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Responding to the shooting this morning at a Santa Fe, Texas high school, President Trump vowed that his administration would take action.

“My administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure our schools and do everything we can to keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat to themselves and to others,” Trump said during an event at the White House. “Everyone must work together at every level of government to keep our children safe.”

Exactly what that means in practice is anyone’s guess.

According to the White House, Trump spoke with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, pledging to work with the governor and to provide federal assistance.

Trump has previously promised his administration would work on school safety before. Following the now infamous high school shooting in Parkland, Fla., the president met with students for an emotional forum in February. There, he promised tougher background checks and mental health screens for gun buyers.

Universal background checks? Raising the minimum age to 21? What’s your guess?

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    • Sounds like the school district has a dedicated police force and plenty of PROs so can’t push armed guards. No “weapons of war” appear to have been used so evil black rifle ban difficult from this. Killers look to have stolen weapons/made bombs so background check improvements are out. All that’s left is mental health care improvements.. nvm thats hard to do and would actually be useful. Pipe/pressure cooker bomb ban and minimum purchase age for parts? Nah Lowe’s, Walmart, Home Depot etc will kill that. So Shockwaves it may very well be. We’ll all just have to agree not to tell anyone about hacksaws until they turn 21.

      • You’re valid on every point made. But I’m sure you realize it won’t make a single dent in the mindset of those intent on remaining intentionally stupid. Because guns….and the facts don’t matter.

        • I want to know if the shooter was taking SSRI medication. Virtually all mass shooters are on those. Of course big pharma owns both political parties, and the media, so no asks about this connection.

          • I know it wont make a difference to the antis unfortunately. I hope he does something positive to help prevent rather than something knee-jerk.

            For the drugs yea we over medicate these kids then subject them to weird, new pressures such as;

            Constant standardized testing to meet pointless benchmarks.
            Holding all back so no one is “left behind”.
            Zero tolerance that teaches them any mistake, no matter how small, is the end of their world.
            More homework than ever before.
            Ever decreasing time to let off steam at recess or gym class or at home.
            To be on Social Media constantly, disconnected from worthwhile interactions meaning the kids who suffer from bullying can’t even escape it at home.
            Forcing them into 4000+ student merged schools like worthless cattle.
            etc etc.

            Kids have so much in the way of paperwork devices now their bookbags won’t even fit in their lockers and they have to carry it around all day.

            Give it 30 years you’ll see the ambulance chasers asking Bad Back? School district only provide normal lockers?

        • Within living memory, there were no SSRIs, no one locked up their guns, high schoolers took guns to and from school for hunting and rifle team practice, and you could buy machine guns from a catalog and have them shipped to your door.

          …and there were essentially no school massacres.

    • Actually someone should just tell him to ban new manufacture revolvers holding over 11 rounds 22s excluded. There something for the “think of the children” crowd and the man of action image.

      • LEARN!! What U R Running Your Mouth About ! Revolvers Normally ONLY Hold 6 Rounds,There R Some That Hold 5 & Some 9 > HI Standard 22 Revolver While Semi Auto ( Pistols ) Have A Wide Range of Magazines That Hold More !

        • CONTEXT!! Reread the text you are responding to and THINK!!!

          New manufacture
          Over 11 Rounds
          22s excluded

          There are 5, 6, 7, 8 shot revolvers in non-.22 calibers still being manufactured.
          There are 5, 6 ,7, 8, 12 shot revolvers in non-.22 calibers no longer being manufactured.
          There are 6, 9, 12 shot black powder revolvers in non-.22 calibers, those should be classed as antiques even if new manufacture.
          There are 9, 10, 12, 30 shot .22 caliber revolvers from a few brands. Some still
          being manufactured.

          It’s almost as if I flippantly suggested a “ban” that would mean nothing* so weak politicians could say “we did something”. One that would have even allowed a 30 shot .223 revolver if someone was crazy enough to make it.

          *Unless there is a real boutique offering I’m unaware of. If so bump the round requirement up as needed.

  1. What will happen? Nothing besides posturing.

    Shooter is 17, not old enough to own a gun legally. Raising minimum ages or UBC’s wouldn’t have done anything. Shooter used a pump action shotgun. Antis can’t go on their assault weapon diatribe. Plus, we have numerous pipe bomb and pressure cookerbombs that the police are finding at the school and at a secondary location. That adds another element to the equation, showing that it’s just not a gun problem.

    To all of you who say “goodbye shockwaves”, show me where anything says a shockwave was used. At best one witness statement said a “sawn off with a pistol grip”. That would sound like a cruiser/pgo type of gun to me.

