2020 SHOT Show
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Talking to people around the SHOT Show floor, the consensus seemed to be that this was definitely an up year for new products. Last year was pretty lackluster, but firearms manufacturers have been hard at work innovating and coming up with a variety of new, attractive guns over the past year.

When I asked the TTAG crew covering SHOT to come up with their selections for the best guns they’d seen on the floor and at the range this year, the intent was to list the top three. But there’s simply no way to keep the list that narrow. Actually, paring it down to five is cutting out some very worthy competitors.

But cut we must and here is our list of the five best new guns we saw at SHOT this year (in alphabetical order).

Dan Wesson DWX Compact 9mm

Like its bigger brother, the DWX, the Dan Wesson DWX Compact blends the best of two very popular worlds — 1911 and CX-75 — into one very attractive concealed carry-able 9×19 package.

Courtesy Dan Wesson

With its 4-inch barrel and 5.2 inch overall height, the Dan Wesson DWX Compact lets you carry 15+1 rounds in a very attractive and ergonomic package. it isn’t inexpensive, but many people will find the hybrid carry gun the ideal blend of two legendary platforms.

Diamondback DBX57 5.7x28mm Pistol

We were already pleased by the surprise intro of the excellent Ruger-57 (see Jeremy’s review here), a great addition to the rather limited selection of 5.7x28mm offerings out there. So when we discovered, out of the blue, the Diamondback DBX57 (the official name is apparently the DBX57BGFB) at Range Day, we were thrilled.

The extremely slim (only 1.25″ overall width) DBX57 pistol has a side charging handle (reciprocating, can be switched from left to right) and a dual gas piston system that makes it a very soft-shooting gun. The gun takes FN FiveseveN magazines and has a rear Pic rail so you can add the brace of your choice…though that SB Tactical FS1913 side-folder above seems ideal.

The DBC 57 has AR-ish features and Diamondback will start shipping them on…wait for it…5/7 and the MSRP will be $1299.

Lancer Laugo Alien 9mm Pistol

There aren’t a lot of truly innovative designs out there any more, but the Laugo Alien 9mm pistol that’s being imported by Lancer is unquestionably one of them.

Jeremy pronounced it the best handgun he’s ever shot and praised its precise machining, fit and finish.

The barrel sits down in the frame in dust cover, rather than up in the gun’s “slide,” which isn’t a conventional slide on the Alien. Instead, there’s a fixed top rail where the sights sit. The deeply serrated reciprocating “slide” portion of the pistol is below the top rail.

That makes for an extremely low bore axis, a sight picture that stays steady and a very fast-shooting gun. It’s also one that costs — hold onto your hat — $5000. So it’s more of a when-I-win-the-lottery gun for most people than even a wish list item.

Mossberg 940 JM Pro Shotgun

Yes, it’s just a semi-automatic shotgun, but Mossberg really hit it out of the park with the 940 JM Pro. They’re offering two models; theres a competiton-type smoothbore with bling-y gold accents and a tungsten gray anodized receiver (below). If that’s too flashy for you, there’s also a more restrained version with your usual black receiver and a more traditional MultiCam finish (above).

The 940 JM Pro has a recoil-absorbing adjustable stock, nickel-boron coated internals, a re-designed gas system and a nicely beveled loading port for fast reloads. It’s also got an enlarged bolt handle and a big round bolt release, again for speed when you need it. It shoots like a dream and both models MSRP at $1015.


We might have chosen the SIG P210 Carry for this group, but that’s not yet a production gun…more’s the pity. That said, SIG had another worthy new gat at their private range day this year.

SIG is getting into hunting in a big way. They already have a full compliment of optics (rifle scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars) as well as rangefinders and, of course, ammo. The only thing missing was the hunting rifle

The first step in that direction is with their new CROSS bolt-action rifle. The 6.5 pound CROSS is something of a target/hunting rifle chambered in three short action calibers .308, 6.5 Creedmoor and SIG’s new .277 FURY. The lightweight rifle would be just as much at home shooting long-range precision targets as it would elk in the backcountry.

The US-made CROSS has a one-piece receiver and an almost infinitely configurable folding stock that lets you adjust length of pull and cheek pad height (both tool-lessly), a well as recoil pad height and cant. When the stock is folded, it captures and locks the bolt and cuts the length to either 25 or 27 inches depending on caliber. It also has a very good two-stage adjustable trigger and takes AICS mags. MSRP is $1,699 to $1,779 (about $1600 street).

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    • Even if it does none of you Tikka groupies will ever acknowledge that it could possibly be a good rifle. At least you guys aren’t as bad as the 10mm guys.

      • Not saying that at all. Have been considering getting a Tikka when the new Sig came out. I like the fact that it is 6.5 pounds. However, the .5 MOA guarantee on the Tikka is hard to beat, especially since the price between the two are close.

        • .5 MOA out of a bolt gun is no big deal from a rifle with a match grade barrel, excellent trigger, match ammo… and a shooter doing his part. And the good news is you do NOT have to spend thousands and thousands of $$$ to get those results.

        • The Tikka I’m referring to is about $1800 or less, about a $100 more than the Sig, not “thousands”. I have read a review on the Sig that said they got 0.4-0.7 MOA, but can’t find anywhere where they have any type of guarantee like the Tikka does. Maybe they do and I’m just not finding it.

