Fresno backyard shooting football
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About 35 people had gathered in a backyard in Fresno, California last night to watch a football game when they were attacked. From the Fresno Bee . . .

“What we do know is that this was a gathering, a family and friend gathering in the backyard,” Lt. Bill Dooley, a spokesman for the Fresno Police Department, told reporters. “Everyone was watching football this evening when unknown suspects approached the residence, snuck into the backyard and opened fire.”

Ten people were hit and four have died.

The neighborhood was reportedly the sight of previous violence.

Choua Vang said Sunday’s shooting wasn’t the first one in the neighborhood. His next door neighbor’s house was shot at last week.

“It makes me feel unsafe to be outside when the sun’s down,” he said.

Vang often works on his car in his driveway, but now he said he’s nervous to do that and even suspicious of joggers in the neighborhood. He said he worries about his family members who work graveyard shifts and come home late at night.

“We’re thinking about moving out of the neighborhood,” he said. “We don’t know how many more shootings there will be.”

No arrests have been made yet.


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    • Well, for starters, confiscation of all firearms and muzzle loaders…They’re getting close, but that’s currently not on the books yet…

  1. Real life Gran Torino? Vang is a common Hmong name.

    This event is all over the news- but not one MSM outlet has said a peep about the possibility of this being a cultural/gang shooting. They’re just happy to rack it up as another “mass shooting.”

      • Some years back we had a string of violent home invasions around me. All the vics were asians as well as all the perps. Apparently first generation asians from places like cambodia and viet nam don’t trust banks. They keep most of their wealth at home.

        Makes them tempting targets for folks in the know.

        • Amongst Asians, Hmong are treated in a certain way. According to them, and I do believe it, a lot of the first generation are legit refugees- they are straight up murdered on a regular basis in that area between Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

          Afaiu, Hmong are like the gypsies of Southeast Asia – everyone hates them. Culturally, Hmong are also quintessential rule breakers and don’t believe laws apply to them- and I think that’s a natural reaction to the governments persecuting them back in their home lands.

          So here in the US, they continue that culture, and are well known for being poachers. Hell, I forget which state it was, but tons of people in Michigan or Minnesota had bumper stickers that said “Save a Deer- Shoot a Hmong.”

        • Kestrelbike,
          Yup that’s about right what you said. Some, not all, Asians I.e. Japanese, Korean, Chinese actually see themselves superior to other Asian groups for reasons like this. Skin color is sometimes a factor too, similar to how some Latinos with European skin and features look down on darker more native looking people. Not all Asians fit that quite, get good grades, respectful stereotype; they have bad apple too. I’m Asian BTW.

        • @Kestrelbike:
          “Save a Deer- Shoot a Hmong.”

          I’ve lived in Michigan all my life. That’s more years than I care to count, but I’ve never seen that one.

        • I take offense at such drivel being posted here on TTAG. White hunters are the real poachers here in the USA. There are some bad apples in the Hmong community but since it is a small community. White hunters must by numbers alone poach the most. For the information of the kind readers of TTAG, the Hmong are here in the USA because we sacrificed many lives for the USA during the Vietnam war. My Uncle died for this country. This senseless shooting is the result of the breakdown of family values due to the influence of the government.

  2. So, they “snuck into the back yard and opened fire. That’s a gang hit, not random. Tho, I’m sure they all had a carry license and weapons were registered. Just like Chicago hits.

    • Well, Fresno isn’t exactly the crown jewel of California. When my wife and I drive the Hwy 99 between SoCal and NorCal, we **never, ever** stop in Fresno. The place is an armpit. The only time I ever stopped and had to personally interact with a resident there, her kid accidentally ran into my off-road trailer with her quad, denting and damaging my quad enough that it was no longer functional and needed repairs. The mother scooped up her kid and took off in her car. Unfortunately, I only got a partial plate from her vehicle, so I couldn’t file a hit-and-run report and have her arrested.

      Everyone here thinks of Fresno as the pimple on CA’s backside.

      • Forgot to mention that she ditched the quad as she hustled out of there, so it might have been stolen. I ended up paying a few hundred dollars to get my own fixed.