    • You can’t possibly think politicians will know the difference. Almost all gun owners don’t. Fudds certainly don’t. Trump is a ‘man of action,’ remember? Banned bump stocks after Vegas/Parkland? He has full authority to take it upon himself and have *any* 12ga bore shotgun deemed a ‘Destructive Device’ per NFA. Shockwaves “have no purpose” and “are not very popular” so it’s an even easier task for him to ban the things unilaterally as his public response to this shooting, and get to join the Democrats taking credit for solving school shootings once and for all (again)

      • Bump stocks are banned? Still legal last I looked. Now there are PROPOSED regulations that have not gone into effect. There is now word the shooter had a rifle, a pistol and a shotgun. Who knows? And where is the national BOMB association pleading for no “background checks” on pipes and pressure cookers?

        • Delusional. The dems haven’t banned guns yet, they just proposed doing so, so I guess that’s not a real threat either. Trump has made a point of implementing this ban; it will happen, and until it’s maybe overturned in court, it will carry the force of law.

          You may not be interested in hearing the truth about Trump’s disservice to the RKBA, but he is interested in your guns. The guy’s a NY Fudd, at best.

    • I bet it was a weapon of war assault shotgun rifle pistol bump machine gun. Imagine if he had used a Salvo silencer! Ban those too! And those hi cap and mag loaded shotguns. You don’t need a pistol grip or short barrel shotgun to hunt ducks, or capacity over 2 rounds. Etc etc etc…

    • “Shooter used a pump action shotgun. Antis can’t go on their assault weapon diatribe.”

      Haha, just watch them! When did facts ever prevented gun grabbers from pushing their evil agenda?

      • USA Today published an article praising the shooter for using, and I quote, “less lethal” firearms, whatever the hell that means. 10 people dead, but somehow, a shotgun and a .38 are less lethal? So yeah, they’re still doing everything they can to ban the “assault rifle”. Commie B@$+@RD$

        • I didn’t, but if he cowers in any way it’ll be his political retirement. Absolute zero chance TX voters will forget specific actions taken by any public official to further infringe.

  2. Don’t be surprised if he comes up with something creative that will actually work – like requiring armed officers in any school whose district gets federal funds, or banning gun-free zones so it’s harder for lunatics to identify a safe target. Maybe make killing two or more people a federal crime, regardless of how you killed them. Requiring prosecutors to disclose the rationale for returning known thugs to the streets would also help.

    He doesn’t generally try things that won’t work, just to “do something”.

    • He’s parotted anti gun proposals after every mass shooting, people just have very selective memories.

      Yup, just mandate armed guards, they’ll work for free and bring their own ammo, too!

      • The thing is… you can pacify folks with talk for a time. Not saying POTUS won’t act but there is something to be said for the tactic

  3. 10 confirmed dead.

    Abbot is promising to sell us out.

    Weapons used were a shotgun and a .38 cal revolver, neither legally owned by the shooter.

    Shooter was too chickenshit to suicide out…

  4. Houston Chronicle is reporting that an AR was used, so I’m not sure what to think. Hopefully, the only thing that comes of this is a ban on pipe bombs.

    • Chill out.

      The only thing they know to say is that an AR was used. Gov. Abbot in the just-finished news conference said a shotgun was used.

      EVERY report from those on-scene were that a scatter-gun was used…

      • Weapons were stolen from the shooter’s father.

        Shooter had “USSR” across the back of the trench coat…

      • One of the students interviewed said the shooter had a sawed-off shotgun and a pistol. Shot a girl in the leg then pulled out a pistol and shot her in the head. Don’t know how accurate this is, after all eye-witness accounts don’t often jibe with reality.

      • I wasn’t freaking out, I was just saying the Chron is saying that, and they never issued a retraction.

    • In the eyes of the liberal media, anything that goes boom must be an ‘assault weapon’.

  5. Just remember never to mention the prescription drugs that these shooters are always taking for anxiety, concentration, etc

  6. Wait and see TTAG…I’m keeping what I have. Especially that 12 gauge shottie.

  7. We have to keep these schools gun free zones.
    Where else is a 17 year old kid who took daddys guns. Locked up in a safe or not going to go where he knows no one is going to shoot back.
    Maybe to a almost empty Post Office??
    Heck isn’t a kid wearing a long coat in 90 degree weather a slightly normal behavior for a high schooler??
    The solution isn’t simple. There probably isn’t any to be had.
    But as long as gun free zones exist.
    Every one of them is a potential killing field for a nutcase so inclined to go.

    Infringing on my rights isn’t going to change a thing.
    “We” of course will bear the brunt of all the bullshit useless laws to come.
    I cant wait to see what the Libitard bloody t-shirt idiots will try to foist on me next.

  8. Here we go again. So much for Trump speaking at the National Rifle Association Gathering…….

  9. If he really wants to take action, he could whip out his pen and eliminate the federal ‘come kill us’ laws surrounding schools.