        • I actually really like that the Sig weighs only 6.5 pounds, but that alone without some sort of MOA guarantee, at least if it was say “sub MOA”, isn’t enough for me to get it over the Tikka.

        • Stephen, i couldnt find the 0.5 moa guarantee. I dont doubt it is at least that accurate though.

  1. Quick shout out to PSA’s “not a GLOCK” coming with a MSRP of $299. If that thing proves reliable, I think it’ll be the biggest hit coming out of SHOT this year.

    • And the one with suppressor height sights and a threaded barrel is $350, and with an optics cutout additional, only $399. And claimed pin-compatible, so any Glock gen 3 internal part is fully drop-in.

  2. I like where PSA is going with their MP5 and AK lines. If they can keep costs down they’ll sell truck loads of them.

    • If they actually bring a true roller-delayed MP5 clone to the market for under $1200 (which they claim they will this year) and it functions like most PSA stuff, they will sell trainloads of them.

      • You mean break after 1200 or so rounds while hordes of their cheap ass customers they use as beta testers claim they’re the best guns ever built?

        Lets not kid ourselves, PSA is very much a volume over quality producer and their lack of real quality is very well known to anyone who can afford more than a $400 AR.

  3. If I were to have any of these, it would be the Dan Wesson. The Alien pistol looks interesting but I’m thinking there has to be more at the show that I would like more.

    • “More AKs, way too much 5.7 stuff….”

      The more who make 5.7s, the lower it drives the ammo costs…

      • Yep I am counting on it. And as a 5.7 fangirl im ecstatic about the Ruger 57 and the DBX57. Ill buy the Ruger soon enough but the DBX will have to do a Ruger mag conversion and im sure they will. Now all i need is a single stack super thin 5.7 for carry…

        It would also be nice if the AR57 wasnt unobtanium…

        • Bre, I said it the other day 5.7 is an ice pick. Unless it’s a brain or spine the guy is laying on the bed next to you is cold comfort. Bigger deeper holes are the answer if you want to put a man down with a handgun. That 5.7 is neither fish nor fowl. Give me an M-1 rifle or a 1911 pistol. I’ll show you how to fuck up a man’s day. Really.

  4. If that is the best five new firearms then we, as a shooting community, are in trouble. Give me some of the old stuff.

    • You may like some of the other firearms that were not covered as well here. I thought there were quite a few innovations of older designs in AKs, MP5s, CETMEs, and revolvers, by several companies. Personally I thought this years event showed the industry was actually moving away from the “just another glock/AR” pattern that has dominated the last few years.

  5. A 6.5 pound rifle with an adjustable and folding stock? If i needed a hunting rifle I’d be all over it. As I get older, lighter gets better.

    • Your kind is dying, younger folks will witness America becoming a socialist and civilized nation. The Donald isn’t going to save you, not will all the republitards who tell you all what you want to hear (kind of like the NRA) so you feel good about it, but have I issues signing gun control laws. They follow the money, they don’t care what a bunch of hillbillies with more guns than neurons have to say.

      • Oh good Lord. Do you retards have to troll every single thread? Even the non-political ones? Get a fucking life, would you?

        • Oh, now, let them have their fun, they can’t help themselves. Making big pronouncements, anonymously, on Internet forums is what they do. Just scroll on …

      • Nancy, you are exactly right. Just look how well socialism worked out in eastern Europe. Every morning my well educated (never set foot in a public school) young adult (24 & 28) children get up and go to work at their well paying place of employment. They hate socialism. How did John put it? I think it went something like this: “Fuck getting up and busting my ass every day (he does) just so some sorry motherfucker can lay around and smoke crack!” Katherine was a little more uh, diplomatic. She could say what she said in front of her grandmother. Gist was the same. Socialism has never worked. It never will. But hey! You socialists should get together, pool your money and buy a small country. Get the whole Animal Farm thing going. Oh shit! That’s right! Socialist’s don’t have any money. They spend other people’s money!

        • That is exactly right, and contrary to what the American left says, socialism didn’t “work” in Western Europe either. The left skews that entire bloc to fit their narrative.

        • Well said, Gadsden.
          Nothing is going to change until our colleges pull their collective heads out of their asses.

        • I’ll chip in $20 to help buy the socialists a country if they promise to all go there and hang out until they starve after they eat all the rats.

        • For the edification of those unfamiliar with the term.
          I give you the entry from the Urban Dictionary…

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      • vlad. Your mental illness is showing. Again. Socialism was decapitated by bloomberg when he bought the dnc. It’s done here. But you live in whatever fantasy you wish. Just try not to lash out and hurt the innocent when Trump gets his second term.

  6. “three short action calibers .308, 6.5 Creedmoor and SIG’s new .277 FURY.”

    I just read up on the FURY. Great googly moogly! 80,000 PSI?

  7. Good choices/selection. Hard to choose. Me? I don’t give a hoot about another 1911 9mm compact handgun, but to each his own.

  8. This top 5 WaCk!
    Look at mine haha

    1. Laugo Alien
    2. Drake Athena
    3. Third Generation FoldAR
    4. PSA – ALL OF THEM
    5. Kel-Tec SUB2000 CQB

    • Would note that PSA has one of the best business models of getting the most rifles of acceptable quality in as many hands in the shortest time possible. If they ever start a NY friendly line I would be happy to buy a few. Even if not will still check their store out for parts any time I drive by for vacation.


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