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Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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Notorious conspiracy theorist Rep. Adam Schiff joined forces with Senator “Da Nang Dick” Blumenthal this week to introduced bills in the House and Senate that would gut the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Allowing victims of “gun violence” to sue gun makers who sold their products lawfully would cripple the firearms industry, if not destroy it.

And that’s exactly the point of the legislation.

da nang dick blumenthal richard plcaa gun makers
Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

“Responsible actors in the gun industry don’t need this limitation on liability. And the irresponsible ones don’t deserve it,” California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, one of the bill’s co-sponsors, said at a press conference Tuesday.

“All we’re doing through this proposal is giving victims of gun violence their day in court,” said Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal, co-sponsor of the bill’s Senate version.

The NRA and the National Shooting Sports Foundation oppose the bill.

“It’s like blaming Ford or General Motors for the negligent use of their cars,” Lawrence Keane, senior vice president of government affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “It is wrong to hold the gun or any other industry liable for the criminal misuse of nondefective products sold lawfully.”

– Whitney Tipton in Democrats Move to Make Gun-Makers Liable for Gun Crimes

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  1. we didn’t call him “sue’em all Blumenthal” for nothing when he was the AG in Connecticut………….jacka$$

  2. Awesome, now I can sue the snot outta big pharma for the meds the effed me up, whoopee!!!
    I’m in da moneeeee! I’m in da moneeeee!!

    • Rodney King Riots. LAPD were the First-To-Flee the scene and told citizens to defend themselves. Property and business owners who possessed modern sporting rifles survived along with their businesses. Unarmed and lesser armed folks and their property were devoured.

  3. We have an epidemic of ineffective gun laws in this country. We need to hold any congressman financially liable if they vote to support any gun control law that harms any citizens ability to protect themselves against congressmen and other criminals.

  4. It’s really incredible to me the mixture of narcissism, stupidity, corruption and general tomfuckery that DC not just attracts but seems to cultivate.

    Well, at least they’re not (yet) popping off at the mouth about the Gulf of Oman… I can’t wait for Schiff to start talking about the “evidence” he has that Trump and Putin colluded to create that little shitstorm.

    • Quote: “It’s really incredible to me the mixture of narcissism, stupidity, corruption and general tomfuckery that DC not just attracts but seems to cultivate. ”

      It is none of the above, they know exactly what they are doing. Their goal is to disarm American citizens and this is just another attack.

      They are not stupid, they are diabolical.

      Be Prepared !

  5. The lesson here is that we had better not let these BOZOs capture the Senate, the House, and the Presidency all at once as the Second Amendment is at risk.

  6. Stupid people are gonna do stupid stuff. You kinda expect that. It is the unashamed self-righteousness and total denial of reality by these liberals that scares me. You can’t fix that kind of stupid.

  7. The neo-Bolsheviks are pulling out all the stops to disarm Americans. Democratic controlled population centers are directing the nation’s laws, disenfranchising all the fly over country. I fear there will be only one logical outcome to all this. Eventually, it will come to violence.

      • I can see one thing from this video that isn’t properly covered. The FedGov hiring foreign mercenaries paying them with gold to do the dirty work. (Yes, they would need a lot of them as well as depleting their gold reserves) They don’t have to worry about traitors within their ranks and can deny any violations of war crimes that are committed.

  8. Can we sue CT out of business since they’ve hosted and profited off of so many gun manufacturers for decades?

  9. Once they open that black box for the lawyers ….then Ford, GM, KIA Budweiser, Jack Daniels, ANYONE that makes something, a product CAN and WILL BE SUED into bankruptcy

    • Making millions upon millions for the trial lawyers who are the largest financial contributor’s to the DNC and which will bankrupt the non PC companies and throw millions of regular workers out of work and force them to swell the unemployment rolls. Win, win, win for the Dems. And we both know that that’s their real game plan.

    • Once the precedent has been established, the litigation floodgates will the opened.

      Perhaps destroying America’s industry and economy to punish and belittle the country is the aim?

  10. The most dangerous weapon is the human brain. Could educational institutions or media outlets be sued for corrupting so many of them?