    • He is working himself up to a one term president if he is not careful. Laws will not stop an a moral population from commiting evil. No moral compass, no moral living, no consideration for human life. Liberals, you removed God from society and this is what replaces Him.

  10. No more infringements upon on our constitutional rights because of the actions of one, or a few…. Because that’s called paternalism…..

    • It’s communism, and ‘anti-gunning’ is just one of many symptoms, and the POS (D) sell this shit [Glengarry Glen Ross style] round the globe / round the clock.

  11. Total ban and confiscate all firearms.Door to Door wake up calls at 3am from your local Andy and Barney…Thats what they really want but they know a lotta civilians and leos are gonna die in the process.So they pick the law.little by little..pick,pick,pick until you cant even buy a h&r topper 20 gauge thats 40 years old without fingerprints,background check,proof of citizenship,DNA samples for cataloging.And we keep electing these bottom feeding lawyers to office to do it.But i dont know the answer to fix it..seems we have raised couple generations of psychopaths.

    • It seems this latest generation of kidz is a bunch of losers. After all what do they have to look forward to?? Boomers don’t have much. Generation Z is screwed and so are this bunch.
      What a country we are turning out to be.
      A bunch of lost kids. No jobs, parents supporting them till they are in their 30s. Maybe longer.
      What a country.
      Its all Obamas fault and the Libitards. They have screwed these newer generations to a living hell.

  12. I think I am going to sell off all my guns before they pass UBCs while I can get top dollar from the hard core. I am fed up. America is no longer sane enough to have a Second Amendment.

  13. It will be a safe storage proposal. There was just a study out of Universtiy of Washington trying to tie higher suicide rates to homes where guns aren’t “safely stored.”

    Safe storage law push coming. Bet on it.

  14. I really wish people would just chill and stay tuned for what actually will happen. This is just more of the same loud mouth Trump. He says what’s on his mind at the moment and doesn’t filter himself. I still think he will support the Second Amendment. If anything, he should make the 4470 process more up to date and streamlined. I personally wish he’d say things more tactfully and take the time to think about the effects of his words, but alas, that isn’t Trump.

    • Yep. I probably should have added that caveat to my above post about safe storage proposal.

      The double edged sword of Trumps bombastic nature. At times his outbursts are very positive, and at times not so much.

      So far, I’m pretty happy with the overall results. Would be happier if he pushed through hearing pro act and reciprocity in his first 30 days, but I never really believed he would get them pushed through anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • “I still think he will support the Second Amendment.”
      Feel. You *feel* he will support it. Because no thinking person can argue he has defended shit on the gun front since the election. Quite the contrary, in fact, but a Republican congress has (mostly) kept him in check.

  15. Obviously semi auto AR-15s and Bumpstocks should be banned.
    Think of the children!

  16. Nice to see our rights are on the table every time someone commits a crime like this.
    It’s called a right, not a privledge.

  17. If he got the gun from his dad which seems to be the case its again a failure of our Federal Government to mandate safe storage laws. If his dad had kept the guns locked up he never would have gotten his hands on them. Its that simple and every other civilized nation on earth has such laws and their lower child death rate from accidental shootings and their lack of weekly school shootings prove it beyond all doubts.

    And as far as Trump running off his big mouth all of us have come to realize this screwball cannot be trusted to do anything he says as he changes his mind depending on which crowd of people he is talking to. He has no moral convictions of any kind.

    • Umm yea, cause I never got into my parents’ stuff when I was a kid.

      Didn’t the Connecticut jerkoff get his guns from his mother’s locked safe?

      You keep parroting the phrase “civilized countries”… hate to break it to you… currently the US is the most civilized country around.

      You might not believe it, but that’s your opinion against my fact, and facts TRUMP opinion.

    • You said “…a failure of our Federal Government to mandate safe storage laws.”
      Isn’t it a direct failure of this shithead mental defectives father by letting his fucktard of a son have access to his weapons?
      Why the hell should I have to be made a criminal in my own home because I as a responsible citizen have a pistol in my desk drawer like my father before me and his father before him with no problems instead of locked away where I have zero chance of retrieving it in time to use it when needed?
      Do we really need more inept goverment oversight in our lives? People need to piss off with all their ideas about “new” laws…theres too damn many as it is. People need to be responsible for their actions, but not policed at home.

  18. I’m in favor of safe storage — of the so-called children. They’ve proven to me that they are exactly what the state indoctrination centers wanted them to be, namely preening little psychopaths.

    The difference between David Hogg and Dimitrios Pagourtzis is one of degree, not of kind. They both belong in a cage.

    • To Ranting Ralph

      Quote—————————-Ralph says:
      May 18, 2018 at 18:13
      I’m in favor of safe storage — of the so-called children. They’ve proven to me that they are exactly what the state indoctrination centers wanted them to be, namely preening little psychopaths.

