s moral to allow illegal aliens a free pass into this country.

    • I agree with this for the most part. The problem is that many of the adult immigrants who are coming here illegally really are here just for the benefits. The working adults, we can convert them. But the ones who don’t, we’d have better luck focusing on their kids.

      • The immigrants that come here legally and illegally from South America are largely the same type of people. Some simply won the lottery of getting a green card (whether through marriage or the literal green card lottery) and some didn’t and took matters into their own hands. The economy benefits from almost anyone who works productively because they, by definition, produce more value than they’re charging their employer. And most illegal workers pay their taxes (because the IRS enforces their laws much more strictly than the USCIS), and most of the ones that don’t do so only because they’re afraid to be deported by filing. Many studies have also shown that illegal immigrants take very few social welfare benefits, especially compared to Americans of the same socio-economic strata.

        Even those that send money out of the country benefit you. By taking a dollar out of the US economy temporarily, they have made the dollars you own a tiny bit more valuable. A lot of the value of the dollar is currently resting on the fact that many international markets (see petrodollars) use them as their de-facto currency, keeping them out of the US economy. The US government fights hard to keep this going to maintain the value of American wealth, while you seem to want the opposite.

        Finally, I would argue that it’s beneficial for America in the long run to have people face difficult challenges (even legal ones) to come here. That means we’re getting people with an entrepreneurial spirit, ability to overcome challenges and take risks. God knows that many of the spoiled children of the American middle class or the welfare-raised children of the American lower class are not showing it. Australia has shown that children of even hardened criminals can create a lawful and successful nation; here we have people that have committed a virtually victimless crime. Yes, many of them don’t have education to lead the economy, but I would be shocked if their children and grandchildren were not overrepresented in the American entrepreneurial class in 50 years.

        Or is that where the problem lies? Are you afraid of a little competition? Do you feel that you’re owed an easy climb up the socio-economic ladder without having to compete with people willing to work 80 hours a week, take huge risks, break a few rules, and do what it takes? Because that’s how this country got to where it is and people who feel that they’re owed this are the ones who are sinking it, not the immigrants.

        • You make me laugh, Alejandro, thanks for that. Did you get those positive impacts of illegal immigration from LULAC, or La Raza Unida?

        • ” few social welfare benefits”
          You’ve clearly not seen the free and reduced lunch data at the border States’ school districts.

        • “Even those that send money out of the country benefit you. By taking a dollar out of the US economy temporarily, they have made the dollars you own a tiny bit more valuable.”

          That is not supported by basic economics. The value of the dollar is based (mostly) on the number of dollars printed, NOT the number in circulation “in this country.”

          If all dollars were overseas, save the three or four I had in my pocket, it wouldn’t change one whit the price of a loaf of bread at the supermarket.

        • They vote STATIST and they will take your guns, raise our taxes and continue to reinforce the party that bends over for jihad.

          Close the freaking borders, deport most illegals, throw their defenders off of THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM and make all media either English only or all foreign language broadcasts must pay a tax to cover and must advertise free every quarter hour English language and American history classes, with all teachers vetted as non commie.

          • >> They vote STATIST

            >> make all media either English only or all foreign language broadcasts must pay a tax to cover and must advertise free every quarter hour English language and American history classes, with all teachers vetted as non commie.

            Please tell me you’re trolling?

      • I don’t know about Mexicans, but we have a lot of Salvadorians in Northern Virginia, six of whom work at my company (all now legal but not all citizens yet ). They may have started out seeing Dems as their benefactors, but they are socially conservative Christians and are up to their necks in debt working full-time jobs plus side jobs of their own creation, usually in landscaping/lawn care using thousands of dollars worth of equipment they have purchased, chasing their version of the American dream (house, cars, self-owned business). Back in El Salvador they say could work all day and after the ‘mafia’ got their cut, only earn only earn enough to buy a hamburger at Burger King there. When they got to the US, they were initially amazed they got to keep so much of what they earned here without being ‘shaken down’, and are now working hard to get everything they could never afford back home.

        They have more or less been recently converted since Obamacare kicked in and they now realize how much it is going to cost them, whether they wanted health insurance or not. Before that happened, their health insurance was their credit cards. Now they all swear they are voting Republican next time. When they aren’t speaking English, I frequently overhear them say things like “Pinche cabron Obama” and I have to laugh. They tend to be much less politically correct than native white Americans when it comes to certain other minorities in this country, whom they view as inherently lazy.

        I don’t personally favor amnesty, but I think their demographic may not be lost to the Democrats in the long run. Once they get a financial foothold and have more to lose than to gain from big government, they may trend just as much to the GOP side. Time will tell.

