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From the Associated Press . . .

Five people including a police officer and a gunman have died in a shooting at a Missouri gas station after the gunman went inside and opened fire, police said Monday.

The dead also include three citizens, Springfield police Chief Paul Williams announced Monday, and an officer was injured along with another citizen.

Williams said police received reports of “multiple shooting calls throughout the city” late Sunday. As officers were responding, witnesses reported a vehicle crashed into a Kum & Go. gas station and convenience store, and the gunman ran inside and began shooting customers and employees, Williams said. The first two officers who arrived were shot.

Other officers pulled the injured officers from the store and then went inside, finding three citizens dead. The gunman also was found dead, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot, Williams said.

Officer Christopher Walsh died at a hospital, Williams said. He was with the Springfield police for 3 1/2 years, was an Army veteran and was active in the Army reserves. Officer Josiah Overton, whose injuries are not life-threatening, has been with Springfield police for two years, he said.

“Both officers showed significant bravery and were heroic in their actions,” Williams said.

The identifies of the other victims have not been released pending notification of relatives.

Police are still working to determine a motive for the shooting, the chief said.

He said it was too early to comment on the impact the shooting had on his department.

“We’re still investigating multiple crime scenes and dealing with grieving the loss of one of our own,” he said.

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  1. Where I live the po-leece are doing seatbelt checks today…marked as “safe”😏

    • I mean… if there was a guy shooting up a gas station a block away they’d probably go do that.

      You wouldn’t believe how many people freak out if they see cops not doing anything at a given moment.

      • why do some people think it’s ok to vent their inner rage by harming others?…if the guy
        wanted to off himself why didn’t he just go someplace and do it?…and leave the rest of us be…many seem prone to externalization these days….

    • Just like in my area where the police were so focused on fining jaywalkers they completely ignored traffic running a red light. If they policed the latter they would have had 4 cars every light change.

  2. Still proves people kill , not the gun fault , so sorry others had to die , cause of another unstable soul, if ever had one ( soul ) .

  3. Another example of why EDC is the way to go.
    These unstable psychos don’t like it when their intended victims return fire.

  4. I’m afraid events like this will likely happen more frequently. The result of 50+ years of schools and institutions telling us we’re nothing more than bags of protoplasm driven by mere chemical impulses, coupled with the (temporary) environment of helplessness and pessimism, will be driving certain fringe individuals to desperation or even acts of madness.

    Just yesterday, I was with relatives for a gathering that had already been planned weeks ago. Even some of them were behaving a little differently…one didn’t want to have any physical contact with anyone, another was asking me about my ammo and TP stashes (and if I could spare any), and another was asking everyone to use Purell on their hands before giving her a hug or handshake.

    This national spaz is happening over TP and canned goods, even though all supply chains are operating normally. All it would take for a serious Panic 2.0 to happen is for news to break that a trucking company has to cease or reduce operations due to one of its drivers testing positive, and the fear that the food supply will be interrupted will cause a run on the stores that will make last week’s panic look like child’s play. THAT’S when we’ll see people freaking out.

    Two days ago on Saturday, I watched in sorry amazement as people were yelling at each other in the parking lot of my local Kroger. That was only over the parking space…nevermind the angst going on inside the store.

    • “All it would take for a serious Panic 2.0 to happen is for news to break that a trucking company has to cease or reduce operations due to one of its drivers testing positive, and the fear that the food supply will be interrupted will cause a run on the stores that will make last week’s panic look like child’s play. THAT’S when we’ll see people freaking out.”

      That’s coming, and if I had to wager, it will be in 2-3 weeks when the numbers of confirmed infected start the steep curve upwards…

  5. I’ve seen them, but never understood the whole murder/suicide thing. If you’re going to commit suicide go ahead, but why take others with you? Of course, I never understood the suicide thing at all.

    • From personal experience on one type suicide in the name of Allah is permissable in fighting the infidel. Obviously there is the intent of taking said infidel with them but results thankfully may vary. That is a religious/cultural acceptable practice within a group. As far as lone crazies….. well crazy going to crazy and untangling irrational thought processes is well above my pay grade.

      • All in search of 72 Virginians. I never saw the draw of Virginians, myself, but these guys are really dumb.

    • “I’ve seen them, but never understood the whole murder/suicide thing.”

