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Lots of gun people say their carry gun caliber has to start with a ‘4’. But for plenty of shooters, the often-maligned .40 S&W is just too snappy. ZombieLivesMatter, however, isn’t amongst ’em.

He totes his fotays in a concealable GLOCK 27 Gen4 along with Field Notes and one of the best EDC knives on the planet. We’d guess that if push comes to shove, a .40 round to the cranium would do the trick for all but the heartiest zombies you’re likely to encounter. Even the California variants.

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  1. That watch is cheap shit. I had one. It stopped when the minute hand got stuck on the hour hand and destroyed the gears.

    • True. I would even say that vast majority of situations don’t require a gun. But self defense situation usually doesn’t leave a lot of time to juggle between less lethal weapons and gun. When you find out the pepper spray didn’t work it might be too late to go for your pistol.
      Also, I’m not a cop to carry a bat belt full of different tools.

    • So learn a martial art and keep the non-lethal between your ears.

      Skills are preferable to reliance on gear. Gear fails, situations prevent you from deploying it etc etc. No one can take your skillset away from you once you have it.

      • As I’ve gotten older and cannot run as fast my preferred martial art, Runchiknrun , is not as good as it used to be

        • It’s still better than trying to rely on a can of MACE/Pepper Spray/CS or a Taser or some shit. You want non-lethal, put a kubaton on your keys or carry a tactical pen (basically the same thing).

          You can’t carry the whole world’s worth of gear with you and knowledge is weightless. You’re still better prepared than 99.99% of the people you might use such skills against and unlike all this shit “non-lethal gear” the stuff between your ears is also invisible to those you might need to use it against.

          Personally I’m a karate/BJJ guy. You know what the BEST thing about kicks, punches, throws etc is? Not a single fucking one of them can be blown back in your face, onto someone you’re protecting or on to a bystander by a light breeze.


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