  11. This bill won’t get past the House for now. The next time democrats get control of Congress and the Presidency though, look out. Law abiding Americans will be disarmed. Thugs who reside in No-Go zones will, of course, be exempt from enforcement.

  12. It’s getting to be MORE and MORE obvious to me that the only logical thing to do in this country to have ANY individual freedoms left is to divide up the country and turn the Northeast into the United Socialist States of America. Let them have the 10 or so states up there that want to live into a “workers paradise”
    (think Venezuela) and the rest that have a modicum of common sense move to another semi-free state. We should also “encourage” (at the point of a gun if need be) the socialist ones in the USA to move there as soon as possible. Otherwise we are heading for a civil war that will end up killing millions.

  13. Let’s try a thought experiment here –

    It’s January 2021, a Democrat president has just been sworn in, along with enough Leftists in Congress to pass that law, and the lawsuits are flying fast and thick.

    Oh, and I forgot – The new Leftist president has just seated 3 new SCOTUS Justices, after Thomas died in his sleep and Gorsuch and Kav died in a terrible car crash somewhere.

    The law has been passed, and SCOTUS is now solidly ‘Progressive’ in bias. They have just ruled that law is constitutional, gun companies can be sued because they manufactured a gun used in a mass shooting.

    Hit me with your ideas – How would that SCOTUS ruling read? What realistic arguments would they make to uphold that law as constitutional?

    • Geoff, you’ve got it all wrong. If they have control of the House, Senate and Supreme Court, they can just simply pass the law and then when it is challenged and goes to the Supreme Court the justices can simply refuse to accept looking into it. There, done, finished. This is why shortly I’m leaving the country.

      • The US remains the last chance for individual freedom in the world. Always entertaining when people think the grass is greener elsewhere.

        • Go to Youtube and type in “Firearm freedom outside the United States?” then go and type in “Paraguay Land of Opportunity” and prepare to be surprised.

        • Paraguay has licensing and registration. They’ve also just gotten rid of a dictator in 1989. My daughter lived in Argentina for a couple of years because of business. South American .govs are unstable and riddled with corruption. Bribes are part of business there.

          And yes there is corruption and bribery here. But when was the last time you ordered anything on Amazon from out of the US and had to bribe the customs and postal people to have it delivered?

        • And Paraguay has that whole ‘mental health exam’ thingy that floats the grabbers boats.

        • You don’t seriously believe that there isn’t corruption in the United States do you? Like all countries you have to take the bad with the good. I’ve done more than a little research on Paraguay. First the bad-there is a zero tolerance policy on drinking and driving in Paraguay. If your stopped by the police and you have only had one beer your car gets impounded and you go to a Paraguay jail for DWI. They did this because before this a bunch of locals would get drunk and run over people at crosswalks and sidewalks. Most cops there are poorly paid and bribes are pretty common usually for the equivalent of $10 or so but I’m living outside of the major population centers where the cops mainly are. The banks there are very poorly run so I plan on getting an account with a highly reputable bank located in Panama and getting a bank card. The good is that the government doesn’t go around starting fights with other countries because they have a small military and no airplane hijacker has ever said “Let’s show them we mean business by killing all the Paraguayans”. The people there are generally friendly and if you make an attempt to speak some Guarini to them it helps a lot. Their national debt is a tiny fraction of what ours is and with tons of fresh water, a long growing season and a low chance for a natural disaster this I think is a good place to settle. I made two YouTube recommendations earlier on this post. Look at them before you make a reply to me.

        • Small mistake earlier. I haven’t left the USA yet but as soon as my mother passes on I plan to. Also JWM -Yes they have a mental health exam but if you had bothered to look at the You Tube video “Firearm freedom outside the United States?” which you clearly didn’t, that question gets addressed in a positive manner. Watch the video before you reply again.

        • Rocketman. I watched the video that started inside a gun store in Paraguay. Yes, there is corruption here. But in south america the corruption is in your face. Bribes for routine services. In Argentina you carry concealed and your permit is the money you hand a cop if you’re caught.

          But you misunderstand my reply. Go to Paraguay if that makes you happy. Just have a bag packed and your passport and bribe money handy for when the .gov changes hands again. Never burn your bridges.