    • Don’t know where you live Peter. I was raised in NYC and now live in south Florida. My upbringing in Brooklyn taught me many things, but the one thing that came in the clearest was that the vast majority of Latino immigrants while conservative in religious or abortion views, they are OVERWHELMINGLY liberal on most other subjects. Their views on firearms are for the most part staunchly liberal, many of the countries they arrive from do not recognize an individual right to be armed by the public, unless they are tools of the respective governments-cops, soldiers, bodyguards and other “special folk”. The liberal base here has made many attempts to chip away at the fear of deportations for these illegals, while the conservative base wants the law to be enforced. Who would under these circumstances see more support from these aliens were they to achieve citizenship? The only way past this absolute tilt to the dems is legal resident status, as opposed to citizenship, which via voting/running for office would allow them, over time to progressively change our country to their liking. Picture that, allow them to violate our laws, then give them the power to do as they wish once those laws are violated, NOT cool.

    • Hispanic or Latino immigrants, now legal, or illegal who are amnesty-ized by the Democrats any way they can, will *never* be moved to vote conservative in any numbers sufficient to overcome the damage that will have been done during the forthcoming years while they vote Democrat.

      As a block, it is in their nature and propensity to vote Democrat in line with the immigrant activist’s rhetorical lock on their minds. They like hearing the ‘promises’ from Democrat politicians with emphasis on furthering the Latino/Hispanic cause, and as immigrants continue to gain purchase in our political system we will see many more in office…as Democrats.

      • Not at all.

        There’s a reason the Proggies go to so much trouble to keep Mexicans from assimilating or learning English. If you let us learn English and become a part of the mainstream culture Mexicans tend to discover just how conservative they really are.

        Educate them and especially teach them a bit of actual history on top of that and you end up with, well… me – especially when you hit the second generation. (take a look at the name)

        In fact, you might want to take a look at what the Democrats have done with the black community and what they are trying with the Hispanics. Isolate the group. Keep them in ignorance. Keep them dependent for basic sustenance. That’s how you control the groups that you need to keep you in power.

        Pay attention, because they’re doing the same thing with the Anglos. They are controlling far too much of the education system. They are paying people to get as many on entitlements as possible. We do have to win in the here and now, but we cannot ignore the next generation – regardless of race or social class – or we’ll lose in the next generation.

    • Bingo…

      The assumption that freshly-minted Americans (read; immigrants) are automagically Democrat voters is absurd. I grew up in an area where the population was almost exclusively Mexican by birth (not just latino, but Mexican) and they are some of the most conservative people you’ll ever meet as a culture.

      Once they get a taste of liberty, they crave it. Far more than most Americans born into relative freedom; I might add.

    • That was my main issue with the article. If the problem is that groups of immigrants tend to vote democrat because that party favors them, I don’t see a ‘double-down’ as being effective against it.

    • First, you have to understand these people. This is not the German and Irish migration through Ellis Island. These illegals do not understand what freedom is in the American sense. They are extremely uneducated, and uninterested in American politics or becoming an American. They only know socialism and collective misery as a form of government.

      Plus saying that if republicans just became democrats, then democrats would vote for them is asinine. Go home Carl Rove you’re drunk

    • If immigration law and response to illegal aliens is how you measure xenophobia, then the US is one of the least xenophobic nations on the planet.

    • Find me a nation on Earth more tolerant of illegal immigration than us. Find a nation that admits even half as many non-refugee immigrants in a given year as us.

      • On a per capita basis, both Canada and Australia admit more. Moreover their immigration laws aren’t based on arbitrary number limits set up by the protect-my-jobs crowd, they’re based on actual labor needs and applicant qualifications.

        In fact the US had a policy of open, unlimited immigration until certain groups were deemed undesirable by the WASP politicians (Italians, Greeks, Chinese, Mexicans, take your pick). Today’s anti-immigration crowd use the same arguments, just with more tactful excuses.

        • One of the first US anti-immigration laws specifically limited immigration to White people. That was actually in force for almost half of the 20th century, and tell you all you need to know about the roots of these policies.

      • Thing is, the logic of this article (and, generally, all the conservative anti-immigration rhetoric) is equally applicable to legal immigrants – the word “illegal” is just thrown in to provide a convenient excuse against this very accusation, along the lines of, “I’m not against immigration in general, just against those immigrants who break the law”.

        But seriously, do you think that, if the same guy immigrates from Mexico legally, he’ll have different political views? Of course not, that’s absurd. The implicit assumption here is that legal immigration should also be severely curtailed, to only let in those people who align with conservative views.

        • Arguably a legal immigrant from Mexico will be even more anti-GOP than illegal immigrants, having been subjected to an at least 15 year wait mandated by politicians pandering to economic protectionists and worse.

        • Import conservatives and you’ll get votes for less government, lower taxes, and more freedom. Import liberal progressives and you get the opposite. I’m just fine with only importing people who will actually support and defend the Constitution.

          • If all you care about is that they vote the “right way”, why go for an expensive and lengthy workaround? Just overthrow the government and establish a conservative dictatorship that will enforce “less government, lower taxes, and more freedom”, no elections needed. Heck, doesn’t even need to be a dictatorship, you could just strip all minorities of the right to vote, and then you’ll get a solid Republican majority for many decades to come.