      Simple – “I’m miserable and my life sucks, and you’re coming with me.”

      With the typical male murders the ex-wife/girlfriend, it’s “If I can’t have her, no one else will, either.”

      It’s a juvenile mentality, and far too many of that type are out there. They never grew up, and some elements of society like it that way…

      • Eh, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that assertion.

        To be clear: there is no excuse for murdering others.

        That said, a significant other can have you removed from your (your meaning joint or literally yours) own home without warning (lying about DV to get an emergency restraining order, and now have your guns stolen via red flag), they can run away with your kids and keep you from them for months, they can lay claim legally to your house, income, retirement and personal property and/or simply take it with them, they can lie to medical providers to get you prohibited from having knowledge of any medical treatment of your kids (which the hospital will gladly enforce without proof of any reason to do so), they can have you hauled into the police station to be interrogated, claiming they think you might be abusing your kids (zero tolerance or common sense), they can secure payment for additional schooling after separation from you, and of course, alimony/maintenance and child support. Lastly, especially if female and stay at home, they can ensure you do not end up with custody of the kid(s), particularly if they are young. This can go on for years, draining your bank account, as divorce generally requires both parties to agree. Turning your life upside down by interfering with work, not to mention the induced stress.

        Again. No excuse for murder. Living the nightmare of a spouse who abused every “safeguard” of the system, the first thought that goes through my head when I see familial murder anymore is “I bet they were going through a divorce”. Not always correct, but more often than not, however its implied in the reporting, that is the reality.

        I dont think it’s all about snowflakes either…the system went from being stacked against a stay at home parent (usually mother) to being stacked against the one who is not willing to abuse the system. At least for the short term. But it can rather quickly push someone towards depression/suicide/homicide.

  6. Curious as to the motive. What irritates me most about shootings is the media’s hype and coverage is done strictly to increase their profits; which then increases the likilihood that another shooting will occur; which the media and the left then uses as fodder for the “wE hAve tO DO sOmEThiNg, fOR tHe CHilDrEn” argument.

    Encourage mass shootings and acts of violence in the name of profit and the the liberal utopia, but blame it all on conservatives. What’re a few more bodies among the foundations of the perfect state? Maybe someday we’ll be as great as China.

    • This — Because numbers matter. And every time something like this happens, every PD, politician, media outlet, and gun control faction blindly includes the dead homicidal asshole in the statistics. This invariably gives more weight to the death toll and can mean the difference between a statistical ‘mass shooting’ or not. We in the 2A contingent must hammer this point home every chance we get. Fuck the shooter.

  7. We have been kinda lucky here in the Ozarks of the Sho-Me state of Mo when it comes to stupidity like this. We have seen a rise in shootings, but mainly from gang related or stupid disrespectful people who can’t justifie their actions. I really hate this crap, it’s bad enough that the police have to put themselfs in harms way on a daily bases. Even in a constitutional carry state this stuff happens also fast for many to protect themselfs.
    But this is why everybody needs to keep vigilant and stay very aware of whats happening around them. If a ccw or constitutional carry person had been there, they may have been able to save the lives of the police officer and citizens present at this crazy shooting. These situations happen so fast that it stands to show the need for practice of handgun skills and continued vigalent need of constant situational awareness. Even if your not a pistol packer, awareness and a thought of self defense is allways a need, a huge need, and reasonable if you want be responsible for your own saftey and your loved ones. The police just can’t allways be there, everywhere at once. Thats just way unreasonable to expect that.
    So with that said push it to everybody that they need to be this way, be ready to defend and protect themselfs and those around themselfs. Those who carry to practice the skill of draw and defend with awareness of a police presence so not to get shot by an officer doing his job.

  8. Problem is somebody out there knew the perp was a POS and either was too stoned or stupid to give the police a heads up or the perp was a product of a revolving door criminal justice system, etc.
    Another problem is there is always another nitwit with loose screws to take his place. Be Prepared.