  3. [I’m sure they all had a carry license and weapons were registered. Just like Chicago hits]
    Yeah I agree but WHERE were they registered and in whose name? Bet not in the shooters….. This is just more proof that California needs to tighten up on their gun laws, I would suggest building a wall around the entire state with no entry or exit points, mine the entire coastline, import thousands of Great White Sharks to patrol the waters off the coast and then start a systematic search and seizure operation confiscating anything and everything that could possibly be used as a weapon…

  4. Yep no doubt a gang hit…like Chiraq but a different race(does that make me RACISS?!?)😏

  5. The gang issues will come out over the next few days. Mexicans vs Asians? Asians vs Asians? Sharks vs Jets?

    • “Sharks vs Jets?”

      You (and I) just dated ourselves.

      That ‘rumble’ had higher stakes…

    • Looks like the Menace of Destruction got attacked by the Fresno Bulldogs. Popular Hmong singer Xyy Lee was one of the fatalities.

    • ” The gang issues will come out over the next few days ”

      Nope. The media has already milked this one for as much sensationalism as they can. They won’t pursue it any further because the backstory doesn’t fit their agenda.

  6. The people of cal need to tell the authorities to shove it and carry everywhere take back your state rise up and tell your commie gov no more Shall Not Be Infringed keep your filthy hands off my Constitutional right to defend myself

    • Just tell the shooters to hold off on the rampage because the “first responders” are NOT there, call 911, wait around an hour for the LEOs to arrive and get briefed, staged, consume donuts…….then tell the shooters to proceed with their planned shootings.
      This is the reality the Commifornia lawmakers are hoping for, too bad criminals are ALWAYS in a hurry.

      • California may want to pass laws requiring criminals set aside a minimum of 2 hours on their schedules for a shooting, and require that at least 10 LEOs be present and set-up (for each shooter on site), before the first shot is fired.
        Hey, I can write laws to fix the CA gun problems just like their lawmakers do, this is easy.

    • The rumor of one person being there…. or their family if they pissed off the Ukrainian/Russian gangs.

  7. If only there were laws that… oh, right. California. Also, all states have some stuff about murder, I think. Maybe.

  8. The Hmong are big hunters here in California. They are the reason I wear blaze orange, even though it isn’t required.

    • Hmongs are the best hunters out there and it’s not even close. You just worry about not falling out of your tree stand.

      • best as in:

        -driving around their Nissan Titan trucks, shooting at squirrels ON THE ROAD with 12 guages
        -shooting at anything that moves with AR10s
        -tresspassing/hunting on private property without permission
        -did i mention the war zone the Hmongs turn the place into with their AR10s?
        -exceeding bag limits

        I’m sorry- but they are definitions of slob hunters.

    • It was a Hmong guy that killed a couple of people (dads and sons hunting )in Wisconsin a few years ago. (it’s in the papers). His excuse was something like “I thought I was back in Viet Nam/Cambodia”. What was amazing was, none of the hunters shot back. I think they were in shock. (Anyone else remember that event?)

      • most of the people that confronted this guy weren’t armed….were just telling him he needed to leave…

        • You talking about the story where the old hmong man returned fire blasting away those assailants.

        • @PROUD Chicano

          You have to go back.

          This isn’t your country. STFU. If it wasn’t for ZOG, you would be back in Squatemala.

  9. Last time I was in Fresno, my wife and I were in our motorhome going back home from a dog show. We had stopped in a very large grocery store parking lot to pick up a few groceries and as we were walking from the RV into the store, I realized we were being watched by a distant group of hoodlum looking young men. I told her to go ahead into the store and not to take long — and walked back to the RV to guard it while she went into the store to pick up the few groceries we needed. I told her to keep her cell phone near & to call me if she needed help! I watched her in the store as much as I could while standing outside the RV while guarding it. To this day, I feel we were going to be targeted — except that I showed them that I was vigilant to their intentions. Even though I’d think there are nice parts of Fresno, overall I consider Fresno to be an armpit – with a very high crime rate!

  10. Fresno, like a smaller Chicago, but with a Latin flair! Nothing new here. The story will be buried soon.

  11. If Fresno is the armpit that city is well above the rest of calipornia cause the rest is toilet paper bait.
    Gee whiz and Shazam I must be misinformed, I thought that state had some very strict rules about shooting all willy nilly. Only four out of ten, somebody was wasting ammo, which the impression I had was also well regulated even though it not a militia. Maybe the Constitution doesn’t apply to granola people.

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