  14. Most liberal judges don’t uphold the U S constitution now, so they don’t need a realistic argument, or they wouldn’t care what us peons think, after all they already think their GODS.

  15. Maybe this will spur the manufacturers who would rather give their money to the NRA to actually stand up for the 2A and put their money and clout towards promoting the 2A, even if it affects the bottom line. Where have Colt, RRA, Remington, you name it been? Until these companies stop wringing their hands and make a stand this useless type of legislation may very well stop.

  16. Who can we get to introduce a bill that permits suing auto manufactures for any accident? How much can they be sued for if automatic braking fails? If the gun is in the 4th hand after manufacture the maker should be sued/ The trial lawyers association must be promoting this. I always chuckle when lawyers want to be able to violate the Constitution. That takes them Esq. to what flipping frig are you thinking and into the un-American realm.

  17. Then we can go after Anheuser-Busch and such for the misuse of their products so grieving parents of some teenager (or anyone else for that matter) killed after drinking beer can have their day in court.

  18. I guess(if it passes) they don’t think this will backfire when the courts allows this to apply to any company 4 when we sue and win trillions to put apple,pinterest,gaagle,failbook,twatter,pewtube out of business 4 Censoring Conservatives and shutting down the free speech of Gun Owners and postings about a 2nd Amendment Constitutional protected right!

  19. This has nothing to do with stupidity and everything to do with the election cycle. These jokers know the bill will not get a hearing in the Senate. What they want is to accuse the Republicans of being unwilling to enact “common sense gun laws” to “reduce gun violence.” More politics as usual.

  20. We wouldn’t need this shit with a Loser Pays legal system. Also if superior judges would actually hold inferior judges responsible for allowing frivolous lawsuits to come across their docket, like they are supposed to. Lower court judges should have to pay 1% or something of the court costs from their wages when a case is found to be without merit on appeal. Even a nominal 100$ fine would likely destroy the industry of tort-abuse.

  21. Congress is nothing more than a collection of bottom feeding lawyers who graduated at the bottom of thier class and couldn’t get work anywhere else.

  22. JWM, I agree with some of your last post. But let’s face facts. Things are getting worse and worse even with a “conservative” like Donald Trump president. One of the people that I try to closely follow is a guy by the name of Doug Casey. Doug has predicted years in advance so many things that you would swear that I was lying if I read off the roll. One of the things that he’s predicting is that Trump will be the last republican president and the democrats will seize power after he’s impeached. Lunatics like Sanders and AOC will be taking over because over half of millennials now have a favorable view of socialism/communism. Leaving now before this happens is like the German Jew that leaves Nazi Germany BEFORE the SHTF instead of after, when it’s nearly impossible. Paraguay is also one of the easiest places there is to get permanent residency. Try to emigrate there later when every American is clamoring to get out of the USSA will be much tougher and may be closed completely.

    • I’ve been reading the Casey Reports for years, and he has made many wrong calls also. If you make enough predictions, you’re going to hit some of them. At the same time, anyone who has been paying attention since 9/11 and is NOT under the influence of cognitive dissonance can make at least some of these same predictions, as it’s clear where we’re headed if you don’t have your head up your ass.

      • No, he’s not perfect. But he predicted for example, what happened on 9/11/01 when none of the established media outlets even were willing to touch the subject until AFTER IT HAPPENED and then they were all over it. Casey is a Libertarian as am I and he’s made millions from his investments. He also has a first class “bolthole” in northern Argentina called La Estancia De Cafayate with his own vineyard, horseback riding stables and an excellent golf course. Guy knows how to live.

        • What was his 9/11 prediction? Can you cite it, or explain it? I suspect he got it very wrong, considering he’s still alive unlike others who accurately predicted 9/11.

      • JWM, have you taken a look at the video up that talks about “Who would win a second civil war? The very first part is interesting. He makes a case that if there is no 2nd civil war that the left automatically wins and the lunatic SJW’s rule us forever.

  23. Pg2, I don’t remember the exact words, but it was along the lines of if the USA continues meddling in the Middle East, it won’t be long before the same people who are attacking Israel will find a way to get over to here and attack us. Probably some kind of major terrorist incident that will horrify the American people that this could even happen to this country. I think it was about 1999 when he said something like this.


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