  9. I Haz A Question says:
    March 16, 2020 at 10:30
    “I’m afraid events like this will likely happen more frequently.”
    Thank (President?) Trump. Ever since his Candidacy and Presidency run, he has given the U.S. public the idea that because he’s President(?), he can do no wrong. Case in point, when he made that remark about Hillary Clinton when she said something about eliminating military assault weapons. He said “I wish there was a 2nd amendment individual out there that would change her mind, if you know what I mean”. One could see the look on in face what he actually meant by that remark.
    The very next day, a news reporter confronted him about that remark he made toward H. Clinton. His reply was (with a smile on his puss), “That was just a joke. I didn’t mean anything by it.” Anyone could see what he meant by that remark. Some Goof Ball out there would think, hey, Trump wants that individual “capped”. What the Hell, if I get caught I’m sure Trump would help me out by paying my attorney’s fees.
    And what about Charlottesville,Va., a riot (or Domestic terrorism) between the Supremacists and Protesters. Statements and incidents like that seem to motivate individuals who then become active shooters and attack innocent individuals.

    Like “I Has A Question Says: “I’m afraid events like this will likely happen more frequently.”

    And as Trump would no doubt say: “It was just a joke that got out of hand. ”

    Yeah, Right. Wake up people.

    • Trump did promise to be the most presidential president ever!

      And it is the height of presidential statesmanship to joke about ‘second amendment solutions’ for your political opponents.

      In other news:

      “Seven members of a family were fatally shot over the weekend in North Carolina, the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office said Monday.
      The suspect is among the dead, sheriff’s office spokeswoman Lt. Sara Pack told NBC News.
      Pack said the incident is a suspected murder-suicide but authorities are still investigating a possible motive. It occurred in Moncure, about 30 miles southwest of Raleigh.”

    • And the difference between when the “left” and the “right” make comments like this? The leftards ACTUALLY go out and act on it.
      This is proven by empirical evidence.
      How many Dem House or Senate members been confronted or SHOT by Republicans/Conservatives.
      The RepCons possess the VAST majority of firearms, so availability SHOULD be causing the EXACT opposite of what the stats show.
      I guess this is just ANOTHER example of how unstable the left is.
      Thanks for setting that up so I could point it out to the TTAG viewers.

    • @Made in America:
      I didn’t really have a problem with it and still don’t. Don’t care who likes or don’t likes it. Nothing different than the what the Founding patriots did to the Tyrannical Leaders of their day. And that goes for any Pol or Burea looking to Infringe on my Constitutional Rights…Period.

    • Yeah right! Vote for an insane old man or a socialist/communist…. GTFOH…. Idiot! It’s cloudy by my house today. It’s Trump’s fault! Again, GTFOH you moron…


    • ” given the U.S. public the idea ”

      That crock of shit right there kills the rest of your post.

      Personally, I’ve never woken in the morning and asked myself “What would the President do?” I’ve never asked myself that any time during the day. And I don’t think I’m projecting if I say that nobody else does either. Hell, half the voters don’t vote. They likely don’t know and don’t care who the President even is. And the ones that do vote are very likely NOT hanging on every word from the White House looking for some scrap of moral guidance.

      I hate it when some talking head on MSM says “America is looking to its leaders for blah blah blah…” Bullshit. Unless they’re handing out some free stuff, most Americans just want their “leaders” to go away and leave them alone. Unless they’re Democrats, of course, then they want the free stuff and have them hang around, too. But they don’t count — most of them can’t get their own heads out of their asses.

      • Elected representatives and officials are not our “leaders”. They represent or lead certain branches of the government, not the people.

  10. How many crazy people will we see in the current national emergency use this as a reason to “end the world” for themselves? And as many as they can possibly kill?
    Check your EDC everybody.

  11. We, my wife and I love to watch the President at his huge Rallys! He is a funny guy.
    And the citizens flow into them, some can not get in, so they stay outside for many hours.
    If you have more than two brain cells! Can you see Joe or Bernie running this wonderful country? I carry a Glock 19 as I step out from my alarmed townhouse. It sits behind me on my night table. Where ever we go, I take care to observe who populates these areas with us. My Cell phone sits in my pocket, an earpiece is my communication system.
    The good news is, all these people around us, who are playing with their $1,000.00 toys are not going to harm us, whilst playing with them.
    I was once at a lecture, given by a retired Marine General. Be nice, smile.
    But be prepared to kill all in front of you. My way entirely. White-haired old Gentleman, thats me.

  12. We just had a 7 victim murder/suicide here in NC. Tragic and all the more reason to carry all the time. My wife says me wearing my commander sized 1911 in a shoulder rig makes her nervous. I say not wearing it makes me nervous.

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