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From 5.11 . . .

5.11 was founded in serving those who serve, and now more than ever we want to recognize and honor all the heroes serving our communities. They are keeping us fed, safe, healthy and comforting those in need. It’s time to pull together and endure as one. While we may be in a state of disbelief during the COVID-19 pandemic, 5.11 believes in the unsung heroes who are essential to our survival. 

America’s, and the world’s, frontline workers have been challenged more than ever before over the course of the past few months. Our everyday heroes – our doctors, nurses, grocery clerks and delivery drivers, just to name a few, shine in a brighter light; while our first responders’ roles – our police, fire, emergency services and military personnel – remain as critical as ever. These individuals put their health and safety second to the needs of our nation. We want to reward the men and women who keep the cogs of America turning in a time of need.

Honoring those who serve is the most integral part of what we do at 5.11. Those who serve, and the capacities in which they serve has grown tremendously over the past several weeks, and as a brand, we want you all to know that our commitment to you matches your commitment to all of us. We sincerely thank you for your service.

5.11 welcomes all of these heroes to our growing family. To show our gratitude, on May 4-10, we’re offering a 20% promo for all our heroes, as well as a special gift specifically for these essential frontline workers. We want to recognize all of our heroes for their continued service around the world.

Stay safe and Always Be Ready,

Francisco J. Morales

CEO, 5.11, Inc.

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      • I Stopped wearing 5.11 long ago. They still have decent things, but they also have really cheap crap too. That, and yes, they took the NFL approach to veterans. They use them as marketing tools. That said, I still have multiple packs from them, and I still have some polo’s and stryke pants from them too. But I won’t be buying any of their newer stuff and the last thing I bought was in 2015 I think (the pants). TBH, I don’t even know why I bought them… I wanted to remember 5.11 for what they used to be, maybe. I remember wearing their combat boots when we made the switch to the tan ones, and so was everyone else, even if they were not 670-1 compliant. Nobody cared, just like oakleys. But honestly, has anyone seen their new stuff? Skinny jeans… no movement… boating shorts and those hipster collar shirts. Sad. Here is why:


        And that is what happens when you sell out folks.

  1. Why? They’re getting nice paycheck, and their work is a choice. (They can shelter-in if they like.) Shouldn’t it be going to people not working, not getting a check? Enough with the hero worshiping. There are people struggling who would LOVE a discount. How ’bout the janitors cleaning the virus infested nursing homes??? (I’m not one.) I think they are the real heroes. Also, the garbage men, stock boys, anyone who cleans-up after people.
    Around here, teachers with $100,000 pensions are called “heroes”. This is up-side-down.

      • Per Victoria:

        “Shouldn’t it be going to people not working, not getting a check? Enough with the hero worshiping.”

        I mentioned this exact same thing about a week ago on TTAG, and got dogpiled for daring to mention it. I’ve been out of work for almost two months because Newsom (Governor Hair Gel) & Garcetti (L.A. Mayor) decided my employer does not provide “essential” services. Tell that to all the 300 employees who have worked here for 20 or even 30 years (including me) and now watch Starbucks baristas get paychecks while we dig into our savings because for some reason specialty coffee is essential while our 300 jobs are not.

        But not a single company has announced any discounts for us. I certainly appreciate what everyone is doing in all corners, but isn’t the forced removal of your job and paycheck a form of sacrifice? Or do all of us just get lost in the noise?

        • Maybe you should’ve chosen a better line of work and quit begging for handouts. It was a choice afterall.

        • It seems really selectively picky who was chosen as essential… it appears as though the nationwide “essentials” are huge chain type businesses that are open in multiple states and my guess is the “essentials” all contributed to lining the pockets of some elected officials.

        • @Waylon,

          Entertainment industry (movie, music, concert, etc.). Been with my employer as part of management almost a quarter century. The irony is that right now everyone (including you) is partaking of the entertainment industry even more than before, so your insult falls flat…

    • He mentions, ” grocery clerks and delivery drivers” So it appears those brave enough to go outside…ie: ME everyday since the big lockup. Working everyday. I wear 5.11 boots. Not because of the name. They were reasonably priced. Hard to find good light boots. And I didn’t wanna wear out my Cocoran Tanker boots. I carry a the stealth pack everyday, which I got on sale for 29 bucks. Locked in the car has a backup Bleed Stop, flashlight extra batteries and the like. Extra Freedom Fries to feed the mag.

      Corp may be high and mighty to some but the local store to me, has a bunch of Vets working there, we relate, and they never try to sell me. We’ll just shoot the s*** talk about service days, funny stories guns….I don’t always buy. Visit the store.

    • It does give a discount to those people, retard.

      If you read the whole article you would have seen that.

    • Actually no….I couldn’t “shelter in place”…. i’m HVAC technician and our trade is considered essential services…..I would’ve lost my job had I “sheltered in place”…. when this all first started I was upset that I was still required to work while everyone else got to “shelter in place”., although now i’m glad and appreciative to still be working….. granted, I’m not in the same league as hospital workers and first responders, but it’s not as easy as you try to make it out to be…. so stop being a DOUCEBAG

      • Service also…. You could always enter the political realm, then you could be paid while sheltering. I cannot wait for the libtards and the media to try to push the “gov shutdown panic” next time the People will give them a big F.U. School levy that was up before the panic failed. The union blamed the people for being selfish. So if you are not essential, not getting paid you are selfish for not wanting to raise your own taxes? I loathe these politicians, since Pelosi can’t be in congress to vote maybe we can say they are non essential so don’t come back.