        • Great, let’s have the government decide what kind of political test to give to people who want to move into this country.

          Brilliant idea.

        • @Sex T,

          Right now there’s isn’t much deciding on immigration. I can’t say I have much faith in our .gov to come up with a great plan. As I’ve said before – naturalize folks who aren’t criminals, are able to make a positive contribution, and will actually defend the constitution. Have them pay taxes just like me – and I assume you pay up as well. I seriously doubt you’ve got a better plan than that.

        • My rule is, if you didn’t even enter and reside within the U.S. without following the law, why should i automatically give you a pass you aren’t going to keep breaking other U.S. laws? Like I said before, my parents were immigrants. They told me there was almost a chance I wasn’t going to be born in America because their work visas were not guaranteed to be approved (they were originally here for College studies). If the government didn’t approve of them to remain here, they knew they would have to leave the country and re-apply in Hong Kong if they wanted to come back to America. At no point did they consider breaking the law and staying past their expired visas.

          I will also note it becomes a liability and security issue if you have a United States government that cannot even follow up who is here legally or have overstayed expired visas. I am pretty certain that half the 9/11 hijackers were here on expired student visas, yet the government was incapable or unwilling to follow up and deport them prior to their final hijacked flight.

          As for the Race angle of immigration quotas, cry me a river. I could give two ships less about the fact the U.S. actually barred Chinese immigration into the country during the later part of the 1800’s. There are now legal avenues for immigrants from China to come to the U.S., I’m not going to give considerations to ones that sneaked across the southern border just because of our various immigration restriction policies in the 18th, 19th or 20th century. That’s just a broken stick beaten against a long dead horse that hides the real issues we are facing with illegal aliens today.

        • Oh I see how it is with you. Once you have yours, you couldn’t give two shits about everyone else. Because, IT’S THE LAW!

          Your circular argument is amusing. Illegal immigrants broke “the law”, ergo they shouldn’t stay, because they can’t obey “the law”.

          You demonstrate typical Chinese abasement before authority.

      • That’s moronic.

        We cannot stop certain things from happening without being totalitarian. People have legs and the WILL move to where there is a better life for them. We cannot change this. They will come until conditions in Mexico improve or conditions here worsen.

        What we can do is make it easier for good people to come here safely and prosper economically by exploiting our once capitalist system.

        The problem is not immigrants. The problem is socialism. We are encouraging leaches to come here and suck on the blood of Americans through socialism. We need to end socialism completely, or at least for immigrants.

        If we do that, we will still have immigrants, to be sure, but there will be two major differences: First, the slave trade will be radically reduced and people will not be dying in the deserts because there would be safe and legal ways to come here. Second, the people coming here will know that they will have to earn their own way and there will be no free lunch. These people will not become democrats.

        Immigration failures have been another classic instance of the evils of socialism. Socialism gives people a moral mask to forbid things that they normally would not. It gives busy bodies an excuse to tell others what to do and the resentment of paying for others causes more people to be busy bodies.

        It doesn’t matter if Mexicans and Guatemalans come here. It’s what they do when they’re here that matters. If we give them free stuff, they will be socialists and vote for the communist/socialists which have thoroughly taken control of the democratic party.

        • “The problem is not immigrants. The problem is socialism. We are encouraging leaches to come here and suck on the blood of Americans through socialism. We need to end socialism completely.”

          Fixed it for you.

  4. Its gonna happen sooner or later anyway. I’m 50 and I believe before I depart this earth we will be fighting, literally for our gun rights…. Its just in the cards…

    • Unfortunately, I believe there is a decent probability that you are correct. That being the case, it would be wise to invest some effort to prepare for such a scenario.

      Speaking of preparing for the future, this is a great time to begin a fitness regimen (if you don’t already practice one). This is also a great time to hone your skills so that you have them if need be.

  5. Consider the security theater we’ve enjoyed since 9/11/01 — meanwhile the border with Mexico is wiiiiiiiiide open. Whom are they kidding?

    • Have you seen the stupid average fat American voter? That’s all they need to fool and they’ve done a bang up job.

      This country is so &@$%#^… 🙁

    • You should make the next logical step. The border is wide open, yet how many terrorist attacks have there been since then? And how many of them were because of that border?

      The security theater starts long before things even get to the border…

  6. As long as we allow the left to set the narrative we’re going to have to deal with this BS.

    • I’d argue that the Republicans’ anti-science stances as well as general backwardness is a bigger threat. This level of willful ignorance doesn’t sit well with a lot of people, myself included. It’s embarrassing, and voters are fleeing. Blaming Mexicans is silly.

      • Republican and anti-science. Riiiigght. Because it’s so reasonable to think that John Moses Browning made intelligent designs, but if you believe in the Intellgent Design of human beings you are somehow a knuckle-dragging moron who cannot accept science.

        • LOL. JMB’s design process was well documented. Intelligent design, not so much.

          The GOP’s embrace of social conservatism is literally the #1 reason it will lose elections in the near term.