      The difference between David Hogg and Dimitrios Pagourtzis is one of degree, not of kind. They both belong in a cage.———————————–quote

      Ranting Ralph your a disgusting psychopath. David Hogg went through a night mare no child should ever have to go through and to denigrate him just because he wants to do something about weekly mass murder in our schools simply shows the person who should be locked up and the key thrown away is not David but you. You really are a demented nut case.

      • David Hogg went through a night mare no child should ever have to go through…

        No, he didn’t. You are mistaken.

      • Is a night mare like a dark horse? I can see how that’d be frightening for a ladder-climbing exploitative lying shit like Hogg.

    • yep spot on. get back to education the way it was 50+ years ago with discipline included. a big part of the problem is kids growing up with parents too afraid to discipline them due to child abuse laws where a simple smack on the bum can get your kids taken from you. yes there is actual child abuse but no discipline also in the long run amounts to child abuse as well. yes some kids respond to just a talking to while others need a firmer hand. it depends on the kid. SSRI’s are not a good thing either in many cases same as ritalin for ADHD as it can lead to other problems. i actually know parents who had kids with very severe ADHD who took their kids off them and gave them a strict organic diet with none of the crap and while it took a few months the kids ended up being normal kids without ADHD. one of those i know was a nurse for many years. if you think about it the amish and many off grid preppers who follow a similar lifestyle have none of these problems…. so what is really causing these problems

  19. I know I read in TTAG many times that the bump stock should be given to the government.

    In fact “no one should have it bump stock”, I read that here. In fact no one should have any kind of rapid-fire gun except the government. I know I read that on TTAG.

    The guys with 5 or 6 gun safes have spoken. They support the National Firearms Act, and the 1968 gun control act.

  20. I bet dollars to donuts that this kid was on some kind of anti/depressant-anti/psycotic just like all the other non-muslim mass shooters in recent history…but all we are gonna hear about are the evil guns. TRUMPS gonna fuck us, wait and see. He’s a NY republican at BEST and a self-rightious one at that. If you refuse to take the children ofd the meds and arm teachers than this is going to continue. If these kids mental problems are that serious they need to be put in a mental institution…except most of those have been closed because somehow it became socially unacceptable to lock up the mentally ill. Go figure. There USED to be places for these people, and now that they are “managed” by drugs instead of people this happens. So progressive.

    • It’s all about fractions… and denominators.

      I’ll give you a frinstance…. I bet you every mass shooter and gang banger that shot a gun in the past year had access to firearms…. so it’s the firearms fault.

      Flip it, mass shooters are a small fraction of total gun owners, obviously no correlation between gun ownership and being a mass shooter.

      Millions of people are on SSRI’s, a majority of them legitimately so. So judging the drug culpable when ignoring the minuscule percentage of SSRI users that snap is just as bad as the gun grabbers. A vast majority of SSRI users do not go crazy or commit mass murder. The denominator matters.

      • Mass shooters hardly ever use their own guns. More often than not they are stolen from over-trusting family. Also, just the fact that, as you say “Millions of people are on SSRI’s, a majority of them legitimately so.” Is a serious problem in and of itself that we most definatly did not have forty years ago. If life is legitimately too much for some people to handle without SSRIs then those people should be in a non-violent state hospital until such time as they can get lasting mental help and cope with life again. But, we closed those places long ago and now we drug our whole society at large. Awesome.

        • I don’t disagree that we should reopen more inpatient mental health facilities.

          But there is a need for the medication… and the meds don’t cause mass shooting.

          And there are plenty of people who, on the meds, are productive non-violent members of society.

  21. Universal background checks? Raising the minimum age to 21? What’s your guess?

    Based on what’s been done at the federal level, since the school shooting in Florida?

    He’s doing the political version of saying ‘nice doggy’ and stalling until something happens that pushes this off the front page.

    I would advise everyone to chill until an action with substance is at least proposed by someone in a position to make it happen- and I don’t mean Schumer, Pelosi, or Feinstein.

  22. The ironic thing is that the 12 gauge shotgun is an actual weapon of war, as it has been used in every military conflict the United States has been involved in since WWI. During WWI, it was nicknamed the “Trench Broom” by the Germans, who wanted U.S. soldiers captured using it to be tried as war criminals.

  23. So, the people all wee-wee’d up because “Trump is a Fascist” are torch and pitchfork mobbing him into “doing something” about school shootings. The guy who’s gone off about how dumb it is not to guard schools. The guy who’s been working his agenda via executive orders. The guy who is executive over federal law enforcement, and a gaggle of Federal agencies.

    What do they think he’s gonna do?

    The people who keep calling Trump a Fascist are demanding — again, some more — that he do something to restrict what people can do outside state control, and have the state inject itself into more stuff.

    I do not think that word means what they think it means.

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