    • “ Shouldn’t it be going to people not working, not getting a check?”

      F**k that. You and your fellow welfare queens should’ve picked a better line of work. Your choice of profession was a choice after all. If you don’t want to be unemployed right now then why don’t you go find a job that’s actually essential instead of whatever worthless shit job you do now.

      • I’m not a welfare queen. My medical office is shut down= non essential. No paycheck. Living off savings, (also, no pension). Needless to say, I’m not buying new clothes/gear anytime soon. Now I know why seniors get discounts everywhere. We don’t shop like the young people do. I have everything I need….except everyone needs more ammo.

        • Ignore him. He’s a newbie troll.

          I’m very fortunate that I had my routine dental cleaning only a week before Governor Newsom went all in with his “let’s close down and hunker in fear” strategy. That dental office has been closed ever since and has been accepting only clients with emergency issues. Same with the medical side…a preventative procedure for March was cancelled, and a routine annual physical for May has been cancelled as well. No clear direction from my Provider as to when such normal procedures will resume.

          A relative of mine who has worked at the same CA hospital for 25+ years told me her employer is now reducing staff and hours due to (1) the lack of expected flood of COVID admissions that were forecast by our Governor and (2) the lack of revenues that normal medical procedures would have brought in. Government messes up everything it touches.

  2. I keep seeing all these discounts for “essentials” yet they’ve forgotten half of the “essential” workforce. It’s fairly annoying, considering “first responders” get discounts everywhere as it is.

  3. Sooo…. I work in a defense industry. We have a letter from DoD for all workers to carry if they so chose. If stopped by a cop it says we are “Essential” and in a “Critical” industry.

    Now then, I’ve been in an EMS/SAR/FD capacity but it’s many years ago. Seriously do not think of working in a big air conditioned building turning out tools of the military trade every day for a fair wage is in any way “heroic”.

    But, hey, we do have that letter.

    So 5.11 and Walther both offer discounts to us essential folks?

    Somehow I don’t think they have quite thought this one through…..

    • same reason I am considered “essential” as well. Personally, I think the term is bullshit when as many others have said, places like starbucks stay open etc etc. It’s the local authorities fault. Plain and simple. Where I live in Montana, it seems like very few businesses have shut down. The movie theater, the sporting goods store across the street while every single other one remains open, restaurants but most can do some form of pickup or delivery at least, and of course, everyone is out an about now. I mean everyone. They have had about 5 car rallies tearing up the streets in Kalispell the past month alone. So much traffic. People are already flooding the lake and it’s basically an early summer. I drove around to the lake and saw it packed full of people. So I have to wonder, just how many people are actually out of work here, and if they are, is it their employers choice, or their choice of “profession”. At this point, not even sure where I stand. I believe the government has no right to order stay at homes, or shut down businesses, but we can’t exactly crowd the bars either. If anything, what I take away from all this is hopefully people will learn just how “essential” they really are, regardless of the way government defines it, and learn how to be self sustaining. But since I went in the grocery store the other day and could barely maneuver around all the people crowded in there, I doubt it. Just look at the dollar general guy who got shot because he wouldn’t let someone in without a mask (allegedly). Is anything in Dollar General essential? No. Hell, when you think about it, toilet paper is not even essential. Is electricity? I guess only time will tell how we define essential in the future. But I suspect technology and complacency are here to stay.

  4. Trying to find a lifeline to save them from bankruptcy. 5.11 Tactitard apparel. They should have adopted the gray man model years when we were begging them to.

    • I remember taking this view when I was about half way through with my service to tyrants… I mean when I was in the Army. I would see soldiers that basically purposely wore things to be recognizes. I hated it. I started looking for clothes with no label, no color, not standing out. Now days I don’t even realize it. I cut the logos off my RIGGS pants, my hoodies, no logo shirts, etc etc. Normal black hat, no logos… a $12 flexfit. Black shoe boots or danners. TBH, I still open carry about half the time… but I don’t dress in a way you would even notice unless I was standing right in front of you with my side turned. Not that big of a deal where I live in Montana, but I could see somewhere like Virginia or any city/more urban environment being not such a great idea. Even wearing american flag hats, or just odd colors, I notice people. Another thing I see out here is on people vehicles. My god… it’s like a facebook history on their vehicle. Just stupid. The ones l love the most are the “come and take them” right next to “the thin blue line” stickers. Or the NRA attire/stickers. Nothing says your lifestyle like that one. And those three are probably on 1 out of every 5 vehicles out here.

    • Also, Last Line of Defense did a video on this years ago. I just revisited it. It looks like this concept came into play about 3-4 years ago… I guess I was ahead of that trend by about 4 years thankfully.

  5. I’d be afraid to wear 5.11’s the emblem looks to much like biker colors thing to me. Bad news for a Cushman Eagle rider

    • I’m not even going to ask, because I already know you actually own and ride one.

      Ever take it off any sweet jumps? 😉

  6. Made in Chicom with slave labor then marked up 10 billion %…..

  7. 5.11 is crap. the stuff falls apart. they no longer mean quality. I bought 3 pairs of boots and within a month each pair was falling apart. Bangladesh junk , than I wash one of their jackets and it fell apart.

    they should be offering 50% off

    I remember back in 14 when they had the BOGO specials my boots lasted 5 years, meant something years ago. now just shit

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