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Jeff D Bruenderman sends his random business trip set-up to us via Everyday Carry.

Jeff likes Apple products.  He’s got a set of Airpods and an Apple Watch that he carries everyday.  His iPhone isn’t in the photo, but I think it’s a safe bet that’s part of the usual stuff he carries.

He also has a Schrade tactical pen.  I’m seeing more and more of my friends carrying these.  As well as people at Everyday Carry.  These “Tac Pens” usually write well and are substantial in heft.  You’re not going to overthrow a small Central American dictatorship with one, but they are a tool in the toolbox.

Jeff carries no flashlight (unhappy face) but he does have a Kizer Theta folder.  Those will set you back $180.  Then again, a decent folding knife will set you back close to at least $100.  Two plus for the nicer ones.

How much did you spend on your EDC blade? Let’s hear it in comments.

Mine was a gift from a GSL member many years ago.  The Lone Wolf Knives Harsey Ranger sold for about $400+ when produced and frankly, it’s been worth every penny of that MSRP.  It’s literally been on my side for 15+ years and is going strong.  Without deployment it serves as a blunt force instrument.  Deployed it’s like a 3.9″ long scalpel blade thanks to some alphanumeric soup of characters that people say is pretty nice steel.  At the same time it’s a PITA to sharpen because of that fancy steel.  Before that I carried a Spyderco Delica.  Still a very good knife, specially with the half-serrated blade.



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      • Second that…but at least he used the space to tell us way too much about his knife…dammitman…RF where r u???

    • The poster doesn’t say and the picture is taken just right so that blowing up the image blurs the section of the slide that tells you the caliber. So if John told you he’d just be guessing.

      Based on the version of the pistol it’s one of the big three. That’s as much info as you’re really gonna get from that picture and what the guy posted. If you really want to know, head over to EDC and ask him.

  1. My EDC knife is a SOG Flash 2, half serrated. I think it was about $55 on sale. I like it a lot.

    • I get the whole knife thing. When I was 8-9-10, knives are what I carried because Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me run around the neighborhood with a firearm. That changed around 12. Anyway, I like knives, but this article should have been subtitled “The Truth About Knives.” Or, even “The Truth About Tech Nerdy Electronics That Have Absolutely No Defensive Value.”

      • “Anyway, I like knives, but this article should have been subtitled “The Truth About Knives.””

        The founder of TTAG also had a blog titled “The Truth About Knives”.

        Regrettably, it went tits-up…

        • exists in zombie state. great reference. needs ressurection; never garnered sufficient klikz.

  2. Still have my good old XD-s in .45ACP. I got the StealthGear Oynx for IWB carry, but I left the Clipdraw on, both for convenience’s sake and as an open invitation for any know-it-alls who have a problem with that to pick one and suck it.

    • Hey, I have one of them clip-draw dinguses, too! I scoffed when I first heard of them, but my wife got me one for my birthday a couple years ago and it works great.

      I like it better than any IWB holster I’ve tried, actually. Use it all the time. Maybe I’ll post an EDC on that site and see how many people make fun of me.

  3. “Then again, a decent folding knife will set you back close to at least $100”

    Eh? Something tells me that the definition of “decent” here is predicated on the price, and not the other way around. My Gerber Fast Draw ($30-$40ish) has never failed anything I’ve asked it to do. I wonder what I would have to do with a knife that would require $60 more of… materials? Design? I don’t even know.

    • It’s more likely predicated on desired function as a defensive tool rather than as a utility tool.

    • I have an Opinel no.8. It cost me about $15.00. It is exceptional – well made, nice finish, sharp, and lightweight. I use it for breaking down cardboard boxes in the garage. I suspect that’s what most of the $200 “decent” carry knives are also used for too… we don’t live in a “Witcher” game, last I checked.

    • Materials? Design? More likely quality of construction. Like you I have a few of the newer Gerbers, but they don’t hold a candle to my old Oregon built ones when it comes to workmanship.

  4. My folder is a S&W M&P – about 3.5″ – assisted opening. Holds a good edge and has withstood any abuse I’ve been able to inflict on it. I’ve had it for years and carry it regularly. I think it cost me about $25 at a gun show. Goes to show that price is not necessarily an indicator of quality. As to the XDS, I have one in .45 ACP equipped with a CT laser guard and night sights that I like to carry OWB during the colder months when I wear a jacket. Great pistol. As to that tactical pen, I’m still evaluating those. I’m a pen collector, so I still prefer a somewhat delicate old fountain pen/pencil set in my shirt pocket instead of a tactical ball pen. So, I guess for the time being I’ll just have to depend on my knife and pistol and keys and whatever else comes to hand.

  5. Is everyone in ill-a-noise a $$$ snob? A very good EDC multi purpose knife, suitable for work or defense should cost in the range of $40-$60. Anything more than that is a “statement”.
    I have carried my Kershaw Leek since they came out in about ’95. No problems other than the spring getting weak. Kershaw will send you new ones. If you can maintain a gun you can maintain/fix a Leek. Keeps a good edge and sharpens easily.
    To those that can’t figure out how to sharpen a knife, try a Ken Onion Work-sharp. This tool has many different settings for almost any edged tool.

    • Thumbs up for Kershaw. For years I carried a Kuro, which I bought for $20 at WalMart. Every year or so I would send it to Kershaw for sharpening, for free. The last time I sent it in, they sent me a brand new one! I didn’t ask them to, and there was nothing wrong with the old one other than that it was showing a lot of wear. Great company, great customer service, great knives.

  6. Your not going to over throw a small central American dicktatorship with one but”. . . . The hell you say, I’d always heard the pen was mightier then the sword

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